Positive Attitude And Action Must be Required For Weight Loss

Positive Attitude And Action Must be Required For Weight Loss

Positive Attitude And Action Must be Required For Weight Loss. If you struggle with weight gain it’s a good bet that you have tried at least one of the “fad” diets that crop up on a regular basis.

100+ Best Weight Lose Tips: Positive Attitude And Action Must be Required

How to lose weight fast naturally and permanently

The truth is that some of these diets may grant you temporary weight loss.  In the usual case, however, the weight returns as soon as you stray from the diet.

The bottom line is that you gain weight because you consume more calories than your body is able to use and no diet is a substitute for good eating habits.

Your body requires a certain number of calories in order to function properly.  If you truly wish to lose weight, you must burn off more calories than your body requires.

In this guide, you will learn ways to reduce the number of calories you ingest as well as tips and techniques to help you burn off unnecessary calories.

Before we begin, however, it’s important that you fill your arsenal with every possible tool available to insure your success.  The most important tool in your weight loss program does not include diet or exercise.

100+ Best Weight Lose Tips: Positive Attitude And Action Must be Required

Most important factors for weight-loss

There is no special equipment you need to purchase.  You don’t need to join a gym or health club.  And, you already have every component you need to put this tool to work for you and begin a successful weight-loss program.  What is it?  It’s your mind.  Having said that, let’s get started, shall we?


If you have tried every diet on the planet, every exercise program from the latest fitness guru, and repeatedly failed to achieve the weight-loss goals you probably need a “check-up from the neck up.”

Successful weight loss doesn’t just happen. 

It took more than a few days to reach the point where you are right now.  Give yourself a break and expect it to take a while before you see measurable results.  Take a leap of faith and follow some basic principles.

Begin with your “self-talk.”  This is the conversation that runs through your brain continuously.  What kind of conversation do you have with yourself?  What type of negative self-talk has kept you from reaching your goals in the past?

If you had a chance to do it over again, would you change the dialogue?  That’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?  Well, the good news is that you can turn the tide of negative self-talk beginning right now.  It’s never too late to begin and you start by reprogramming your self-talk.

A good starting point is, to begin with, positive affirmations.

  Positive affirmations spoken aloud with authority and belief, positively affect your attitude, focus your thinking and lead to a course of action that will help you become the person you want to be and have the things that you want to have. 

Begin by writing your affirmations on paper.  You need to take some time for this exercise.  You can begin with something like, “I want to lose 25 pounds before Christmas.”  That’s a worthy goal and attainable, but we need to put some work into structuring the affirmation. 

First of all, “I want” gives the impression that what you desire is always in the future. 

In order to reprogram your self-talk, you need to trick your mind into believing that you have already achieved success.  This is how your subconscious mind functions.

Your subconscious mind has no capacity for understanding the concept of time.  Everything is in the moment, here and now.  When you tell your subconscious mind you “want” that is exactly what you will get want.  You will get “want”, without ever achieving fulfillment.  Unless you change your mental tape recorder, you will achieve exactly what you are telling your subconscious, that you “want to lose 25 pounds.”  You will “want to lose 25 pounds” for the rest of your days unless you change your self-talk.

If your weight is 150 pounds and your desire is to weigh 125 pounds, then you need to “be” 125 pounds from the moment you make the decision to change your self-talk.

What if you write your affirmation to read something like this: “I am healthy and fit, weighing 125 pounds.”

What are you telling your subconscious now? 

It’s extremely important that you phrase your affirmation as if you have already accomplished what you desire.  Work on writing it out until you have it precisely as you wish to become.

It is particularly important that your affirmation is crystal clear because what you affirm is exactly what your subconscious mind will bring you.  

You needn’t limit yourself to one affirmation either.   Write another one that reflects your new exercise program.  “I enjoy my healthy new exercise program,” or, “I love the healthy foods I eat.”

Write and rewrite until you are absolutely certain that you have written your goals “in the here and now” AND represent precisely what you desire.  Then, and only then, begin to speak it aloud and do so several times a day.

 Remember to use the present tense.  “I acknowledge achievement in all my weight-loss goals.”  “I have the skill and talent to exercise every day.”  “I am a winner.”  “I am grateful for all of my accomplishments no matter how small.” 

At first, you will feel awkward and uncomfortable and you may not feel or believe what you are saying. 

You may feel silly saying them out loud. It doesn’t matter. Continue to speak the affirmations aloud with as much conviction as you can muster. Try using driving time in your car for firm, strong-voiced self-talk.

It’s taken a long time to train your subconscious to use negative self-talk.  If you will persevere with speaking your affirmations aloud, firmly, and confidently, you will be amazed at how quickly you can turn your thoughts around.

You didn’t hop on a bicycle the first time and just take off down the street.  It took practice to train your body to balance on those two wheels.  This will take some practice as well.  Continue to repeat your affirmations aloud, several times a day for the next 30 days and you will be amazed at how much you change your thinking and attitude.

 Let’s investigate how words affect you in your everyday life. 

Take a trip down memory lane and recall some real-life experiences that made you happy, proud, and successful, or any combination of the three.

Spend some time recalling how you felt. 

Maybe you won a spelling bee as a child or hit a home run.  Who was there?  This will help you remember.  You had those feelings once and you can achieve them again.  What words did others use while you were experiencing those feelings of joy and happiness?

Recall those words, and write them down. Then, put them to work in your daily conversations.  They are words that are already proven to have a positive effect on your well-being.  Recalling and including them in your day will trigger those feelings again because your subconscious already has an association with those words and their results.

Above all, take action. 

If you have become a slave of procrastination, decide to rid your life of it once and for all.  Yes, you can create affirmations to help you there as well.  “I have the attitude and skills to take action today.”  “I am winning in my life by turning my attitude into action.”

Do nothing and nothing gets done.  Do something and many things are placed in motion.   Regardless of what you are doing in life, you need to take action.   Do something every day to put your plan in motion.

How is your attitude?

  What are your first thoughts when you awake in the morning?  You’ve got quite a lot to choose from.   Do you begin the day by dragging out of bed bemoaning the fact that you have to get to work?  Or, do you embrace the morning as another great opportunity to do great things? 

Put the universal law of reciprocity to work in your life every single day. 

Did you know as much as ninety-nine percent of our conversation is negative? 

There are some folks who can hardly wait to get their mouths open so they can “one up” another person’s current negative situation.

Hmmm, think back to that self-talk.  If what you hear every day is negative, it’s no wonder your self-talk brings you down and prevents you from being, doing, and having everything you desire. 

Try this exercise. 

Make a decision today, right now, from this moment to spend the rest of the day contributing to the conversation in a positive way.

Impossible, you say?  Not so.  Say that somebody complains about another rainy day.  Your response might be, “yes, isn’t it great? See that beautiful rainbow!”  Try and create the habit of saying something positive to everyone.

If you are learning to say something positive to everybody about everything every time, you are disciplining your subconscious for positive results in everything that happens to you.

100+ Best Weight Lose Tips: Positive Attitude And Action Must be Required


Before we can begin, we need to grasp an understanding of the problem. 

Two out of three Americans are overweight.  The primary cause is that we eat more and exercise less.  There is no doubt that the more advances we make that enhance our lifestyle the heavier we become.

Wait a minute!  What about all those low-fat foods that we eat now?  How come I reduced fat in my diet but I’m still gaining weight?

It’s a simple answer.  A few years ago we all became aware of the detrimental effects of fat in our diet.  What did we do?  We began to concentrate on lowering cholesterol and taking fat out of our diets.

This is a good thing.  However, The National Center for Health Statistics studied the eating habits of 8,260 adult Americans between 1988 and 1991.  Their research showed that Americans had significantly reduced their fat intake but still packed on the pounds.

How can this happen?  There is no mystery.  In the process of counting fat grams, we stopped counting calories!  Many of us brought into the theory that if it is “low-fat” it won’t make us fat.


You can’t forget about counting calories.  If you eat more calories than you need the body will store them as fat.  It doesn’t matter whether the calories are from fat or carbohydrates. 

One school of thought believes that eating small amounts of fat can actually keep you from overindulging in total calories.  The theory is that dietary fat causes our bodies to produce a hormone that tells the intestines to slow down the emptying process.  You feel full and therefore are less likely to overeat.

Adding a little peanut butter to your rice cake may satisfy your hunger for a longer period of time, thus preventing you from eating more than you need.

Here’s more news that is surprising.  Tufts University scientists put 11 middle-aged men and women volunteers on a variety of average, reduced, and low-fat diets. 

The results?  Extremely low-fat diets which provided only 15 percent fat from calories (this is a diet near impossible in real life) did have a positive effect on blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

However, a reduced-fat diet (much more realistic) only affected those levels if accompanied by weight loss.

In fact, they concluded, cutting fat without losing weight actually increased triglyceride levels and decreased high-density lipoproteins (HDLs), the “good” cholesterol that helps protect against heart disease.

We can deduce, therefore, that while excess fat isn’t healthy, fat is also not necessarily a bad thing.  Without some fat in our diet, the body won’t make nerve cells and hormones or absorb some of the fat-soluble vitamins.

Okay, so how can you determine your ideal weight?  Just how much fat and how many calories should you consume to reach and maintain a healthy weight?

One answer won’t work for everybody.  So you need to do some figuring to determine how much fat and how many calories you can have.  First, you need to determine your ideal weight.  Here is a simple method to determine what that weight should be:

For Women

The ideal weight for a woman who is exactly 5 feet tall is 100 pounds.  For every additional inch above 5 feet, add five pounds.  If you are shorter than 5 feet tall, subtract five pounds for every inch you measure below 5 feet.

Next, determine whether you have a small, medium, or large frame.  Using a measuring tape, measure your wrist.  If your wrist measures exactly 6 inches, you have a medium frame and the weight number you calculated above, does not need to be adjusted.  If your wrist measures less than 6 inches, subtract 10 percent from your ideal weight.  If your wrist measures more than 6 inches, add 10 percent to your ideal weight.

For Men

The ideal weight for a man who is exactly 5 feet tall is 106 pounds.  For every additional inch above 5 feet, add 6 pounds.  To determine whether you have a small, medium, or large frame, measure your wrist.  If your wrist measures exactly 7 inches, you have a medium frame and you do not need to adjust your ideal weight.  If your wrist is smaller than 7 inches, you have a small frame and should subtract 10 percent from your ideal weight.  If your wrist is larger than 7 inches, you have a small frame and should add 10 percent to your ideal weight.

Okay, now that you know what your ideal body weight should be, let’s take a look at how many calories your body needs each day.  Before we do this, however, you need to take into account your level of activity.

If you are totally inactive and usually get no exercise, multiply your adjusted ideal weight by 11.  If you get regular exercise two or three times a week, multiply your adjusted ideal weight by 13.  If you get regular exercise four to five times a week, multiply your adjusted ideal weight by 15.  And finally, if you get regular exercise six to seven times a week, multiply your adjusted ideal weight by 18.

Now that you know your ideal weight and how many calories you need each day you can easily figure out how much fat you can eat.  Most nutritionists recommend that you limit your daily intake of fat to 30 percent of your total calories.  However, if you want to lose weight or have a history of heart disease or cancer, limit your daily fat intake to 20 percent of your total calories.

Let’s take a look at a real-life example.  If Jane is a 5-foot 4-inch woman with a medium frame her ideal weight is 120 pounds.  Jane is trying to lose weight so she needs to keep her fat calories down to about 20 percent. 

Jane is exercising two to three times a week so we can multiply her ideal weight by the number that matches her activity level, which is 13.  Now we know that Jane needs 1,560 calories each day.

If we take 20 percent of 1,560 (1,560 multiplied by .20) we get 312.  Next, translate fat calories into fat grams (this will make it easier for you to read food labels).  One gram of fat equals 9 calories.  So if we divide 312 by 9 we know that Jane can eat about 35 grams of fat per day.

Because Jane is overweight and trying to lose, her ideal weight and current weight do not match up.  Jane needs to adjust her total calorie consumption.  In order for her to lose one pound, she needs to eliminate 3,500 calories.

One simple solution is to lose a pound a week.  That’s a worthy, healthy goal and we’ll explore methods that will help you achieve that goal in the upcoming segments.



Powerful Motivational Quotes

Powerful Motivational Quotes

This is the article about Powerful Motivational Quotes.

Glenn Close is a living icon. You look at the work, and I think it’s wild because she thinks some of her best work was in Dangerous Liaisons and that’s what I believe as well.
I’ve gotten my butt kicked by the best. Jet Li beat me up the best, but Steven Segal can still kick a good butt. It’s a different kind of kicking, though.
Be ready for when your time comes, you will have that window of opportunity, so seize the moment and capitalize on it.
Everyone realized I was the innocent victim of a shakedown.
I ain’t got nothing. I’ve got this watch and these shoes, and that’s about it.
I provide a little comic relief.
I realized my family was funny because nobody ever wanted to leave our house.
I went to the High School for Performing Arts and Howard University on a talent scholarship.
I’m not a comedian. I’m an actor who just happens to be funny on occasion.
You can say what you want to about a rapper in a movie, but look at what Ice Cube has done. Ice Cube has created more opportunities for other actors to get jobs in this business than some actors have.
You say you’re a comedian, you always have to be on guard.
Tom Arnold and I, have a huge firefight scene on top of a German tank. I get to shoot 50-caliber rounds. We shoot a helicopter out of the sky. That’s the only fight I’m in.
Things are changing. I’ve been training since I was 9 years old to stretch my wings as an actor dramatically, but have never really been allowed to show that.
They gave us the freedom just to play and have fun.
There isn’t a switch that I turn on. I’m an actor. This is what I do.
Some of these guys… I’ve worked with Ice Cube, I think he’s an immensely talented rapper and actor.
Set your heights more than what you see around you, see beyond.
Romeo Must Die was the first film that I did where I was able to just be free as an actor.
My wife and I have always trusted each other, and I have to thank her strength.
My choices were never wrong.
Independent films are where you get to cut your teeth and have some fun and do the things that mainstream Hollywood doesn’t want to do.
If they respect the craft and what we’re doing and they bring something to the table and they work hard, I don’t care what you do as your side job or as your day job.
More oftentimes than not, you’re automatically guilty before innocent.
If you respect the art and you have some talent about you, I’m on your team.
It’s a remake of a film called Inferno Affairs. It’s a Hong Kong film, and if we come anywhere close to what they did in the original, we’re going to have a hot property on our hands, because Inferno Affairs is a great piece.
It’s just a matter of me opening up the page and whatever is written on the page, that’s what I’m here to do.
It’s sort of an action flick. You can’t be that funny trying to steal diamonds.
Comedy is second nature for me.
Leo couldn’t deliver Mr. Martin Scorsese his Oscar with ‘The Aviator’, but I will go on record to say I will do so in ‘The Departed’.
I’ve worked with some actors who can’t act.
You take the quote from Sam Jackson about how he’ll never work with a rapper, and I can understand where he’s coming from because he says rappers can’t act.
What you make up in your heads sticks if it’s good, falls out if it’s bad. If we still remember something a day after we made it up, it might be worth building on.
If we thought it would improve our relationship, we would get married tomorrow, but as it is, nearly 7 years after we got engaged, we are content to wait.
The situation in America is when it starts moving there, all the bands from England move over to America and work from there so that they’re available all the time for everyone that wants them in person.
We simply write the kind of music we enjoy most and hope that our audience will enjoy it too.
Everything is just better in California – the wine, the food, fruits and vegetables, the comforts of living. Even the instrumentalists are generous and curious. Everything is wonderful.
Women’s music is underrepresented.
I threw myself into this artform because photography had given me a new sense of mission and identity.
The crowd paid little or no respect to every player out there tonight.
There’s nothing so rewarding as to make people realize they are worthwhile in this world.

What is the most powerful quote in the world?

Self Motivation Words

We don’t want to miss anybody or slight anybody.
You can’t always wait for the guys at the top. Every manager at every level in the organization has an opportunity, big or small, to do something. Every manager’s got some sphere of autonomy. Don’t pass the buck up the line.
I guess when you have that one monster season, it’s good because you’re recognized. If it weren’t for that season, not as many people would know about my career. But it also kind of diminishes what I did in other years.
When I played, I had a natural ability to jump and run, and I just wanted to get bigger and heavier.
I know what I did and how I accomplished it. I am proud of it and know that it was done with integrity.
It’s so funny that people specify that year because in a way it was the biggest battle for me health-wise.
Information of fundamental importance to the general problem of atomic structure has resulted from systematic studies of the cosmic radiation carried out by the Wilson cloud-chamber method.
Don’t worry about it. Babe Ruth struck out on occasion, too.
Sweden is the home of my ancestors, and I have reserved a special place in my heart for Sweden.
Observe which side resorts to the most vociferous name-calling and you are likely to have identified the side with the weaker argument and they know it.
Free is, you know, the gift of Silicon Valley to the world. It’s an economic force, it’s a technical force. It’s a deflationary force, if not handled right. It is abundance, as opposed to scarcity.
And what’s interesting about the hybrids taking off is you’ve now introduced electric motors to the automobile industry. It’s the first radical change in automobile technology in 100 years.
And this is one way to do technology forecasting; get a sense of where technology is, and then anticipate the next upturn.
And it’s interesting when you look at the predictions made during the peak of the boom in the 1990s, about e-commerce, internet traffic, broadband adoption, or internet advertising, they were all right – they were just wrong in time.
The first stage in a technology’s advance is that it’ll fall below a critical price. After it falls below a critical price, it will tend, if it’s successful, to rise above a critical mass, a penetration.
The Labor Party has lost the last four elections. If they lose another, they get to keep the liberal party.
You can be a famous poisoner or a successful poisoner, but not both, and the same seems to apply to Great Train Robbers.
The well-cared-for woman is a parasite, and the woman who must work is a slave.
Dennis Conner is Pete Rose in deck shoes.
Instead of sailing off into the sunset, he hopes to sail into the next century.
Many Americans don’t have an understanding of the freedoms they regularly enjoy.
It is desirable to add one or two facts bearing on the domestic political aspects of the problem.
When I felt rather overcome with my father’s opposition, I said as firmly as I could, that I must have this or something else, that I could not live without some real work.
I think he will probably come round in time, I mean to renew the subject pretty often.
My mother speaks of my step being a source of life-long pain to her, that it is a living death, etc. By the same post, I had several letters from anxious relatives, telling me that it was my duty to come home and thus ease my mother’s anxiety.
I think some people found the production took away from the actual songs, which I can understand.
No, my degree was in history, not the practice of art! I can’t draw to save my life you know.
We had so much press, and then they get bored… I think we’ve done well to keep going.
The worst thing is always thinking of titles for records, with some reason behind them, and she just came out with the word, which she thought was a good word, a hard word, and since then we’ve sort of attached loads of meaning to it.
The private sector is motivated by profit and efficiency and the US government often is not.
For the first time in history, a private company is organizing a mission to the moon. This mission will inspire countries of the world, citizens, and our youth.
We support President Truman’s civil rights program.
It is difficult sharing and capturing so many years of memories and the people behind the words-and even though that guest book can speak volumes, in between, the pages remain so silent.
I was a daydreamer, and there is a lot of history and geography, and science I missed out on because I was in my head. And I regret that.
In the beginning, Scully was much more skeptical than she is now.
Be of service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or you make time every month to do volunteer work, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need.
I am more spontaneous than my character.
I believe people are in our lives for a reason. We’re here to learn from each other.
I can goof around with other people right up to when we shoot.
I didn’t pay as much attention in school as I would have liked to.
I have a real problem with stillness. With just stopping and being quiet.
I have a tendency to go through my life at full speed and as a one-man band, and so I don’t generally stop and take in other people enough to develop many relationships. I’m starting to regret that a bit. I want to change it.
I hope everyone that is reading this is having a really good day. And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes you have an opportunity to change that.

Motivational Success Quotes For Life

I mean the whole thing about meditation and yoga is about connecting to the higher part of yourself, and then seeing that every living thing is connected in some way.
I think she has. I think, um, her and Mulder’s relationship has become more equal. And, I think she has become stronger and more independent over the seasons.
I think we’re tremendously different than the series, if they were to tune in to the series after seeing the movie they might be disappointed. That there was, you know, that they might have some kind of adverse reaction.
I truly believe that we can overcome any hurdle that lies before us and create the life we want to live. I have seen it happen time and time again.
I was a good liar as a child.
In my case, I was born to very young parents, and I don’t think they were entirely ready to have a child. My dad was going to college and working two or three jobs at the same time, and my mum was working and going to school.
In time, she learned to develop her own opinion of the people that she worked for, and she got stronger. Think she’s now much stronger. In the beginning, she wanted to believe she was strong but sometimes she faltered.
It’s so funny because right now I’m very tired and my brains a little dead, I tend to get very focused and serious. So, I’m probably coming off a lot more like Scully right now.
Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.
Layers are not difficult for me. You have the luxury of takes, so if you feel like, say, you did not take in the fact that your aunt is across the way in one take, you do it again and try to add that piece.
My whole belief system is that our paths are drawn for us. I believe in reincarnation. I believe we’re here to learn and grow. We choose how we come into this life based on what it is we have to learn. Some people have harder lessons than others.
Sometimes I read a script and it’s obvious from early on that it’s one where the suspension of disbelief has to develop strongly from page one. Some are more reality-based.
The first time, when Fox Mulder and Scully met, she stands up for herself. She stands right there and gives it to him and that was extremely attractive.
To re-live these characters would be wonderful because I know when the show ends it will be a huge mourning process.
When the show’s not around anymore, it’s going to be hard not to have her in my life.
After I did nine years of a television series, I didn’t want to do anything really that involved going to a set and being in front of a camera for quite a while. And when I did start to want to do things, I wanted to focus more on film.
You know, it’s a big version of an episode, which I think is necessary at this point because we’re drawing in people not only people who have seen the show before and are devoted to it but people who have never seen it before.
When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, and by pure love that needs expression, then we truly live.
We have thousands of patients and family members who are dealing with dual devastation, cancer, and the hurricane.
Only one thing has to change for us to know happiness in our lives: where we focus our attention.
Let us be about setting high standards for life, love, creativity, and wisdom. If our expectations in these areas are low, we are not likely to experience wellness. Setting high standards makes every day and every decade worth looking forward to.
Although our inattention can contribute to our lack of total well-being, we also have the power to choose positive behaviors and responses. With that choice, we change our every experience of life!
Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.
Being born in a duck yard does not matter if only you are hatched from a swan’s egg.
Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
I’ll give it a shot. But I don’t know that a year from now I’m going to be here. Nobody does.
There’s this perception sometimes around here that I’m this Hollywood guy.
The biggest challenge in New Orleans has been to find workers who can climb a ladder after lunch.
Is now the time to legalize prostitution?
We treated all of the dead with dignity.
Even a fool knows you can’t touch the stars, but it won’t keep the wise from trying.
But I’m very thankful that no one is slamming my head against the wall anymore.
I’m certainly no victim in this. I don’t want to come off as a sad sack; I pissed a lot of people off.
I’m not Hollywood. I’m a Quarter Rat. I belong here.
Seek that which within lies waiting to begin the fight of your life that is every day.
A lot of pop music is about stealing pocket money from children.
I can never make up my mind if I’m happy being a flute player, or if I wish I were Eric Clapton.
If Jesus Christ came back today, He and I would get into our brown corduroys and go to the nearest jean store and overturn the racks of blue denim.
It’s only the giving that makes you what you are.
Just once I would like to persuade the audience not to wear any article of blue denim. If only they could see themselves in a pair of brown corduroys like mine instead of this awful, boring blue denim.
The incestuous relationship between government and big business thrives in the dark.
That’s a great team we lost to. It just wasn’t our day.
I don’t like to hurt people, I don’t like it at all. But to get a red light at the intersection, you sometimes have to have an accident.
The insurance industry communicates through codes and check-off boxes. If there’s no check-off box for you, you don’t exist.
It’s my father’s legacy. My father’s view was that the public is the employer of these government employees and has the right to know what they’re up to.
No, I haven’t and all I can say is that if it’s cost $600,000, I hope we get $600,000 worth of value out of it.
Well, they have an input into policy but in the end, governments are elected to put together policy the good thing about the Wentworth Group is that you know you’ve got 11 pretty capable people with a lot of good ideas.
Well if you were asking my personal opinion on that I think the answer can only be yes but it was missed. Much as I know I’m responsible for a lot of things, I can’t wear any responsibility for that.
Yes, yes, no one denies, for example, that you’re going to be able to fix the Murray through the Living Murray process without money, no one denies that.
We made certain that there were decent transitional arrangements to get us to where we wanted to go. The same principle will have to apply here or we won’t get there.
We have to have a way of dealing with this that engenders confidence, and trust gives us every chance of getting the right outcome and boosts both sustainability and economic return at the same time.
They’ve got to tell us what is necessary to ensure the future health of the river system.
People forget that a huge proportion of our jobs still depend on agricultural production in Australia so of course there are exports. That’s easily overlooked.
I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand.
I can’t think of any more important issue. If we get this right, we’ll not only preserve our landscape for future generations we’ll be able to generate I think more investment and more job opportunities in the inland, and we sure as hell need those jobs.
But my point is that you design something in the end that precludes any unhealthy trading practices that are not going to serve your environmental or your economic objectives but now is not the time to do it.
I don’t know that I can give a definitive answer to that, I can only say that if we create the right climate those who are producing those products will have the opportunity to move into a higher value product if changes are needed if we get this right.
I don’t know if the taxpayer has perhaps much of an understanding of just how much wealth has been and is being and can be created that flows through the economy and just how many jobs depend upon it.
I always distrust people who know so much about what God wants them to do to their fellows.
If we get it right, there need not be losers.
Failure is impossible.
I love X-Games music.
I think one of the great moments of my life was when I could write musician on my passport.
I know when I started I would have been happy to sound like the Beatles or Joe Tex or whoever. You want to sound like most bands, you want to sound like their records and that’s how you learn your chops.
I don’t think we would have had to be an occupying power if we had done the right thing in 1991.
I think in a sense this is a house that was built on a bad foundation. And the foundation was the Americans coming here and allowing the sacking, burning, and plunder of Baghdad, for whatever reason.
Life has become insecure. It’s in the vortex of civil war. It’s difficult to know how America will bring it back from the brink and build up goodwill.
The mercy caravans are through there the medicine refugees flowing out. It makes the United States look very bad here. And much more like an occupation force than it did before.
I am inspired by many mediums and use them to express varied aspects of my philosophies and life observations.
Nothing is enduring in life for a woman except what she builds in a man’s heart.
All of my work is based on nature. I grew up in a rural environment and living in the Bay Area allows for immediate access to wonderful natural environs. Nature is my Genus Loci or the place where my spirit resides.
Over the years, I’ve trained myself to speak using the same language I would use if I were typing: meaning using full sentences in the way that paragraphs and scenes are arranged.
Wouldn’t you like to have an augmented memory chip that you could plug into your head so you don’t have to look everything up and remember everything?
If you had an alien race that looked like insects, then they would build robots to look like themselves, not to look like people.
We wanted to write the first prequels as a story that anyone could pick up.
In a certain sense, this guy – who is one of the evilest people in the book – he’s not that bad at running the show, because he knows what he’s doing, he’s smart and he’s got the big picture in mind. He’s like the Godfather.
It was like there was a pile of kindling that was in the back of my imagination just waiting there. Once I lit it, it just flared up and I kept getting ideas and ideas.
My dad is a bank president and my mom was an accountant and they didn’t think that seeking the life of a freelance writer was very practical, you see. Of course, I was just as determined to do it.
My total year’s income from working as hard as I possibly could from writing went from like $30 one year to about $70 the next year. And it made me realize that maybe you couldn’t pay the rent that way.
Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputations… can never effect a reform.
One of the things that were kind of shocking for humans… was to come to terms with was the fact that, hey, we may not be the center of the universe.
If I could go back in time and tell my younger self that eventually that I’d become very successful writing Dune books after Frank Herbert’s death, I would have laughed myself silly, I think, at how strange that prospect would be.
Sure, President Bush can say that the U.S. government won’t fund stem cell research, but believe me, Japan is applauding. Because they will just do it first and get all the patents.
Telling your story out loud is the way human beings communicate. We don’t normally think up words, translate how to spell them, and then move our fingers up and down over this randomly arranged set of keys to make the same letters appear on a screen.
The great secret behind classified projects is that most of them are so utterly uninteresting that James Bond wouldn’t even take a second look at them.
The people who make policy decisions should damned well know what they are talking about before they make the decisions. There is nobody who is a cloning expert who would be afraid after seeing Attack of the Clones.
There is grand romance in The Lord of the Rings. It’s an important part of epic literature.
I’ve had the same, full-time assistant and typist for eight or nine years now. She’s read everything I’ve written, she types everything and does a good job, translates it, and makes comments.
Of course, you don’t make any noise in space, because there’s no air.
Every spare second I would write, somehow. On my lunch hour, too.
If you look at the British royal family and take away the scandals and the goofy stuff that’s going on, people love to have this king to look up to – the royals are like celebrities.
I’m talking to you and it’s direct communication, whereas if I’m writing a letter to you and you read the letter, there are like 12 extra deconstruction and reconstruction steps in the communication.
I do not consider divorce evil by any means. It is just as much a refuge for women married to brutal men as Canada was to the slaves of brutal masters.
Each book will have a lot of cliffhangers because I like that.
I always had this non-stop drive. I had to keep sending stories out and every once in a while I’d get something accepted or get a little trickle of positive feedback.
I always turn in my books on time, so you can always count on a book coming out when it’s supposed to.
I did several interesting jobs, working in restaurants, I worked at a lab rat farm, feeding and watering all these rats. Then I got a full-time job as a technical writer for a large scientific research laboratory.

Short Success Quotes

I don’t think the author should make the reader do that much work to remember who somebody is.
I want to make it so that so many things happen… that you didn’t expect would happen in this series, that you realize that you have to read every one of them.
I had a minor in Russian history, and this was at the time when the big Cold War was going on.
I mean, I wasn’t stupid. I knew we’d make money and sell a lot of Dune books.
I sold my very first novel when I was 24 or 25 years old.
I think now I’m up to something like 85 different titles that I’ve published.
I think that somebody with the resources and innovation and the idea is going to come out of nowhere and come up with a successful space travel program.
I got to spend all of my time every day at work reading and editing papers about cutting-edge technical research and getting paid for it. Then I’d go home at night and turn what I learned into science fiction stories.
Dune is the bestselling science fiction book of all time. It’s something you need to read in your lifetime. If you’re going to read The Lord of the Rings, which everyone should, then you have to read Dune, too.
I wanted the feel in these books to be like an epic fantasy, with kings, queens, dukes, and court politics, but of course like what I was explaining before, about making the science make sense, you have to make the politics make sense, too.
Performance art is about joy, about making something so full of kind of a wild joy that you really can’t put into words.
People only stutter at the beginning of the word. They’re not afraid when they get to the end of the word. There’s just regret.
People are suffering these days. There are a lot of corporate triumphs and a lot of personal despair as they wonder what are they working for.
Paradise is exactly like where you are right now… only much, much better.
One of the things I learned from working on the Olympics was, that the world does not need another big multimedia show.
My work is more about trying to ask good questions and not trying to come up with big shows. Every fashion company is doing that, every car company is doing that.
My job is to make images and leave the decision-making and conclusion-drawing to other people.
It’s just such a great miracle when things do work, and they work for such a wild variety of crazy reasons.
Something that has so much power must have life. Instruments have life.
The thing that’s characteristic of my performance is that I do drag the whole studio onto the stage.
My secret dream is to write an epic poem. That’s probably the most pretentious thing I’ve said.
The fewer expectations you have, the better.
I hate zoos.
The only stuff I don’t like is Broadway musicals. I hate them. I don’t even like to talk about it. I can’t bear musicals.
The problem with prototypes is they don’t always work.
You can do great things with low-tech stuff.
Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.
Writers want to summarize: What does this mean? What did we learn from this? That’s a very 19th-century way of thinking about art because it assumes that it should make our lives better or teach us something.
Why do you have to translate and decode things? Just let the image be. It will have a special kind of reality that it won’t once it’s decoded.
The world is a strange and wonderful place.
It’s good to take a longer view and think, What would I like to do if I had no limitations whatsoever?
You can do bigger and bigger things. For what?
When love is gone, there’s always justice. And when justice is gone, there’s always force. And when force is gone, there’s always Mom. Hi, Mom!
A lot of the work in the United States is highly critical of technology. I’m using 15,000 watts of power and 18 different pieces of electronic equipment to say that.
If there are bases on the moon, that would be the end of the moon as we know it.
Besides all those whaling details, Moby Dick is about someone who’s looking for something so huge, something they’ve wanted all their life, yet they know when they find it, it will kill them.
I don’t take compliments so well. I always hang my head and shuffle and kind of try to immediately forget.
At the School of Visual Arts in New York, you can get your degree in Net art, which is a fantastic way of thinking of theater in new ways.
As an artist, I’d choose the thing that’s beautiful more than the true one.
A lot of words in English confuse the idea of life and electricity, like the word livewire.
A lot of artists who have a certain style are expected to more or less keep doing their style. It’s so easy to get into that rut of production.
I have written a few children’s books. The first book that I wrote was for children. It was called “The Package”, and it was a mystery story in pictures. It had no words.
I have written a lot about snakes. There’s something pretty primordial about it.
I just sort of wish people would dance differently. It reminds me of teenage sex.
I’m not usually where I think I am. It’s kind of spooky.
I’ve never really had a hobby unless you count art, which the IRS once told me I had to declare as a hobby since I hadn’t made money with it.
As a New Yorker, I’m someone who lives on an island and looks across to America.
I’ve been trying to avoid goal-oriented behavior.
I like books that you can kind of hear as much as think about, that are so graphic and visual.
I’m an average enough person to point to the things I’ve gotten to see that are awe-inspiring.
I’m a real workaholic.
I think women are excellent social critics.
I think artists who are attracted to working on the Net will adjust their work to the capabilities of a very small screen.
I think a lot of people in Washington are extremely suspicious of NASA.
I so much appreciate it when anybody tries to make something and tries to be an artist – I’m happy to see the work.
I see and write things first as an artist, second as a woman, and third as a New Yorker. All three have built-in perspectives that aren’t neutral.
Art is an experience, not the formulation of a problem.
You’re always better off if you quit smoking; it’s never too late.
My sister and I are both diagnosed with second-hand smoke syndromes. We have never smoked, but we grew up with second-hand smoke our entire lives.
We have so much lung capacity that we don’t even notice a problem until we are in our 40s.
Three cigarettes in, your body already craves it. It is that addictive.
They almost ran me off the road several times. There are so many chances that they take to get the right photo.
There’s nothing glamorous about being dead.
There is no cure for emphysema, but you can start treating it and have a better quality of life.
Smoking is related to practically every terrible thing that can happen to you.
My mom started smoking when she was 11. She went to the hill next door to try her first cigarette. She set the entire hill on fire, but it didn’t deter her.
My memory of my mom is a wine glass in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She was a runway fashion model, and she was quite a glamorous woman.
You’re rejected 10 to 20 times for every part you are going to get.
When women smoke, it is hard for them to quit because they are so worried about their weight; it’s a vanity issue and a mindset.
Young people think that nothing bad will ever happen to them.
Your lungs are changed forever from your first cigarette.
The theater is where I belonged; I simply wanted to be an actress my whole life.
My grandmother was a teacher, my sister was a teacher, my daughter was a teacher and is now a superintendent in northern California, and my son-in-law is a high school principal. I am surrounded.
Impotence is one of the major hazards of cigarette smoking.
In the movies, Bette Davis lights two cigarettes and hands the second one to James Cagney. It was just so glamorous and romantic.
It’s amazing to me that young people will still pick up a cigarette.
Look at any black-and-white movie; everybody is smoking.
Look up the definition of rejection in the dictionary, get comfortable with it, and then maybe you can go into acting.
My daughter teases me once in a while saying, Remember when you used to be my mother and you had black hair?
If somebody invented cigarettes today, the government would not legalize them.
I am the odd man out in the family.
My dad had emphysema and both of my parents had chronic bronchitis and ended up with cancers – all smoking-related.
I’ve always been very involved in anything that had to do with lung disease or cancer.
I’d had my daughter when I was a teenager – I took my daughter to college with me.
I talk about acting to students making the transition from high school to UCLA. Kids going into this profession need to know the reality of it.
I started acting when I was 10, doing musical theater. I was a brunette at that time. I was always cast in all the exotic parts.
Almost every person over 45, and those who have ever smoked, should have a spirometry test.
I do know the Spelling family. I worked for Aaron Spelling when I was a brunette. I’ve known them since Tori was a little girl.
As a brunette, I had previously been this serious actress. Then I became a blonde and got to play a completely different, comic role.
I’ve been working with the National Lung Health Education Program to raise awareness about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
I have an education degree from the University of Minnesota, and I was a teacher for about a minute.
I felt ashamed for what I had done. I don’t have any excuses. I did what I did. I take full responsibility for myself and my actions. I wouldn’t pawn this off on anybody. I’m sorry it happened. And I hurt people.
Dr. Phil was very helpful and caring. I believe he helped all of us there and watched us how to better relate, understand, and communicate with our families and loved ones. Dr. Phil recommended reading my new book.
I have a very warm spot in my heart for Vegas.
I started a big part of my career in Vegas.
I was with a famous comedian when a young fan walked up and asked for an autograph. The comedian blew him off. I’ll never forget the look on the young boy’s face. He was devastated.
I’m a 7 o’clock act. My people want to go to a show, a dinner, and then go home and go to bed.
Minnesotans think they run the whole world, I love that.
We all think we’re going to get out of debt.
We were on welfare when we were kids. Thanks for reminding me of that.
You have to be funny about it and honest about it. You can’t leave yourself out of that mix. You have to be honest enough to say, I’m that messed-up one in the family.
I’ve been in Vegas. That’s where you get into the money thing. Boy, you get greedy in Vegas, you know. That’s the only place where you can bet $25, get it up to $500, and refuse to quit.
A real estate closer. Oh, what’s that? I’m a real estate opener. What is a real estate closer? Do you mean at the end where you’ve got to sign all those papers?

Motivational Quotes for Life

I’m an American before any party preference.
I defied nothing at all. I ignored the law because I didn’t know it existed. It didn’t occur to me that anyone would want to curb my inspiration.
I have always fought for ideas – until I learned that it isn’t ideas but grief, struggle, and flashes of vision that enlighten.
My greatest enemy is reality. I have fought it successfully for thirty years.
Life for me has been exactly what I thought it would be, a cake, which I have eaten and had too.
You rarely see an American writer who is not hopelessly sane.
Intellectuals are too sentimental for me.
In real love, you want the other person’s good. In romantic love, you want the other person.
Self-preservation is the first responsibility.
I was as repelled by the French as I was attracted by their country.
Fear is a disease that eats away at logic and makes man inhuman.
A singer starts by having his instrument as a gift from God… When you have been given something in a moment of grace, it is sacrilegious to be greedy.
As long as you keep a person down, some part of you has to be down there to hold him down, so it means you cannot soar as you otherwise might.
I forgave the DAR many years ago. You lose a lot of time hating people.
I have a great belief in the future of my people and my country.
I suppose I might insist on making issues of things. But that is not my nature, and I always bear in mind that my mission is to leave behind me the kind of impression that will make it easier for those who follow.
When you stop having dreams and ideals – well, you might as well stop altogether.
When I sing, I don’t want them to see that my face is black. I don’t want them to see that my face is white. I want them to see my soul. And that is colorless.
There are many people ready to do what is right because in their hearts they know it is right. But they hesitate, waiting for the other fellow to make the first move – and he, in turn, waits for you.
The minute a person whose word means a great deal to others dares to take the open-hearted and courageous way, many others follow.
Prejudice is like hair across your cheek. You can’t see it, you can’t find it with your fingers, but you keep brushing at it because the feel of it is irritating.
Prayer begins where human capacity ends.
Leadership should be born out of the understanding of the needs of those who would be affected by it.
You lose a lot of time, hating people.
None of us is responsible for the complexion of his skin. This fact of nature offers no clue to the character or quality of the person underneath.
Some men lift the age they inhabit, till all men walk on higher ground in that lifetime.
This liberty will look easy by and by when nobody dies to get it.
If you practice an art, be proud of it and make it proud of you It may break your heart, but it will fill your heart before it breaks it; it will make you a person in your own right.
He was a god, such as men might be if men were gods.
The essence of a tragedy, or even of a serious play, is the spiritual awakening, or regeneration, of the hero.
It’s a great view from here. I’m having the time of my life.
Like most kids growing up, I had a very wide interest. I was interested in everything. I tried to take advantage of everything, from the sciences to music to writing to literature.
It looks like the future’s bright.
Science was something that caught my attention. It was something I really could sink my teeth into.
There are just hundreds of people that have inspired and influenced me in several different ways. First of all, you can’t forget your parents and all they’ve done to help you to get here.
If you want something that’s going to provide you with a lot of challenges and a variety of different things to do, then you really can’t beat a place like the Air Force. I don’t mean this to sound like a recruiting pitch. But it’s been a lot of fun.
When you launch a rocket, you’re not flying that rocket. You’re just sort of hanging on.
I went to the University of Washington as a physics and astronomy major. My other interest, of course, was aviation. I always wanted to be a pilot. And if you’re going to fly airplanes, the best place to be in the Air Force.
Fortunately, I got called down to NASA for an interview. And one thing led to the next, and one day I got that call. I’ve been here for about seven years now and am enjoying it.
As you look back at your life, there are just a million different things that have happened, just in the right way, to allow you to make your dreams come true. And you know, someone has all that under control.
It’s going to take a certain man for me to ever get involved with because he’ll have to realize I don’t have two children, I have three. Tommy is always going to always be a part of my life.
There’s no way I set out to be a certain kind of symbol – the way I dress is the way I am, the way I live my life.
There’s never going to be a great misunderstanding of me. I think I’m a little whacked.
The bust of Colonel Sanders stands as a monument to cruelty and has no place in the Kentucky state Capitol.
Tattoos are like stories – they’re symbolic of the important moments in your life. Sitting down, and talking about where you got each tattoo and what it symbolizes, is beautiful.
People who wear fur smell like wet dogs if they’re in the rain. And they look fat and gross.
My ideal relaxation is working on upholstery. I spend hours in junk shops buying furniture. I do all the upholstery work myself, and it’s like therapy.
It’s great being blonde – with such low expectations it’s easy to impress.
It is great to be a blonde. With low expectations, it’s very easy to surprise people.
If people knew how KFC treats its chickens, they’d never eat another drumstick.
I have this phobia: I don’t like mirrors. And I don’t watch myself on television. If anything comes on, I make them shut it off, or I leave the room.
I don’t think about anything too much. I live in the present. I move on. I don’t think about what happened yesterday. If I think too much, it kind of freaks me out.
I am what I am and I’m a horrible liar. I can’t do it. I’m just very candid.
And I’m not an actress. I don’t think I am an actress. I think I’ve created a brand and a business.
I’m a mother with two small children, so I don’t take as much crap as I used to.
Making love in the morning got me through morning sickness. I found I could be happy and throw up at the same time.
No, really. Just do it. You have some kind of weird reasons that are okay.
Clinton used to like to get out of the White House a lot. He would take night trips to McDonald’s, and stuff like that. I think he wanted to get out of the house.
I don’t get a sense of American pride. I just get a sense that everyone is here, battling the same thing – that around the world everybody’s after the same thing, just some minor piece of happiness each day.
I’ll rebel against powers and principalities, all the time. Always, I will.
I acquired an admiration for Japanese culture, art, and architecture, and learned of the existence of the game GO, which I still play.
An important impression was my father’s one Sabbatical year, spent in England and Europe in 1937.
Although raised on the farm – my grandfather was an unsuccessful fundamentalist preacher turned farmer – my father and his brother both became professors.
The years since the Nobel Prize have been productive ones for me.
I have also testified repeatedly and published some articles in favor of Small Science.
My work in spin glass and its consequences has formed some of the intellectual basis for these interests.
One of our brainchildren is a still viable Science and Society course.
The ability to reduce everything to simple fundamental laws does not imply the ability to start from those laws and reconstruct the universe.
The field of quantum valence fluctuations was another older interest that became much more active during this period, partly as a consequence of my efforts.
The first months at Harvard were more than challenging, as I realized that the humanities could be genuinely interesting, and, in fact, given the weaknesses of my background, very difficult.
The Nobel Prize allows one to take public stands.
The prize seemed to change my professional life very little.
What five books would I like to be remembered for? Well… Tau Zero, I like that one especially. It was somewhat of a tour de force, and I think it got across what I was trying for.
We live with our archetypes, but can we live in them?
In Harvest of Stars, there is this notion, not original to me of course, that it will become possible to download at least the basic aspects of a human personality into a machine program.
I have yet to see any problem, however complicated, which, when looked at in the right way did not become still more complicated.
I wrote the first book, Harvest of Stars, and as I was writing it, I saw that certain implications had barely been touched on… Two completely revolutionary things are going on, cybernetics, and biological science.
Nothing. We’re all friends and friendly. So when the cameras go down, depending on the mood or the nature of the material we’re dealing with, there’s usually a kind of a prevailing light attitude that’s floating around.
We’re loosely calling it The River Project, but hopefully, the pieces that we put together will be educational pieces that will throw some light on the situation as to what kind of jeopardy may be surrounding our great rivers.
They are a fairly aggressive conservation organization that was started to protect the great whales particularly but in general all marine life around the world. So those are the people I’m trying to attach my name to.
There’s editing, and scripts to read and edit, and casting, and all the elements of production that just sort of taking up the normal downtime that you would have as an actor. So there’s not a lot of that for me.
That was fun to play. There were some nice special effects coupled with some nice moments with the child and wife. I also was able to age to about 100 years in ‘Brief Candle.’
So it allows me to travel, I’ll be doing that and running these great rivers and doing what I’ve done in the past without much purpose other than for the experience.
You have to suspend disbelief a little bit to buy into your situation and the story and how the character will react. You have to tweak your credibility a little bit, this is basically what it comes down to.
Oh, who am I trying to kid? It’s a madhouse. The minute those cameras go off, things just explode, everyone is just at each other in one way or another, in closets or cat fights here and there. It’s nuts. You know, I can’t be a part of it.
I’ve also been working with the Challengers Club in the inner city of Los Angeles for 15 years now, I guess, and it’s essentially an inner-city recreation club for boys and girls.
Dogs are my favorite people.
But my answer to that question would have to be, aside from the obvious, which is the people and the relationships that you garner over a long period but the catering. The catering. They’re the best. So it’s the food.
Being away from her is torturous and I’d much prefer to be with her. So I just try to get out of here as soon as I can. I make sure I do my job well and fast.
Being a father, well, I don’t know if this is a change, but it makes me want to get out of here faster. Get off the clock. Just ’cause the baby is my reason for living, my reason for coming to work.
As far as the future for the Showtime episodes that have already aired, we are sold into syndication so we’ll be appearing primarily on the Fox syndicated networks and then eventually the SCI FI Channel. So, we’ll be around for a while.
Shanks and I tend to have a lot of fun. And, oh, any of The Simpsons’ episodes are my favorites too.
I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their desires.
I expect we will become more demanding as citizens.
In every marriage more than a week old, there are grounds for divorce. The trick is to find and continue to find, grounds for marriage.
The mission of the playwright is to look into his heart and write, to write whatever concerns him at the moment; to write with passion and conviction. Of course, the measure of the man will be the measure of the play.
I am a lover and have not found my thing to love.
I go about looking at horses and cattle. They eat grass, make love, work when they have to, and bear their young. I am sick with envy of them.
Everyone in the world is Christ and they are all crucified.
When you blame others, you give up your power to change.
My idea of managing is giving the ball to Tom Seaver and sitting down and watching him work.
You give us the pitching some of these clubs have and no one could touch us, but God has a way of not arranging that because it’s not as much fun.
We’re the best team in baseball, but not by much.
They say the first World Series is the one you remember most. No, no-no. I guarantee you won’t remember that one because the fantasy world you always dreamed about is suddenly real.
The players make the manager, it’s never the other way.
The only thing I believe is this: A player does not have to like a manager and he does not have to respect a manager. All he has to do is obey the rules.
The only reason I’m coming out here tomorrow is the schedule says I have to.
The great thing about baseball is when you’re done, you’ll only tell your grandchildren the good things. If they ask me about 1989, I’ll tell them I had amnesia.
Success is the person who year after year reaches the highest limits in his field.
Players have two things to do. Play and keep their mouths shut.
People who live in the past generally are afraid to compete in the present. I’ve got my faults, but living in the past is not one of them. There’s no future in it.
Just give me 25 guys on the last year of their contracts; I’ll win a pennant every year.
It’s a terrible thing to have to tell your fans, who have waited like Detroit’s have, that their team won’t win it this year. But it’s better than lying to them.
If I ever find a pitcher who has heat, a good curve, and a slider, I might seriously consider marrying him, or at least proposing.
I understand people who boo us. It’s like going to a Broadway show, you pay for your tickets and expect to be entertained. When you’re not, you have a right to complain.
I only had a high school education and believe me, I had to cheat to get that.
I don’t want to embarrass any other catcher by comparing him to Johnny Bench.
I don’t believe a manager ever won a pennant. Casey Stengel won all those pennants with the Yankees. How many did he win with the Boston Braves and Mets?
Good seasons start with good beginnings.
Casey knew his baseball. He only made it look like he was fooling around. He knew every move that was ever invented and some that we haven’t even caught on to yet.
Me carrying a briefcase is like a hotdog wearing earrings.
A baseball manager is a necessary evil.
Baseball is a simple game. If you have good players and if you keep them in the right frame of mind then the manager is a success.
Our lives improve only when we take chances – and the first and most difficult risk we can take is, to be honest with ourselves.
We’re never so vulnerable than when we trust someone – but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy.
Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable than risk being happy.
Good listeners, like precious gems, are to be treasured.
I am responsible. Although I may not be able to prevent the worst from happening, I am responsible for my attitude toward the inevitable misfortunes that darken life.
I’d never heard anything about this at all.

Motivational Quotes for Success at Work

One of the things I enjoyed the most is just working as an actor.
The subject of an outsider who becomes obsessed.
And Hackman had choked up when he was telling it. It was very moving.
Chess is the gymnasium of the mind.
The computer offers another kind of creativity. You cannot ignore the creativity that computer technology can bring. But you need to be able to move between those two different worlds.
The level of detail and craft is something that’s inscribed within the original design concept. And so when I begin to draw, I know what kind of detailing I want the building to have.
The speed of change makes you wonder what will become of architecture.
There is a role and function for beauty in our time.
When I design buildings, I think of the overall composition, much as the parts of a body would fit together. On top of that, I think about how people will approach the building and experience that space.
When I draw something, the brain and the hands work together.
When you look at Japanese traditional architecture, you have to look at Japanese culture and its relationship with nature. You can live in harmonious, close contact with nature – this very unique to Japan.
You always want to try to make something new, and, of course, America is the world leader in economics today.
People tend not to use the word beauty because it’s not intellectual – but there has to be an overlap between beauty and intellect.
Without this spirit, Modernist architecture cannot fully exist. Since there is often a mismatch between the logic and the spirit of Modernism, I use architecture to reconcile the two.
You cannot simply put something new into a place. You have to absorb what you see around you, what exists on the land, and then use that knowledge along with contemporary thinking to interpret what you see.
Japanese traditional architecture is created based on these conditions. This is the reason you have a very high degree of connection between the outside and inside in architecture.
The one who loves the least controls the relationship.
If you give people nothingness, they can ponder what can be achieved from that nothingness.
I would like my architecture to inspire people to use their resources, to move into the future.
I hope that America as a whole, and especially its architects, will become more seriously involved in producing a new architectural culture that would bring the nation to the apex – where it has stood before – and lead the world.
I hope America can also be the cultural leader of the world, and use this frontier spirit to lead and show others that we need the courage to go places where we have not gone before.
Live as though it were your last day on earth. Some day you will be right.
I believe that the way people live can be directed a little by architecture.
But now, more and more, its society is concerned with economy and finance.
But in Japan, there’s nothing like that, since the temple is made of wood. The divine spirit inside the building is eternal, so the enclosure doesn’t have to be.
At the same time, I would add that the American people have a lot of courage.
My hand is the extension of the thinking process – the creative process.
You can’t say what is beautiful about a place, but the image of the place will remain vividly with you.
And you wouldn’t believe what a small world it is because everyone seems to know that I was a Playmate. You wouldn’t be scared of me, would you?
Easy is to occupy a place in a telephone book. Difficult is to occupy someone’s heart; know that you’re loved.
Every time you work, you have to do it all over again, to rid yourself of this dross. I suppose for a person who is not an artist or not attempting art, it is not dross, because it is the common exchange of everyday life.
I mean, art for art’s sake is ridiculous. Art is for the sake of one’s needs.
It is futile for an artist to try to create an environment because you have an environment around you all the time. Any living organism has an environment.
Matter as matter rather than matter as a symbol is a conscious political position, essentially Marxist.
My art springs from my desire to have things in the world that would otherwise never be there.
My art will reflect not necessarily conscious politics but the unanalyzed politics of my life.
A place is an area within an environment that has been altered in such a way to make the general environment more conspicuous.
As I suffer in the defence of my Country, I must consider this hour as the most glorious of my life -Remember that I die as becomes a British Officer, while the manner of my death must reflect disgrace on your Commander.
I am reconciled to my death, but I detest the mode.
How is the government going to run without people like us? We make 35 percent of the bread in this country, and that much of the margarine, and cooking oil, and all the other things.
We’re the biggest food and agriculture company in the world.
What in the hell would they do with the farm program without us?
The only place you see a free market is in the speeches of politicians.
Did somebody dream there is some way that the government doesn’t need us?
Tell me, what do they do for us in Bulgaria? Do they fix the prices? Or is there some kind of a free market?
I never knew what a reporter looked like.
Any new technology tends to go through a 25-year adoption cycle.
There are always more demands than there’s time to meet, so it’s constantly a matter of trying to balance them.
Power tires are only for those who do not have them.
Power wears out those who don’t have it.
I should be making plans more for the next world than for this one.
I recognize my limits but when I look around I realize I am not living exactly in a world of giants.
Gladio had been necessary during the days of the Cold War but, given the collapse of the East Block, Italy would suggest to Nato that the organization was no longer necessary.
You sin in thinking bad about people – but, often, you guess right.
This bikini made me a success.
I was under contract with Paramount. They wanted to make me into somebody which I was not. So I got so scared and rebelled, so they threw me out of the studio.
I never went to school. I never went to acting school because I was so scared.
I mostly gave away what I had from the James Bond movie.
I suddenly find out that I’m 60, and I get shocked by the number because I feel like I’m 20.
I take care of my flowers and my cats. And enjoy food. And that’s living.
I wanted to be a decorator. I wanted to interior design homes and do everything myself.
I’m always shocked when I see myself because I don’t recognize myself.
If I don’t have room for an item, I put it in warehouses.
It’s going to be over soon, so I don’t have time to get busy.
When I go to a country, I go to flea markets and antique stores. I am always looking for something.
Collecting is my passion.
I love everything beautiful. A lot of things.
They offered me one cover about 10 years ago, and I said, no, I can’t do it. I’m happy to cover up now.
Collecting is my joy; it gives me great satisfaction.
Elvis and I continued to be friends, and I saw him once or twice a year. But he was a troubled person.
I live in Italy. I visit my family in Switzerland.
Don’t take anything from me because I’ll track it down.
Even if you have $20,000 to buy an item, you still try to get a good price at antique stores. I collect furniture, rugs, paintings, and frames. It’s my hobby to go around to shops and markets.
Everything is a piece of me, a moment of my life.
I couldn’t live up to it. So I chose to run away.
I don’t have time to think about age. There are so many things to do.
I don’t use my body to seduce, no. I just stand there.
I fell from the sky. I’m a parachutist, and I missed my mark.
I hate the word sexy.
I hate to look at myself in a mirror, and I never go and see films.
I have no problem with nudity. I can look at myself. I like walking around nude. It doesn’t bother me. I see all the people walking around nude; it doesn’t bother me.
I didn’t see Dr. No for a year, but I liked it when I saw it. It was a fun movie. I don’t like the Bond movies now. I hate special effects.
Do it no matter what. If you believe in it, it is something very honorable. If somebody around you or your family does not understand it, then that’s their problem. But if you do have a passion, an honest passion, just do it.
If you wait, all that happens is that you get older.
Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight of your goal.
Everything comes to those who wait… except a cat.
Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.
If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.
When you’re in the back of the pack, you can gamble a little bit more.
And when we go from braking to accelerating to cornering, the G-forces we pull are demanding on our bodies. We have to be in top shape.
Believe me, you lose more than a gallon of fluids during a race. You could lose between six and 10 pounds during a race, depending on how it is.
CART is one of the safest racing series in the world.
If CART continues, it’s just going to drag all of the open-wheel racing down.
One thing I would like to see is a stronger ladder series for up-and-coming American drivers.
Running on different types of racetracks is challenging – not only for the drivers but even more for the team members who have to make adjustments to the cars before each race.
The Democratic Party is on the move across the country. Voters are responding to our message of progress and fiscal responsibility.
I know not what record of sin awaits me in the other world, but this I know, that I was never mean enough to despise any man because he was black.
If you find a good solution and become attached to it, the solution may become your next problem.
It’s almost a responsibility for all the people of the United Kingdom, regardless of race, color, or creed, and an understanding that you have an individual connection with everyone.
It’s slightly complicated for people to grasp the idea of a head of state in human form.

What is the best motivation for success?

People say to me, Would you like to swap your life with me for 24 hours? Your life must be very strange. But of course, I have not experienced any other life. It’s not strange to me.
Sarah will talk to me about someone and I don’t know who she’s talking about, but if she talks to my mother, the two of them will know exactly – and across several generations, too.
She is incredibly fit, but we remind staff that she’s not just the monarch, but our mother.
The Queen’s intelligence network is a hell of a lot better than anyone’s in this palace. Bar none. She knows everything. I don’t know how she does it. And she sees everything.
When the question arose whether I, as a member of the royal family, should take part in active combat in the Falklands, there was no question in her mind, and it only took her two days to sort the issue.
You, I, we all encounter behaviors that we might say, I wouldn’t do that. But she has a huge amount of contact with how people live. She sees more hospices and sinks estates than most people.
There’s no such thing as a lack of confidence. You either have it or you don’t.
All people are half actors.
Showing cats is addictive. All you need is one rosette and you’re hooked.
Bloody hell, Ma’am, what’s he doing in here?
I was lucky enough to be the lady that was asked to be Maria in the Sound Of Music, and that film was fortunate enough to be a huge hit. The same with Mary Poppins. I got lucky in that respect.
The thrill of being in front of a camera remains the same.
Sometimes opportunities float right past your nose. Work hard, apply yourself, and be ready. When an opportunity comes you can grab it.
All love shifts and changes. I don’t know if you can be wholeheartedly in love all the time.
Sometimes I’m so sweet even I can’t stand it.
Some people regard discipline as a chore. For me, it is a kind of order that sets me free to fly.
Richard Burton rang me up once and said, Do you know you’re the only leading lady I’ve never slept with? I said, Well, please don’t tell everybody, it’s the worst image.
Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding on the 20th.
On the whole, I think women wear too much and are too fussy. You can’t see the person for all the clutter.
If the director says you can do better, particularly in a love scene, then it is rather embarrassing.
I’ve got a good right hook.
I would be a fool to deny my abilities.
I am an optimistic lady.
Garry Marshall is a joy. I feel so utterly safe in his hands.
Broadway is a tough, tough arena for singing.
I thought it was all a flash in the pan. It wasn’t until Broadway came along that I felt I had made it.
I am a liberated woman. And I do believe if a woman does equal work she should be paid equal money. But I am feminine and I do like male authority to lean on.
I am very proud to be British. I’m very conscious of carrying my country with me wherever I go. I feel I need to represent it well.
I don’t think today’s younger audience… would even know what 1920s musicals were like.
I hate the word wholesome.
I have always wished I could learn to be a potter. I love collecting ceramics; it would be so fulfilling to create something lovely.
I have been called a nun with a switchblade where my privacy is concerned. I think there’s a point where one says, that’s for family, that’s for me.
I love singing, and I came to absolutely adore it in the latter part of my career.
I adored my birth father and constantly worried that I was being disloyal to him and his schoolteacher roots if I spent too much time performing and enjoying it.
Only when I came to America did I think of myself as British.
I think that reality TV is so bad. It is a tool by the media to not make people think.
I was always in trouble from an early age. I had a fraught relationship with my very traditional parents. Doing plays at school was a joyous release.
Let’s just say I was really bad. Now I have grown into myself. I have changed.
Mine are the deep-seated fears established when we are children, and they never quite go away: the fear of being helpless, the fear of being trapped, the fear of being out of control.
The loss of reason in war seems to me honorable, like the death of a sentry at his post.
If you are not leaning, no one will ever let you down.
When I am not desperate, I am worthless.
There is no rule without revolts and conspiracies, even as there is no property without work and worry.
Sadness is also a kind of defense.
One shouldn’t be afraid of humans. Well, I am not afraid of the humans, but of what is inhuman in them.
Lands of great discoveries are also lands of great injustices.
If people would know how little brains are ruling the world, they would die of fear.
Between the fear that something would happen and the hope that still it wouldn’t, there is much more space than one thinks. In that narrow, hard, bare, and dark space a lot of us spend our lives.
What can and doesn’t have to be always, in the end, surrenders to something that has to be.
Yes, Samantha, we in the Soviet Union are trying to do everything so that there will not be a war on Earth. This is what every Soviet man wants.
The human contribution is the essential ingredient. It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live.
We learn the inner secret of happiness when we learn to direct our inner drives, our interest, and our attention to something besides ourselves.
I throw the ball ninety-two miles an hour, but they hit it back just as hard.
You can’t worry if it’s cold; you can’t worry if it’s hot; you only worry if you get sick. Because then if you don’t get well, you die.
I win or I die.
There is one word in America that says it all, and that one word is, ‘You never know.’
Well, I look for an accompanist that does his work well, this to begin.
With Geoffrey, it was the first time we did music together, we understood that everything could be well, and without any problem. And we didn’t need to rehearse too much.
To search for a pianist is very difficult; sometimes you find one.
This quality, I mean Geoffrey was with me, was very easy doing – he loved me very much, I loved him very much, and we understood each other so well that it was a pleasure to make music.
So don’t think in reality I am a singer, I think I am a human being that has sung always all her life, has learned a little to sing, and has found herself in the middle of a career.
Of course, the death of Geoffrey has caused a lot of trauma to me generally.
Not unless I do all these ancient and Italian or French or Baroque in the beginning, I do German.
In reality, I have said very few things; I didn’t point out many things to Geoffrey, I trusted very much not only his understanding of what I was doing, or what I wanted to do, at that moment.
I like what it is to sing, or to be with the others singing, to make music, but the fuss and all the things that are the exterior part of a career, have never interested me.
I don’t like traditions, I am very personal, very independent, I don’t like intimate ladies, I mean in German lieder there’s a lot of copy, a lot of imitation, a lot of tradition, and this I have put it aside.
But it’s always really difficult to find someone that has the qualities to be a great accompanist.
But I think it is more difficult to do a career as a lieder singer, and there have been fewer lieder singers.
But I have never wanted to be a singer, because of the exterior part of a career, I don’t like it very much.
And finally, I begin to have such a success in my examinations that I found myself in a career you see.
After that I won a prize, I was with a group of the ancient music from Spain that they helped me a lot with a grant, you see, for three years. And so I made my debut in 1944 and I found myself helping my family, it was a very poor family.


Unique Quotes on Life

Unique Quotes on Life

I sort of feeling sorry for the next man who gets me. I may just kill him with passion. He’d better be strong and have a good heart!
I was tired of words like ‘plus size,’ ’round’ and ‘large.’ I thought, ‘Come on, we’re fat.’
I was so naive I didn’t even know about agents. I telephoned the William Morris agency and asked to speak to Mr. Morris. I expected Bill Morris to be waiting for my call.
I’m happy when I’m juggling, but I feel like I’ve gone from, like, 3 balls to 10 bowling balls. But, that’s a good problem. I don’t have a complaint about that.
Indians have a big problem with alcohol and drugs. I grew up with an admiration for their culture and was sensitive to their problems.
It’s amazing how coke encompasses everything in your life. Addicts cannot confront life because they only think of their next hit. I ruined my life for my parents, my sister, and all my friends.
I always had long swimmer’s arms. The last to go is always my thighs and butt, but my old body is there somewhere.
I couldn’t care less about sex unless I meet someone who I think is wonderful.
I don’t think children are any more resilient than anyone else. They’re just people with little bodies.
God gave us intestines for a reason. I’m not keen on surgery. It’s too extreme. All it took was one of those plastic surgery shows to see how violent it is.
For some reason, I am one of those people who act like they were born and raised during the Depression.
I don’t believe you have to have eating disorders and mental illness to screw up.
I always feel like there is some dude out there with money that I could fall back on if I needed to.
As a result of half a century of Soviet rule, people have been weaned from a belief in human kindness.
It is human nature that rules the world, not governments and regimes.
God grants an easy death only to the just.
I hate everybody.
Rock’n’roll has to be destroyed and rebuilt in my name if it’s ever gonna accomplish anything.
I believe you can make forces of good and evil work for you, to get what you want.
You are what you are.
I don’t have any influences, any heroes, it’s just me.
Death is a very important part of life.
That audience is there for me.
I am in control at all times.
I believe I am the highest power.
I’d like to see anyone do what I do for one week.
I’ve had women who move to the towns I’m living in, just pack up and move there, never even met ’em before, ’cause they heard I lived there.
I’ve sold my records outta shopping carts on the street.
No one comes to my shows so they’ll feel safe and comfortable.
I don’t wanna get old and stagnant and hang around.
He did not arrive at this conclusion by the decent process of quiet, logical deduction, nor yet by the blinding flash of glorious intuition, but by the shoddy, untidy process halfway between the two by which one usually gets to know things.
Chemists employed by the police can do remarkable things with blood. They can weave it into a rope to hang a man.
If one cannot command attention by one’s admirable qualities one can at least be a nuisance.
I am one of those people who are blessed or cursed, with a nature that has to interfere. If I see a thing that needs doing I do it.
Mourning is not forgetting… It is an undoing. Every minute tie has to be untied and something permanent and valuable recovered and assimilated from the dust.
When one kicks over a tea table and smashes everything but the sugar bowl, one may as well pick that up and drop it on the bricks, don’t you think?
The optimism of a healthy mind is indefatigable.
Autumn’s the mellow time.
I have been an “Official” all my life, without the least turn for it. I never could attain a true official manner, which is highly artificial and handles trifles with ludicrously disproportionate gravity.
If any foes of mine are there, I pardon everyone: I hope that man and womankind will do the same for me.
Now Autumn’s fire burns slowly along the woods and day by day the dead leaves fall and melt.
She danced a jig, she sang a song that took my heart away.
Writing is learning to say nothing, more cleverly each day.
Your best penalty killer is your goalie.
If we remain humble and hungry, we can win.
Class, race, sexuality, gender, and all other categories by which we categorize and dismiss each other need to be excavated from the inside.
Two or three things I know for sure, and one is that I’d rather go naked than wear the coat the world has made for me.
Fiction is a piece of truth that turns lies into meaning.
I tell my students they have an absolute right to write about people they know and love. You do. But the kicker is you have a responsibility to make the characters large enough that you will not have sinned against them.
I think I would have died if there hadn’t been the women’s movement.
One of the strengths I derive from my class background is that I am accustomed to contempt.
When I was growing up, I always read horror books, while my sister read romance novels.
Change, when it comes, cracks everything open.
Ice shelves in general have episodic carvings and there can be large icebergs breaking off – I’m talking 100km or 200km long – every 10 or 20 or 50 years.
Sea ice conditions have remained stable in Antarctica generally.
I’ve been waiting for that bright sunshine to show up and shine in my back door someday.
But there was not a job that could say that Luther Allison didn’t do his job.
I don’t want to be in some big beautiful place where nobody wants me, because I play the blues.
I had the qualifications, but I was not chosen.
I have as much input to the blues; I just never got the chance, the opportunity, or maybe the respect.
I look in music magazines now and see things on Luther Allison, and my name’s getting out there more, thanks to all the good people at Alligator Records and my management company.
I mean, look how many musicians have come through and played beside me, and I’m workin’ and they’re not.
I think I’m the most positive guy still going in my generation, and I’m out there to prove that.
But my big thing was always the blues.
I want to play in a place people want to hear me.
But you know, I still had a dream of being able to go back home and tour.
In the blues, it just takes so long for us to get recognized.
In the States, it takes you a lifetime just to get from Chicago’s South Side to the West Side.
Me being a skinny guy, I could crawl into the steel pit.
So I cut out all the drinkin’ and hangin’ out and stuff like that early on.

Quotes on Attitude

The blues is the foundation, and it’s got to carry the top. In the other part of the scene, the rock ‘n’ roll, and the jazz are the walls of the blues.
We played the same thing in Europe we played in the States.
Well, I first started going to Europe in the late ’70s.
Well, I’ve had to deal with everything in my life… leavin’ the family, learnin’ what not and what to do.
What I want to do, is play music for somebody who believes in me.
When I got to Chicago I had to find my way.
I want people to recognize Luther Allison when I play.
But I never had that commercial opportunity to be played on the radio, so how could I be popular?
But I did that, and I created another blues scene, another something I can sing about.
I focused on how these people became how they were.
Buddy Guy finally got a break and made it. And Buddy Guy deserves it.
Before I left, I opened a lot of doors for a lot of people to play the blues.
And I can do the rock clubs if I have to.
But let’s face it, I still have to look at myself and look at the things I’ve done down the stretch.
There’s a lot of terrible things goin’ on all the time, but you gotta try and have some fun in the end.
The jazz boom was goin’ on them so a lot was happenin’ in New York at that time.
The thing of playin’ and singin’ never bothered me.
Then I started listenin’ a lot to classical composers. Piano works. Just to see what they were doin’. That sort of put me in a different groove to try to blend all that in.
I just try to do as good a job with the material as I can and play some jazz as well, some improvised music and do that every night. Just see where it goes.
I just have a lot of different influences.
I do very few standards. Hardly any. Other people’s tunes that I do are usually obscure tunes, for the most part, although I do a couple of Duke Ellington tunes that are well known.
I have no idea what I’m doin’. I’ve never seen me.
My main influences have always been the classic jazz players who sang, like Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole, and Jack Teagarden.
I finally decided if I was going to make a living, I was gonna have to come to New York.
Traveling these days has a lot of problems and also it wears you out more.
I haven’t stopped and I don’t plan on stoppin’ any time soon.
So I’m in my 51st year of playin’ mostly nightclubs. I do some concerts.
I never sit down and write. I just sorta let things form in my brain.
Pizza Express has been a real godsend for me. I’ve been working there for several years, six weeks a year. You can go to work every night and play. It’s a nice little club. It’s just about the right size for me, about 150 people.
It’s as much fun as it ever was, you know, once I get there. Gettin’ there is a little harder.
I’ve heard some tunes in recent years that were pretty close to that same idea. The idea was you turn on the radio and you want to hear some music and up comes a commercial.
I’ve been able to do pretty well. I don’t work as many consecutive nights as I used to, but I’m still working over 100 nights a year, so that’s good for me.
I’m playin’ the music I like.
I’m playin’ music for a certain type of person. Fortunately, there are more and more of us. At least there are more comin’ to see me than there were 30 years ago or so.
I’m always storing away phrases and ideas and things that I think might turn into songs.
I went through the whole number, you know. The swing era, the boogie-woogie era, the bebop era. Thelonious Monk is still one of my favorites. So a lot of these people affected me.
I sang and wrote songs when I was 12 years old.
There are a few tunes of mine that don’t have jokes, but most of them have a joke and they have a humorous point of view somewhere.
But I got an audience that knows what I do. They usually show up, so I usually do pretty well.
I do some concerts. At the moment, I’m being helped a lot by a gig I play in London, which is Pizza Express.
I have been getting good crowds. It only took 50 years.
At this point, I don’t listen to other people too much. I’m not that affected by anyone.
As far as I’m concerned, the essentials of jazz are melodic improvisation, melodic invention, swing, and instrumental personality.
And Lennie Tristano I like a lot, I still like him.
All the classic jazz players all sang and a lot of ’em sang blues.
I can’t judge my stuff. That’s for others. But those are the three things that I admire.
The intellectual property situation is bad and getting worse. To be a programmer requires that you understand as much law as you do technology.
This is like the telephone problem – no one wants to have the first one. But we are seeing a lot of people who want some sort of technology to solve the spam problem.
Personally, one of the down sides of founding a company is that there is always too much work to do, and sadly I find I don’t have much time to code anymore.
I like to eat good food. I cook and collect wine. I like going for long walks when I can.
I have been going to the gym instead of the bar, trying to get back down to my fighting weight.
You got to be pretty thin to be in the movies, or it helps. I would love to do it.
When I got out of high school, I thought, I’ll take a year or two off and play the clubs, get this out of my system, and then go to med school.
The Beatles had just come out, and everybody had a band. It was an incredible competition out there.
Gotta take my puppy on the road with me, Killer.
The booking agent dared to take 10 percent, so we wound up with about $100 a week apiece.
I said, other people can write songs, let’s see if I can. So the first 400 or 500 wound up on the floor somewhere. Then I wrote one called Melissa.
Clapton asked my brother to play on his record. I thought that was the most wonderful thing in the world.
I didn’t think we would ever make enough money to pay rent by playing music.
I got Jimmy Hall from Wet Willie and he also plays now with Hank Williams Jr.
I got tired of playing other people’s songs.
At the Muddy Waters thing, I played the first song by myself on an acoustic guitar. I thought that was great that y’all did that tribute to Muddy Waters. I had a real good time.
So many tangles in life are ultimately hopeless that we have no appropriate sword other than laughter.
The more I know about men the more I like dogs.

Short Famous Quotes

The opportunity to create a small world between two pieces of cardboard, where time exists yet stands still, where people talk and I tell them what to say, is exciting and rewarding.
At first, I see pictures of a story in my mind. Then creating the story comes from asking questions of myself. I guess you might call it the ‘what if – what then’ approach to writing and illustration.
Following my muse has worked out pretty well so far. I can’t see any reason to change the formula now.
I write for what’s left of the eight-year-old still rattling around inside my head.
Santa is our culture’s only mythic figure truly believed in by a large percentage of the population. It’s a fact that most of the true believers are under eight years old, and that’s a pity.
Some artists claim praise is irrelevant in measuring the success of art, but I think it’s quite relevant. Besides, it makes me feel great.
The Dick, Jane, and Spot primers have gone to that bookshelf in the sky. I have, in some ways, a tender feeling toward them, so I think it’s for the best.
The idea of the extraordinary happening in the context of the ordinary is what’s fascinating to me.
The Polar Express is about faith, and the power of imagination to sustain faith. It’s also about the desire to reside in a world where magic can happen, the kind of world we all believed in as children, but one that disappears as we grow older.
As much as I’d like to meet the tooth fairy on an evening walk, I don’t believe it can happen.
There was a great deal of peer recognition to be gained in elementary school by being able to draw well. One girl could draw horses so well, that she was looked upon as a kind of sorceress.
The analysis of the thing is not the thing itself.
Feminism is sort of like God. Many people profess to believe in it, but no one seems to be able to define it to everyone’s satisfaction.
I really can’t complain about actresses who get paid to be dumb. Most of us can’t get paid to be smart.
I’m content to stand on tradition. I’m even more content to wipe my feet on it.
If you hack the Vatican server, have you tampered with it in God’s domain?
Lawyers are the first refuge of the incompetent.
Life is like an analogy.
Definition of ‘Free’: You pay for it whether or not you elect to receive it.
No one pays me to be nice.
There are two types of people in the world, and I’m one of them.
The difference between tragedy and comedy: Tragedy is something awful happening to somebody else, while comedy is something awful happening to somebody else.
The principle of Sturgeon’s Razor states that the simplest answer to any problem is 90% crap.
The way to a man’s heart is through his chest.
This would not be a problem if I were driving a snowplow.
When all else fails, complicate matters.
Where can I get some tat? I’d like to trade it in.
Luck consists largely of hanging on by your fingernails until things start to go your way.
Violence is the first refuge of the violent.
Any sufficiently badly-written science is indistinguishable from magic.
The only competition worthy of a wise man is with himself.
Never judge a work of art by its defects.
The distinction is the consequence, never the object of a great mind.
For the first time in my life, I feel important. I’d like to have five babies.
The role of Barbara, in Music for Millions, was a tonic for me.
The first day I arrived, they told me to go home and get rid of that cold.
So, to prepare for the role, I had to take music lessons, talk to wives who had husbands overseas, and carefully study the reactions and mannerisms of a friend who was expecting.
It was my first straight dramatic role, and the most adult, intelligent one I have ever played.
I’m not a career woman.
I’d just as soon stay home and raise babies.
I don’t like to fight.
Because of the wealth of fine music spread through the film, working on it held all the fun and excitement of attending a great concert.
I was at a luncheon, and some cameras were trained on us. I don’t know whether they were for television or not. You know how little I know about cameras.
The silent film has a lot of meanings. The first part of the film is a comic. It represents the burlesque feel of those silent films. But I think that the second part of the film is full of tenderness and emotion.
It was the women in our house who were in the saddle. If men are the gods, women are not only the presidents but all the ministers of the government.
I was born at a bad time in Spain, but a really good one for cinema.
The 1980s ended for me in 1992 with the film Kika.
The Flower of My Secret is more based on true emotions. I also wanted to make something more realistic, but not naturalistic or simple.
Whenever I arrive at a real location, I have to move around and work out what the best angles are going to be. When I was moving around with the lens, I discovered things that the naked eye would not have.
With this silent film, I wanted to hide what was going on in the clinic. I wanted to cover it up in the best cinematic way and an entertaining manner.
Always, your work is the same: You have to tell a story, you have to make a character. It doesn’t matter if there are thousands of dollars, millions behind it, or if there is nothing.
It’s a pity that I can never really enjoy my movies because, after the mixing, your capacity as a spectator just disappears. I have to think about what I felt just before the mixing.
The challenge to me as a director was for the audience to see the film as going on in a straight line so that they did not sense all of these break-ups. I did not want a film to be a collage of all these images.
I think that the consciousness of passion makes you act very differently.
All my movies are difficult to classify because they are very eclectic in mixing genres.
Cukor is one of my favorite directors. He was a master at directing women.
Even though I love my mother, I didn’t want to make an idealized portrait of her. I’m fascinated more by her defects – they are funnier than her other qualities.
Hospitals are places that you have to stay in for a long time, even if you are a visitor. Time doesn’t seem to pass in the same way in hospitals as it does in other places. Time seems to almost not exist in the same way as it does in other places.
I also wanted to express the strength of cinema to hide reality, while being entertaining. Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness.
I don’t want to imitate life in movies; I want to represent it. And in that representation, you use the colors you feel, and sometimes they are fake colors. But always it’s to show one emotion.
I think it’s a change that I did not intend at the time but it is clear that, from The Flower of My Secret on, there is a change in my films. A lot of the journalists have very generously attributed this to my growing maturity.
After the enormous success of All About my Mother, all the awards and everything, I wanted to start a movie in the same place that I used to be before. I wanted to show that all of the success had not changed my perception.
I used this line to demonstrate how important colors are in movies: It’s not a caprice.
I think decor says a lot about someone’s social position, their taste, their sensibility, their work – and also about the aesthetic way I have chosen to tell their story.
As long as ugly people are not on TV, you should only ever have interesting people on TV.
I think there have always been singers like that and I’ve done my fair share of cheese as well.
I think the older I get the more creative I get, I don’t have the distractions that I had when I was younger.
I think in the past I think I probably was a little too diverse, probably went from one spectrum to the complete opposite, and confused people.
I mean whatever I do it’s important that I put my stamp on it and keep it in my world, whether I’m doing a dance track or something like the Russian album for example.

Short Quotes

I don’t have anything against Will Young or Gareth Gates.
I don’t enjoy being a celebrity, I don’t want any part of that or any part of that fame for fame… iI’dratI’d die than be a celebrity slime!!!
As soon as one project is finished I like to go straight on to something else.
Knowing what I knew about Russia, as much as I loved the music and was fascinated by the songs and the whole idea of it, I knew it would be a very lengthy and frustrating process.
For me, it always comes down to what is a good song and I’m very old-fashioned in the way that I like to make songs that have something classic about them whether you can play them with an orchestra or an electro synthesizer or an acoustic guitar.
Russia can be quite a dangerous place sometimes, but I never think about it.
We just kind of saw the images and knew the cliches, so to have the opportunity to go there and learn something about Russian music and Russian people and to see things apart from being a tourist.
These days I tend to use one project I do as a kind of offshoot to the next.
The weird thing was that Soft Cell was supposed to have come and gone before I started the album.
The way the business things work in Russia is you have to meet people, you have to go through a certain amount of etiquette, and business things are done just simply by a shake of the hand and whether they like you or not.
That’s what I like to do, I like to make songs.
Russians have new freedom, but as long as they don’t express that freedom on a public platform.
My next record I just want to be a collection of great songs, classic songs in a way.
It’s a shame in a way that people come and go with one album.
I think it interesting how they throw the world music samples in there. I often wonder what it would be like to do something like that, but use my lyrics and my kind of style.
That’s the way I work and one day I won’t have the energy to do it, so I think it’s always good to make the most of your life and living as much as possible.
I have a hard time defending the production of candy, given that it is crack for children and makes them dependent in unwholesome ways.
For me, it’s a simple sport and a simple way to live these seven or eight years of the maximum sport.
For me, it was not destiny to make it to where I am now – I thought for a long- time I would become a go-kart mechanic, or a job like this, not an F1 driver.
I have always been very calm on the outside. I’m not too stressed now just because I’m in formula one. For me, tomorrow will be another day whether I finish first or last. I have to do the maximum and I cannot ask any more from myself.
I like America, and I think probably the American people like me.
I look at myself as someone very lucky – my job is also what I enjoy most in the world, and I can make my life doing it.
May God permit us both to return to a free and independent Poland.
I’m an old-timer in the business from the sense that when you do something that you feel good about there might be another person out there who feels the same way, or a hundred or a couple million.
I was taken in by the bravado and the sounds of Mexico… not so much the music, but the spirit.
I wake up in the morning, do little stretching exercises, pick up the horn, and play.
I practice every day. I’ve been doing it since I was eight.
I like to listen to classical music… I like mainline jazz.
The trumpet was not a lyrical singing instrument.
It’s very clean. With tape, you get noise.
It’s – as opposed to tape where you have a magnetic tape that’s excited by frequencies that you hit, digital was a process where musical sounds are transferred to numbers and stored as numbers.
Instrumental music can spread the international language.
If you look at a record under a microscope, the high frequencies are short jagged edges… and the low frequencies are long swinging ones are deep bass sounds. When it cut it at half speed, you’re getting more of those on the record.
Mexican Shuffle was a turning point for the Brass.
Selfishly, I make music for myself. I like to make music. I like looking for songs. I like working with interesting musicians. I like producing records. It’s something I will always do.
I like to listen to the adventurous guys – the Coltranes, Miles Davis, the guys who just let it loose.
The reaction to this album has just been fabulous around the world… and I’ve had offers to perform from around the world and I’m tempted to do it. I’ve got itchy lips.
You know the record business is much different than being the artist on stage.
Something is interesting about playing live; you’re in the moment, and I think it would be beneficial.
This was during a period when I was producing Brazil ’66 records and got infected by Brazilian music.
We always felt that if you do something with quality and integrity, then it’s going to come back to you.
We finally got our big break when Ed Sullivan put us on his show.
When I finish an album and I find myself listening to it in the car, because it makes me feel a certain way, that’s the time to try to let other people know about it.
He has a method that likens the musician to an athlete, so I do physical exercises designed to keep a musician in shape to perform the function, which is to play music.
I’m sure I’ll go back again and record in the digital process.
The Japanese seem to be a loyal audience.
I find that it’s nice to work with somebody and spin off on someone else’s feelings. You get a little jaded by yourself.
I confess that I listen to my music for my pleasure.
I don’t think radio is selling records like it used to. They’d hawk the song and hawk the artist and you’d get so excited, you’d stop your car and go into the nearest record store.
Clifford Brown was in the jazz circles considered to be probably the greatest trumpet player who ever lived.
Although there was a point with the Tijuana Brass where we were playing for such huge crowds that I kind of lost contact. At one point, the only connection I had with the audience was with people out there lighting cigarettes.
My life is a lovely story, happy and full of incidents.
Are these the Americans? People remain silent and placate the Americans. By God, they only deserve scorn. We slaughtered them yesterday and we will continue to slaughter them.
Blair… is accusing us of executing British soldiers. We want to tell him that we have not executed anybody. They are either killed in battle, most of them get killed because they are cowards anyway, or the rest just get captured.
God will roast their stomachs in hell at the hands of Iraqis.
I can say, and I am responsible for what I am saying, that they have started to commit suicide under the walls of Baghdad. We will encourage them to commit more suicides quickly.
It has been rumored that we have fired scud missiles into Kuwait. I am here now to tell you, that we do not have any scud missiles and I don’t know why they were fired into Kuwait.
Now even the American command is under siege. We are hitting it from the north, east, south, and west. We chase them here and they chase us there. But in the end, we are the people who are laying siege to them. And it is not them who are besieging us.
Search for the truth. I tell you things and I always ask you to verify what I say. I told you yesterday that there was an attack and a retreat at Saddam’s airport.
The Cruise missiles do not frighten anyone. We are catching them like fish in a river. I mean here that over the past two days, we managed to shoot down 196 missiles before they hit their target.
Our initial assessment is that they will all die.
We are in control, they are in a state of hysteria. Losers think that by killing civilians and trying to distort the feelings of the people they will win. I think they will not win, those bastards.
There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!
There is no presence of American infidels in the city of Baghdad.
They are sick in their minds. They say they brought 65 tanks into the center of the city. I say to you this talk is not true. This is part of their sick mind.
They are the superpower of villains. They are the superpower of Al Capone.
They’re not even within 100 miles of Baghdad. They are not in any place. They hold no place in Iraq. This is an illusion… they are trying to sell to the others an illusion.
Washington has thrown their soldiers on the fire.
When we were making the law when we were writing the literature and the mathematics the grandfathers of Blair and little Bush were scratching around in caves.
The simple fact is this: they are foreigners in a country that has rejected them. Therefore, these foreigners wherever they go or travel will be rained down with bullets from everyone. Attacks by members of the resistance will only go up.
Today, the tide has turned, we are destroying them.
Yesterday, we slaughtered them and we will continue to slaughter them.
We blocked them inside the city. Their rear is blocked.
We will welcome them with bullets and shoes.
We will push those crooks, those mercenaries back into the swamp.
We made them drink poison last night and Saddam Hussein’s soldiers and his great forces gave the Americans a lesson that will not be forgotten by history. Truly.
We butchered the force present at the airport, we are destroying them.
The United Nations is a place for prostitution under the feet of Americans.
A dying man needs to die, as a sleepy man needs to sleep, and there comes a time when it is wrong, as well as useless, to resist.
Bill, The United States is not a company. It is a country.

Short Great Quotes

Gates is the ultimate programming machine. He believes everything can be defined, examined, reduced to essentials, and rearranged into a logical sequence that will achieve a particular goal.
Microsoft has a monopoly over desktop operating systems.
More than anyone else, Hank Aaron made me wish I wasn’t a manager.
Fans tend to get too excited by streaks of either kind and I think the press does too. There should be a happy medium.
Perhaps the truest axiom in baseball is that the toughest thing to do is repeat.
I’d rather win two or three, lose one, win two or three more. I’m a great believer in things evening out. If you win a whole bunch in a row, somewhere along the line you’re going to lose some too.
Look at misfortune the same way you look at success – Don’t Panic! Do your best and forget the consequences.
It’s not the winter that bothers me – it’s the summers.
I never thought I was the most beautiful model out there or the sexiest woman, but I was a hard worker.
If I’m making a movie and get hungry, I call time-out and eat some crackers.
Bringing democratic control to the conduct of foreign policy requires a struggle merely to force the issue onto the public agenda.
Ideology has very little to do with ‘consciousness’ – it is profoundly unconscious.
Ideology… is indispensable in any society if men are to be formed, transformed, and equipped to respond to the demands of their conditions of existence.
I’m the kind of person who just can’t wait to get on a train and not know where I’m going. I want to live life to the fullest. And that’s the type of man I’m attracted to – somebody with that spontaneous spirit.
People are taken aback by a confident, pretty girl who knows what she wants in life and isn’t going to let anyone get in her way. And you know what it’s all about? Jealousy.
If George W. Bush is elected president, I’m leaving for France.
What’s a cult? It just means not enough people to make a minority.
Men make clothes for the women they’d like to be with or in most cases the women they’d like to be.
Maybe there’s a chance to get back to grown-up films. Anything that uses humor and dramatic values to deal with human emotions and gets down to what people are to people.
If you don’t have a leg to stand on, you can’t put your foot down.
Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.
It’s all just one film to me. Just different chapters.
It was from them that I learned that hard work in stable surroundings could yield rewards, even if only in infinitesimally small increments.
We are united in the hope that every individual will someday enjoy at least the intellectual privileges we have had, if not always the material advantages.
By the time I reached high school my father’s grocery store had made our life adequately comfortable and I was able to choose, without any practical encumbrances, the subjects that I wanted to pursue in college.
The RNA World referred to a hypothetical stage in the origin of life on Earth.
We are very fortunate to be recognized here in such an extraordinary manner for the work that we enjoy.
The mystique associated with the bomb, the role that scientists played in it, and its general importance could not fail to impress even a six-year-old.
Nevertheless, as is a frequent occurrence in science, a general hypothesis was constructed from a few specific instances of a phenomenon.
I intended to enroll at McGill University but an unexpected series of events led me to study physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
I was born in Montreal in 1939, the second son of poor immigrants.
I spent eighteen months as a graduate student in physics at Columbia University, waiting unhappily for an opportunity to work in a laboratory and wondering if I should continue in physics.
Furthermore, neither of our research groups set out in search of RNA catalysis.
Eight months later, having left Columbia, I was studying physics in a summer program and working in Colorado when I decided to enroll as a graduate student in biophysics.
About seven years later I was given a book about the periodic table of the elements. For the first time, I saw the elegance of scientific theory and its predictive power.
For our immediate family and relatives, Canada was a land of opportunity.
Indeed, we are privileged to have been allowed to study Nature and to follow our thoughts and inspirations in a time of relative tranquillity and a la with a generous and forward-looking government.
I could think of worse ways of going than at the poker table.
Yes, I think poker isn’t gambling.
When you make a bet, you’re saying something.
The fact that we write about it doesn’t mean we play better than ordinary players at all.
Now, if, as I think, writing should be, it’s a kind of risky trade.
I’m good at reading people.
I think one of the interesting things about poker is that once you let your ego in, you’re done for.
I mean to say, this is the book and I loathe it and I can’t imagine what a nice Jewish boy like me ever, how I ever got into this dreadful trade.
I hate writing.
I don’t believe in anything. Full stop. Including luck.
But in a tournament, you can be said in for all your money at any point so you can’t make any mistakes so you have to, it’s all about where you’re sitting at the table.
I mean being a writer is like being a psychoanalyst, but you don’t get any patients.
In a family business, you grow up with close contact with the business, whatever it is, and the beer business is certainly a very social type of business.
In a way, the popularity of Corona came too fast for its good, initially. We took a few steps back.
Corona Light has had very faithful stewardship from us from the very beginning in 1989.
The Corona Extra brand was launched in Austin, Texas. From Austin, where it was exclusively for three or four months, it became more widely available in that state and others, primarily in the southwest and western United States.
I don’t trust a sane person.
I never met a man I didn’t want to fight.
The night was running ahead of itself.
Yes, you are running businesses, and yes, we understand and accept that, but surely there must be a level beyond which profit from news is simply indecent.
What we do and say and show matters.
U.S. soldiers, with whom I now have more than a passing acquaintance, joke that they track my movements to know where they will be deployed next.
In Bosnia, little children were shot in the head by a guy who thinks it’s okay to aim his gun at a child.
In emerging democracies like Russia, in authoritarian states like Iran or even Yugoslavia, journalists play a vital role in civil society. They form the very basis of those new democracies and civil societies.
In Iran, the whole reform and democracy movement has been based on the emerging free press.
Indeed in the full flush of journalistic passion and conviction, I once told an interviewer that of course I would never get married. And I most definitely would never have children.
Little did we know then that CNN would become the big league.
Travelling expands the mind rarely.
If you have a child, I said, you have a responsibility at least to stay alive.
Our industry has invested so much money in technology that perhaps it’s time to invest in talent, in people.
They take journalism seriously because they know the force that it is and can be.
We do it because we’re committed because we’re believers.
We hear foreign accents on CNN. It’s crazy, it’s wild, who knows, maybe they’ll take you because you certainly don’t fit in, in the American spectrum of news.
We in the press, by our power, can undermine leadership.
We manage the fear, I manage the fear, but it certainly takes its toll, the strain does.
We were thrilled and we were privileged to be part of a revolution because make no mistake about it, Ted Turner changed the world with CNN.
For instance, why are we terrorizing this country, leading with murder and mayhem, when a crime is actually on the decline, as somebody, as somebody mentioned?
And I believe that good journalism, and good television, can make our world a better place.
If we have no respect for our viewers, then how can we have any respect for ourselves and what we do?
And I believe good journalism is good business.
And one thing that I always believed and that I knew for certain was that I could never have sustained a personal relationship while I worked this hard, or while I was that driven this intensely by the story.
Because if we the storytellers don’t do this, then the bad people will win.
But 17 years ago, I arrived at CNN with a suitcase, my bicycle, and with ab00 dollars.
But to be self-obsessed is simply not o.k. for the most important country in the world, the United States, which affects every other country in the world.
Here in the United States, our profession is much maligned, people simply don’t trust or like journalists anymore and that’s sad.
I have made my living bearing witness to some of the most horrific events of the end of our century, at the end of the 20th century.
I have spent the past ten years in just about every war zone there was.
I leave CNN with the utmost respect, love, and admiration for the company and everyone who works here. This has been my family and shared endeavor for the past 27 years, and I am forever grateful and proud of all that we have accomplished.
I was planning, I told everybody, to take him on the road with me. At the very least I fully expected to keep up my hectic pace, and my passion as a war correspondent.
I was just the tea boy to begin with or the equivalent thereof, but I quickly announced, innocently but very ambitiously, that I wanted to be, I was going to be, a foreign correspondent.
I’m not an American but I have always had the outsiders’ respect for the American people and the American way.
I have always thought it morally unacceptable to kill stories, not to run stories, that people have risked their lives to get.
I am no longer sure that when I go out there and do my job I’ll even see the light of air if the experience of my network colleagues is anything to go by.
China and India will, separately and together, unleash an explosion of demand.

Short Success Quotes

I think that our fundamental belief is that for us growth is a way of life and we have to grow at all times.
The organizational architecture is really that a centipede walks on hundred legs and one or two don’t count. So if I lose one or two legs, the process will go on, the organization will go on, and the growth will go on.
Law and order are the medicine of the body politic and when the body politic gets sick, medicine must be administered.
Men are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise, both will wither and die.
What are we having this liberty for? We are having the liberty to reform our social system, which is full of inequality, discrimination, and other things, which conflict with our fundamental rights.
We are Indians, firstly and lastly.
Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives. Man’s life is independent. He is born not for the development of society alone, but for the development of himself.
The sovereignty of scriptures of all religions must come to an end if we want to have a united integrated modern India.
The relationship between husband and wife should be one of closest friends.
So long as you do not achieve social liberty, whatever freedom is provided by the law is of no avail to you.
In Hinduism, conscience, reason, and independent thinking have no scope for development.
Political tyranny is nothing compared to social tyranny and a reformer who defies society is a more courageous man than a politician who defies Government.
A great man is different from an eminent one in that he is ready to be the servant of society.
Life should be great rather than long.
Indians today are governed by two different ideologies. Their political ideal set in the preamble of the Constitution affirms a life of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Their social ideal embodied in their religion denies them.
I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress that women have achieved.
I like the religion that teaches liberty, equality, and fraternity.
History shows that where ethics and economics come in conflict, victory is always with economics. Vested interests have never been known to have willingly divested themselves unless there was sufficient force to compel them.
For a successful revolution, it is not enough that there is discontent. What is required is a profound and thorough conviction of the justice, necessity, and importance of political and social rights.
Every man who repeats the dogma of Mill that one country is not fit to rule another country must admit that one class is not fit to rule another class.
Cultivation of the mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence.
A people and their religion must be judged by social standards based on social ethics. No other standard would have any meaning if religion is held to be necessary and good for the well-being of the people.
Religion must mainly be a matter of principles only. It cannot be a matter of rules. The moment it degenerates into rules, it ceases to be a religion, as it kills responsibility which is an essence of the true religious act.
International business may conduct its operations with scraps of paper, but the ink it uses is human blood.
I never thought about being on a series before. It seemed like such a big commitment. But I love going to work every day. This is not about ego, it’s about work, and that’s refreshing in this town.
Having my son, I mean, I feel already that it makes me a better actress. Just the feeling and the love that expands in my being is more than I ever thought possible.
I came to L.A. to work and become a better actress, not to be a star.
I saw ‘Food, Inc.’ last night – it was like a horror movie. I’m thinking about my food supply now and how I want to grow my own.
I think I need a little break. I’ve got a two-year-old. I’ll be part of The Leisure Class for a while.
Right now I just want to chill for a while. Take a hiatus from all the craziness. To clean my house, and see my family. Just see some movies and pick some strawberries.
The idea is that we’re doing it just for the joy of the actual physical experience. We may record something just for the fun of it, but the idea is just to be truly joyful and truly fun, especially for me, because I take myself too seriously all the time.
Most of the people who will walk after me will be children, so make the beat keep time with short steps.
Yeah, I’ve always sung, and I always try to find a way for music to be in my life.
Being an actress is similar to trying to fit in with the popular kids in high school. You’re expected to drive the right car, wear the right clothes and say the right things.
When I go to Rome, I fast on Saturday, but in Milan, I do not. Do you also follow the custom of whatever church you attend, if you do not want to give or receive scandal?
There is nothing evil save that which perverts the mind and shackles the conscience.
In some cases silence is dangerous.
When in Rome, live as the Romans do; when elsewhere, live as they live elsewhere.
To be a slaveholder meant one had to regard the African American as inferior in every way.
Washington, not Jefferson, freed his slaves upon his death.
You don’t hate history, you hate the way it was taught to you in high school.
Writing is not the easiest way to make a living. Your work long hours, usually all by yourself. It is not a way to make money.
World War II, the atomic bomb, and the Cold War made it hard for Americans to continue their optimism.
Winning the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, or World War II were the turning points in our history, the sine qua non of our forward progress.
Who today is willing to say that Texas and California and the remainder of the Southwest would be better off if they were governed by Mexico?
We are part of a country that outshines those that have gone before us and most of those in existence today.
Washington’s character was rock solid. He came to stand for the new nation and its republican virtues, which was why he became our first President by unanimous choice.
American corporations hate to give away money.
Washington and Jefferson were both rich Virginia planters, but they were never friends.
Almost everything Truman did in foreign affairs I approve of.
America is the first democratic nation-state.
Andrew Johnson was a Southerner generally who proclaimed that his native state of Tennessee was a country for white men.
As to the Indians, the guiding principle was, to promise them anything just so long as they get out of the way.
The war in Vietnam I thought a dreadful mistake.
There are many more want-to-be writers out there than good editors.
Trial by jury. Live wherever you can make a living. How could a government based on such principles fail?
The number one secret of being a successful writer is this: marry an English major.
Jefferson owned slaves. He did not believe that all were created equal. He was a racist.
Johnson had been the most powerful man in the world, yet the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong had resisted, overcome his power, and broken his will.
Like their predecessors, the Presidents of today just throw up their hands.
My favorite book is the last one printed, which is always better than those that were published earlier.
My first book was the book that changed my life.
Neither Johnson nor his party nor the government as a whole was willing to raise, train, equip, and then send Vietnam sufficient manpower to do the job.
Nixon regarded himself as having been cheated by life. He never got my vote.
Reading your material aloud forces you to listen.
The American Constitution is the greatest governing document, and at some 7,000 words, just about the shortest.
The more sophisticated we get, the more advanced our buildings and vehicles become, and the more vulnerable we are.
The past is a source of knowledge, and the future is a source of hope. Love of the past implies faith in the future.
It would not be possible to praise nurses too highly.
The Canadians have managed to live peacefully with their Indians. It is disgrace that the United States has not done the same.
The great wars of the 20th Century made it into the worst Century ever.
Eisenhower had the clearest blue eyes. He would fix them on you. In every interview with him, he would lock his eyes on mine and keep them there.
The Holocaust was the evilest crime ever committed.
It does you no good to see the number two or number three man in the corporation-you have to get through to number one.
Dams have harmed our wildlife and made rivers less useful for recreation.
Eisenhower is my choice as the American of the 20th Century. Of all the men I’ve studied and written about, he is the brightest and the best.
Crazy Horse saw history as integrated in the present, incorporated into daily life.
Even before Watergate and his resignation, Nixon had inspired conflicting and passionate emotions.
History is everything that has ever happened.
I was taught by professors who had done their schooling in the 1930s. Most of them were scornful of, even hated, big business.
I was too young for Korea and too old for Vietnam.
I’m no politician. I’m a historian who has learned through a lifetime of studying that nothing in the world beats universal education.
I’ve always tried to be fair to my subjects. That’s easy when they are as likable and admirable as Lewis and Clark, or Eisenhower.
In America, Jefferson noted with approval, women knew their place.
In 1945, there were more people killed, more buildings destroyed, more high explosives set off, and more fires burning than before or since.
Immigrants do more than help us win our wars, or set up cleaning shops or ethnic restaurants.
I thought Nixon was the worst President we had ever had, save only perhaps Andrew Johnson.
Custer had dead heroes. Crazy Horse had only live ones.
I think this is the sweetest tribute I have ever seen in this town.
The key is growth margins went in the right direction, unit volume increased quarter on quarter, and expenses came down. We threw off over $300 million in cash. All of those were in the right direction. So I think we’re on our way.
What’s exciting for me is communicating with other people and not just going somewhere to make a movie. That’s Hollywood to me and it would mean nothing.
An Oscar means a lot of things because it’s like the ultimate award for a filmmaker so it feels great. But I think you have to consider awards with some distance and not get obsessed with it. When you’re creating you shouldn’t think about it.
I think the concept of the sea is very important.
I wouldn’t say I’m a very controlling person. For instance, when I talk to the actors, I don’t tell them exactly what I want because I want them to surprise me. I even encourage them to change some of the verses of the script if they need to.
In horror movies today it’s lots of fast-cutout shots and lots of loud noises on the soundtrack. I tried to do the opposite. Playing with silence for instance.
My mother used to take my brother and me to get any books we wanted, but they were second-handbooks published in the ’30s and ’40s. I liked scary books.
Sometimes a piece of music in the score isn’t effective. When a score is too well finished with too many elements, sometimes it’s too much.
Make movies. Don’t make videos. Videos are evil.
Everybody got away from what Pearl Jam is supposed to be.
I didn’t write this song. Someone was talking in a room. I just wrote down everything they said.
I have to go someplace where I can soak myself in a creative atmosphere.
I played djembe, percussion, and keyboards and I sang.
I’m not going to say no to playing a show in Missoula.
It was hard to figure out what were the good causes, the bad causes, even the good politics, and the bad politics. So we started taking requests and figuring it out.
It’s hard for us not to be involved with things. When you have so much information and you see so much need, there’s too much going on for us not to get involved.
Every few years I’ll party way too much to remind myself what an idiot I am.
It’s great that people are spending their two weeks of vacation to come out and be with us in some weird part of the world. And I think we owe it to them to take ’em to some cool places.
That’s probably half the reason I wanted to be in a band – I wanted to see the world.
With Pearl Jam, everybody is so good at what they do, that it’s hard to get up the courage to say, Can I sing this part, or, do I want to play guitar. I feel like I have more courage to do that.
When I moved to Seattle, I was hanging out with kids who had done drugs and had sex a million times. I look at them now and realize their childhood was taken away.
We’ve always been a band that stood up for what we thought was right.
We just finished making a record. Everybody wants to play shows, so we’re going to after that.
Our first record didn’t come out on vinyl, so I think that might have had something to do with actually being in a position to make sure that it came out in vinyl this time. It sounds way better.
We went to Big Sur about three years ago and hung out at the Esalen Institute.
It is up to you to decide that this has lasted long enough, that our boys are dying to serve no British interest but for the interests of a small clique of utterly unscrupulous men.
There is more than enough room in the world for Germany and Britain.
That is why I come forward tonight without any political label, without any bias, but just simply as an Englishman to say to you: a crime is being committed against civilization.
Not only the priceless heritage of our fathers, of our seamen, of our Empire builders is being thrown away in a war that serves no British interests – but our alliance leader Stalin dreams of nothing but the destruction of that heritage of our fathers?
I appeal to all Britishers to answer this call to arms for the defense of all the principles that we Englishmen have been the first to proclaim in the world.
Listeners will wonder what an Englishman is doing on the German radio tonight. You can imagine that before taking this step I hoped that someone better qualified than me would come forward.
Three Royal Air Force airplanes have come over to us so far with their arms and equipment.
It is not the Government, the members of Parliament to whom the ultimate decision belongs, it is up to you to go forward sure of your sacred right of free opinion, sure of your patriotism.
In violation of the Habeas Corpus Act and the fundamental laws of our constitution, these men have never been brought to trial or even allowed to see a lawyer.
For two years living in a neutral country, I have been able to see through the haze of propaganda to reach something which my conscience tells me is the truth.
American troops have not only occupied Ulster but are arriving in increasing numbers in England.
All men will commence in their present rank and promotion will be open to all men alike, without any distinctions or qualifications, political or otherwise.
It came as a great shock to me when I heard that England and Soviet Russia had become allies. So much so that I thought that the people responsible in London were acting in a manner that no longer coincided with British imperial interests.
It is up to you civilians to give a hand to show that we intend to take our responsibilities to maintain the integrity of our Empire, by giving the world proof that we have not all sold out to the Jew or Plutocrat.
The betrayal of trust carries a heavy taboo.
The only thing I ever withheld from the KGB were the names of two agents whom I had known and handled and had a particular feeling for.
The national security state has many unfair and cruel weapons in its arsenal, but that of junk science can be fought and perhaps defeated.
The human spy, in terms of the American espionage effort, had never been pertinent.
The resistance of policy-makers to intelligence is not just founded on an ideological presupposition. They distrust intelligence sources and intelligence officials because they don’t understand what the real problems are.
Perhaps my information hurt the Soviet Union more than it helped. I have no idea. It was not something I ever discussed with the KGB officers that I was dealing with.
To the extent that I considered the personal burden of harming the people who had trusted me, plus the Agency, or the United States, I wasn’t processing that.
You might as well ask why a middle-aged man with no criminal record might put a paper bag over his head and rob a bank. I acted out of personal desperation.
The FBI, to its credit in a self-serving sort of way, rejects the routine use of the polygraph on its people.
The Soviet Union did not achieve victory over the West, so was my information inadequate to help them to victory, or did it play no particular role in their failure to achieve victory?
The U.S. is, so far as I know, the only nation that places such extensive reliance on the polygraph. It has gotten us into a lot of trouble.
There are so many things a large intelligence espionage organization can do to justify its existence, that people can get promotions because it could result in results.
We had periodic crises in this country when the technical intelligence didn’t support the policy. We had the bomber gap, the missile gap.
When I got the money, the whole burden descended on me, and the realization of what I had done. And it led me then to make the further step, a change of loyalties.
When I handed over the names and compromised so many CIA agents in the Soviet Union, I had concluded that the loss of these sources to the U.S. would not compromise significant national defense, political, or diplomatic interests.
When Reagan was elected, I felt that the Agency had gone much more into the service of a political tendency in the country with which I had already felt very strong disagreement.
Our Soviet espionage efforts had virtually never, or had very seldom, produced any worthwhile political or economic intelligence on the Soviet Union.
The use of the polygraph has done little more than create confusion, ambiguity, and mistakes.
I could have stopped it after they paid me the $50,000. I wouldn’t even have had to go on to do more than I already had: just the double agents’ names that I gave.
The difficulties of conducting espionage against the Soviet Union in the Soviet Union were such that historically the Agency had backed away from the task.
No one’s interested really in knowing what policies or diplomatic initiatives or arms negotiations might have been compromised by me.
An espionage organization is a collector: it collects raw information. That gets processed by machinery that is supposed to resolve its reliability and present a finished product.
Because interrogations are intended to coerce confessions, interrogators feel justified in using their coercive means. Consistency regarding the technique is not important; inducing anxiety and fear is the point.
By the late ’70s, I had come to question the point of a great deal of what we were doing, in terms of the CIA’s overall charter.
Deciding whether to trust or credit a person is always an uncertain task.
Espionage, for the most part, involves finding a person who knows something or has something that you can induce them secretly to give to you. That almost always involves a betrayal of trust.
Foreign Ministry guys don’t become agents. Party officials, the Foreign Ministry nerds, tend not to volunteer to Western intelligence agencies.
I came into the Agency with a set of ideas and attitudes that were quite typical of people coming into the Agency at that time. You could call it liberal anti-communism.

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I found that our Soviet espionage efforts had virtually never, or had very seldom, produced any worthwhile political or economic intelligence on the Soviet Union.
I handed over names and compromised so many CIA agents in the Soviet Union.
I knew quite well, when I gave the names of our agents in the Soviet Union, that I was exposing them to the full machinery of counterespionage and the law, and then prosecution and capital punishment.
I said in court a long time ago that I didn’t see that the Soviet Union was significantly helped by the information I gave them, nor that the United States was significantly harmed.
I saw a limit to what I was giving as kind of a scam I was running on the KGB, by giving them people that I knew were their double agents fed to us.
I’m a traitor, but I don’t consider myself a traitor.
In my professional work with the Agency, by the late ’70s, I had come to question the value of a great deal of what we were doing, in terms of the intelligence agency’s impact on American policy.
Let’s say a Soviet exchange student back in the ’70s would go back and tell the KGB about people and places and things that he’d seen and done and been involved with. This is not espionage; there’s no betrayal of trust.
My little scam in April ’85 went like this: Give me $50,000; here are some names of some people we’ve recruited.
Historians don’t like to carry on speculative debates, but you could certainly argue that the likelihood of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe was extremely, extremely low.
A democracy is a volcano that conceals the fiery materials of its destruction. These will produce an eruption and carry desolation in their way.
The known propensity of a democracy is to licentiousness which the ambitious call and the ignorant believe to be liberty.
No one ever became, or can become truly eloquent without being a reader of the Bible, and an admirer of the purity and sublimity of its language.
The gentleman puts me in mind of an old hen that persists in setting after her eggs are taken away.
The starting point of sanctification is the filthiness, corruption, or stain of sin.
Sanctification is not to be understood here as a separation from ordinary use or consecration to some special use, although this meaning is often present in Scripture, sometimes referring to outward and sometimes to inward or effectual separation.
Nothing exists from eternity but God, and God is not the matter or a part of any creature, but only the maker.
Participation in the blessings of the union with Christ comes when the faithful have all the things needed to live well and blessedly to God.
Sanctification is the real change in man from the sordidness of sin to the purity of God’s image.
The efficiency of God may be understood as either creation or providence.
The first act of religion, therefore, concerns those things which are communicated to us by God. The other concerns those things which we yield to God.
The good pleasure of God is an act of the divine will freely and effectively determining all things.
The goodness of a thing created is the perfection of its fitness for the use which it serves. Now that use is either particular or universal.
The relative property of the Son is to be begotten, that is, so to proceed from the Father as to be a participant of the same essence and perfectly carry on the Father’s nature.
The will of God is eternal because He does not begin to will what He did not will before, nor cease to will what He willed before.
The will of God is single and one in Him.
The ordinary ministry is that which receives all of its direction from the will of God revealed in the Scriptures and from those means which God has appointed in the church for its continual edification.
The attributes of God tell us what He is and who He is.
In the exercise of God’s efficiency, the decree of God comes first. This manner of working is the most perfect of all and notably agrees with the divine nature.
An idea in man is first impressed upon him and afterward expressed in things, but in God, it is only expressed, not impressed because it does not come from anywhere else.
Hence the end of the world should be awaited with all longing by all believers.
Hearing the word is the devout receiving of the will of God.
From faith, hope, and love, the virtues of religion referring to God, there arises a double act that bears on the spiritual communion exercised between God and us; the hearing of the word and prayer.
For this is our most perfect duty and yet least known to us by nature: Whatever we conceive or will be joined with the good of our neighbor.
Faith is the virtue by which, clinging to the faithfulness of God, we lean upon him, so that we may obtain what he gives to us.
Everyone who understands the nature of God rightly necessarily knows that God is to be believed and hoped in, that he is to be loved and called upon and to be heard in all things.
In contentment and joy are found the height and perfection of all love towards our neighbor.
Active creation is conceived as a transitive action in which there is always presupposed an object about which the agent is concerned; it is virtually but not formally transitive because it makes, not presupposes, an object.
Although the whole man partakes of this grace, it is first and most appropriately in the soul and later progresses to the body, since the body of the man is capable of the same obedience to the will of God as the soul.
The world has not been in existence for eternity nor could it have been according to the present dispensation and ordering of things.
Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.
This subsistence, or manner of being of God is his one essence so far as it has personal properties.
There are three easy ways of losing money – racing is the quickest, women the most pleasant, and farming the most certain.
A woman is always a mystery: one must not be fooled by her face and her heart’s inspiration.
When faced with the inevitable fatigue that comes with the recycling of speeches and the recycling of thoughts in a rather small stream of vortex, I am urged to not be ashamed of recycling.
Outside the walls, among others, is the Soviet Empire. It is malevolent, destructive, and expanding. It has swallowed up over half a dozen countries since World War II.
When virtue is at liberty, so to some extent is vice.
The interests of the Soviet Union are in controlling highly developed countries and having the benefit of their economies so that they can run their inefficient empire.
Since Europe is dependent on imports of energy and most of its raw materials, it can be subdued, if not quite conquered, without all those nuclear weapons the Soviets have aimed at it simply through the shipping routes and raw materials they control.
The same liberty that protects me also protects members of the Mafia.
The world today is divided into the free and the enslaved.
There are, of course, all sorts of other unpleasant regimes outside the walls as well – the military dictators of Latin America and the apartheid regime of South Africa.
There is sometimes a peculiar confusion in the West that equates progress to whatever is recent or whatever is new, and it is time we understood that progress has nothing to do with the chronology of an idea.
Totalitarianism is feudalism in the twelfth-century sense of the word.
Our society is not perfect and this will come as no surprise to many of you.
They are feeding the world that will devour them and their children.
By now it is evident that the Soviet Union must gain control of Europe to maintain its empire.
Only a free West can help the prisoners of today’s left- and right-wing dictatorships.
The People’s Republic of China has not yet reached the military might of the Soviet Empire. It requires a little more time and a little more infusion of Western aid, loans, technology, and the hard currency of our tourists.
Among those people lucky enough, if you will, to have been brought to trial as a political prisoners, several historians have said there has not been one acquittal since the Bolshevik Revolution.
Dictatorships do cut down on rape, and pillage, not to mention sexual harassment, by the simple expedient of sending people to labor camps for life or cutting off their hands without a trial.
Here in Canada, in the Western world, we are inside the walls. Outside the walls are the barbarians.
I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity of traveling across this country and endure all the classic situations that go with talking to people.
I have got up at truly deplorable hours in the morning to confront Vancouver’s Jack Webster on television because I have been told that is the place to get exposure for ideas.
In a free world, there is, alas, more common crime than in a dictatorial system.
It did not occur to us that the Marxists’ solution was fraudulent or that their vision was distorted, that whatever the wrongs in our society it was not their ideology of theirs that will cure them.
It is not empty rhetoric to talk of the Free World.
Of course, the barbarians’ aim of world domination has not escaped the attention of the Europeans, perhaps because unlike us, they are closer to the walls.
All share complicity in the destruction of that much under-rated phenomenon called liberty.
There is no respect for others without humility in one’s self.
The best path through life is the highway.
Sacrifice, which is the passion of great souls, has never been the law of societies.
So long as a person is capable of self-renewal they are a living being.
Sympathy is the first condition of criticism.
Tears are the symbol of the inability of the soul to restrain its emotion and retain its self-command.
Tell me what you feel in your room when the full moon is shining in upon you and your lamp is dying out, and I will tell you how old you are, and I shall know if you are happy.
Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.
The fire which enlightens is the same fire that consumes.
The man who has no inner life is a slave to his surroundings.
The man who insists upon seeing with perfect clearness before he decides never decides. Accept life, and you must accept regret.
Sacrifice still exists everywhere, and everywhere the elect of each generation suffers for the salvation of the rest.
The test of every religious, political, or educational system is the man that it forms.
Music is harmony, harmony is perfection, perfection is our dream, and our dream is heaven.
Thought is a kind of opium; it can intoxicate us, while still broad awake; it can make transparent the mountains and everything that exists.
The only substance properly so-called is the soul.
Man becomes man only by his intelligence, but he is man only by his heart.
In every loving woman, there is a priestess of the past – a pious guardian of some affection, of which the object has disappeared.
In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties.
It is by teaching that we teach ourselves, by relating that we observe, by affirming that we examine, by showing that we look, by writing that we think, and by pumping that we draw water into the well.
It is not what he had, or even what he does which expresses the worth of a man, but what he is.
Learn to… be what you are, and learn to resign with a good grace all that you are not.
Order is power.
Life is short and we have never too much time for gladdening the hearts of those who are traveling the dark journey with us. Oh, be swift to love, make haste to be kind.
Pure truth cannot be assimilated by the crowd; it must be communicated by contagion.
Materialism coarsens and petrifies everything, making everything vulgar, and every truth false.
Society lives by faith and develops by science.
Order is a great person’s need and their true well-being.
To do easily what is difficult for others is the mark of talent. To do what is impossible for talent is the mark of genius.
We must be useful, not according to our desires but according to our powers.
Our systems, perhaps, are nothing more than an unconscious apology for our faults, a gigantic scaffolding whose object is to hide from us our favorite sin.
Let us be true: this is the highest maxim of art and life, the secret of eloquence and virtue, and all moral authority.
Self-interest is but the survival of the animal in us. Humanity only begins for man with self-surrender.
The woman is the salvation or the destruction of the family. She carries its destiny in the folds of her mantle.
To shun one’s cross is to make it heavier.

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I’m not interested in age. People who tell me their age are silly. You’re as old as you feel.
If nationality is consent, the state is a compulsion.
Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
To live we must conquer incessantly, we must have the courage to be happy.
To marry unequally is to suffer equally.
True humility is contentment.
Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence.
Uncertainty is the refuge of hope.
We are never more discontented with others than when we are discontented with ourselves.
He who asks of life nothing but the improvement of his nature… is less liable than anyone else to miss and waste life.
Without passion, man is a mere latent force and possibility, like the flint which awaits the shock of the iron before it can give forth its spark.
Conquering any difficulty always gives one a secret joy, for it means pushing back a boundary line and adding to one’s liberty.
Women wish to be loved without a why or a wherefore; not because they are pretty, or good, or well-bred, or graceful, or intelligent, but because they are themselves.
Work while you have the light. You are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you.
We only understand that which is already within us.
Blessed be childhood, which brings down something of heaven into the midst of our rough earthliness.
Action and faith enslave thought, both of them in order not to be troubled or inconvenienced by reflection, criticism, and doubt.
Action is coarsened thought; thought becomes concrete, obscure, and unconscious.
An error is the more dangerous in proportion to the degree of truth which it contains.
Doing easily what others find difficult is talent; doing what is impossible for talent is genius.
Any landscape is a condition of the spirit.
For purposes of action, nothing is more useful than the narrowness of thought combined with the energy of will.
Charm is the quality in others, that makes us more satisfied with ourselves.
Clever people will recognize and tolerate nothing but cleverness.
Cleverness is serviceable for everything, sufficient for nothing.
Common sense is calculation applied to life.
Common sense is the measure of the possible; it is composed of experienced and prevision; it is calculation applied to life.
Destiny has two ways of crushing us – by refusing our wishes and by fulfilling them.
Every life is a profession of faith and exercises an inevitable and silent influence.
Everything you need for a better future and success has already been written. And guess what? All you have to do is go to the library.
Analysis kills spontaneity. The grain once ground into flour springs and germinates no more.
In any country, there must be people who have to die. They are the sacrifices any nation has to make to achieve law and order.
You cannot run faster than a bullet.
If we knew the meaning of everything that is happening to us, then there would be no meaning.
Sometimes people mistake the way I talk for what I am thinking.
I am the hero of Africa.
It was no wonder that people were so horrible when they started life as children.
There was no end to how nice things are nicer than nasty ones.
Sex is a momentary itch, love never lets you go.
Self-criticism must be my action guide, and the first rule for its employment is that in itself it is not a virtue, only a procedure.
Outside every fat man, there was an even fatter man trying to close in.
One of the great benefits of organized religion is that you can be forgiven your sins, which must be a wonderful thing. I mean, I carry my sins around with me, there’s nobody there to forgive them.
Laziness has become the chief characteristic of journalism, displacing incompetence.
It is no wonder that people are so horrible when they start their life as children.
If you can’t annoy somebody, there’s little point in writing.
I sometimes feel that more lousy dishes are presented under the banner of pate than any other.
His mouth had been used as a latrine by some small creature of the night, and then as its mausoleum.
He was of the faith chiefly in the sense that the church he currently did not attend was Catholic.
He resolved, having done it once, never to move his eyeballs again.
No wonder people are so horrible when they start life as children.
Every writer hopes or boldly assumes that his life is in some sense exemplary, that the particular will turn out to be universal.
Style is not neutral; it gives moral directions.
You cannot combine being a movie star with not being a movie star.
Weapons are like money; no one knows the meaning of enough.
Money doesn’t mind if we say it’s evil, it goes from strength to strength. It’s a fiction, an addiction, and a tacit conspiracy.
Bullets cannot be recalled. They cannot be uninvented. But they can be taken out of the gun.
Only in art will the lion lie down with the lamb, and the rose grows without a thorn.
That’s a wonderful change that’s taken place, and so most poetry today is published, if not directly by the person, certainly by the enterprise of the poet himself, working with his friends.
If we ask a vague question, such as, ‘What is poetry?’ we expect a vague answer, such as, ‘Poetry is the music of words,’ or ‘Poetry is the linguistic correction of disorder.’
In nature, there are few sharp lines.
Is it not careless to become too local when there are four hundred billion stars in our galaxy alone.
Once every five hundred years or so, a summary statement about poetry comes along that we can’t imagine ourselves living without.
Only silence perfects silence.
Poetry leads us to the unstructured sources of our beings, to the unknown, and returns us to our rational, structured selves refreshed.
Questions structure and, so, to some extent predetermine answers.
If the greatest god is the stillness all the motions add up to, then we must ineluctably be included.
The poet exposes himself to the risk. All that has been said about poetry, all that he has learned about poetry, is only a partial assurance.
There’s something to be said in favor of working in isolation in the real world.
You have your identity when you find out, not what you can keep your mind on, but what you can’t keep your mind off.
I must stress here the point that I appreciate clarity, order, meaning, structure, and rationality: they are necessary to whatever provisional stability we have, and they can be the agents of gradual and successful change.
Probably all the attention to poetry results in some value, though the attention is more often directed to lesser than to greater values.

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Even if you walk the same route each time – as with a sonnet – the events along the route cannot be imagined to be the same from day to day, as the poet’s health, sight, anticipations, moods, fears, thoughts cannot be the same.
If a poem is each time new, then it is necessarily an act of discovery, a chance is taken, a chance that may lead to fulfillment or disaster.
A poem generated by its laws may be unrealized and bad in terms of so-called objective principles of taste, and judgjudgmentd deduction.
Anything looked at closely becomes wonderful.
Besides the actual reading in class of many poems, I would suggest you do two things: first, while teaching everything you can and keeping free of it, teach that poetry is a mode of discourse that differs from logical exposition.
Each poem in becoming generates the laws by which it is generated: extensions of the laws to other poems never completely take.
Everything is discursive opinion instead of direct experience.
For though we often need to be restored to the small, concrete, limited, and certain, we as often need to be reminded of the large, vague, unlimited, and unknown.
I am grateful for – though I can’t keep up with – the flood of articles, theses, and textbooks that mean to share insight concerning the nature of poetry.
I can’t tell you where a poem comes from, what it is, or what it is for: nor can any other man. The reason I can’t tell you is that the purpose of a poem is to go past telling, to be recognized by burning.
I take the walk to be the externalization of an interior seeking so that the analogy is first of all between the external and the internal.
Definition, rationality, and structure are ways of seeing, but they become prisons when they blank out other ways of seeing.
I can’t take a well-tanned person seriously.
The facts of life are very stubborn things.
There are three terrible ages of childhood – 1 to 10, 10 to 20, and 20 to 30.
The opera is like a husband with a foreign title – expensive to support, hard to understand, and therefore a supreme social challenge.
As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows, cats have enormous patience with the limitations of humankind.
A “good” family, it seems, is one that used to be better.
The New England conscience does not stop you from doing what you shouldn’t-it just stops you from enjoying it.
They killed my character off and as God would have it, just when they told me I would never work again, I got cast in a little program called Roots, and as they would say, the rest is history.
I could have begged. They made it obvious to me that if I wanted to come back and be a good boy… but I’d rather be in Roots than Good Times.
I’ve never seen oil slicks covering such a large area in the Gulf of Mexico.
It was an ongoing struggle to say no, I don’t want to be a part of the perpetuation of this stereotype.
Musically, I always allow myself to jump off of cliffs. At least that’s what it feels like to me. Whether that’s what it sounds like might depend on what the listener brings to the songs.
Our generation has an incredible amount of realism, yet at the same time, it loves to complain and not change. Because, if it does change, then it won’t have anything to complain about.
People, out there must be told about the self-loathing that follows rape and how it’s the greatest breakage in divine law to mutilate themselves, as I have done.
Some people are afraid of what they might find if they try to analyze themselves too much, but you have to crawl into your wounds to discover where your fears are. Once the bleeding starts, the cleansing can begin.
The violence between women is unbelievable. Women try to make each other crawl so that their knees are bleeding.
There’s room for everybody on the planet to be creative and conscious if you are your person. If you’re trying to be like somebody else, then there isn’t.
You know that saying, bad things don’t happen to good people? That’s a lie.
Many people lock a part of themselves away. It’s a bit sacred.
Some of the most wonderful people are the ones who don’t fit into boxes.
What girls do to each other is beyond description. No Chinese torture comes close.
I’m a musician first, a food-lover second, a dirty mouth with feet, and a girl last time I checked.
I usually get myself into situations that cause sparks. I mean I’m a girl that likes the storms. I love feeling alive, I love walking out in the cold in my bare feet and feeling the ice on my toes.
I think you have to know who you are. Get to know the monster that lives in your soul, dive deep into your soul, and explore it.
I know I’m an acquired taste – I’m anchovies. And not everybody wants those hairy little things.
Sometimes you have to do what you don’t like to get to where you want to be.
I have so many different personalities in me and I still feel lonely.
In our minds, love and lust are separated. It’s hard to find someone that can be kind and you can trust enough to leave your kids with, and who isn’t afraid to throw her man up against the wall and lick him from head to toe.
Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.
Guys would sleep with a bicycle if it had the right color lip gloss on. They have no shame. They’re like bull elks in a field.
Give me life, give me pain, give me myself again.
For the most part, pianos are female to me. Sometimes they’re dykes, and they’re always good fun.
I believe, along with many others, that you must first ask for what you want before you can have it.
Nothing is an obstacle unless you say it is.
Many who resort to crime ultimately can’t read or write.
I lost a company. So what? It’s just stuff. Can’t take it with you.
Email is the greatest thing.
In some areas, I am more noted for reading than I am for cookies!
Lawrence Ferlinghetti had a tremendous education as an artist and also an enormous knowledge of literature.
Allen Ginsberg was a world authority on the writing of William Blake and had an incredible knowledge of classic literature and world politics.
We met with the poet Frank O’Hara, who was a link between Upper and Lower Bohemia, and who worked at the Museum of Modern Art, where we had hoped to do the readings.
We had common interests in the beauty of the French language. We both had a tremendous love of jazz. We shared dreams of getting married and having a family, living in the country, and leading an idyllic life.
There are a lot of wonderful things created in our culture that have been ignored that can speak to them.
When today’s generation reads Jack’s books or they listen to the music created by some of us, I believe that they see there is a different way of approaching today’s life and today’s sometimes seeming hopelessness that can provide answers.
The Upper Bohemia people wore tuxedos in an art gallery, and Lower Bohemia was all of us.
Every man’s life is a fairy tale written by God’s fingers.
The atmosphere was wide open in those circles that we traveled in.
That is what I did with Jack, and that’s why he liked to do the readings with me because he knew I was there for him, and for our ability to blend the poetry and the music.
That is the way a great master carpenter feels, or an architect or composer or anyone who creates anything – people want to be appreciated for what they have done.
Where words fail, music speaks.
In symphonic music, when you are conducting, you do the same thing. You are feeling the whole orchestra, thinking ahead so you can prepare for a change.
In jazz, you listen to what the bass player is doing and what the drummer is doing, what the pianist and the guitarist are doing, and then you play something that compliments that, so you are thinking simultaneously and thinking ahead.

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In a jazz atmosphere, the audience members were so quiet and respectful of the musicians that you felt you were almost part of a meeting at a church or a temple, where everyone was completely in tune with the sermon and what the whole event was about.
I wish to share and pass down some of my generation’s traits and encourage young people to create their art, music, and literature.
I was part of it, and I am still part of it today in terms of what it means to a whole new generation of people who are interested in the enduring energy, achievements, spirit, and creativity that exemplified our era.
I learned from my uncle that jazz, like symphony music, was built to last.
Franz Kline, who became known for his black and white paintings, did a whole series of gorgeous landscapes and wonderful portraits that may still hang in Greenwich Village.
Esquire, in a July 1957 issue, has a photograph of me playing the French horn at the Five Spot.
When you are accompanying someone, you are listening to them the way you listen to a Bach Chorale, where four parts are going on at the same time, all of which are gorgeous melodies, all being played simultaneously.
A few years later, my Uncle David took me to the Earle Theatre to hear Duke Ellington.
Even before he had one book published, Jack was one of those people you could feel was very special.
A Cannibal is a person who walks into a restaurant and orders a waiter.
Even the police have an unlisted number.
Adventure is just bad planning.
We must always remember with gratitude and admiration the first sailors who steered their vessels through storms and mists and increased our knowledge of the lands of ice in the South.
When I was snowed under with the work of an idol, I didn’t have time to think.
When I was younger, there was a huge gap between what I wanted to do and what I could do as an idol.
Up until now, I had ideas that I wanted to try but didn’t have the opportunity to do them.
Until now, I’ve not done a project where the produce, rapper, and singer have never worked together like this before, and I had a chance to try a variety of styles.
Until now, I was insecure and I believed what the people around me said regarding what I should sing.
I get even more nervous singing when everyone’s fallen silent, but I really try to communicate the meaning of the lyrics, and there are people there listening to that, and if they’re moved by it, then I’m moved as well.
Simply, there are many things I would like to do.
People around me called me an idol, so that’s what I was.
Now, on nights that I can’t sleep, I play video games alone until the morning.
My popularity plunged three years ago and I didn’t try to court publicity.
I guess you could say I’m cautious, or a coward.
If I get to wrapped up in how I have to be, or what I have to do, things gradually get worse and worse.
If I don’t think about anything and start with a clean slate, in terms of what I have to do, a lot of different ideas come up, and I can think about things more openly.
If I can’t get a mental image from the song, I won’t sing it.
I’m not completely at ease at rapping, I can’t do it well yet.
I think that ballads are always something where I can become one with the audience.
I think, after all, a promotion video is a piece of work in its own right.
I stopped caring what people thought.
I never had the chance to consider what or how I wanted to be.
I had no choice in the decision to make myself available. I was not always doing things I wanted to do.
In the beginning, I didn’t dance that much and stuff.
For the most part, I don’t care about what everyone else is doing, or what is popular.
I enjoyed the opportunities, but there was no time to think.
From my debut until now, I’ve always wanted to sing and dance.
Even where friendship is concerned, it takes me a long time to trust people.
Even my closest friend said I was finished, but I think I may be a little different from the others.
During my grief, I realized there was nothing I could do for my mother, but I did have a child.
Aside from my work, in my everyday private life, I’m not a very adventurous person. I don’t look for change.
After I can be happy with knowing that I did what I wanted to do.
Recording the Suite Chic album was so much fun and while working on this new album, people that I’ve worked with from Suite Chic have to lenhadheir voices.
I came back to do a live concert. Nobody had done that before and I know my managers were worried.
Written laws are like spiders’ webs, and will, like them, only entangle and hold the poor and weak, while the rich and powerful will easily break through them.
Wise men argue causes; fools decide them.
Play so that you may be serious.
Every man is his chief enemy.
The first draught serveth for health, the second for pleasure, the third for shame, and the fourth for madness.
Cursed be he above all others Who’s enslaved by love of money. Money takes the place of brothers, Money takes the place of parents, and Money brings us war and slaughter.
I both love and do not love, and am mad and not mad.
Once someone asked me three words that best describe me and I said ‘Loud, Louder, and Loudest.
To make a difference is just… I think… the purpose of what life is.
I live a very real life.
Set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul, you’ve got to run like an antelope out of control!
I am a prince I have it all, and I hear your footsteps on the wall, I wait in silence for your call, and take a shot and watch you fall.
Our responsibility as privileged human beings is to pay back for the opportunities we’ve received.
The descent to Hades is the same from every place.
Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen.
Everything has a natural explanation. The moon is not a god, but a great rock, and the sun a hot rock.
It is not I who have lost the Athenians, but the Athenians who have lost me.
Men would live exceedingly quiet if these two words, mine and thine, were taken away.
No one told me about boys. I had to figure it out myself. The first thing I learned was that sometimes they grow slower than women mentally.
If you have what you want to say inside, and if you are crying for something true inside, it doesn’t matter. The camera always sees it.
I love to fly. I always wanted to fly. It’s been one of my dreams since I was 3 years old. I remember saying to my mom, 3 years old, every day, ‘I can fly!’ Living on the ninth floor, was dangerous.
I always choose my projects for the script or what the director wants to tell with that story. And if I like the story.

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लोगों को कैसे प्रभावित करें? 5 सामान्य गलतियों से बचें। How to impress people? Avoid 5 common mistakes.

लोगों को कैसे प्रभावित करें? 5 सामान्य गलतियों से बचें।  

लोगों को कैसे प्रभावित करें?  5 सामान्य गलतियों से बचें।  बिक्री की बातचीत के दौरान सेल्सपर्सन द्वारा की जाने वाली पांच सामान्य त्रुटियां हैं जो बिक्री को पटरी से उतार सकती हैं या सबसे योग्य संभावना को भी नष्ट कर सकती हैं। यदि आप जानना चाहते हैं कि लोगों को कैसे प्रभावित किया जाए, तो यह महत्वपूर्ण है कि आप उनके बारे में जागरूक रहें, और यह कि आप उनसे हर कीमत पर बचें। 

बिक्री के दौरान लोगों को कैसे प्रभावित करें? 5 सामान्य गलतियों से बचें।  

 5 सामान्य गलतियों से बचें 

1. जानिये कैसे बात करें? बहस न करें।   

  • कोई बहस कर रहा है, उसे जाने दें।
  • जब आप किसी संभावना के साथ बहस करते हैं, तो आप परोक्ष रूप से उसे बता रहे हैं कि वह गलत है।
  • लोगों को यह बताने से नफरत है कि वे गलत हैं, खासकर जब यह स्पष्ट हो कि वे गलत हैं।
  • वे उन लोगों को नापसंद करते हैं जो अपनी त्रुटियों को इंगित करते हैं।
  • बिक्री वार्तालाप के दौरान सहमत होने वाले तरीके से बात करना सीखें। 

यदि संभावना आपके उत्पाद के लिए आपके दावों को चुनौती देती है, तो “महसूस करें, मैंने महसूस किया है, मैं अब जान पाया हूँ” विधि का उपयोग करें और कुछ ऐसा कहें, 

  • “मैं समझता हूं कि आप ऐसा कैसे महसूस कर सकते हैं। दूसरों को भी ऐसा ही लगा जब हमने पहली बार उन्हें अपने उत्पाद का यह पहलू दिखाया। लेकिन जब उन्होंने इसका इस्तेमाल करना शुरू किया तो उन्होंने यही पाया।” 
  • तर्क को खत्म करना आपके लिए शुरू करने के लिए सबसे सरल बिक्री तकनीकों में से एक है।
  • आपका काम एक ग्राहक जीतना है, तर्क जीतना नहीं ।
  • जब तक ग्राहक आपकी कंपनी की अखंडता या आपके उत्पादों की गुणवत्ता पर सवाल नहीं उठाता, इसे पास होने दें।
  • इस बात पर ध्यान दें कि उत्पाद उसके लिए क्या कर सकता है, और बाकी की उपेक्षा करें। 

लोगों को कैसे प्रभावित करें? 5 सामान्य गलतियों से बचें।  

2. खुद पर विश्वास करें।  

  • दूसरी गलती जो विक्रेता करते हैं, वह है खुद पर विश्वास नहीं करना।
  • सबसे अच्छे सेल्सपर्सन के पास शांत, आत्मविश्वासी, सकारात्मक आत्म-उम्मीद का रवैया होता है।
  • वे अपने बारे में अच्छा महसूस करते हैं और उन्हें एक शांत विश्वास है कि वे जो कुछ भी कर रहे हैं वह उनकी अपरिहार्य सफलता में योगदान दे रहा है।

अपने जीवन और अपने करियर को लेकर तनाव मुक्त रहें।

  • वे जानते हैं कि बिक्री को कैसे बंद करना है।
  • अक्सर, उनके ग्राहक बिक्री प्रस्तुति देने या अपने उत्पाद या सेवा का वर्णन करने से पहले ही उनसे खरीदने का निर्णय लेते हैं।
  • लोगों को प्रभावित करने का तरीका जानने के लिए आपको उन लोगों के समान दृष्टिकोण और विशेषताओं को विकसित करने की आवश्यकता है, जो हर जगह बेचने के चैंपियन हैं।
  • अक्सर आपके पास सबसे शक्तिशाली बिक्री तकनीकों में से एक है अपने आप में एक मजबूत विश्वास। 

लोगों को कैसे प्रभावित करें? 5 सामान्य गलतियों से बचें।  

3. देखने का बिंदु

  •  एक तीसरी सामान्य त्रुटि जो अधिकांश विक्रेता करते हैं, वह है अपनी संभावनाओं से जुड़ने में असमर्थता।
  • मनुष्य 100% भावुक होता है, इसमें आप जो कुछ भी कहते हैं या करते हैं, आपके सभी निर्णय और आपके अनिर्णय आपकी भावनाओं से निर्धारित होते हैं।
  • इसलिए, यह जानने के लिए कि लोगों को कैसे प्रभावित किया जाए, आपको उनके दृष्टिकोण को समझने में सक्षम होना चाहिए और उन कारणों से जुड़ना चाहिए जिनके कारण वे किसी न किसी तरह से दृढ़ता से महसूस करते हैं। 
  • एक छोटी सी कहावत है कि हम अपने बिक्री सेमिनार में पढ़ाते हैं, जो इस प्रकार है, “यदि आप जो जोन्स को जो जोन्स की आंखों से देख सकते हैं, तो आप जो जोन्स को बता सकते हैं कि जो जोन्स क्या खरीदता है।”
  • इसका सीधा सा मतलब है कि यदि आप उच्च स्तर की सहानुभूति विकसित कर सकते हैं, कि आप खुद से बाहर निकल सकते हैं और दूसरे व्यक्ति के दिमाग और दिल में खुद को डाल सकते हैं, तो आप उनके कार्यों और उनके व्यवहार पर अत्यधिक प्रभाव डाल सकते हैं। 

सबसे अच्छे सेल्सपर्सन दूसरों के प्रति बेहद संवेदनशील और सहानुभूति रखने वाले होते हैं। 

  • वे दूसरे जो कह रहे हैं उसे बहुत करीब से सुनते हैं और जो संदेश दिए जा रहे हैं, उन्हें लाइनों के बीच में सुनते हैं।
  • वे जानते हैं कि ऐसी बातें हैं जो कही जाती हैं और कुछ ऐसी भी होती हैं जो कही नहीं जाती हैं।
  • शायद सबसे शक्तिशाली तकनीक जिसे आप लोगों को प्रभावित करना सीखने के लिए विकसित कर सकते हैं, वह है ध्यान से प्रश्न पूछने और उत्तरों को ध्यान से सुनने की क्षमता। 

याद रखें, सुनना विश्वास और विश्वसनीयता का निर्माण कर सकता है। 

  • जितना अधिक आप सुनते हैं कि दूसरा व्यक्ति वास्तव में क्या कह रहा है, उतना ही दूसरा व्यक्ति आप पर भरोसा करेगा और आपके प्रभाव के लिए खुला रहेगा।
  • एक बुनियादी नियम यह है कि अगर आपको पूछने का कोई तरीका मिल जाए तो आपको कभी भी कुछ नहीं कहना चाहिए। 

लोगों को कैसे प्रभावित करें? 5 सामान्य गलतियों से बचें।  

4. सच बोलो । 

  • चौथी गलती से बचने के लिए ओवर सेलिंग है।
  • ऐसा तब होता है जब आप कहते हैं कि आपका उत्पाद कुछ ऐसा कर सकता है जो वह नहीं कर सकता।
  • यह पैकिंग और गलत बयानी के बीच की सीमा पर है।
  • चूंकि विश्वास का तत्व महत्वपूर्ण उत्प्रेरक है जो बिक्री को अंत में एक साथ लाता है, इसलिए आपको सच बताना चाहिए और ऐसा कुछ भी नहीं करना चाहिए जो उस विश्वास को चकनाचूर कर दे।
  • वास्तव में, आज बेचने में ख़ामोशी शायद अतिरंजना से अधिक प्रभावशाली है।
  • अपने उत्पाद की क्षमताओं के बारे में कुछ असाधारण कहने के बजाय, आप अपने किसी ग्राहक के अनुभव के बारे में बता सकते हैं। 

किसी और के मुंह में शब्द डाल दो। 

  • किसी ग्राहक के लिए सकारात्मक टिप्पणी को स्वीकार करना और उस पर विश्वास करना बहुत आसान है यदि यह आपके अलावा किसी और ने कहा है। 

लोगों को कैसे प्रभावित करें? 5 सामान्य गलतियों से बचें।  

5. डरो मत।  

  • पांचवीं गलती से बचने के लिए अस्वीकृति का डर है।
  • जो लोग अस्वीकृति से डरते हैं वे ग्राहक को नाराज न करने के लिए इतने अधिक चिंतित हो जाते हैं कि वे ऑर्डर मांगने से बचते हैं।
  • जो लोग केवल बिक्री करने की परवाह करते हैं वे अक्सर ग्राहक को नाराज करते हैं और अंत में उसे खो देते हैं।
  • सफल सेल्सपर्सन एक ही समय में दोनों गेंदों पर नजर रखते हैं। 

शीर्ष विक्रेता में दो गुण होते हैं, सहानुभूति और महत्वाकांक्षा। 

  • सहानुभूति की गुणवत्ता उन्हें अपने ग्राहकों के सर्वोत्तम हितों के प्रति संवेदनशील बनाती है।
  • महत्वाकांक्षा की गुणवत्ता उन्हें बिक्री की अपेक्षा करने पर ध्यान केंद्रित करने का कारण बनती है।
  • और वे इन दोनों गुणों को संतुलन में रखने का प्रबंधन करते हैं। वे दोनों ग्राहक के बारे में चिंतित हैं और बिक्री के बारे में चिंतित हैं। 

एक बिक्री कैसे बंद करें, ऑर्डर कैसे लें, यदि आप इन पांच सामान्य गलतियों को समाप्त कर सकते हैं जो बिक्री प्रक्रिया के दौरान लोग करते हैं, तो आप अपने बिक्री परिणामों में मौलिक रूप से सुधार कर सकते हैं।





POSITIVE ATTITUDE. An attitude is a positive, negative, or mixed evaluation of an object that is expressed at some level of intensity. It usually implies feelings that are either positive or negative. Attitudes are our established ways of responding to people and situations that we have learned based on the beliefs, values, and assumptions we hold and our life experiences. Our attitude towards a person or event is displaced through our behavior as a result of interaction
with that person.

A person’s attitude represents how he or she feels about something or their state of mind.

  • Example:
  • If one can have a good (or positive) attitude toward their work, it means they feel good about their work, their job, their organization, etc.
  • If one can have a bad (or negative) attitude, it means they dislike their environment no matter what is going around them.


  • The concept of attitude occupies a very favored position in social psychology and is considered very important for every individual who wants success in their life.
  • Attitudes are evaluative statements, either favorable or unfavorable, concerning objects, people or events.
  • They reflect how one feels about something.
  • Example:
  • When you say “I like Mathematics”, you are expressing your attitude towards the subject of mathematics.


1. Cognitive Attitude:

  • Our belief in something is the cognitive attitude.
  • Example: “Gender discrimination is widespread” – This is an opinion which evaluates the topic of discrimation based on gender.

2. Affective Attitude:

  • It is the emotional or feeling segment of attitude.
  • Example: “I don’t like Jon because he discriminates against minorities.”

3. Behavioural attitude:

  • It refers to an intention to behave in a certain way toward someone or something.
  • Example:
  • Employees working in an organisation commonly can follow certain behaviour for the purpose of betterment of the organisation


  • Attitude plays a very important role for achieving the success.
  • It is more important than education, money, knowledge, intelligence, talents or skills.
  • It applies to every sphere of life, including one’s personal and professional life.
  • Can an executive be a good executive without a good attitude?
  • Can a student be a good student without a good attitude?
  • Can a parent, teacher, salesman, employer, employee be good in their roles without a good attitude?
  • The foundation of success regardless of your chosen field is attitude.
  • If attitude is such a critical factor in success, shouldn’t you examine your attitude toward life and ask how your attitude will affect your goals?


  • Journalists, friends, armed forces, Specialists, and even their father laughed at an idea of an airplane proposed by Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright (Wright brothers).
  • Many people told, “What a silly and insane way to spend money?” “Only birds can fly. Machines cannot fly!”
  • The Wright brothers responded we have a dream and we can make it happen”.
  • As a result, airplanes were invented.
  • This shows the importance of attitude towards success.


  • There are primarily three factors that determine our attitude.
  • They are:
  • 1. Environment
  • 2. Experience
  • 3. Education
  • These are called the triple Es of attitude.
  • Let’s evaluate each of the factors individually.

1. Environment

  • Environment consists of the following:
  • Home: Parents, Siblings, relatives, Neighbours and friends.
  • School: Teachers, school staff, seniors, juniors.
  • Work place: Colleagues, superiors and subordinates.
  • Media: Television, newspapers, magazines, radio, movies
  • Cultural background
  • Religious background
  • Traditions and beliefs
  • Social environment
  • Political environment

All of these environments create a culture.

  • Every place, a home, organization or a country has a culture.
  • In countries where the government and political environment is honest, generally you will find that the people are honest, law abiding and helpful.
  • And the reverse is true too.
  • In a corrupt environment, an honest person has a tough time whereas in an honest environment, the corrupt one has a tough time.
  • In a positive environment, a marginal performer’s output goes up.
  • In a negative environment, a good performer’s output goes down.

2. Experiences:

  • Our behaviour changes according to our experiences with people and events in our life. If we have a positive experience with a person, our attitude toward him becomes positive and vice versa.

3. Education:

  • It refers to both formal and informal education, not just academic qualifications.
  • Knowledge strategically applied translates into wisdom, ensuring success.
  • Education makes the role of the educator vital.
  • A teacher affects eternity.
  • The ripple effect is immeasurable.
  • We are drowning in information but starving for knowledge and wisdom.
  • Education ought to teach us not only how to make a living but also how to live.


  • A positive attitude helps you to cope more easily with the daily affairs of life.
  • It brings optimism into your life and makes it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking.
  • It will bring constructive changes into your life and make you happier, brighter and more successful.
  • People with positive attitudes have certain personality traits that are easy to recognize.
  • They are caring, confident, patient, and humble.
  • They have high expectations of themselves and others.
  • They anticipate positive outcomes.
  • A person with a positive attitude is like a fruit of all seasons.
  • He is always welcome.

The Benefits of a Positive Attitude:

  • These are many and easy to see.
  • But what is easy to see is also easy to miss.
  • To mention a few, a positive attitude
  • increases productivity
  •  fosters teamwork
  • solves problems
  • improves quality
  • makes for congenial atmosphere
  • breeds loyalty
  •  increases profits
  • fosters better relationships with employers, employees, and customers
  •  reduces stress
  • helps a person become a contributing member of society and an asset to their country
  • makes for a pleasing personality

Steps to build a Positive Attitude:

  • Step 1: Changing the Focus and Looking for the Positive:
  • We need to become good finders.
  • We need to focus on the positive in life.
  • Let’s start looking for what is right in a person or situation instead of looking for what is wrong.
  • Even in paradise, fault finders will find faults.
  • Most people find what they are looking for.
  • If they are looking for friendship, happiness, and the positive, that is what they get.
  • If they are looking for fights or indifference, then that is what they get.
  • Looking for the positive does not mean overlooking faults.

Step 2: Making a Habit of Doing It Now:

  • We have all procrastinated at some time in our lives.
  • Procrastination leads to a negative attitude.
  • The habit of procrastination fatigues you more than the effort it takes to do it.
  • A completed task is fulfilling and energizing; an incomplete task drains energy like a leak from a tank.
  • If you want to build and maintain a positive attitude, get into the habit of living in the present and doing it now.

Step 3: Developing an Attitude of Gratitude:

  • Count your blessings, not your troubles.
  • Take time to smell the roses.
  • It is not uncommon to hear that someone, because of an accident or illness, became blind or paralyzed but won a million dollars in settlement.
  • How many of us would like to trade places with that person?
  • Not many.
  • We are so focused on complaining about things we don’t have that we lose sight of the things we have.
  • There is a lot to be thankful for.

Step 4: Getting into a Continuous Education Program:

  • Let’s get some myths out of the way.
  • It is a general belief that we get educated in schools and colleges.
  • “Do we really get educated in schools and colleges?”
  • Generally, there is a consensus that some do but most don’t.
  • We receive a lot of information in schools and colleges and that alone is not needed in achieving our goals.
  • We do need the information to be educated.
  • But we need to know the true meaning of education.

Step 5: Building a Positive Self-Esteem:

  • Self-esteem is the way we feel about ourselves.
  • When we feel good within, our performance goes up, our relationships improve both at home and at work.
  • The world looks nicer.
  • What is the reason?
  • There is a direct correlation between feeling and behaviour.

Step 6: Staying away from Negative Influences:

  • Today’s teenagers learn from adult behaviour and the media.
  • They face peer pressure.
  • Peer pressure is not just limited to teenagers; it is also prevalent in adults.
  • It shows a lack of self-esteem when people do not have the courage to say “No, thank you,” and stay away from negative influences:
  • What are the negative influences?


  • People with negative attitudes will blame the whole world, their parents, teachers, spouse, the economy, and the government for their failures.
  • Some people criticize no matter what.
  • It does not matter which side you are on, they are always on the other side.
  • They have made a career out of criticizing.
  • They are “career critics.”
  • They criticize as if they will win a prize at a contest.
  • They will find fault with every person and every situation.
  • You will find people like this in every home, family, office.
  • They go around finding fault and telling everybody how bad things are and blaming the whole world for their problems.
  • All that they are doing is causing more tension for themselves and for others around them.
  • They spread negative messages like a plague and create an environment conducive to negative results.
  • Some people always look at the negative side.

Who are pessimists?

  • Pessimists-
  • are unhappy when they have no troubles speaking,
  • feel bad when they feel good, for fear they will feel worse when they feel better,
  • spend most of their life at complaint counters,
  • always turn out the lights to see how dark it is,
  • are always looking for cracks in the mirror of life,
  • stop sleeping in bed when they hear that more people die in bed than anywhere else,
  • cannot enjoy their health because they think they may be sick tomorrow,
  • not only expect the worst but make the worst of whatever happens,
  • don’t see the doughnut, only the hole,
  • believe that the sun shines only to cast shadows,
  • forget their blessings and count their troubles,
  • know that hard work never hurts anyone but believe “why to take a chance?”


Negative attitude personality

  1. They are always part of the problem,
  2. They always have an excuse,
  3. Sees a problem with every answer.
  4.  Says “It may be possible but it is too difficult”.
  5. Says “It was not my fault.
  6. Always apart from the team
  7. Sees only problems.
  8.  Says “Life is hard”.
  9. Thinks “People are worst”.
  10. Always hates the workplace.
  11. They are mostly losers.
  12. Always looks on the negative side.
  13. They are always angry, frustrated, and stressed.
  14. Always says “Impossible”.
  15. Says “I can’t do”.

Positive attitude personality

  1. They are always part of the answer.
  2. They always have a program.
  3. Sees an answer for every problem.
  4. Says “It may be difficult but it is possible”.
  5. Says “I was wrong”.
  6. Always a part of the team.
  7. Sees all possibilities.
  8. Says “Life is filled with experiences”.
  9. Thinks “Good people are there”.
  10. Always work with lovely people.
  11. They are mostly winners.
  12. Always looks on the positive side.
  13. They are always happier, polite, and lovable.
  14. Always says “Possible”.
  15. Says “I can do”.

असफलता या विफलता क्या है? असफलता के क्या कारण हो सकते हैं?





 GRATITUDE: 30 POWERFUL GRATITUDE AFFIRMATIONS. Practicing daily gratitude affirmations is one of the most powerful personal development exercises you can do. Gratitude brings joy, satisfaction, and peace into your life. It also helps you to realize your goals and dreams. Positive affirmations reprogram your mind for success. When you combine positive affirmations with gratitude, you get dream life manifestation superpowers.



 Gratitude is the most powerful human emotion and can transform your mood, health, and life.

  • A daily gratitude affirmations practice can revolutionize your wellbeing on so many levels physical, mental/emotional, and energetic.
  • It does this by affecting your energetic vibration, your mood, hormone levels, and health.


Gratitude Journaling 

  • Creating a gratitude practice can be as simple or elaborate as you like.
  • You may be short on time and choose to express your gratitude by writing down three new things in your journal each day that you are grateful for and saying three affirmations for gratitude.
  • If you have more time, you can write down ten or more things, and you can say a variety of daily gratitude affirmations.
  • You can even create a visual representation of gratitude by starting a gratitude scrapbook or making a gratitude vision board.
  • It’s a good idea to get yourself a fresh notebook for your gratitude practice.


  • Choose one that is beautiful and feels exciting to use.
  • You can even buy journals that have been designed especially for recording your gratitude practice.
  • Each day writes down at least three things you are grateful for
  • Ensure that you choose different things every day, it isn’t as powerful if you choose the same things all the time.
  • They can be big things, like your home, child, job, car, or partner, or small things, like a kind word from a stranger or your morning cup of coffee.
  • It doesn’t matter what they are; the important thing is the feeling of gratitude you feel for each one.
  • Some days, especially if you’ve been feeling down for any reason, it might feel challenging to find even three new things to feel grateful for.

When you have a day like this, and you need some prompts or ideas to help you, refer to this list for inspiration.

  1.   Who are your favorite people in your life right now?
  2.   Who was your biggest idol growing up?
  3.   What was the name of your favorite teacher?
  4.   What pets have you had?
  5.   What is your favorite food?
  6.   What was your best ever vacation?
  7.   What is your fondest childhood memory?
  8.   What is your go-to relaxation tool?
  9.   What is your most influential life experience?
  10.   What is one talent you have that others appreciate?
  11.   What is your favorite part of your body, and why?


  1.   Who is your favorite author?
  2.   What book has had the most significant impact on your life?
  3.   Have you ever received a random act of kindness?
  4.   What are some of your proudest achievements?
  5.   What characteristics do you like most about yourself?
  6.   How would your friends describe you?

Hopefully, these questions will get you thinking about other things in your life, past and present, for which you can express gratitude. Your life is amazing, you are magnificent, and you have so much to appreciate.

 30 Powerful Gratitude Affirmations 

  • 1: I am thankful for my safe and secure home.
  • 2: I gratefully receive the lessons that each experience brings.
  • 3: I am grateful for the constant flow of money throughout my life.
  • 4: I realize how fortunate I am that so many people love me.
  • 5: I have access to nourishing food and clean water, and I am so thankful.
  • 6: I appreciate all of the people involved in bringing food to my table.
  • 7: Every person I meet can teach me something.

I am grateful for their wisdom.

  • 8: I realize the gift of this precious human life.
  • 9: I love and appreciate my beautiful family.
  • 10: My friends enrich my life beyond measure; I am so thankful for each and every one.
  • 11: My pets are a source of comfort and unconditional love. I am so lucky to have them.
  • 12: I revere nature in all her glory, and I love connecting with her every day.
  • 13: I appreciate all the things my wonderful body allows me to do.

I’m so grateful

  • 14: My kids help me develop patience, kindness, and playfulness. I’m so grateful for them.
  • 15: I am thankful for my mistakes because they have made me stronger.
  • 16: I give thanks for each exquisite moment.
  • 17: I see and appreciate the light in everyone, including myself.
  • 18: I am grateful to the universe for manifesting all the wonderful things in my life so far.
  • 19: I recognize every blessing, no matter how small.
  • 20: I am thankful for the ability to learn, develop, and grow.

I feel so blessed.

  • 21: I see abundance all around me, and I feel so blessed.
  • 22: Thankfully, I have the power to make my dreams come true.
  • 23: I am so grateful for all the love in my life given and received.
  • 24: I recognize the opportunities the universe presents, and I give thanks for each one.
  • 25: With a sense of gratitude, I see the world in a new light. Each day is an opportunity and a gift.
  • 26: I am thankful to my parents for loving me and teaching me.

I know they did their very best.

  • 27: I appreciate my strength and resilience. I know I can survive and thrive.
  • 28: To every teacher who has helped my learning and shaped me into the person I am today, I will be eternally grateful.
  • 29: I am thankful for my unique creativity and my capacity to enrich other people’s lives.
  • 30: I am grateful for my sense of gratitude I know it is the way to joy, peace, and the life of my dreams.


परमेश्वर को धन्यवाद ही का बलिदान चढ़ा | 70 PLUS BIBLE VERSES ABOUT GRATITUDE



अपने को सकारात्मक प्रभाव से घिरे रखना

अपने को सकारात्मक प्रभाव से घिरे रखना (Be Positive)

कैसे बनें सकारात्मक? (Be Positive)-अपने को सकारात्मक प्रभाव से घिरे रखना। जब भी हम “पॉजिटिव” या “सकारात्मक” शब्द के बारे में सोचते हैं तो हममें से अधिकांश के मन में शायद “हैपी” या “प्रसन्न” शब्द का ध्यान आता है। तथापि, प्रसन्नता ही एकमात्र सकारात्मकता नहीं है।

जीवन में सकारात्मक होने के बहुत से तरीके हैं, और यह तब भी हो सकता है जब आप दुख, क्रोध या कठिनाइयों का सामना कर रहे हों।

  • शोध बताते हैं कि हमारे अंदर सकारात्मक भावनाओं और सोचने के तरीके को “चुनने” की प्रबल योग्यता होती है।  
  • वास्तव में, हमारी भावनाएं हमारे शरीर में कोशिकीय स्तर (cellular level) पर परिवर्तन लाती हैं।
  • जीवन में हमारे बहुत से अनुभव इस बात का परिणाम होते हैं, कि हमारे इर्द-गिर्द जो कुछ भी है हम उसका विश्लेषण किस तरह से करते हैं, और उस पर हमारी प्रतिक्रिया क्या होती है।
  • सौभाग्यवश, नकारात्मक भावनाओं का दमन करने या उससे छुटकारा पाने का प्रयास करने के बजाय हम उनका एक अलग ढंग से भी विश्लेषण कर सकते हैं, और उनके प्रति अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी अलग ढंग देने का चयन कर सकते हैं।
  • आप पाएंगे कि थोड़े से अभ्यास, धैर्य और दृढ़ता से आप और अधिक सकारात्मक बन सकते हैं।

स्वयं से शुरुआत करें

Optimal Health - Seven Secrets Of Success - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.
अपने को सकारात्मक प्रभाव से घिरे रखना

आप जैसे भी हैं उसे स्वीकार करें।

लक्ष्य निर्धारित करें।

प्रेम और सहृदयता-परक मेडिटेशन का अभ्यास करें।

एक डायरी रखें।

ऐक्टिव आभार का अभ्यास करें।

आत्म-स्वीकृति अपनाएं।

विकास-योग्य आशावाद।

अपने नकारात्मक अनुभवों को री-फ्रेम करना सीखें।

अपने तन का प्रयोग करें।

कुछ व्यायाम करें।

अपने अंदर जीवंतता पैदा करें

छोटी-मोटी चीजों के लिए व्यर्थ परेशान न हों।

अपने को सकारात्मक प्रभावों से घिरे रखना।

Optimal Health - law of attraction in hindi bhannaat edited - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.
अपने को सकारात्मक प्रभाव से घिरे रखना

1 आकर्षण के नियम का प्रयोग करें: 

  • हमारे कार्य और विचार चुंबक की तरह होते हैं।
  • जब तक हम किसी भी समस्या को हल करने से बचने का प्रयास करते हैं,
  • तब तक वह समस्या बनी ही रहती है, या कभी-कभी और भी बिगड़ जाती है।
  • हमारी अपनी नकारात्मकता पूरे दिन को प्रभावित करती है।
  • परंतु हम जितना अधिक सकारात्मक रूप से सोचेंगे उतना ही अधिक हम अग्र-सक्रियता (proactively) से कार्य कर पाएंगे,
  • अपना लक्ष्य प्राप्त कर पाएंगे और सकारात्मक विकल्पों पर विजय प्राप्त करते हुए उन्हें अपना पाएंगे और यही सब चीजें करने से हम पुरस्कृत होंगे।
  • वास्तव में, सकारात्मक विचार आपके प्रतिरक्षा प्रणाली को भी बूस्ट कर सकते हैं।

अपने को सकारात्मक प्रभावों से घिरे रखना

Optimal Health - H2 What is the Law of Attraction 1 edited - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.
अपने को सकारात्मक प्रभाव से घिरे रखना

2 वही कार्य करें जिसे आप करना पसंद करते हैं: 

  • सुनने में यह बहुत आसान लगता है परंतु कई बार उनका पालन कर पाना मुश्किल होता है।
  • आपकी दिनचर्या बेहद व्यस्त हो सकती है फिर भी उसमें कुछ ऐसे कार्यों को शामिल करें जो आपको लगातार प्रसन्नता प्रदान करते रहें।
  • उनमें निम्नलिखित शामिल हो सकते हैं:

संगीत सुनना।

  • संगीत की जो भी शैली आपको पसंद हो उसे सुनें।


  • पढ़ना आपके लिए अच्छा होता है।
  • यह आपको सहानभूति की भी शिक्षा दे सकती है।
  • साथ ही, यदि आप कथेतर साहित्य पढ़ रहे हैं, तो आप विश्व की नई जानकारी और दृष्टिकोण के बारे में भी ज्ञान प्राप्त कर सकते हैं।

रचनात्मक अभिव्यक्ति

  • जैसे कि पेंटिंग, लेखन, ओरिगामी आदि।
  • खेल-कूद, शौक आदि।

प्रेरणादायक विस्मय:

  • शोध ऐसा दर्शाते हैं कि आप द्वारा प्रकृति की गोद में घूमते समय हुई कोई विस्मयकारी अनुभूति,
  • किसी अद्भुत पेंटिंग को देखना, या अपने पसंदीदा सिम्फ़नी का श्रवण आदि आपके स्वास्थ्य, शारीरिक और भौतिक दोनों, के लिए अत्यंत अच्छे होते हैं।
  • इसलिए जब भी आप कर सकें इन छोटे-छोटे विस्मयकारी चीजों को अपने जीवन में शामिल करने का प्रयास करें।

अपने को सकारात्मक प्रभावों से घिरे रखना

स्वयं को मित्रों से घिरा हुआ रखें:

  • उन लोगों की सराहना करें जिन्होंने आपके जीवन के हर सुख-दुख के समय में आपका साथ दिया।
  • उनके सहयोग की सूची बनाएँ ताकि उससे आपको और ज्यादा सकारात्मक बनने में सहायता मिले,
  • और इस प्रक्रिया में हो सकता है कि आप उनकी भी कुछ सहायता कर सकें।
  • जो मित्र होते हैं वो एक दूसरे की सहायता सुख और दुख दोनों ही समय में करते हैं।

शोधों ने दर्शाया है कि ऐसे लोगों के अपने जीवन में ज्यादा प्रसन्न और सकरात्मक होने की संभावना होती है,

  • जो अपने ही समान मूल्यों से युक्त और दृष्टिकोण रखने वाले मित्रों के बीच रहते हैं,
  • अपेक्षाकृत उन लोगों के जो ऐसा नहीं करते हैं।
  • जिन लोगों से आप प्रेम करते हैं जब उनसे आप बात-चीत करते हैं,
  • तो आपका ब्रेन न्यूरोट्रांसमिटर्स रिलीज करता है जो आपको प्रसन्नता प्रदान करते हैं (डोपामीन) और आराम पहुंचाते हैं (सेरोटोनिन)।
  • अपने मित्रों और परिजनों के साथ समय व्यतीत करने से आप रासायनिक स्तर पर ज्यादा प्रसन्नता और सकारात्मकता का अनुभव करते हैं।
  • आप अपने मित्रों और परिजनों को अपना कृतज्ञता-सहभागी (gratitude partners) बनने के लिए प्रोत्साहित कर सकते हैं।
  • यदि आप एक नेटवर्क बनाकर उन चीजों को आपस में साझा करेंगे जो आपकी कृतज्ञता के सूचक हैं,
  • तो सोचें कि आप एक दूसरे में कितनी अधिक सकारात्मकता विकसित कर सकते हैं।

अपने को सकारात्मक प्रभावों से घिरे रखना

4 दूसरों के प्रति कृतज्ञता व्यक्त करें: 

  • किसी अन्य के प्रति दयालुता दर्शाने को अनुकंपा कहते हैं,
  • विशेषकर यदि वह व्यक्ति आपकी तुलना में कम सुविधा-सम्पन्न हो।
  • यह वास्तव में आपकी सकारात्मकता को बूस्ट कर सकता है।
  • उदाहरण के लिए, शोध यह दर्शाते हैं कि जब कोई व्यक्ति परोपकार के रूप में दान देता है,
  • तो वास्तव में वह उतनी ही प्रसन्नता का अनुभव करता है जितना वह स्वयं धन पाने पर होता।
  • यह औरों के लिए ही अच्छा नहीं है बल्कि आपके अपने स्वास्थ्य के लिए भी बहुत अच्छा होगा।

हर अच्छाई दूसरे अच्छाई को जन्म देती है।

  • यदि हम किसी अन्य के लिए कुछ अच्छा करते हैं, विशेषकर यदि यह अनपेक्षित हो,
  • तो इस बात की ज्यादा संभावना होती है कि वह व्यक्ति आपके उपकार का बदला दे,
  • हो सकता है कि सीधा हमे न देकर किसी और को दे।
  • अंततः, चाहे सीधे या किसी अन्य रास्ते से, उस अच्छाई का प्रतिफल हमारे पास तक वापस पहुँच ही जाएगा।
  • कुछ लोग इसे कर्म (karma) कहते हैं। इसे चाहे जो भी नाम दिया जाये,
  • वैज्ञानिक शोध यह दर्शाते हैं कि उपकार के संदर्भ में “आगे बढ़ा दो” (pay it forward) का सिद्धान्त एक वास्तविकता है।
  • शिक्षण और स्वयं-सेवा करने का प्रयास करें या किसी भी सेवा-संस्थान से पूछें कि आप उनके उद्देश्य-पूर्ति में किस तरह काम आ सकते हैं।

किसी जरूरतमन्द को छोटा-मोटा ऋण दें।

  • विकासशील देश में किसी व्यक्ति को दिया गया छोटा-मोटा ऋण भी उसे अपने व्यापार को बढ़ाने में सहायता प्रदान कर सकता है,
  • या उसे आर्थिक रूप से आत्म-निर्भर बनने में सहायता प्रदान कर सकता है।
  • यहाँ पर यह ध्यान देने योग्य बात है कि छोटे-मोटे ऋणों के मामलों में पुनर्भुगतान 95% से भी अधिक पाया गया है।
  • अपने आस-पास के व्यक्तियों को और यहाँ तक कि अजनबियों को भी छोटे-मोटे उपहार देने का प्रयास करें।

कतार में खड़े किसी व्यक्ति को काफी पिलाएँ।

  • अपने किसी मित्र को कुछ ऐसा भेजें जो आपने उसके साथ मन ही मन में बनाया हो।
  • उपहार देने से आपके ब्रेन में डोपामीन का उत्पादन शुरू हो जाता है,
  • बल्कि सच तो यहाँ तक है कि आप, उपहार पाने वाले व्यक्ति की तुलना में, कहीं ज्यादा बड़े “प्रसन्नता के झोंके” का एहसास कर पाते हैं।

अपने को सकारात्मक प्रभावों से घिरे रखना

किसी आशावादी कहावत या उद्धरण को ढूंढ कर अपने पर्स या जेब में रखें:

  •  जब आप किसी अनिश्चितता के शिकार हों या ऐसा महसूस कर रहे हों कि “कोई मुझे भी सहारा देता” तब आप उस उद्धरण या कहावत को त्वरित संदर्भ के लिए देखें।
  • आपके शुरुआत के लिए यहाँ कुछ उद्धरण दिये गए हैं:

यह कैसा आश्चर्य है कि दुनिया को सुधारने से पहले किसी को एक पल भी इंतज़ार करने की आवश्यकता नहीं होती है ― एनी फ्रैंक (Anne Frank)

आशावादी यह घोषणा करता है, कि हम सर्वोत्तम दुनिया में रहते हैं जबकि निराशावादी डरता है कि शायद यह सच है ― जेम्स ब्रांच केबेल (James Branch Cabell)

आज तक का महानतम आविष्कार यह सोच है, कि एक व्यक्ति मात्र अपने रवैये में परिवर्तन लाकर अपने भविष्य को परिवर्तित कर सकता है ― ओपरा विनफ्रे (Oprah Winfrey)

यदि आपके अंदर से कोई आवाज़ ये कहती सुनाई दे “आप पेंट नहीं कर सकते हैं: तो कुछ भी करके पेंट अवश्य करें, आप पाएंगे की वह आवाज़ अपने आप शांत हो जाएगी ― विन्सेंट वान गोघ (Vincent Van Gogh)

अपने को सकारात्मक प्रभावों से घिरे रखना

6 किसी चिकत्सक से मिलें: 

  • एक आम गलत-धारणा के अनुसार लोगों को किसी चिकित्सक या परामर्शदाता से तभी मिलने की “आवश्यकता” होती है जब कुछ “गड़बड़” हो।
  • लेकिन विचार करें: किसी डेन्टिस्ट के पास आप केवल तभी नहीं जाते हैं,
  • जब आपके दांतों में कैविटीज हों बल्कि केवल दांतों की सफाई के लिए भी जाते हैं।
  • आप बीमार न भी हों तब भी आप डाक्टर के पास वार्षिक चेक-अप के लिए जाते हैं।

किसी चिकित्सक से मिलना आपके लिए एक सहायक “निवारक” तकनीक हो सकती है।

  • यदि आप यह सीखना चाहते हैं, कि आप कैसे ज्यादा सकारात्मक रूप से सोचें,
  • और व्यवहार करें तो एक चिकित्सक या परामर्शदाता आपके सोच में विघ्नकारी पैटर्न को पहचानने में,
  • और नए सकारात्मक रणनीतियों को विकसित करने में आपकी सहायता कर सकता है।
  • आप किसी ऐसे चिकित्सक के बारे में अपने डाक्टर से पूछ सकते हैं या आन-लाइन डायरेक्ट्री के माध्यम से जान सकते हैं।
  • यदि आपने हेल्थ-इंश्योरेंस करा रखा है तो आपका सर्विस प्रोवाईडर आपके नेटवर्क में उपलब्ध किसी काउंसेलर के बारे में बता सकता है।
  • अक्सर कम खर्च वाले विकल्प भी उपलब्ध होते हैं।
  • मेंटल हेल्थ क्लिनिक्स, कम्यूनिटी हेल्थ सेंटर्स और यहाँ तक कि कालेज,
  • और यूनिवर्सिटीज़ द्वारा चलाये जा रहे पब्लिक-सर्विस काउंसेलिंग सेंटर्स के बारे में आप आन-लाइन जानकारी प्राप्त कर सकते हैं।

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The Power of positive Thinking Hindi Book Summary | How to Overcome Negativity & Think Positive.


ए = सकारात्मक दृष्टिकोण-कल्याण के माध्यम से स्वास्थ्य कमाना

ए = सकारात्मक दृष्टिकोण-कल्याण के माध्यम से स्वास्थ्य कमाना

How to Develop a Can‐Do Attitude?

How to Develop a Can‐Do Attitude?

How to Develop a Can‐Do Attitude? A can-do attitude can help you in work, school, and social situations. If you look at situations in a positive light, you can open yourself up to new opportunities and challenges. Develop a sense of motivation by looking at every situation with a sense of enthusiasm. Keep your thoughts positive by using positive language and challenging negativity. Work on tweaking your lifestyle habits. Daily practices like meditation can help keep you grounded, granting you the energy to have a can-do attitude.

Becoming Self-Motivated

See fear as a positive. 

  • How you look at fear can severely affect your sense of motivation.
  • Rather than seeing fear as something to slow you down or hold you back, see fear as a challenge.
  • If you want to have a can-do attitude, work on consciously altering your attitude regarding fear.

Fear is based in the unknown. 

  • In any given situation, there’s always a chance you could fail or lose.
  • Being unable to know the outcome can make you balk at a new opportunity rather than take it.
  • However, see the unknown as something to be embraced rather than feared.
  • There is a chance something could go wrong, but there’s always a chance it could be a positive experience.
  • The more chances you take, the more you increase your likelihood of success.
  • The next time you feel fearful in the face of a new challenge, remind yourself you could succeed.
  • Remember the unknown is not always bad and, worst case scenario, there will be other chances in the future.

Reward yourself for completing tasks.

  •  Self-motivation is key to a can-do attitude.
  • One great way to motivate yourself is to reward yourself for pushing yourself.
  • Success can take a long time to achieve, and you often have little control over external rewards.
  • Therefore, learning to reward yourself can help.
  • This will teach you to work for your own personal sense of accomplishment and pride, allowing you to take new opportunities as they come.
  • This will foster a can-do attitude.

How to Develop a Can‐Do Attitude?

Rewards are a bigger motivational factor than many people realize.

  •  Rewards may actually account for about three quarters of the reason people do things.
  • However, you’re unlikely to get rewarded every time you said “Yes” to something at work, or each time you check an item off your to-do list.
  • Therefore, reward yourself. Give yourself a small treat or reward.
  • You can, for example, allow yourself to spend a night out with friends if you agree to take on an extra task at work that week.

Have a sense of urgency about every situation.

  •  Procrastination can kill a can-do attitude.
  • Many people live with the mentality that there is always tomorrow to get things done, take chances, and embrace opportunity.
  • Successful people, however, do not think about tomorrow.
  • They live in the here and now, and are eager to get things done as soon as they can.
  • If you want a can-do attitude, try to live with that same sense of urgency.

Do everything you reasonably can do each day rather than putting it off. 

  • Remind yourself you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.
  • For example, you find yourself thinking, “I don’t need to proofread that report now.
  • I can do it tomorrow morning during downtime.”
  • Counter this thought with something like, “What if I don’t have downtime tomorrow?
  • What if there’s an issue in the office I need to take care of?”
  • This will motivate you to proofread your report right now.

How to Develop a Can‐Do Attitude?

Remember the big picture.

  •  People with a can-do attitude don’t see small tasks and opportunities as minute obligations or details.
  • They stay focused on their larger goals.
  • Instead of focusing on your short-term wants and emotions, remember your long-term goals.
  • For example, your boss asks if anyone can stay late to help with a project.
  • You want to go home and relax, as it’s been a long week.
  • Someone with a can-do attitude would eagerly say “Yes” to this, but you’re exhausted and want to go to bed.
  • Instead of thinking about how you feel now, look to the future.
  • Yes, you will probably have a bad day today, but think about the positives in the future.
  • This will make you look like a hard worker.
  • The next time a promotion comes along, your boss may look to you over other employees.

Learn from failures. 

  • Your reaction to failure can have a major impact on whether you can sustain a can-do attitude.
  • If you let every single failure destroy you, you will burn out quickly.
  • You need to learn to bounce back from failures so you can get up the next day and have a can-do attitude once more.
  • When you experience a setback, remember your positive qualities.
  • Think about your capabilities and everything you have going for you.
  • Remind yourself that one small misfire in an otherwise successful life is not worth beating yourself up.
  • See if there’s anything to be learned. Sometimes, setbacks are beyond your control.
  • However, review how you acted in the situation.
  • Is there anything you could have done differently?
  • If so, try to see this as a learning opportunity rather than a waste of time and effort.

How to Develop a Can‐Do Attitude?

Develop your sense of self-efficacy.

  •  Self-efficacy is when you believe that you can accomplish your goals and influence your situation in the way that you desire.
  •  This is an important component of having a can-do attitude.

Find a role model.

  • Do you know someone who is highly self-efficacious?
  • If so, then this person could be a great role model for you as you work to develop your own self-efficacy and can-do attitude.

Reflect on your accomplishments.

  • Think back on goals you have accomplished and other achievements that make you feel proud.
  • This can help you to see that you have the power to influence your future.

Work towards one goal at a time.

  • Trying to take on too much may hiders a sense of self-efficacy because you may become overwhelmed by everything you want to accomplish.
  • Instead, focus on just one goal at a time.

Surround yourself with supportive people.

  • You may also have an easier time of building your self-efficacy if you spend time with people who believe in you and encourage you. Steer clear of people who put you down or who discourage your efforts.

How to Develop a Can‐Do Attitude?

Staying Positive

Embrace the fact you control your attitude.

  •  Many people falsely believe they cannot control how they feel.
  • This can lead to a defeatist attitude, in which setbacks and problems are internalized.
  • Remind yourself you can control your attitude.
  • You can choose how you interpret your experience.
  • Viewing experience through a more positive lens can help fuel an upbeat, can-do attitude.
  • Remember that people view situations differently.
  • One person may see missing the last train to work as an opportunity to enjoy a nice walk before a long work day.
  • The other person may see it as a disaster.
  • You can choose which of these life views to embrace.
  • Opting for positivity over catastrophic thinking will be more energizing.
  • You will be more eager to say “Yes” to new opportunities and experiences as you won’t be as emotionally drained.

Do not think about why you can’t do something.

  •  When an opportunity is presented, many people immediately think of the reasons they can’t do it.
  • Your mind may immediately make a running list of your limitations and the reasons something can’t be done.
  • Work to block out these thoughts as they occur.
  • If something simply needs to get done, you can’t indulge in worrying over whether it can be done.

Challenge your knee-jerk excuses.

  • For example, your boss asks you to make a presentation at a big conference.
  • Your immediate thought is, “I can’t do this.
  • I don’t have time. I don’t know enough about the subject.”

Stop immediately.

  • Do not think about why you can’t do the presentation.
  • Instead, focus on the ways you could conceivably achieve.
  • For example, instead think, “This will be a challenge, but I can do it.
  • How can I make time for this? What should I do to learn more about this subject?”

Avoid negative people.

  •  Other people can really affect your own attitude.
  • It’s hard enough to stay positive and work against your own negative thoughts.
  • You don’t need negative people encouraging such thoughts.
  • Try to limit your contact with chronic complainers.
  • You will learn to filter out negative people fast.
  • You may know someone in your office who’s prone to complaining about all their setbacks.
  • And You may find when you share positive news with that person, they respond with disinterest or disdain.
  • You don’t want someone else’s negativity to rub off on you.
  • Instead of sharing good news with this person, talk to someone who’s generally positive and encouraging.

Use positive language.

  •  How you use language throughout the day can affect your mood.
  • If you want a can-do attitude, talk as if you already have one.
  • This will alter your thinking, gradually allowing you to develop more motivation and positivity.
  • Avoid negative phrases.
  • When you catch yourself saying, “I can’t” or “It’s impossible,” try to rephrase.
  • Instead, say something like, “Sounds like a challenge.”
  • When people ask you how you’re doing, phrase it in a positive way.
  • Respond with something like, “I’m doing great. How are you?”
  • If you do need to express negative emotions, work on tapering your expression.
  • For example, don’t say, “My mom really made me mad today.”
  • Instead, say something like, “I’m a little annoyed with my mom right now.”

How to Develop a Can‐Do Attitude?

Challenge irrational thoughts.

  •  Negative thoughts are often irrational, and can inhibit a can-do attitude.
  • Negativity can convince you that you can’t do something.
  • When you feel an irrational thought creeping in, stop and challenge it.
  • Acknowledge the thought is not a true reflection of your capabilities. 
  • Try keeping a thought log where you write down unhelpful thoughts you have throughout the day.
  • Then, write down something positive you could think about instead.
  • When you think poorly of yourself or a situation, pause.
  • Think to yourself, “What is a better way to view this situation?”
  • For example, you have a lot of deadlines coming up at work.
  • You think to yourself, “I can’t do this.
  • It’s too much.” Pause and think, “What’s a better way to look at this?”
  • Figure out a better way to view this situation.
  • Instead, think something like, “This will be a challenge, but I know I’m a capable person.”

Develop your resilience. 

  • Being resilient can help you to bounce back more quickly when something does not go your way.
  • This is important for a can-do attitude because you may sometimes have to deal with setbacks.
  • Some things you can do to become more resilient include:
  • Maintaining good relationships with supportive friends and family.
  • Looking to the future to feel better about your current situation.
  • Working towards your goals regularly, even if you can only do something small.
  • Looking for opportunities to learn more about yourself.

How to Develop a Can‐Do Attitude?

Changing Your Daily Habits

Express gratitude every day.

  •  Gratitude is key to maintaining the positivity necessary for a can-do attitude.
  • Gratitude can help with your overall life view, giving you the energy you need to say “yes” to more opportunities.
  • Start each morning silently saying “thank you” to yourself.
  • You don’t need to have anything in particular to be grateful about, but practicing this mantra will put you in a positive mindset.
  • Keep a gratitude journal where you write down the specific things you’re thankful for.
  • Remember to avoid generalizations.
  • Do not say, “I’m grateful for my friends.”
  • Instead say, “I’m grateful for how caring and supporting my friends are.”
  • Try to even be grateful for negative situations.
  • For example, think something like, “It’s too bad Claire and I broke up, but I’m grateful I got out of a relationship that wasn’t working.”

Smile more often.

  •  It’s a small change, but it can have a big impact on your mood.
  • Work on smiling more throughout the day.
  • Smiling sends feedback to the muscles in the brain, which then trigger feelings of happiness.
  • Work on smiling periodically.
  • You will end up feeling more motivated and happy as a result.

Practice meditation. 

  • Meditation can help you reduce stress and increase energy.
  • A can-do attitude requires a resilient attitude and high energy.
  • Daily meditation can help you stay grounded enough to keep embracing new opportunities.
  • Strive for at least 7 minutes of meditation each day.
  • You can take a meditation class.
  • You can also find guided routines online.

Adopt a healthier lifestyle.

  •  How you’re feeling physically can have a big impact on your overall emotional state.
  • If you want a positive, can-do attitude, you need to embrace a healthy overall lifestyle.
  • Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains.
  • Strive to get some exercise each day.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep each night.

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