Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers


Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers.

(1) Pastor Anil Kant & Reena Kant

Rev. Anil Kant has dedicated himself completely to use his talents for the Lord. He recorded his first Gospel album in 2002 and since then he has released 18 Gospel Albums. His songs are word-based (bible scriptures) because it is the word that breaks the yoke. It brings the anointing and the presence of God into our lives. “It is not about the songs we sing in worship. It’s about the heart we offer to the Lord,” Pastor Anil Kant admits, “God can use anybody and He uses us all, exactly where He has planned to use us.”

Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

(2) Brother Vijay Benedict:

Vijay Benedict’s life from Bollywood to Gospel

  • Soon after his song became a super hit, Bollywood was calling out loud to Vijay Benedict. The song “I am a Disco Dancer” became a celebrated melody in the 80s and made Bengali actor Mithun Chakraborty a renowned break-dancer. It was amid such fame and fortune that came, a life-changing incident transpired in Benedict’s life, introducing Christ and rendering the “everlasting peace” he was searching for.
  • Having sung for leading heroes and contemporaries like Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Sunny Deol, Govinda, Shatrughan Sinha, and with nearly all the playback singers right from the late Kishore Kumar to Asha Bhonsle, Benedict barely knew he would someday be metamorphosed into a leading Gospel singer in India. In a freewheeling interview with Christian Today, the trendsetter musician whose ‘Yeshu Tu Hai Mahan’ sold over 100,000 copies and are sung widely in churches, shares his journey from Bollywood to Gospel.

How important is worship?

  • Worship should be an integral part of a Christian’s life. God made us worship Him and He loves those who worship Him. Our life is to be worship before our God.
  • Through worship, we come closer to God and feel His love. Is there a dearth of Gospel singers in India?
  • There is absolutely no dearth of Gospel singers. Many are singing but sadly not many do it with seriousness. It is not that anybody can lead worship and write songs.

Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

(3) Rev Mrs Tahira Sherril Haidar Ali Masih

  • “Masih Mahima Ho, Teri Mahima Ho” is a unique composition. It is a wonderful picture of God’s grace and glory in a person’s life who has been saved from eternal damnation to eternal life in Jesus Christ who gave His life for all mankind.
  • Tahira Haider Ali is like an elder sister to us. We had the blessing of listening to her worship music for the first time during her 2005 visit to Toronto. Since then she has become a good friend of mine & my life.
  • During her 2006 visit to Toronto, she graced us with a visit to our home and sang her popular worship songs during a fellowship gathering at our place.
  • She also has her own ministry and is presently working among South Asian communities in India & Canada.
  • You can listen to more of her worship songs on her website too.

Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

(4) Pastor Ernest Mall

  • Bro Ernest Mall does not need any introduction. If you like to listen to Christian worship music in Urdu, Hindi & Punjabi, You already know him.
  • I am his big fan for a long and have been listening to his music. During his 2005 Annual Musical Healing Crusade at Toronto, we had the amazing experience of listening to him in person. Since then, our practice has been to attend these annual musical healing crusades all three days from start to end.
  • Bro Ernest Mall pastors a church in Philadelphia, USA. I have almost all of his music in my personal collection and find it difficult to decide which one to post here. Please bear with me as I post more of his music.

Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

  • He passed away on July 14, 2008 evening due to a heart attack.
  • Pastor Ernest Mall was known worldwide.
  • God blessed him with an enormous amount of talent.
  • In 1986, he left the world of secular music to glorify the name of our Lord.
  • He dedicated his musical abilities and gifts to serve the Lord
  • and to spread the message of Cross around the globe.
  • His melodious voice and music won numerous souls and brought people to Christ.

(5) Brother Subhash Gill

  • Subhash Gill is another one of the finest worship singers. I first got his CD “Sanna Gao” and liked it very much. It reminded me of Jagjit Singh.
  • I had the blessing of listening to his first time in person along with Bro Ernest Mall in 2005 during the Annual Musical Healing Crusade at Toronto.
  • Bro Subhash Gill pastors a church in the UK.

I have the majority of his music in my personal collection and these songs are from this collection.

(6) Brother Guddu James

  • Christian Song: Hindi Christian Qawwali by Guddu James on GOD’s plan about a man… In case of contact details for Mr. Guddu James India Contact: 09838721381, 09335388565, 08859778320 USA Contact for Mr. Guddu James DVDs and CDs: Call Akash 1-404-246-9057

Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

(7) Yeshua Ministries

Hindi Christian Song, Yeshua Ministries is a Hindi worship band led by Cameron Mendes making Christian Hindi worship songs. This is the Official music lyric video of the song TUMSA koi Nahin released 28 October 2017. Other Yeshua songs are Yeshu Tera Naam, Sabse Uncha, Hum Gaye Hosanna, Tu Hi Rab Hai, Yeshua Mashup, Gao Hallelujah, Rock n Roll, Hungama, Bhajan. Find all Yeshua Ministries songs on the Yeshua Band Official Channel.

(8) Sheldon Bangera

  • Sheldon Bangera 1.89 lakh subscribers SUBSCRIBED HOME VIDEOS PLAYLISTS COMMUNITY CHANNEL SABOUTD description Sheldon Bangera is a worship leader, song-writer, music composer, and producer from Mumbai, India. Recently released album “Your Name.”

Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

(9) Ritu Shahi

Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

(10) Pastor Willson George

(11) Pastor Vinod Vishwash:

  • The 80s. The decade was a decade of hymns for everyone wherever Indians lived in India and abroad. People abroad started calling Indian bhajan singers. I was also called. Everyone loved listening and singing bhajans. I came to the ministry after graduating from a new seminar, and I noticed that our Christian people also play and sing non-Christian hymns in their homes. We thought, why not write and sing such Christian hymns so that our Christian siblings can enjoy and sing Christ’s hymns in exchange for non-Christian hymns. Then God started giving me words, and I started writing hymns every day. In 1986, I first came out with a hymn cassette called Beeni, and everyone loved it and still likes it today. Let us listen to one of those hymns.
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Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

(12) Leela Solomon

Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

(13) Veena & Johnson Samuel

Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

(14) Prabha Timothy

(15) Amit Kamble

  • Born in Solapur, in a God-fearing family, I grew in the environment of music. My father is a good singer too and he guided me to grow in music. He has been to Mauritius, Kenya, and more abroad places for singing in the orchestra. I started knowing my talent for singing and playing instruments when I started taking part in church activities.
  • That’s how I grew more in music. Today God has given me the gift of singing and composing songs that I use only to glorify the Almighty. I have come up with Gospel worship song albums- ‘HUM TUJHME’ and ‘SHUKRIYA TERA’ and the songs from these albums are sung at many churches in cities and many places around India. Some songs from these albums have become familiar in many churches and are very beneficial for church worship. My earlier album has reached India, some parts of the U.K, the U.S.A, and Dubai. By God’s grace.

Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

(16) Anita Sunny

Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

(17) Balbir Suffi

  • Brother Balbir Suffi is another one of the finest worship singers. He sings both in Hindi & Punjabi. I had the blessing of listening to his singing during his recent Toronto visit.
  • His worship music is contemporary with other Indian music and will bring you back to your days in India
  • He lives in Chandigarh, India
  • I have almost all of his music in my personal collection and these songs are from this collection.

Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

(18) Bro Jai Moses

  • Song Gulshan Mai… Singer: Sanjeev H Luke, Supreet I Luke, Archana Luke Song by bro Jai Moses. Thanks, Jai Bhai for this lovely and blessed song God bless your ministry. You can get the track of this song in favor of donation. WhatsApp no 9829427304 Cell no 8005907527
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Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

(19) Gopal Masih

  • Brother Gopal Masih is one of the well-known singers from India. He is the founder & President of Worship Warriors Ministries, Ludhiana, India. He has been the lead singer in crusades organized by the Churches in India including the one in 2007 where Bro Jonhy Lever (Bollywood Actor) was also present and shared his life-changing testimony.
  • Bro Gopal’s short testimony: “I was born in a Christian family but I had no relation with Lord Jesus. I aimed to sing for name and fame. I had wished to sing in Bollywood. At the same time, I used to lead the church choir. My life was not as per the will of God. I had no peace of mind. I cried to Jesus to help me in this situation and decided to read Bible. Meanwhile, I met Pastor Eric Masih. He told me about repentance and forgiveness of sins by taking water baptism.

Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

Lord Jesus filled me with the Holy Spirit.

  • Jesus put a new goal in my heart to sing for the glory of God and to testify to Lord Jesus that He can change the wicked lives. I rejected the chances to earn the money by singing worldly songs. Now I am in full-time worship Ministry from 03-11- 2008. God dwells in the praises of Israel. (Psalm 22:3)”

These songs are from the CD “ASHISHON KI BARISH” (Showers of Blessings)

Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

(20) Shirin George

(21) Dr. Dheeraj Shinde

  • Dr. Dheeraj Shinde is the director for WEMI South Asia. (WEMI stands for World Evangelical Mission International). This ministry is from South Korea.
  • He is a Gospel singer, composer, and music director for many Gospel albums. His well-known album is “MAHIMA HO TERIi’. He has also traveled to different countries all over the world preaching and singing for His glory. He normally sings on the music tracks.

Dr. Dheeraj has sung as lead singer and soloist in the meetings of mighty men of God like Benny Hinn, Paul Yongi Cho, Dr. D.G.S Dinakaran, Morris Cerullo, K.A Paul, and many more.

  • He is getting married soon. We, at HIS Prayer House, congratulate and bless him on this auspicious occasion and pray “Almighty Lord will make His light shine upon him and watch over him. He will keep him away from all harm both now and forevermore (Psalm 121:7-8). He will prosper all that he does and exalt him for His namesake (Psalm 46:10)”.

The following songs are from his album MAHIMA HO TERI and JAI YESHU.

(21) Reena Jadhav

  • Reena Jadhav is a melodious Gospel Singer that has eleven Gospel Songs Album to her credit – Ten in Hindi and One in English. She along with her husband Pastor Abraham, an accomplished Guitarist, Son Paul, and daughter Ruth, ministers to the people all over India in Gospel Meetings and Crusades through “Amazing Grace Ministries”.

HER TESTIMONY: Reena is a Living Testimony of the marvelous work of God in her life.

  • Many are the wondrous works which the Lord has done in her life – they are more than can be numbered.
  • Reena met with a road accident. She had severe head injuries, total body imbalance, and lost her hearing completely. She had double vision and could not walk at all. Doctors said she will never be able to walk or hear again. For seven months she was bedridden, but in answer to prayers, Jesus made her whole again. She was miraculously healed and today she proclaims the Love of God through her songs and testimony.
  • Working in a bank, she has given television and radio programs and touched many hearts with her songs and ministry. Today she joyfully and heartily proclaims -“In him, we move and live and have our being!!!”.

(22) Robinson Sadiq

  • I presume, Robinson Sadiq is based in the US.
  • I had the blessing of listening to his music at a function organized by the New Covenant Church of Canada at the World Vision auditorium in Mississauga during one of his visits to Toronto.

These songs are from one of his albums.

Top 25 Indian Christian Gospel Singers and God’s Ministers

(23) Ankur Masih

(24) Anil Samuel

(25) Dharamandavi Youtube channel