Self Improvement For Success: Definition of a Happy and Successful life

Self Improvement For Success: Definition of a Happy and Successful life

Self Improvement and Motivation For Success: Definition of a Happy and Successful life- We all have formed our own definitions of happiness right from childhood. A lot of these perceptions are because of conditioned development i.e. they are a part of our habits due to repetitive inculcation by parents, teachers, and society in general.

That is why none of us has actually pondered about what exactly makes us feel happy!

  • This feeling has been left to our sub-conscience and we simply feel the happiness according to the situation we are in.

Self Improvement and Motivation For Success: Definition of a Happy and Successful life

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A lot of small things can give happiness to us.

  • For instance, just the thought of shopping or spending money tends to excite us and makes us feel happy.
  • Opportunities and new ideas also have a similar effect on us. This excited state makes us imagine things related to these incidents.
  • For example, the perspective of going on vacation while getting an office bonus would not only make us excited but also make us plan and imagine the holiday.
  • In fact, we would feel the bliss without actually being on the vacation itself!
  • However, when being on the actual vacation, the excitement tends to settle down as one begins to feel contented.

The same is the case with objects.

We are quite crazy to purchase the latest cell phone, laptop, I-pod or the new car. But once we own that stuff, the excitement settles down and the appeal doesn’t stay the same. The cycle of excitement begins again when another new
product is launched.

Let’s pause for a second here and seriously think about our domain of happiness.

  • Is it pertained to acquiring the latest objects only?
  • Does it end at wishes being fulfilled? Is our domain of happiness limited to spending good time with family or friends only?
  • We are so involved in this cycle of wishes that we actually forget to see what real happiness is and how it can be achieved.

The domain of the definition of happiness varies for every individual as they have their own individual needs.

  • For some people, achieving a good career path provides happiness.
  • For some, it is their fulfillment of goals and objectives whereas bringing happiness on the face of the deprived can give some people happiness.
  • However, everybody doesn’t have it easy in this world.
  • Our income, education, family, environment, society, and friends all affect our domain of happiness.

We might not always have the desired income needed to fulfill the wishes or maybe the career isn’t going as smoothly as we had planned.

So what does it do to us? Does it burst our balloon of hope and excitement or does it renew our hopes, make us clear our visions, and set ahead for the future with new motivation? How do you react when things don’t turn out as you had planned?

Most importantly, is your reaction appropriate or do you need to change your attitude and perception?

All about ‘you and how you can change dimensions to look ahead to a better future. The upcoming chapters are a complete guide so that you can set yourself in a new direction. After all, success is all about having the right paradigm shift!

Self Improvement through motivation

  • To be happy and satisfied, one needs to be motivated.
  • Motivation basically gives us the hope to look ahead and dream higher.
  • It is the force that propels us to go ahead.
  • But why do we need to change?
  • People change for various reasons.
  • Some change because they don’t want to face the pain in their lives.
  • Some change because they are sick of their failures.
  • For instance: poor grades can make us realize the importance of hard work while studying and can motivate us to change.
  • Similarly, debts can make us look for other jobs or to do more than one job.

This world is full of negativity and regardless of whatever people say, we need to face this negativity and try to get over it.

  • But it is you who has to decide. Who is in charge of your life, you or your surroundings?
  • Once, you decide that you are in charge of whatever happens to you, you will put your foot down and get over whatever negativity surrounds you.
  • It is easy for us to remain in the shelter of our comfort zone, but have you ever tried stepping out of your comfort zone and take a sneak peek into what lies beyond?

What exactly prevents you from doing so? Failure? Fears? Shame?

  • The basic thing that you need to improve yourself is first, to have a goal and set some objectives.
  • Once, you know where you are headed, you will easily maintain your focus and not be strayed away by anything that hinders your path.
  • Next is to set some concrete plans which can enable you to go for your goals.
  • While planning, don’t just think within your comfort zone. Step out of the box to discover a newer you.

Identify your problems and limitations and use techniques to get Self Improvement and Motivation For Success over them.

  • Make sure that you know what your weaknesses are and correct them while being in the domain of the ethical values that you cherish.
  • Execute your plan and don’t worry whether you have succeeded or not.
  • Failures would not break you, but rather would strengthen you.
  • Rework your plans if they fail, identify loopholes, and use methods that help you overcome these loopholes.
  • Every failure teaches you what to avoid and ends in giving you a big lesson.
  • Learn from these lessons so that you can strengthen the newer you.

Try to avoid negative thoughts and people.

  • Such thoughts and words tend to self limit your potential and make you go weak.
  • If you believe in your plans, you focus on your direction and make changes only if you wish to, regardless of what others say.
  • This approach would make you jump over the limitations that block your way.
  • Lastly, you need to enjoy life and take things as they come.
  • When you are happy and content, your mind would work faster and success will come your way.
  • So hold on hard to your dreams, take control of your life, and set ahead to enjoy the journey with a newer you.