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How to Make Money Online With a Free Blog - For Newbies

How to Make Money Online With a Free Blog – For Newbies

How to Make Money Online With a Free Blog – For Newbies

How to Make Money Online With a Free Blog – For Newbies, This report is for complete newbies and it explains the various ways that you can make money with a blogger blog.

How to Make Money Online With a Free Blog – For Newbies

What is Blog? 

  • A Blog is a short name for “Weblog” and it is basically a website that you can get for free and use for multiple different things.
  • In this case, you will be using it for Internet marketing purposes more specifically to sell products as an affiliate marketer and/or to make money from clicks, via Google Adsense revenue. 


  • A Blogger blog is a blog that you can get for FREE from They are owned and operated by Google, so if you have a Gmail account or a Google Account, you can use your same login name and password as that to log in and you don’t even have to create a new account!
  • If you do not have an account with Google already, you can create one for free, at or Once you log in to, you can create a blog right away! You get your own domain name that will look something like this: 

Of course, you would replace “yourdomainname” with whatever you want your URL to be.

  • Most of the time, people choose keywords that are popular search terms, so that the blog ranks higher on the search engines.
  • If you are in the weight loss niche, you might want to choose a name like “” for example, because the term “Lose Weight Fast” is a very popular search term and brings up over a million results. 
How to Make Money Online With a Free Blog – For Newbies

The fastest and easiest way to make money with a blog, is with this formula: 

RB + AL + AM + T = $$$. 

  • You might be saying, what the heck is that? Don’t panic, I hate math too…just watch how easy this is:

 RB = “Review Blog” – 

  • This is a blog that you will create with and you will use it to post product reviews, about products that you are promoting as an affiliate. 
  • At the end of each product review, you would include your affiliate link to the product you reviewed. Your “affiliate link” is the URL that you send people to, so that you can earn a commission on the product if they purchase it.

 AM = “Article Marketing” – 

  • By writing articles (or outsourcing them) you can drive quality, targeted traffic to your blog.

T = “Traffic” – 

  • This is the traffic you will receive from both the articles, as well as people who are surfing for blogs in your category.
  • The more popular of a niche market you choose, the more traffic you will likely receive. 

$$$ = MONEY! –

  • This of course represents the money you will earn when you make an affiliate sale!
  • Think about it, this WHOLE ENTIRE process won’t cost you a dime.
  •  The blog is free, with Becoming an affiliate of,,, and are ALL 100% FREE.
  • Writing and submitting keyword optimized articles to or is also 100% FREE and that is all it takes to make money with a blog.
  • Many big-name marketers and Warriors use this method to make tons of money and the more articles they have out there, the more money they make.
  • If you choose to outsource articles, this would be expensive and it could cost you anywhere from $2 – $12per article for quality articles from a freelance writer. 

OK, that was just the gist of it. Let me give you more elaborate details and instructions so that you can start doing this right away. 

Step 1 

  • Would be to sign up as an affiliate with <—At this link, you can sign up as an affiliate for FREE, right away. 
  • Then, you can browse the marketplace for niches and products that you want to promote! All you have to do is click the small link at the top of the page that says “Marketplace.” The products over at are “digital” products. 
  • A digital product is either an eBook or a software application. The reason why they are called digital products is because they can be downloaded immediately after purchase and there is no need for shipping or sending a physical product. 
  • An ‘eBook’ as most of you know (but remember this report is for complete newbies), is a book that can be read right from your computer screen and can be downloaded immediately after purchase. 

You can also print it out to read it if you prefer, or use one of those new electronic eBook reading devices. 

  • The great thing about the products on the marketplace, is that they offer stunningly high commissions to their affiliates (you). 
  • Most of them offer a 75% commission! If you were promoting an eBook that is $47,in the Weight Loss niche or the Make Money Online niche, you would earn $32.50 for every copy you sell. 
  • The best part is, you don’t even have to sell them the eBook…the sales page that the product creator made will do that for you. All you have to do is refer people to your ‘affiliate link.’ An ‘affiliate link’ is the link that is provided to you, so that you can promote a particular product (of your choice). 
  • This link will take the customer to the same EXACT page that the product creator uses to sell the product, but it will have YOUR affiliate ID in the URL. Your affiliate ID will be the username that you select for your Clickbank account. Here is an example of an affiliate link: 


Of course, “YourAffiliateID” is replaced with your actual username and the “Product Name” is the code name that the product owner made for that product. 

  • You won’t need to be guessing any codes though, all you have to do is click on the link that says “Create Hoplink” located underneath the listing of the product that you wish to promote on the Clickbank Marketplace. 
  • After you select the category and subcategory you will be taken to a page full of listings of products to promote. You can view the product price, the commission percentage, and the gravity. 
  • The gravity is how many people (affiliates) earned a commission on that product in the past one or two-week pay period. You can also view the sales page, which is where your affiliate link will send people. 
  • The magic of your affiliate link is that it takes the customer to the same destination they would go to if they hadn’t been referred by you. 
  • That’s where the review blog comes in. If you write product reviews of three Books on Clickbank, post them on your blog and then include your affiliate link at the bottom of the review. 
  • A certain percentage of people who visit your blog and read the reviews will click on your affiliate link.
  • Out of those people, a certain percentage of people will actually purchase the Book once they visit the link.
  • A common conversion rate is 2%. So, out of every 50 visitors to your affiliate link, you should have 1 purchase. That would net you $32.50. It is very easy to get 50 visitors to your blog and even much more. 

Step 2

  •  Would be to sign up with <—At this link, you can sign up for for FREE –and start creating as many blogs as you want, right away.
  • You can be up and running in just minutes. If you don’t have a Google Mail account already (Gmail, Adwords, Adsense) you will have to create one, but that is 100% free. 
  • Then, you will proceed to the “Create a Blog” section, by clicking on the “Create a Blog” link. Here you will create a name for your blog as well as a domain name. 
  • The domain name will be the web address that people type into their browser to get to your blog site. 
  • Depending on the product(s) that you are promoting. 

Step 3

  • Would be to go back to the Marketplace and choose a product or products to promote. Here you can pick a category and even a sub-category. 
  • For instance, a popular niche is “Health and Fitness” and the most popular sub-category of the Health and Fitness market is “Diet.” 

Step 4

  • Would be to write a product review about the product you choose to market. Remember, you are marketing a product here…the product is already made. It is your job to find the people who want/need the information you are offering –and then give it to them. They will buy it if/when the sales pitch sells itself. 

But, you do NOT have to give or write the sales pitch…the sales page for the product you’re promoting will have one already.

  • Most likely written by a professional sales copywriter. All you need to do is guide people there, If you can not write a product review to save your own life, you can easily outsource it to someone on the warrior forum. 
  • A freelance writer would not charge too much for a product review for a Clickbank product. You can expect to pay anywhere from $3 – $20 for a custom-written product review, depending on the writer and the word count of the review. 

Step 5

  •  Would be to add your affiliate link to the bottom of the product review. It can be a short review, something like 250-500 words or more if you wish.
  • At the end, you can give a strong “Call to action” so that the reader will be compelled to click on your affiliate link.
  • Something like, “To check out (ProductNameHere), visit their website at (Your Affiliate Link) and (Something positive that the product will do for them such as lose 9pounds in 11 days!).”

So, your call to action at the end of the product review would look like this (if we were promoting a weight loss product) example: 

 Step 6 

  • Would be to drive traffic to your review blog. You don’t just want any traffic going to your site, you want ‘targeted’ traffic. Targeted traffic is visitors who are actually interested in the product that you are reviewing. 

They are in the market for what you are offering basically. 

  • That is the beauty of niche marketing you find the people who need what you are offering and you simply give it to them.
  • It’s easy money, and you are helping people at the same time. The way to drive targeted traffic to your review blog is to write articles for it and submit them to and
  • These article directories are the top, most popular ones and rank very well on the search engines especially
  • If you write articles in the niches that you are promoting, and you give away some good information and of course include a link to your review blog in your resource box at the end of each article, you will have targeted traffic to your blog, which will convert into sales, which means you will earn affiliate commissions! 

Step 7

  •  Includes additional methods of driving quality, targeted traffic to your blog. This includes (but is not limited to) backlink building, social networking, pinging your blog, paying for traffic via Pay-Per-Click advertising, traffic exchanges (not so great), offline advertising such as business cards, classified ads, yellow pages, etc. 
  • The more targeted leads you to drive to your website the more sales you will make. It’s simple, but it does take work. There you have it.
  • This simple, yet effective method of creating a review blog to market affiliate products costs nothing to do and can earn a potentially unlimited income. 

Depending on how much traffic you drive to your blog and the conversion rates, you can build a $20,000 per month business or more using this exact model. Good luck and I wish you the best of success with your blogging. Now go and make some money!

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मुफ़्त ब्लॉग के साथ ऑनलाइन पैसे कैसे कमाएँ? | How to Make Money Online With a Free Blog

मुफ़्त ब्लॉग के साथ ऑनलाइन पैसे कैसे कमाएँ? | How to Make Money Online With a Free Blog

मुफ़्त ब्लॉग के साथ ऑनलाइन पैसे कैसे कमाएँ? | How to Make Money Online With a Free Blog

नौसिखिये लोग एक मुफ़्त ब्लॉग के साथ ऑनलाइन पैसे कैसे कमाएँ? | How to Make Money Online With a Free Blog. यह रिपोर्ट पूरी तरह से नए लोगों के लिए है और यह उन विभिन्न तरीकों की व्याख्या करती है जिनसे आप एक ब्लॉगर ब्लॉग से पैसे कमा सकते हैं। 

मुफ़्त ब्लॉग के साथ ऑनलाइन पैसे कैसे कमाएँ? | How to Make Money Online With a Free Blog

ब्लॉग “वेबलॉग” का संक्षिप्त नाम है

ब्लॉग “वेबलॉग” का संक्षिप्त नाम है, और यह मूल रूप से एक वेबसाइट है जिसे आप मुफ्त में प्राप्त कर सकते हैं और कई अलग-अलग चीजों के लिए उपयोग कर सकते हैं। इस मामले में, आप इसका उपयोग इंटरनेट मार्केटिंग उद्देश्यों के लिए कर रहे होंगे – एक संबद्ध बाज़ारिया के रूप में उत्पादों को बेचने के लिए और/या Google ऐडसेंस राजस्व के माध्यम से क्लिक से पैसा बनाने के लिए अधिक विशिष्ट। 

एक मुफ़्त ब्लॉग के साथ ऑनलाइन पैसे कैसे कमाएँ?

  • ब्लॉगर ब्लॉग एक ऐसा ब्लॉग है जिसे आप ब्लॉगर डॉट कॉम ( जो कि गूगल (Google) के स्वामित्व और संचालन में हैं, शुरू कर सकते हैं, इसलिए यदि आपके पास जीमेल खाता या गूगल (Google) खाता है, तो आप लॉग इन करने के लिए उसी लॉगिन नाम और पासवर्ड का उपयोग कर सकते हैं और आपको एक नया खाता बनाने की भी आवश्यकता नहीं है!
  • ‘यदि आपके पास पहले से गूगल (Google) के साथ कोई खाता नहीं है, तो आप या पर मुफ़्त में एक खाता बना सकते हैं।
  • एक बार जब आप  ब्लॉगर डॉट कॉम ( में लॉग इन कर लेते हैं, तो आप तुरंत एक ब्लॉग बना सकते हैं! आपको अपना खुद का डोमेन नाम मिलता है जो कुछ इस तरह दिखाई देगा: 

आप “Your Domain Name” को अपने यूआरएल में जो कुछ भी चाहते हैं उसे बदल सकते हैं।

  • अधिकांश समय, लोग ऐसे कीवर्ड चुनते हैं जो लोकप्रिय खोज शब्द हैं, ताकि ब्लॉग खोज इंजन पर उच्च रैंक प्राप्त कर सके।
  • यदि आप वजन घटाने के क्षेत्र में हैं, तो आप उदाहरण के लिए “” जैसा नाम चुनना चाह सकते हैं, क्योंकि “लूज़ वेट फास्ट” शब्द एक बहुत ही लोकप्रिय खोज शब्द है और एक मिलियन से अधिक परिणाम ला सकता है। 
मुफ़्त ब्लॉग के साथ ऑनलाइन पैसे कैसे कमाएँ? | How to Make Money Online With a Free Blog

ब्लॉग से पैसे कमाने का सबसे तेज़ और आसान तरीका इस फॉर्मूले के साथ है: 

आर. बी. + ए. एल. + ए. एम. + टी. = डॉलर  (RB + AL + AM + T = $$$)। 

  • आप कह रहे होंगे कि आखिर यह क्या है? घबराओ मत, मुझे गणित से भी नफरत है,  बस देखें कि यह कितना आसान है:

आरबी (RB – “Review Blog”) = “ब्लॉग की समीक्षा करें” – 

  • यह एक ब्लॉग है जिसे आप ब्लॉगर डॉट कॉम के साथ बनाएंगे और आप इसका उपयोग उत्पाद समीक्षा, उत्पादों के बारे में पोस्ट करने के लिए करेंगे, कि आप एक सहयोगी के रूप में प्रचार कर रहे हैं। 
  • प्रत्येक उत्पाद समीक्षा के अंत में, आप अपने द्वारा समीक्षा किए गए उत्पाद के लिए अपना संबद्ध लिंक शामिल करेंगे। आपका “संबद्ध लिंक” वह यू. आर. एल. (URL) है, जिस पर आप लोगों को भेजते हैं, ताकि आप उत्पाद खरीदने पर उस पर कमीशन कमा सकें।

 ए. एम. (AM – “Article Marketing”) = “आर्टिकल मार्केटिंग” – 

  • लेख लिखकर (या उन्हें आउटसोर्सिंग करके) आप अपने ब्लॉग पर गुणवत्ता, लक्षित ट्रैफ़िक ला सकते हैं। 

टी. (T- “Traffic”) = “ट्रैफ़िक” – 

  • यह वह ट्रैफ़िक है जो आपको दोनों लेखों से प्राप्त होगा, साथ ही वे लोग जो आपकी श्रेणी में ब्लॉग के लिए पर सर्फिंग कर रहे हैं।
  • आपके द्वारा चुने गए आला बाजार में जितना अधिक लोकप्रिय होगा, आपको उतना ही अधिक ट्रैफ़िक प्राप्त होगा। 
  • $$$- प्रत्येक उत्पाद समीक्षा के अंत में, आप अपने द्वारा समीक्षा किए गए उत्पाद के लिए अपना संबद्ध लिंक शामिल करेंगे। आपका “संबद्ध लिंक” वह यू. आर. एल. (URL) है, जिस पर आप लोगों को भेजते हैं, ताकि आप उत्पाद खरीदने पर उस पर कमीशन कमा सकें।

डॉलर ($$$- MONEY) = पैसा –

  •  यह निश्चित रूप से उस धन का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है, जो आप संबद्ध बिक्री करने पर अर्जित करेंगे! इसके बारे में सोचें, इस पूरी प्रक्रिया में आपको एक पैसा भी खर्च नहीं करना पड़ेगा।
  • के साथ ब्लॉग मुफ़्त है।
  •,, और का एफिलिएट बनना सभी 100% मुफ़्त है।
  • या पर कीवर्ड-अनुकूलित लेख लिखना और सबमिट करना भी 100% मुफ़्त है और ब्लॉग से पैसा कमाने के लिए बस इतना ही करना पड़ता है। 
  • कई बड़े-नाम वाले विपणक और योद्धा इस पद्धति का उपयोग बहुत सारा पैसा बनाने के लिए करते हैं। और जितने अधिक लेख उनके पास होते हैं, उतना ही अधिक पैसा कमाते हैं। 

यदि आप लेखों को आउटसोर्स करना चुनते हैं, तो यह महंगा होगा और एक स्वतंत्र लेखक से गुणवत्ता वाले लेखों के लिए आपको $ 2 – $ 12 प्रति लेख से कहीं भी खर्च करना पड़ सकता है। 

  •  यह निश्चित रूप से उस धन का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है जो आप संबद्ध बिक्री करने पर अर्जित करेंगे! इसके बारे में सोचें,  इस पूरी प्रक्रिया में आपको एक पैसा भी खर्च नहीं करना पड़ेगा।
  • ठीक है, बस यही सार था। मैं आपको अधिक विस्तृत विवरण और निर्देश देता हूं ताकि आप इसे तुरंत करना शुरू कर सकें। 

चरण 1 

  • आपको के साथ एक सहयोगी के रूप में साइन अप करना होगा। <—इस लिंक पर, आप तुरंत एक सहयोगी के रूप में मुफ़्त में साइन अप कर सकते हैं। 
  • फिर, आप उन निचे और उत्पादों के लिए बाज़ार ब्राउज़ कर सकते हैं जिनका आप प्रचार करना चाहते हैं! आपको बस इतना करना है कि “मार्केटप्लेस” कहने वाले पृष्ठ के शीर्ष पर स्थित छोटे लिंक पर क्लिक करें। के उत्पाद “डिजिटल” उत्पाद हैं। 

एक डिजिटल उत्पाद या तो एक ईबुक या एक सॉफ्टवेयर एप्लीकेशन है।

  • उन्हें डिजिटल उत्पाद कहा जाने का कारण यह है कि उन्हें खरीद के तुरंत बाद डाउनलोड किया जा सकता है, और भौतिक उत्पाद को शिपिंग या भेजने की कोई आवश्यकता नहीं है। 
  • एक ‘ईबुक’ जैसा कि आप में से अधिकांश जानते हैं (लेकिन याद रखें कि यह रिपोर्ट पूरी तरह से नए लोगों के लिए है), एक ऐसी किताब है जिसे सीधे आपके कंप्यूटर स्क्रीन से पढ़ा जा सकता है और खरीद के तुरंत बाद डाउनलोड किया जा सकता है। 
  • यदि आप चाहें तो इसे पढ़ने के लिए आप इसका प्रिंट आउट भी ले सकते हैं, या उन नए इलेक्ट्रॉनिक ईबुक रीडिंग डिवाइसों में से किसी एक का उपयोग कर सकते हैं। 
  • मार्केटप्लेस पर उत्पादों के बारे में सबसे अच्छी बात यह है कि वे अपने सहयोगियों (आप) को आश्चर्यजनक रूप से उच्च कमीशन प्रदान करते हैं। 

उनमें से ज्यादातर 75% कमीशन देते हैं!

  • यदि आप वजन घटाने के स्थान या मेक मनी ऑनलाइन आला में $47 की ई-पुस्तक का प्रचार कर रहे थे, तो आपके द्वारा बेची जाने वाली प्रत्येक प्रति के लिए आप $32.50 अर्जित करेंगे। 
  • सबसे अच्छी बात यह है कि आपको उन्हें ईबुक बेचने की भी जरूरत नहीं है, .उत्पाद निर्माता ने जो बिक्री पृष्ठ बनाया है, वह आपके लिए ऐसा करेगा। आपको बस इतना करना है कि लोगों को अपने ‘एफिलिएट लिंक’ पर रेफर करना है। 
  • एक ‘संबद्ध लिंक’ वह लिंक है जो आपको प्रदान किया जाता है, ताकि आप किसी विशेष उत्पाद (अपनी पसंद के) को बढ़ावा दे सकें। 
  • यह लिंक ग्राहक को उसी सटीक पृष्ठ पर ले जाएगा जिसका उपयोग उत्पाद निर्माता उत्पाद को बेचने के लिए करता है, लेकिन यू. आर. एल. (URL) में आपकी संबद्ध आईडी होगी। आपका सहबद्ध आईडी वह उपयोगकर्ता नाम होगा, जिसे आप अपने क्लिकबैंक खाते के लिए चुनते हैं। यहां एक संबद्ध लिंक का एक उदाहरण दिया गया है: 


 बेशक, “Your Affiliate ID” को आपके वास्तविक उपयोगकर्ता नाम से बदल दिया गया है और “उत्पाद का नाम” वह कोड नाम है जिसके लिए उत्पाद स्वामी ने बनाया है अर्थात वह उत्पाद। 

  • आपको किसी भी कोड का अनुमान लगाने की आवश्यकता नहीं होगी, आपको केवल उस लिंक पर क्लिक करना है जो उस उत्पाद की सूची के नीचे स्थित “क्रिएट हॉपलिंक” कहता है, जिसे आप प्रचारित करना चाहते हैं – क्लिकबैंक मार्केटप्लेस पर। 
  • आपके द्वारा श्रेणी और उपश्रेणी का चयन करने के बाद आपको प्रचार करने के लिए उत्पादों की सूची से भरे एक पृष्ठ पर ले जाया जाएगा। आप उत्पाद की कीमत, कमीशन प्रतिशत और गुरुत्वाकर्षण देख सकते हैं। 
  • गुरुत्वाकर्षण यह है कि पिछले एक या दो सप्ताह की वेतन अवधि में कितने लोगों (संबद्धों) ने उस उत्पाद पर कमीशन अर्जित किया। 

आप बिक्री पृष्ठ भी देख सकते हैं, जहां आपका संबद्ध लिंक लोगों को भेजेगा। 

  • आपके सहबद्ध लिंक का जादू यह है कि यह ग्राहक को उसी गंतव्य तक ले जाता है जहां वे जाते हैं यदि उन्हें आपके द्वारा संदर्भित नहीं किया गया होता। 
  • अंतर केवल इतना है कि चूंकि आपका सहबद्ध कोड लिंक के भीतर छिपा हुआ है, आप कमीशन कमाते हैं और पैसा आपके क्लिकबैंक में दिखाई देता है। 
  • ऐसा ही समीक्षा ब्लॉग के साथ है। यदि आप क्लिकबैंक पर तीन पुस्तकों की उत्पाद समीक्षाएँ लिखते हैं, तो उन्हें अपने ब्लॉग पर पोस्ट करें, और फिर समीक्षा के निचले भाग में अपना संबद्ध लिंक शामिल करें। 
  • आपके ब्लॉग पर आने वाले और समीक्षाएं पढ़ने वाले लोगों का एक निश्चित प्रतिशत आपके सहबद्ध लिंक पर क्लिक करेगा।

उन लोगों में से, एक निश्चित प्रतिशत लोग लिंक पर जाने के बाद वास्तव में पुस्तक खरीद लेंगे।

  • एक सामान्य रूपांतरण दर 2% है। तो, आपके सहबद्ध लिंक पर आने वाले प्रत्येक 50 आगंतुकों में से, आपके पास 1 खरीदारी होनी चाहिए।
  • यह आपको $32.50 शुद्ध करेगा।
  • आपके ब्लॉग पर 50 विज़िटर प्राप्त करना बहुत आसान है और इससे भी बहुत कुछ। 

चरण 2

  • के साथ साइन अप करना होगा। <—इस लिंक पर, आप के लिए मुफ़्त में साइन अप कर सकते हैं,  और तुरंत जितने चाहें उतने ब्लॉग बनाना शुरू कर सकते हैं। 
  • आप कुछ ही मिनटों में उठकर दौड़ सकते हैं। यदि आपके पास पहले से गूगल (Google) मेल खाता नहीं है (जीमेल, ऐडवर्ड्स, एडसेंस) तो आपको एक बनाना होगा, और यह 100% मुफ़्त है। 
  • फिर, आप “एक ब्लॉग बनाएं” लिंक पर क्लिक करके “ब्लॉग बनाएं” अनुभाग पर आगे बढ़ेंगे। 
  • यहां आप अपने ब्लॉग के लिए एक नाम के साथ-साथ एक डोमेन नाम भी बनाएंगे। 
  • डोमेन नाम वह वेब पता होगा, जिसे लोग आपकी ब्लॉग साइट पर जाने के लिए अपने ब्राउज़र में टाइप करते हैं। 
  • आप जिस उत्पाद (उत्पादों) का प्रचार कर रहे हैं, उसके आधार पर। 

चरण 3

  • मार्केटप्लेस पर वापस जाना होगा और प्रचार करने के लिए उत्पाद या उत्पादों का चयन करना होगा। यहां आप एक श्रेणी और यहां तक ​​कि एक उप-श्रेणी भी चुन सकते हैं। 
  • उदाहरण के लिए, एक लोकप्रिय जगह “स्वास्थ्य और फिटनेस” है और स्वास्थ्य और स्वास्थ्य बाजार की सबसे लोकप्रिय उप-श्रेणी “आहार” है। 
मुफ़्त ब्लॉग के साथ ऑनलाइन पैसे कैसे कमाएँ? | How to Make Money Online With a Free Blog

चरण 4

  •  उस उत्पाद के बारे में उत्पाद समीक्षा लिखना होगा, जिसे आप बाजार में चुनते हैं। याद रखें, आप यहां किसी उत्पाद की मार्केटिंग कर रहे हैं,  उत्पाद पहले ही बन चुका है। 
  • यह आपका काम है कि आप उन लोगों को खोजें जो आपके द्वारा दी जा रही जानकारी को चाहते/चाहते हैं, और फिर उन्हें दें। 
  • वे इसे खरीद लेंगे यदि/जब बिक्री पिच स्वयं बिकती है, लेकिन, आपको बिक्री पिच देने या लिखने की ज़रूरत नहीं है, जिस उत्पाद का आप प्रचार कर रहे हैं उसके लिए बिक्री पृष्ठ में पहले से ही वहाँ सब होगा।

 सबसे अधिक संभावना एक पेशेवर बिक्री कॉपीराइटर द्वारा लिखी गई है। 

  • आपको बस इतना करना है कि वहां के लोगों का मार्गदर्शन करें, यदि आप अपनी जान बचाने के लिए उत्पाद समीक्षा नहीं लिख सकते हैं, तो आप इसे आसानी से योद्धा मंच पर किसी को आउटसोर्स कर सकते हैं। 
  • एक स्वतंत्र लेखक क्लिकबैंक उत्पाद के लिए उत्पाद समीक्षा के लिए बहुत अधिक शुल्क नहीं लेगा। लेखक और समीक्षा की शब्द गणना के आधार पर, आप कस्टम-लिखित उत्पाद समीक्षा के लिए $ 3 – $ 20 से कहीं भी भुगतान करने की उम्मीद कर सकते हैं। 

चरण 5

  • अपने सहबद्ध लिंक को उत्पाद समीक्षा के नीचे जोड़ना होगा। यह एक छोटी समीक्षा हो सकती है, यदि आप चाहें तो 250-500 शब्दों या अधिक की तरह कुछ। अंत में, आप एक मजबूत “कॉल टू एक्शन” दे सकते हैं ताकि पाठक आपके सहबद्ध लिंक पर क्लिक करने के लिए मजबूर हो जाए।
  • कुछ इस तरह, “चेक आउट करने के लिए (Product Name Here), (आपका संबद्ध लिंक) पर उनकी वेबसाइट पर जाएं और (कुछ सकारात्मक जो उत्पाद उनके लिए करेगा। जैसे 11 दिनों में 9 पाउंड कम करें!)।” तो, उत्पाद समीक्षा के अंत में आपका कॉल टू एक्शन इस तरह दिखेगा (यदि हम वजन घटाने वाले उत्पाद का प्रचार कर रहे थे) उदाहरण: 
  • “फैट लॉस 4 इडियट्स की जाँच करने के लिए, उनकी वेबसाइट पर जाएँ: http://YourAffiliateID.4idiots और जानें कि कैसे आप केवल 11 दिनों में 9 पाउंड वजन कम कर सकते हैं!”

 चरण 6 

  • अपने समीक्षा ब्लॉग पर ट्रैफ़िक लाना होगा। आप केवल अपनी साइट पर कोई ट्रैफ़िक नहीं चाहते, आप ‘लक्षित’ ट्रैफ़िक चाहते हैं। लक्षित ट्रैफ़िक वे विज़िटर हैं जो वास्तव में उस उत्पाद में रुचि रखते हैं, जिसकी आप समीक्षा कर रहे हैं। 
  • वे मूल रूप से आप जो पेशकश कर रहे हैं उसके लिए वे बाजार में हैं। 
  • यह आला मार्केटिंग की सुंदरता है। आप उन लोगों को ढूंढते हैं जिन्हें आप जो पेशकश कर रहे हैं उसकी आवश्यकता है और आप इसे केवल उन्हें देते हैं। 
  • यह आसान पैसा है, और आप एक ही समय में लोगों की मदद कर रहे हैं। अपने समीक्षा ब्लॉग पर लक्षित ट्रैफ़िक लाने का तरीका यह है कि इसके लिए लेख लिखें और उन्हें और पर सबमिट करें। 

ये आलेख निर्देशिका शीर्ष, सबसे लोकप्रिय हैं और खोज इंजनों पर बहुत अच्छी तरह से रैंक करते हैं, विशेष रूप से

  • यदि आप उन निच में लेख लिखते हैं, जिनका आप प्रचार कर रहे हैं, और आप कुछ अच्छी जानकारी देते हैं और निश्चित रूप से प्रत्येक लेख के अंत में अपने संसाधन बॉक्स में अपने समीक्षा ब्लॉग का लिंक शामिल करते हैं, तो आपके पास अपने ब्लॉग पर लक्षित ट्रैफ़िक होगा, जो बिक्री में परिवर्तित हो जाएगा, जिसका अर्थ है कि आप संबद्ध कमीशन अर्जित करेंगे! 

चरण 7

  • आपके ब्लॉग पर गुणवत्ता, लक्षित ट्रैफ़िक चलाने के अतिरिक्त तरीके शामिल हैं। इसमें बैक लिंक बिल्डिंग, सोशल नेटवर्किंग, अपने ब्लॉग को पिंग करना, पे-पर-क्लिक विज्ञापन के माध्यम से ट्रैफ़िक के लिए भुगतान करना, ट्रैफ़िक एक्सचेंज (इतना बढ़िया नहीं), ऑफ़लाइन विज्ञापन जैसे व्यवसाय कार्ड, वर्गीकृत विज्ञापन, पीला पृष्ठ, आदि  शामिल है (लेकिन यह सीमित नहीं है)। 
  • आप अपनी वेबसाइट पर जितनी अधिक लक्षित लीड प्राप्त करेंगे, आप उतनी ही अधिक बिक्री करेंगे। यह आसान है, और यह काम करता है। 

ये लो। संबद्ध उत्पादों का विपणन करने के लिए समीक्षा ब्लॉग बनाने का यह सरल, अभी तक प्रभावी तरीका कुछ भी खर्च नहीं करना है और संभावित रूप से असीमित आय अर्जित कर सकते हैं। 

  • आप अपने ब्लॉग पर कितना ट्रैफ़िक लाते हैं और रूपांतरण दर के आधार पर, आप इस सटीक मॉडल का उपयोग करके प्रति माह $20,000 या उससे अधिक का व्यवसाय बना सकते हैं। शुभकामनाएँ और मैं आपके ब्लॉग्गिंग की सफलता की कामना करता हूँ। अब जाओ और कुछ पैसे कमाओ!


2022 में ब्लॉग क्यों शुरू करना चाहिए? | 2022 Mein Blogging Kyon Shuru Karna Chahiye?

Internet Entrepreneurs

Become A Digital Entrepreneur: Think and Grow Rich for Internet Entrepreneurs

Become A Digital Entrepreneur: Think and Grow Rich for Internet Entrepreneurs

Become A Digital Entrepreneur: Think and Grow Rich for Internet Entrepreneurs, Think and Grow Rich for Internet Entrepreneurs. “Learn how to develop a winner’s mindset on the Internet Marketing platform and become successful in the fastest time possible!”

1:  Develop That Winning Mentality TODAY! 

  • Welcome to “Think and grow rich for Internet Entrepreneurs”! In this article, you will learn the essential factors that separate the boys from the men when it comes to Internet marketing. It is astonishing to know that the majority of people online are not making money. Most of them are probably not even recovering a fraction of their investment!

Pardon me for being brutally honest here, but the majority of them fail is because they do NOT desire success badly enough! 

  • Most of them DO succeed is because when they want something badly enough, they will find the means to obtain success no matter what! In this, we will talk about a few essential factors that will give anyone (even total newbies on the Internet) important principles that will turn you from a whimpering, small-time site owner into a massive Internet juggernaut! 

We will talk about:

  • The importance of having the right mindset as well as choosing the right vehicle  What the success blueprint is all about by choosing the right business models that work.
  • The roadmap that you or anyone can use to achieve Internet marketing riches by applying this 4-step system.
  •   The many pitfalls that people do all the time So without further ado, let’s get started and learn all about the winning mindset immediately!

2: Mindset & Vehicle Develop the Winning Mindset 

  • Everything major plan or big business has a birthplace that is from the mind (the source where every action flows out from).
  • Before you jump into the Internet marketing scene, one of the first things that you must fine-tune is your mindset. But what does it mean to develop the right mindset? 

Here are a few suggestions:  

Making money online is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. 

  • You don’t just ‘dump money’ into some marketing scheme hoping to get money in return.

1. You must invest time into your education.

  •  Depending on your aptitude, you don’t just read an book or two and expect to become an Internet marketing expert. After all, how long did it took you to get your university degree? 

 2. You must invest time for trial and error. 

  • No one gets it ‘right’ on the first try. You must be prepared for failures and mistakes. Learn from them and make sure you get up and fight again!  

3. You must be prepared to put up with negative people. 

  • There are many in the world out there who do not believe that it is possible to make money online.
  • When you put your plans into action, you will face resistance from your beer-drinking buddies, your family members or even your BOSS! If you don’t have the endurance, you will succumb to the pressure.  

4. You must be prepared to go all the way. 

  • An Internet marketing business is just like any other business in the ‘offline’ world. If you are not prepared to go all the way, you will give up halfway because you have put in a halfhearted attitude into your business. Remember the golden rule: how badly do you want success? 

Choosing The Right Vehicle

  • Another thing that you must remember is that it is not enough to have the winning mindset alone.
  • You must have the right vehicle to take you there. For example: if you are wanted to get from one state in the U.S. to another, you will need to have the right vehicle to take you there. You can choose to ride a plane, drive a car or walk.

Of course it would be absurd to walk. But that is what people do in their Internet marketing business! They do not choose the best (or cost effective) vehicle to get them there!

  •  They have the right mindset alright. And they are probably so fired up and positive that they don’t care how long it takes them to arrive at their destination. 
  • It is also no different from natives who are all riled up about defending their homeland against invaders, but if they don’t have guns, their axes, spears and shields are not going to save them no matter how valiantly they fight (against the enemy’s gunpowder)! Make no mistake about this. 
  • Taking too long to reach the destination is no different from failing.
  • We must not delude ourselves into thinking that it takes time to build a business when we should be making money after a couple of months. Some people spent years reading ‘make money online’ books without making a single cent from the Internet. 

They convince themselves that they are still in the learning and education phase but they don’t take action! 

  • Sure it takes time to build a solid business, but any money that you are not making means you’ve ‘lost’ money because that is the money that you SHOULD be earning instead of wasting your time with things that don’t work.
  • We will talk about choosing a proven business model.

But for now, suffice for us to know that we must have: 

  • The success mentality 
  • The right vehicle to bring us to success!

3: The Success Blueprint Find a proven business model

  • There are currently many business models running on the Internet. As a newbie, your goal is to start making money as fast as possible while taking as little time as possible to achieve it. This is your vehicle to success! Look for a business model that people have already made money from. 

Here are a few suggestions:

 Resell Rights

  • How you can sell other people’s products and keep 100% of the profit while getting viral marketing traffic at the same time.

Private Label Rights

  • Brand yourself by having 100% ready to go products in your own name! 

Product Launches

  • How to conduct a five figure launch properly. 

Niche Marketing

  • Find good niche markets to make money online 

Google AdWords

  • A complete Google AdWords blue print to help you maximize your Pay-per-click campaigns 

Making Sales With Graphics

  • How to use graphics to enhance your sales letters.

These are just a few examples that you can check out.

  • Remember that no matter what business model you choose, always remember to think long term, work hard (and smart) and bring value to your customers.

Don’t Try And Reinvent The Wheel

  •  One common mistake newbies make when it comes to Internet marketing is to try things that might not work. 
  • They come up with their own ways to make money online but what they don’t realize is that many marketers have already perfected the formula of making money online that all they need to do is emulate what they are doing.
  • Most newbies fail because they spend too much trial and error and they get discouraged because they do not see the results.
  • The best way is to pick a marketer that is already making money and just follow their systems (or invest in their packages) at the very least, you can get a refund within 30 days if it doesn’t work (but don’t use the refund policy as a way out just because you are LAZY).

4: Four Steps To Success! 

  • Here is a four-step process that anyone can follow to become successful online:

1. Find a skill

  • The easiest way to make money online is to ‘sell’ a skill. This skill could be any form of service that you can provide to help other marketers save time, save money and save effort. 

Here are a few examples:


  • You can become a ghostwriter, copywriter or blogger and sell your skills to other marketers,

Graphics Design

  • You can create powerful E-covers for E-books or graphic banners for mini-sites  


  • You can help people if you are good with programming (e.g. script installation, testing, and website setup)  


  • Help other people to recruit affiliates for their product launches If you want to develop the winning mindset, make sure you work hard by serving others first even if the pay is low or you are required to sacrifice time (and sometimes, money) in order to develop your skill and build your clientele.

2. Create Your Own Product

  •  After you develop enough expertise with your skills, you can turn your skills into a product.
  • The most important thing to remember is that your skill must be something that brings value to others.
  • If you can bring value to others and monetize it, others will most probably want to learn from you as well.
  • Once you teach others how to monetize their skill, you will have a product that will impart your expertise to others.
  • For example: a product that teaches people “how to make money with copywriting” 

3. Create A Business

  • Once you are able to combine all your products together and develop your very own system, you have a business running already. 
  • The important thing to remember about a business is that you must have a holistic approach when it comes to business building. 

Don’t just focus on your primary skill alone. 

  • Try and outsource other tasks to other people. 
  • For example, if your strength is in writing, your business must not only include writing but many other aspects such as graphics, tutorials, and even a helpdesk to help you answer questions. At the end of the day, you need a complete system to market your business. 

4. Automating Your Business

  •  If your business is taking up too much of your time, the best thing you can do is to try and automate your business by letting others run it for you.
  • Basically, you still maintain ownership of your business (and revenue, of course). But what you must do is to train up people who are capable of running the business for you.
  • By the time your business is successful enough to be automated, you can hire people who are smarter than you to run it for you.
  •  The trade-off is that you have to pay them a lot of money, but the best thing you have is more free time. When you buy people’s time with your money, you effectively remove the shackles that your business has on your time and you can use that time to invest in another business. 

Remember the golden rule: Think BIG and think long term.

5: Pitfalls

  •  Here are a few pitfalls that any serious Internet entrepreneur must avoid: 

Waiting For Things To Happen 

  • If you truly want to develop a ‘think and grow rich’ mindset, you must remember that every successful entrepreneur is an ACTION TAKER. Many make the mistake of building a beautiful website and a product, but they just sit around all day hoping sales will come. This is WRONG.

You must never sit around and wait for things to happen. 

  • Rather, you must go out there are recruit partners, make friends and most important of all – DRIVE TRAFFIC!
  • Dealing With Machines Instead Of Humans Another common mistake by Internet marketing newbies – is that they do not spot the hottest trends. 

You see, some people are sadly mistaken because they assume that Internet marketing is all about dealing with ‘machines’.

  • At the core of it, the very people who are going to be your customers (or the people who are going to click on your advertisements) are HUMAN BEINGS.
  • We have to apply the proper psychology when we are dealing with them. Dealing with humans requires the human touch.
  • Are you just writing articles for PEOPLE to read or are you just writing articles to please the search engines?

Not Being Focused 

  • There are Internet marketers out there who try every traffic generation method in the book but they are not focusing on one.
  • They try driving in traffic from blogs, search engines, AdWords, viral marketing, and everything under the sun, but they are not focused.
  • It is better to have ONE traffic generation method driving LOTS of traffic compared to 10 traffic generation methods that produce less than one focused method because dabbling with many methods often does not produce concentrated results.

6: It’s All About Your Belief

  • If you are truly serious about growing rich on the Internet, you must be willing to pay the price!
  • Are you:  Prepared to make the necessary sacrifices for you to achieve your goals?
  • Are you willing to spend long hours in front of the computer so that you can reap the rewards in the end?  
  • Do you have the guts to persevere all the way even though negative people around you laugh at your dreams?  
  • Are you willing to provide value for other people and put aside the ‘what’s in it for me mentality?  
  • Are you willing to think big?
  • Are you prepared to run your online business like a CEO rather than a part-time venture?  

Do you BELIEVE in yourself? 

  • What the mind can conceive, you will be able to achieve. So you must be able to visualize yourself as a success and go all the way. 

Most important of all, you must BELIEVE in yourself… because no one is going to believe in you if you don’t.

Internet Marketing- Part: 1

The 10 Big Internet Marketing Methods-Part: 2

The 10 Big Internet Marketing Methods-Part: 2

The 10 Big Internet Marketing Methods-Part: 2

You should be flexible in learning new strategies and trends to keep up with your competition. The 10 Big Internet Marketing Methods-Part: 2. Now that you know what internet marketing is and all the good and bad that comes with it, you will now learn the marketing methods that online businesses have been using to promote their services and products to the global marketplace.

The following methods that will be discussed further in the next few passages are: 

  1. Affiliate marketing 
  2. Article marketing 
  3. E-mail marketing 
  4. Blog marketing 
  5. Pay per click ads or PPC 
  6. Search engine optimization or SEO 
  7. Pop-up ads 
  8. Banner ads 
  9. Social media marketing 
  10. Mobile marketing

These internet marketing methods are not equal at all.

Each of them has strategies to reach a target market and will produce varying results based on your goal, marketing pitch, and relationship with your customer. Whether you are going to market your website or choose to get involved in affiliate marketing, you are most likely going to use a couple of these methods at various times. 

Remember, what you earn in this industry is always proportionate to all the effort and time you have invested in developing your website.

Now let’s proceed to the juicy part of this subject. In the next few pages, you will learn each of the internet marketing methods mentioned above. You will get to know what they are, what they do, how they work, and why they are effective. 

1. Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing is an online practice wherein a business rewards an affiliate for the visitors or customers brought in by his marketing efforts.
  • The rewards are either cash or gifts and are given for either an offer completion or site referral. In this process, there are four players – the merchant, network, publisher and customer.
  • Recently, this market has grown complex with the secondary players like affiliate management agencies, third party vendors (specialized) and super-affiliates.
  • It works by simply using the affiliate’s website to drive traffic to the merchant’s own site or to allow visitors to be forwarded to the merchant’s main web page.

Basically, this is also what we can call revenue sharing between the online merchants and online affiliates. 

  • The compensation given to the affiliates depend on how many user clicks, sales or registrations were made on the merchant’s website via their own. 
  • Affiliate marketing enables the automation of the advertising processes and the payment for desired actions.
  • Merchants have preferred this internet marketing strategy because it is a “pay per performance” model, where they do not incur any expenses for marketing their products unless the affiliate produces the results they need.
  • Affiliate marketing can also be translated as a type of business relationship where you, as an affiliate, promote a merchant’s services which is different from yours. 

This means that you do not need to have your own product in order to venture into affiliate marketing.

  • You only need to promote your business provider’s services and products. 
  • This is how it works – you need to have a web page that contains a link that directs your users or visitors to the main page or online store of the merchant.
  • When one of your site visitors clicks on that link and purchases something from the merchant’s website, you will get a sort of commission or a referral fee. 
  • This way you are the one driving traffic to your merchant’s website through your own web page.
  • The merchant will pay you whenever a visitor from your site buys something or signs up for something on their site. 
  • One merchant is allowed different affiliate links and all of them will direct the users to its website.
  • Another strategy that works in affiliate marketing is the use of web page codes or web cookies. 
  • This is actually a very interesting way to still profit even if your visitor clicks on the affiliate link and does not purchase from the merchant’s site at once.

How does this work? 

  • The moment a user clicks on the link, a cookie is stored in his computer, indicating that he or she visited the merchant’s site and recording your page as the one that referred him to that website.
  • If, let’s say a couple of weeks later, the user finally decides to buy something from the merchant’s online store and types the web address of the merchant directly into his browser, the cookies stored in his computer will still recognize the purchase as a referral from your affiliate link, allowing you to receive a compensation from the merchant. 
  • Note that cookies have expiration, so you must read the affiliate program’s terms carefully to check the life span of these cookies.
  • The success of affiliate marketing has also paved way for the rise of many online companies such as, which now has thousands of affiliates. 

2. Article Marketing

  •  Article marketing is an online advertising strategy used by many businesses to market their websites, products or services by writing short articles that are related to their industry.
  • It is the practice of posting these keyword-focused writings on article syndication sites that have a good readership following. 

These articles will then be distributed and published in the marketplace.

  • Many opine that article marketing is an essential element in any internet marketing strategy.
  • These articles have the intention of providing information and entertainment to online users.
  • Typically these articles have a resource box or bio box that indicates the references and contact information of the writer’s business. 
  • Articles that are well-researched and written are usually released and distributed for free in order for the business to gain more credibility within the market. 
  • Through these articles, a website or online business will be able to attract more new clients.
  • Internet marketers usually submit the articles to several article directories in order to maximize the results of their online campaign. 
  • In order to avoid the filtering process of the internet for duplicate content, internet marketers attempt what we call article spinning or article rewriting and rewording to give certain variations to the original article. 

Through this, the article can acquire site visitors coming from several websites for article directories.

  • Getting your article to be featured in niche blogs or focused content websites that are managed by others is a good and popular strategy in terms of article marketing.
  • If you are a guest blogger on these websites, you will be able to introduce your business to an interested audience that may have been otherwise unreachable. 
  • The common practice in internet publishing is to have your articles use relevant keywords and catchy titles with around 250 to 500 words in the body.
  • If you incorporate the keywords or keyword phrases in your articles, it is possible to get more search engine traffic. 

Which, among the hundreds of article directories, should you submit your articles to?

  • This is actually one of the most tedious tasks in this marketing method. 
  • Today, businesses and experts usually outsource their article marketing methods including the submission process. 
  • The most popular article directories that are recommended include EzineArticles, IdeaMarketers and GoArticles.
  • Article marketing can also help you generate leads that you can include in your e-mail list. 

In writing your articles, you must give the readers an offer so irresistible that it will prompt them to visit your website and sign up for your services. 

  • Once you have their information, you can start creating a sales-winning partnership with them.
  • Failing to do this will not give you another chance to sell to your leads.
  • Among the best offers you can give your readers may include quizzes, special reports on a certain topic, free consultation sessions or free book chapters. 
  • This way, your readers will be enticed to provide you with their e-mail addresses that you can use to further send marketing news and information about your website. 
  • Overall, the most important factor in article marketing is to get people to visit your website and sign up or purchase one of your services.
  • Writing articles that are accurate, specific and helpful will attract more potential leads or clients.

3. E-mail Marketing

  •  This is one of the most cost-efficient methods of internet marketing that promotes your business.
  • In order to execute an effective and successful e-mail campaign, you need the right information to achieve your desired results. 
  • E-mail marketing is a direct marketing method that makes use of e-mails to communicate a commercial message to your target market.
  • It is the process of sending messages to your previous or current customers in order to encourage them to do business with you again and in turn enhance your business relationship with them.
  • E-mail marketing is also used to acquire new clients and convince your current customers to buy something at once.

There are several advantages in using this type of internet marketing.

  •  For one, almost all internet users have e-mail accounts that they check regularly.
  • With this form of communication, advertisers can easily reach those who have signed up to receive regular communications regarding subjects that interests them.
  • It is cost-effective and has a short impact time. 
  • E-mail marketing can be categorized into three types: direct e-mail, intermediary e-mail and retention e-mail.
  • Direct e-mail usually is an email message with commercial sales content.
  • They are usually sent to customers who have previously used a certain product or service or to potential clients in your target audience who might enjoy and benefit from the service you are offering. 

Direct mail marketing may make use of a company’s e-mail list or a purchased or shared e-mail list or a list that is acquired from a third party service.

  • These third party services may already know which audience can be target through e-mail marketing or they may conduct an analysis to find out which e-mail addresses will bring the highest conversion or responses for your business. 
  • Retention e-mail or newsletter mail on the other hand, are designed and written for promotional use.
  • They aim to provide a long-term impact to the customer’s mind, thus, their content is more than a sales message. The retention mail specifies the benefits of the products or services that a company offers in a more informative format.
  • Intermediary e-mail is a message sent by a company delegated by the main provider to send out advertising and marketing e-mails to a list of subscribers that is usually owned by the intermediary company. 

In order to be successful in e-mail marketing, you must always use all relevant information that is necessary for your business.

  • You may send messages to your customers if you find that they will benefit from what you are about to offer them.
  • In sending these e-mails, you must also write an informative and straight forward headline in order to grab your customer’s attention.
  • Before sending out your e-mail, check the message and use both text and HTML formats to make sure that your message will be received and read, or you may include options to view your mail in these formats. 

4. Blog Marketing

  • Blogs have become one of the useful platforms for internet marketing.
  • Subscribers of a blog usually sign up to receive content on a regular basis and since most subscribers remain loyal when they receive relevant and useful information, a strong following and readership will be a good way to reach these potential customers and get them to either sign up or purchase a service from your business. 
  • Blogs have continuously reached their targets most of the time, making them a very effective way to market one’s services or products. 

Blog marketing, as the name suggests, is done via a web blog through a series of weekly or daily posts about a certain topic. 

  • A lot of businesses have used blogs to communicate and interact with their customers while featuring their services. 
  • Organizations have also used blogs to share and review a product’s features and benefits prior to their official launch. 
  • They also pave way for companies to gather or receive feedback from the consumers in order to confirm if their services and products meet the expectations of their clients.

Since blog marketing focuses on interaction with online users, you may also start blogging in order to market your product line to get more exposure to the cyber market.

  • However, you will have to write and design a blog that will stand out from your competitors.
  • This way, your blog will also gain more popularity, making more websites want to link to it.
  • The more websites linking to your blog, the more traffic and profit you will get. 
  • You must always remember to give your audience or target subscribers a reason to always visit your blog.
  • If your subscriber leaves any comments, be sure to send them a thank you e-mail.
  • Hold small contests every now and then where you can give away discounts and coupons to your subscribers.
  • You may also ask your followers to post the link of your blog to their own websites in exchange for free product samples.

 5. Pay-per-click or PPC 

  • PPC or Pay-per-click advertisements, also known as Cost Per Click, are used to bring in traffic to websites where advertisers provide compensation to the hosting site whenever their ad is clicked. 

There are two models for determining how much is to be paid per click – flat-rate and bid-based rate.

  • In both models, advertisers consider the value of a click from a certain source where such value depends on the type of customer that the company is targeting and what can be gained from his or her visit (which is usually revenue).
  • If you currently have a running website or a blog and would like to earn extra profit, you can try this internet marketing method. Put in pay-per-click ads on your blog or web page and merchants will pay you a percentage every time your visitors click on them.
  • One of the most popular PPC is Google Adsense. It is very easy to add this to your blog and more so if you use Blogger which is also managed by Google. 

Adsense displays a number of advertisements that target a specific audience on your blog.

To sign up for pay-per-click ads like Google Adsense, you will need to complete an online form as your official application. 

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  •  Whenever you search for a topic on Google, Yahoo or MSN, you usually get pages and pages of websites that have the keywords you typed in the search bar. 
  • The primary reason for this is Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization allows a website to become search engine friendly, making it rank higher on search results compared to other websites that have the same keyword contents.
  • Usually, these search engines read and archive sites regularly so that they can be found easily whenever a search is performed by a user.
  • For example, if a user types in “parenting” in the search bar and your website is about the same topic and is optimized properly, your website will appear in the first page of the search results. 

Basically, SEO makes your website easier for these search engines to understand.

  • Its goal is to increase your website’s rank in the search results that will in turn bring in more traffic to your site.
  • Remember, the more traffic you get, the more potential for profit you will have. 
  • On-site and off-site factors are the ones that can determine your search engine rankings.
  • On-site factors include your page content and your title heading. Off-site factors like pages that link to your site, words used to link to your page and how long such link has existed also come into play.
  • It is important that you focus on your site’s SEO continuously because if you get good search engine rankings consistently, you will always have free traffic. 

7. Pop-up Ads 

  • During your internet surfing time, you probably have come across many of these pop-up ads.
  • These are advertisement windows that appear once you visit a website.
  • Their aim is to generate traffic or simple capture your e-mail address. 
  • Many people have found this internet marketing method quite annoying since it disrupts them from getting information from the website they are viewing. 

However, these ads, intrusive as they have been tagged, also have certain advantages.

  • For one, they are much more effective than banner ads. 
  • They pull up a 15% click through rate while the banners only yield a mere 3%. Pop-up ads also are effective and gives a click through percentage of 6.5.
  • Since they are more effective than banner ads, they also cost you a lot more.
  • However, the return on investment with the use of these ads is much higher. 
  • Furthermore, when this ad is the only window on the page, there will be no other images that will conflict with the brand that you are selling.
  • In the recent years though, these advertising methods have become less popular due to the development of pop-up blockers. 

8. Banner Ads

  • A banner ad is basically a graphic, text or an image displayed on websites that aim to promote a company’s product or service.
  • They are actually small HTML codes, but their importance in internet marketing and business is significant.
  • Banner ads vary in sizes and orientation but will often come in rectangular shape and are 486 x 60 pixels high (full banner). 

There is actually no universal rule when it comes to banner ad file sizes, but the size will still depend on the website where it will be displayed.

  • These sites impose certain limits to banner sizes since it adds up to the total size of the web page they are displayed on, thereby resulting to more waiting times while the page loads on a browser. 
  • Due to the banner ads’ graphic elements, you may find these ads somehow similar to those you see in printed media such as magazines and newspapers. 

However, these banner ads have the ability to direct the user to the advertiser’s main web page.

  • If you are interested in displaying or posting a banner on a certain website, you can arrange with the publisher to have your banner posted or pay a banner network to post the ad on a number of websites. 
  • You may also arrange with the publisher to simply display their ads on your site in exchange for them displaying your banner ads. 

9. Social Media Marketing

  •  Social media marketing is basically the process of marketing your business through social media portals such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  • This allows for businesses to have a more personal and dynamic interaction and connection with their clients and potential customers.
  • Strategies in social media marketing can be as simple as maintaining a blog, a Facebook or Twitter account or attaching “tweet this” icons to the end of your articles or ads.
  • It can also be as complex as having a full campaign that includes blogging, social networking, tweeting and spreading viral videos.

As marketing is the process of informing consumers what your business is, who you are and what your products are, social media further helps in introducing your business to a global network of possible customers. 

  • The use of social media to prove a business’ identity and to create business relationships with people who do not have the chance be aware of your products and services is a highly recommended option in internet marketing. 
  • Moreover, it is an avenue that can be accessed by anyone who has an internet connection and is an inexpensive way to implement your marketing strategies and business campaigns. 

10. Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile marketing has been a concept that has attained various definitions.
  • It is primarily described to be the marketing strategy that makes use of mobile media to communicate with a target market.
  • Recently a more updated definition was given by the Mobile Marketing Association, saying that mobile marketing is actually a combination of practices that gives organizations the ability to engage, communicate and interact with their audience through a mobile device or network. 
  • To use this medium, you will need to set up a short code and have your customers register to receive your SMS or text messages.
  • Mobile optimization will also make sure that your website is displayed correctly on a mobile phone browser. 
  • Search engine optimization has undergone many changes that made internet marketers become more interested in the mobile version of changes that made internet marketers become more interested in the mobile version of their optimized websites compared to the traditional website optimization. 

Most mobile phones today have internet access or wireless capabilities.

  • These devices have provided more flexibility on both the business and consumer’s ends in terms of receiving and sending data related to the products or services which a company offers.
  • The most typical types of mobile marketing include the use of MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service, Bluetooth technology, Infrared and Mobile Internet.
  • Marketing through a mobile device is now a trend in many developed countries where almost everyone has a mobile phone. 
  • This is also a more cost-effective method of promoting your business and is much easier for most age groups to understand. 

More time is now spent online with the use of these devices, making your business available to consumers who are always on the go and would still want to receive updates from your end.

  • In MMS mobile marketing, a slideshow of text and images that may include a video or audio is a perfect way to capture a potential customer’s attention effectively.
  • The ad is delivered via MMS. 
  • The use of Bluetooth technology in marketing makes use of radio-based frequencies to transfer data at higher speeds.
  • Infrared, on the other hand, is a bit limited, as its frequency range only reaches as far as 1 meter.
  • Mobile marketing is a new way to ensure customer awareness and boost your sales.
  • With all the new smartphones, tablets, and modern mobile devices, mobile marketing is destined to progress in the years to come. 

All the major internet marketing methods have been discussed in detail in this guide. It is now up to you to choose which one you prefer, however, remember the things that you need to have to succeed – good research, a positive mindset, and attitude, diligence, patience, and focus. All the best.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing- Part: 1

Internet Marketing- Part: 1

Welcome to the world of Internet Marketing! This guide is designed especially for those who are new to the world of internet marketing or IM as some may call it. With this guide, you will be introduced to the basic policies of this industry and also to the much higher-end and more complex systems of internet marketing.

However, before reading this guide, open your mind to the enormous possibilities of the marketing world.

  • At some point, you may find some of the things that will be discussed too complicated for you in the beginning.
  • However, these topics and pieces of knowledge will all fall into place and will further help you understand this systematic way of marketing.
  • In the long run, this will guarantee your overall success in this journey.
  • Just try to think of this mini-guide as a bunch of puzzle pieces that will eventually connect to give you a complete picture in the end. Sounds exciting? Great! Let’s begin….
Internet Marketing

What Is Internet Marketing? 

  • Internet marketing is now called so many other names – e-marketing, web marketing, marketing, digital marketing, online marketing, and the like.
  • However, in plain and simple language, it can be defined as the marketing of one’s products or services that a business or person offers through the use of the internet.
  • This type of marketing encompasses a very broad area of the subject as it also includes many types of marketing strategies like e-mail and wireless media marketing.
  • Under this general scope of internet marketing also falls the aspects of ECRM or electronic customer relationship management and digital customer data. 

Why is internet marketing a big advantage to many businesses? 

  • The worldwide web has given us many unique and essential benefits.
  • This technology enabled the entire world to be connected in a matter of seconds.
  • In terms of online businesses, the internet has provided a global portal in which goods and services can be sold and bought by almost anyone and in any part of the world.

With internet marketing, all types of businesses have enjoyed the lower costs of information dissemination and advertisements.

  • The internet’s interactive nature has benefited business marketing through instant responses and its ability to elicit them in the fastest way possible. 
  • Furthermore, internet marketing has tied together all the aspects of creativity, technicality, advertisement, sales, and product development.
  • With its inexpensive cost, internet marketing has also enabled businesses to save on their means of reaching their target market or audience.
  • Through a small fraction of the cost of traditional advertisements, businesses can further allow their customers to conduct research and eventually purchase their products most conveniently. 
  • This also makes them more appealing to their clients because they can provide results in a very short span of time.

Internet marketing has also allowed these businesses to measure their statistics in a much easier and inexpensive way.

  • Since almost all the aspects of this marketing type can be measured, tested, and traced through the use of ad servers, advertisers can easily use and observe their data as to which ads reap the most customer views or purchases. 
  • This way, online businesses will be able to determine which of their advertising messages are more appealing to their target customers.
  • The results of all their campaigns can be tracked right away since this marketing initiative simply requires a customer to click the ads, visit a certain website or perform a desired action like filling out a form or purchasing a product or service. 
  • Now as a beginner in the world of internet marketing, you will be responsible for the task of bringing in potential clients by providing them the services or the company that suits their needs or preferences in various internet venues.
  • You will help these customers find the product that they are looking for. The targets are the people who have computers with internet access. 

Entrepreneurs like you can visit your online store anytime.

  • Consumers can also do the same whenever they want. The future of the world wide web is so bright with its projected online consumer traffic reaching almost 60% and over 80% of these customers shopping online.

So if you are determined to make it successful for you, you may just find yourself enjoying the benefits of having an online business that will give you more profit in the long run.

  • With that said, internet marketing brings you many advantages of incurring minimal costs in starting up your business including cheaper advertising options, a global marketplace, becoming your own boss, promoting stuff that you are passionate about and profiting from these passions along the way.
  • Sounds amazing doesn’t it?
  • Though there are many benefits from internet marketing, it does come with its own share of risks and investments.
  • You must understand that this process will not let you rake in a lot of cash quickly.
  • Your time, diligence, persistence and passion for learning more are very important in your success in internet marketing. 

Those who think that this is a get-rich-quick scheme are bound to be disappointed.

  • Though many businesses have become extremely successful, you will find that those who have failed in this venture have simply wished to become overnight millionaires.
  • The realities of a physical business are still applicable to your online store, including tax payments, customer services and even hiring employees. 

Furthermore, it is important that you know that starting an online business is not free.

  • There are costs that may be less than what will be used in building a physical business, but you will still have to shell out for web design, software, hosting, domains and advertising costs.
  • Another reality of having an online business is site downtime.
  • Yes, your site may go down due to technical difficulties or glitches, and this will probably bring a lot of frustration not just on your part but also on the customers’ end. 
  • Every single minute or second that your site is unavailable to visitors and potential customers, you will be losing money. You need to be prepared for this. 

Furthermore, you cannot just rely on a certain system and have it run on autopilot to generate profit.

  • Technology changes and the industry evolves rapidly, making any “autopilot system” that is supposed to generate cash a complete lie.
  • A marketing tactic that worked for someone in the past may not work for you at all in the future.
  • Therefore, it is very important to keep yourself updated with new technologies and marketing trends. 

The competition will always be around so if you do not keep yourself informed and you do not work hard, you will not stand out in the crowd.

  • You have to make an impact! Work hard because if not, you can be sure that one of your competitors is out there doing so.
  • Besides, if you want your business to be a long-term investment, your first profits should go back to your site’s services and advertising efforts. 

Maximize your profits and do not just cash out your first earnings.

  • It will also be helpful to learn about taxation and other related laws that affect this industry.
  • This way, you know what your tax and legal advantages are once you set up your business.
  • This will also help in protecting your assets, thus, it should never be overlooked.
  • With all these realities in mind, you will need to be very determined to stand out in this industry.
  • Internet marketing is not for the person who likes simple routines. 
  • Now that you know what internet marketing is and all the good and bad that comes with it, you will now learn the marketing methods that online businesses have been using in order to promote their services and products to the global marketplace.
Internet Marketing

The following methods that will be discussed further in the next few passages are: 

  1. Affiliate marketing 
  2. Article marketing 
  3. E-mail marketing 
  4. Blog marketing 
  5. Pay per click ads or PPC 
  6. Search engine optimization or SEO 
  7. Pop-up ads 
  8. Banner ads 
  9. Social media marketing 
  10. Mobile marketing

These internet marketing methods are not equal at all.

  • Each of them have strategies to reach a target market and will produce varying results based on your goal, marketing pitch and relationship with your customer.
  • Whether you are going to market your own website or choose to get involved in affiliate marketing, you are most likely going to use a couple of these methods at various times. 

Remember, what you earn in this industry is always proportionate to all the effort and time you have invested in developing your website.

  • Now let’s proceed to the juicy part of this subject.
  • In the next article, you will learn each of the internet marketing methods mentioned above. You will get to know what they are, what they do, how they work and why they are effective.

इंटरनेट बाज़ार का भविष्य | संचार का अवसर | Internet Marketing

The Best Nutrients For A Healthy Heart

The Best Nutrients For A Healthy Heart

The Best Nutrients For A Healthy Heart

Your Heart & Nutrition. Discover- The Best Nutrients For A Healthy Heart. There is a growing number of fatalities that are attributed to heart diseases and thus the need arises for all humans to be well informed and concerned with this growing unhealthy state. Several changes can be made in an individual’s life to try and control this condition from occurring in one’s lifetime. Get all the info you need here.

The Best Nutrients For A Healthy Heart
The Best Nutrients For A Healthy Heart

1: Preventive Steps To Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease 

The following are some of the steps that can be taken to ensure the possibility of a heart disease condition from occurring:

The Basics 

  • The most obvious and often disregarded rule would be to not smoke as this is not only a bad habit to form it is also a deadly one. Records have shown that those who have made the conscious effort to stop smoking have been able to bring down and even eliminate their chances of suffering from heart diseases. 
  • Keeping the cholesterol levels low and manageable is also another important exercise to consider as high blood cholesterol is a condition that increases the risks of developing coronary heart disease.
  • This is caused by the narrowing of the arteries thus inhibiting the flow of blood to the heart. Ideally, the cholesterol levels should be below 200mg/dl; LDL cholesterol below 130mg/dl, and HLD above 35mg/dl.

2: Role Of Nutrition In Heart Disease Treatment

  •  There are several issues related or connected to the occurrences of the heart disease condition in an individual and having all the necessary facts to help make the right decisions when it comes to medically prescribed supplements, nutrition, and just the general diet should be given due consideration. 

How does It work?

  •  It has been noted that a lot of the less than desirable heart conditions are usually brought on by the lack of proper nutrition in the diet plan of an individual.
  • Therefore when taking precautions to avoid this disease the nutritional overall content in the diet plan accompanied with the needed medical prescriptions, if needed, should be well balanced. 

Some of the points that should be noted when designing such a diet plan would be as follows: 

  • The avoidance of processed foods should be one of the priorities given as these foods can cause some nutrition intakes to become useless to the overall body’s benefit.
  • These foods often come with a high content of sodium which usually reacts in a counterproductive manner in the body’s system.  

These may include salad dressings, frozen dinner which was originally touted as being nutritious, peanut butter, and many other supposedly healthy additions to the diet plan. 

  • Keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum is also another important practice to consider, as it often interferes with the nutritional balance in the diet plan and causes a lot of good properties in the plan to be nullified. 
  • Potassium supplements are often encouraged to be included in the nutritional diet plan, however, items such as cheese and nuts should be taken in moderation. 
  • The combination of L-carnitine, Coenzyme Q10, Magnesium, and Vitamin E or otherwise known as the CCME combination has often been used as a good nutritional supplement for individuals having heart disease conditions. 

3: The Natural Remedy Enhance Heart Health 

  • It is not always necessary to treat heart conditions with medications and medical treatments as sometimes a change of diet and lifestyle can be just as effective.
  • Many natural remedies can be tried to control and even reverse the negative heart conditions to a better and healthier condition.


The following are some of the natural remedies that can be incorporated into the daily diet plan to ensure good heart health conditions: 

  • Consuming bran-based products can be beneficial to the overall health of the body system functions. 
  • As bran is high in fiber content it will help to keep the cholesterol levels in check, and these can be found in items such as Harley, oats, whole grains which include brown rice and lentils, beans such as kidney beans, and black beans. 
  • The monounsaturated sources of which olive oil is the prime candidate are a plus to include and can be a substitute when vegetable oils are unavailable. 
  • Peanut butter is also another surprising yet equally beneficial item to be consumed. 2 tablespoons will give the individual a good dose of 1/3 of the daily vitamin E needed.
  • However, weight watchers should not be overly enthusiastic about the consumption of this particular food item. 

Pecan nuts which are full of magnesium are another hearty friendly nutrient.

  • This can be used in salads or even in baked items as a flavored ingredient to enhance a particular dish. Besides providing the 1/3 daily nutritional needs it is also a very flavor enriched food item. 
  • Wine is often touted as a good item to consume for improved heart conditions, but this should be done in moderation as if not controlled it can and usually does cause the individual to go overboard and eventually become an alcoholic.
The Best Nutrients For A Healthy Heart

4: Vitamins For A Healthy Heart

  •  Through the course of trying to maintain healthy heart conditions, the individual should consider incorporating a good vitamin intake regimen into the daily diet plan thus effectively ensuring a better balance and optimal heat function possibilities.
  • This can be done quite easily with the right vitamin plan in place to cater to this need.


  •  Most essential heart vitamins should include the use of the vitamin B family elements. These vitamins serve specific functions and can significantly reduce the risk of developing heart diseases or keeping an already existing condition in check.

 In some cases, it has also played a significant role in eliminating the problem.

  •  Vitamin B plays a role in removing homocysteine from the blood which is the main cause of the arteries being damaged. Meat is one good source of this particular vitamin. 
  • Vitamin B also contributes to the reduction of cholesterol in the body system as do other vitamins which include vitamin E and C.

 Vitamins E and C provide the necessary antioxidants for the heart to function at an optimum level without being stressed with negative complications which are brought on by the inadequate diet and lifestyle plans. 

  • The antioxidants are the elements that remove the toxic byproducts of chemical reactions in the body system as these highly reactive chemicals that circulate within the system are the cause of most of the significant damage done to a healthy heart. It has also been known to assist in keeping certain cancers and premature aging in check. 
  • The vitamin E which is often gotten from the omega 3 oils does have a lot of cardio benefits if taken over some time as there is evidence that is can be good prevention rather than as an actual complete cure for the heart disease condition.
  • Thus in the quest to limit the problems that may arise and cause a healthy heart to deteriorate taking this vitamin will certainly help to ensure optimum functioning is prolonged. 

5: Nutritional Supplements Treating Heart Diseases

  •  Recently more patients are turning to nutritional supplements to help treat heart disease conditions as opposed to depending on medications.
  • This is because for some the nutritional supplements present a better option with fewer side effects as compared to the more conventional medical treatments, thus the popular use.

For Treatment

  •  The following is a guide to the nutritional supplements sources for treating heart disease conditions: 

Antioxidant vitamins – these would include the range of vitamins A, C, and E.

  • Taking such vitamins as supplements, for the intention of improving health conditions is something that is becoming very popularly advocated by most medical groups today.
  • This is done with the added effort to consciously control the blood pressure levels. 
  • However, it should be noted that the use of such antioxidant vitamins in the form of natural sources from food products should be taken as a whole and not depended upon solely without other more complete and complimenting additions. 
The Best Nutrients For A Healthy Heart

Omega-3 fatty Acids

  • This differs from the consumption of omega 3 fatty acids which are generally accepted as complete supplements in their various forms to be able to combat negative heart conditions or to help create ideally healthy heart conditions. 
  • This supplement which is predominantly derived from the consistent intake of fish does help to give the body system the much-needed omega-3 fatty acids to cater to the daily needs of the body. 


  • This natural element that is usually found in deep green leafy vegetables, fruits, and dried beans is also another important element that ensures good and healthy heart conditions. 
  • Vitamin B is the most dominant factor that is derived from this food source. Deficiency of this element will cause the blood vessels to sustain damage and blood clot formations to become rampant which will eventually put a constant strain on the heart condition. 

6: Getting Folic Acid For Heart Disease

 Recent studies have shown that consistent and controlled consumption of folic acid supplements can reduce the chances of developing heart disease and stroke conditions. Folic acid helps to reduce the levels of homocysteine in the body system of an individual.

A Natural Way

  •  Homocysteine is an amino acid in the blood which is often linked to the higher risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke or even peripheral vascular disease. 
  • With the regulated consumption of folic acid, it has been found that the homocysteine levels in the blood systems are affectively brought to a more manageable and even healthier level thus eliminating the possibility of causing heart problems. 
  • Being water-soluble vitamin folate is predominantly found in the vitamin B group. Some ideal dietary sources of folic acid would include dark green leafy vegetables, fortified breakfast cereals, enriched grain products, liver and some other organ meats, lightly cooked beans, peas, nuts and certain seeds, oranges, and grapefruits, sprouts, poultry, and whole wheat bread. 

The folate helps to produce and maintain the new cells and normalize red blood cell conditions. 

  • The homocysteine metabolism is kept in check with the maintenance of normal levels of the amino acid.
  • It has been established that the addition of proper folic acid amount into the daily diet plan has been able to adequately contribute to the reduction in the plasma concentrations, thus improving endothelial functions.
  • It is generally accepted that the controlled consumption of folic acid in its various form is a relatively inexpensive way of keeping the heart condition and its functions healthy and optimum. 

To date most studies conducted have shown that it does have some positive effect on heart conditions if consumed in a regulated manner.

  • It should be noted that the age of the individual is an important deciding factor in creating the ideal amounts that should be consumed on the daily basis, as an overdose of the folic acid intake can lead to other complications within the body system. 

7: Natural Fat Is Good For The Heart

 It was a previously popular belief that any fats are bad for the human body and in particular the heart. However new research has since disproven this fact and the current acknowledgment is that certain types of fats are not only good for the human body but are also very much an essential ingredient that contributes to overall good health conditions.

The Good Fats

  •  Understanding that not all fats are bad is a step in the right direction as it will help the individual to discern the negatives and positives of the different foods consumed.
  • It is a scientifically acknowledged fact that not all fats are alike. Some are good for health while others can contribute to negative body conditions such as raised blood cholesterol, cardiovascular ill health, and unnecessary weight gain. 

The following is a list of good fats that should be taken in moderation to ensure optimum heart conditions:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of polyunsaturated fat that can be found in fatty fish such as salmon, herring, sardines, and trout. Ideally, this should be consumed in three servings of 3 oz each per week. Other ideal sources of omega-3 fatty acids would include flaxseed, walnuts, and canola oil.  

As for the polyunsaturated fats in the omega-6 fatty acids group, the ideal source of these can be found in vegetable oils such as corn oil, safflower oil, sesame oil.

  • Soybean oil and sunflower oils. There is also the soft margarine source that should be Trans fat-free.
  • Walnuts sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, soy as in roasted soybeans, soy nuts butter, and tofu are all other alternative sources of omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Monounsaturated fats such as vegetable oils, olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, various types of nuts, and avocado are also other sources of good fats for the body. 

Wrapping Up

  •  Maintaining healthy body weight is something that all healthy people are conscious of doing regularly.
  • With the ideal weight in place, the various body systems do not have to be overworked and stressed to create the ideal functioning systems.
  • Obesity is a dominant contributor to abdominal adiposity which is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease.
  • Exercising regularly with an even and not overly stressful regiment would also allow the body to function at its optimum and not be stressed at any time.


Focus: 25 Tips Toward Boosting Your Confidence And Self-Esteem

Focus: 25 Tips Toward Boosting Your Confidence And Self-Esteem

Focus: 25 Tips Toward Boosting Your Confidence And Self-Esteem

Focus: 25 Tips Toward Boosting Your Confidence And Self-Esteem. Focus: Can it work for you? Are you doing exactly what you want to do in your life today? Have you attained every goal you ever set yourself?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then this article is probably not for you.

But wait! If you answered NO to these questions and your answers to the following questions are still NO, then you NEED this article.

  •  Do you find it EASY to concentrate and focus 100% on the task in hand?
  •  Is it SIMPLE for you to exercise self-discipline when you need to?
  •  Are you CONFIDENT when talking with peers, partners or even your kids?
  •  Have you LEARNT how the art of focus, confidence and self-discipline changes lives?
  •  Can you look yourself in the mirror SMILING about everything you’ve accomplished so far?
  •  Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut with the feeling that your life is going NOWHERE?
  •  Have you ever felt UNSURE about the steps you have taken, and continue to take in your life?
Focus: 25 Tips Toward Boosting Your Confidence And Self-Esteem

Are you EXACTLY where you want to be in life right now? No?

  • Don’t worry, and don’t feel bad. There are lots of other people just like you. People who have no direction, or they could possibly have a direction but just don’t know how to get there. I may just have the answer for you today. 
  • Everybody’s life has its ups and downs, but not everybody is aware that they can actually DO something themselves to turn things around.
  • Knowing how to focus, how to build up confidence and self-esteem, and knowing when to exercise self-discipline are HUGE steps toward a better life for yourself and those around you.
  • Ok, let’s get down to why you are REALLY reading this article. Let’s look at focus, confidence and self-discipline and see what we can do to make things work for you! 
Focus: 25 Tips Toward Boosting Your Confidence And Self-Esteem


  • Focus is a scary word to most people. 
  • What can it do for us? 
  • How can it help us? 
  • Can we program ourselves to focus? 

Focus, confidence, and self-discipline all work hand in hand with each other. 

  • Learning to focus can help us in many ways. It can help us realise what we really want in life, it can help us make good and informed decisions. It can also help us to accept ourselves just the way we are, without feeling the need to condemn ourselves or put ourselves down in any way, shape or form. 
  • Focus can help us gain confidence, power and happiness. Focus can also help us remain grounded and stay on track. Focus can change confusion into absolute knowledge and self-criticism into love for oneself. 

Always be aware that you Are able to focus on what you want, and to focus your thoughts on anything at all. 

  • Try it now by thinking about the dishes, now change your focus and think about your car. Switch focus again and think about a dog. It really is that easy to focus on whatever you want to focus on. 
  • We all need to learn to set aside time to be used on the one thing we want or need to focus on. It’s not a matter of “taking the time” to focus, but more a matter of “making the time”. If we are willing to make the time, we will focus a lot better on whatever it is you want/need to do. You ask me how I can possibly make time to focus with four demanding children, 3 dogs and a new house?

 Easy, I can stay up for an extra hour when all the kids are in bed and the house is quiet, and MAKE the time to focus on what I’m doing with absolutely no distractions at all. 

  • Oh, that’s right; you work too, so you’re too tired to stay up late. How about getting up half an hour early, before the madness at home begins?
  • Before you go to bed, get everything ready for your early morning “focus time” so that you don’t have to run around looking for it when you’re half awake. Of course, this means you have to have a plan of action ready beforehand. Decide when you are going to make time, and stick to it like glue. 

Don’t let ANYTHING take you away from that time.

  • Make sure you have everything you need all in one place, a room, or even a corner of a room where you can sit in peace.
  • Unplug the phone, turn off the television, and don’t even listen to quiet background music.
  • Whatever happens around you will distract you unless you learn how to focus. 
  • Sometimes it seems easier to just go along with these distractions than to focus on the end goal.
  • Remember, if you let yourself go along with the distractions, you are losing sight of your goals. 

Sharpen your vision of what you want or you WILL be at the mercy of your environment.

  • When you want something you have to decide EXACTLY what it is you want.
  • If you don’t know what you want, there’s no way on earth you’re going to be able to focus on it.
  • So you want to pass that driving test that you’ve taken and failed umpteen times, or you want to pass that really important exam in school. 
  • You might want to write a book, or build a website, run your own business, be a teacher or any number of different things. The main thing is you have to KNOW that’s what you want, and you have to set your aims high and demand yourself to focus on getting it. 

Once you decide what you want, you have to decide WHY you want it.

  • Visualize yourself in that brand new Mercedes or BMW, or in front of that school desk teaching the kids geography. 

The vision makes you feel good right?

  • So that’s why you want it, it feels good to do what you want to do, be who you want to be and own what you want to own. 
  • Visualization is a major part in being able to focus.
  • If you can actually see yourself in the position you want to be in, then it’s so much easier to focus on the task of getting there. 

Next thing you have to do is decide how you’re going to actually get what you want. 

  • What are you willing to sacrifice in the quest to get those great exam grades? 
  • What can you do without in order to start up your own business? 
  • How can you make your family life happier and more peaceful? 

Sit back and close your eyes, imagining what it will be like to have what you want in life, and think long and hard about what you can give up so that you can get there. 

  • Say you want a new sofa, but the only way you can get one is if you quit smoking. 
  • Envision the sofa, with you and your partner cuddling up on it. 
  • What colour is it? 
  • Is it big and fluffed up, or is it a small ultra-modern sofa? 
  • Focus on the sofa and want it badly enough, you WILL stop smoking so you can get it.
  • These are all small things and perfectly attainable with a little bit of focus, but what if you want bigger and better things than that?
  • Well then you set goals for yourself.
  • First overcome the exams, once that goal is reached go get that driving licence. 

Next you get a brand spanking new BMW. 

  • Keep setting goals; as soon as you reach the first one, move on to the next, staying focused all the time on what it is you want. 
  • Reaching that first goal will give you an incredible boost of confidence, which in turn will make it so much easier to get started on the next goal. 
  • The more goals you reach, the more confidence you will have in yourself and that will fuel the success of the next goal, and the next one after that, until there are endless possibilities for you. 

Start off by writing down each and every goal you WANT to reach in your lifetime. 

  • Then write a daily plan for the goal you want to reach first. Write the plan before you go to bed at night, it gives your brain time to take it all in and work with it. 

It’s amazing what the brain will do when we are sleeping. 

  • Also, writing the plan the night before helps free up that time during the next day so that you can purely sit and focus on the task at hand.
  • Make the plan a numbered list and cross each item off as you finish it.
  • You’ll be amazed at how quickly you get through it this way. 

Once you’ve reached the outcome you want, move on to your next goal following the same pattern as before.

  • If you find your thoughts wandering in your “focus time” take a break, write down your thoughts and put them away somewhere for future reference.
  • If you find there are multiple things you can do to attain your goals, figure out which of them is the one most likely to help you get there quickest. 

Put the others on hold, they may come in useful when you’re aiming for that next goal.

  • If you lock your focus and stick with it for as long as you have to, you WILL succeed.
  • If you stick to one thing, one goal, and focus on that, it’s virtually impossible to not reap the rewards of your actions.
Focus: 25 Tips Toward Boosting Your Confidence And Self-Esteem


  •  Before we start, please keep one thing in mind; Confidence and arrogance are two different things.
  • If you confuse the two, you will most certainly become a very unhappy person with very few real friends.

Arrogance is NOT a “quality” and it won’t help you reach your goals any faster.

  • Confidence in oneself, or the lack thereof is what stops people from getting tightly focused on what they want to achieve.
  • That little voice telling them they can’t do something is their biggest UN-motivator.

What can YOU do to gain confidence? 

25 tips toward boosting your confidence and self-esteem. 

1. Love Yourself:

  • This can take a bit of practice and looks funny, but try it, it works. When you wake up, give yourself a great big hug. Do the same when it’s time for sleep.
  • You’ve heard this said a million times before: “How can you expect others to love you if you don’t love yourself?”
  • It’s true. Practice the morning and evening hugs for 2 weeks, maybe 3 weeks if you’re the stubborn type, and you’ll see how well it works. 

2. Look in the mirror:

  •  Every time you pass a mirror, look into it and flash your biggest and best smile at yourself.
  • It might feel strange at first, but eventually, it’ll make you feel brilliant about yourself.
  • Tell yourself “Looking good!” or “Wow, I love me!” or similar phrases often enough to start believing it. 

3. Do things that make you feel good:

  •  This can be anything from listening to music, trekking in the Andes, doing some volunteer work, or even just taking a shower.
  • Anything that gives you a positive feeling about yourself works for this one. 

4. Listen to YOU:

  •  Face it. Nobody knows you better than you know yourself, no matter how many people try to tell you differently.
  • So if your body, mind, or gut is telling you something, then take notice of it, and don’t worry about what other people may have to say about it.

5. Talk to YOU:

  •  In times of stress, take a time-out break. Wander into your own mind and have a conversation with yourself about anything at all.
  • Tell yourself how lucky you are to be you, and praise yourself for every good and positive thing you can attribute to yourself. 

6. Remove negatives: 

  • If anything feels like it’s dragging you down, get rid of it. If it’s clutter, tidy up, if it’s a friend full of negativity explain nicely that you don’t really feel up to talking right now.
  • If it’s your kids acting up, leave the room for a while and so on. 

7. Surround with positives:

  •  Surround yourself with things that bring out good feelings in you.
  • Examples could be things such as happy, upbeat friends, a nice new picture, a new car, an old comfy blanket, candles, pictures of your family, your girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse etc. 

8. Rumours Die: 

  • Did you hear something about somebody who said something about somebody else?
  • Drop it!
  • Rumours are nasty, horrible things that will only bring you down.
  • Best way to kill a rumour?
  • Ignore it! 

9. Total Honesty:

  •  Be totally honest with yourself at all times.
  • If there’s something you don’t like, admit it.
  • If there’s something you don’t want to do “right now” and it isn’t necessary for health and safety reasons then just don’t do it until you feel like it. 
  • Same goes for the positive aspects.
  • If there’s something you want to do, and it’s not hurting anybody, then go ahead and do it.
  • If you start feeling great about yourself for no apparent reason admit it and enjoy the feeling. 

10. Responsibility

  • Take full responsibility for your own actions.
  • Don’t shove the blame for anything over onto someone or something else. We all make choices in our lives, and once we take responsibility for those choices we tend to choose better for ourselves.
  • Once we start to choose better, we feel better and things start falling into place.
  • On the other hand, don’t take over someone else’s responsibilities just because you feel “you have to”.

 11. Pretend: 

  • If you feel unsafe, unsure or nervous then go inside yourself and pretend you’re a hot-shot lawyer, actor, actress, singer or whatever you need to be.
  • Make believe you’re presenting yourself as that person would until you feel better. Trust me, you WILL feel better, and eventually have no need to be anything but yourself. 

12. Keep Trying:

  •  If you’re trying to do something but don’t get it right first time round, then try again, and again, and again, constantly learning from your mistakes until you get it right.
  • When you finally DO get it right, you’ll feel wonderful about it. 

13. Credit where credit is due: 

  • If you’ve done something really good, and people compliment you on it, accept the compliments with thanks!
  • Understand that they’re complimenting because they really ARE impressed with what you’ve done. 
  • Believe in you and give yourself a pat on the back. (Although physically it would probably be easier to just give yourself a round of applause). 

14. Stand Tall:

  •  Standing up straight will ALWAYS make you feel better about yourself than slouching does.
  • Stand with your feet slightly apart, suck in your tummy and behind, broaden your shoulders and straighten your neck.
  • It’s an amazingly quick confidence boost. 

15. Say Hello: 

  • Make it a rule to say hi to at least one person you don’t know EVERY day. Give them the smile you flash at yourself in the mirror, the biggest and best one you can find.
  • They’ll smile back automatically, and they’ll walk away with a little extra confidence boost thanks to you. 
  • People look their best when they smile, and they also feel better by smiling too!
  • This ultimately means you get a confidence boost too, for making someone else feel good about themselves. 
Focus: 25 Tips Toward Boosting Your Confidence And Self-Esteem

16. Never Say Never…Ever: 

  • If you think something can’t be done, then you’ll end up proving yourself right eventually.
  • So never say never, just keep plugging along until it works for you.
  • If other people are telling you it can’t be done, you’re going to feel such immense satisfaction at actually doing it that your confidence will soar. 

17. Get Active:

  • Don’t sit around the house just doing anything.
  • Get up, go out, cycling, walking, exercising, anything that might invigorate your brain.
  • A lively brain full of thoughts will help you gain confidence. 

18. “Happy Foods”: 

  • Happy foods, such as chocolate, strawberries, lemons, ice-cream etc will increase the serotonin levels in your brain, leading to an increased feeling of happiness.
  • Feeling happy is a natural confidence boost. So go on, enjoy your food! (in moderation, of course). 

19. Face Your Fear:

  •  Is there something you are afraid of? Face it full on. Doing something scary and overcoming the fear is a fantastic way to boost your confidence.
  • So go on, jump out of that plane (with a parachute of course), drive that car, speak in front of a large crowd, ask for a promotion, or whatever it is that scares you.
  • You’ll feel absolutely brilliant once it’s done. 

20. Willpower: 

  • Create a goal that you really want to reach.
  • Possibly something like weight loss before a certain time, giving up smoking or having a certain amount of money in the bank within so many months etc.
  • Take baby steps, and use your willpower until you succeed at reaching your goal. 
  • It will be really hard, as will power can be very elusive at times, but keep going and don’t give up.
  • Once you have reached that first goal by using your willpower you will have the confidence to create new goals AND reach them. 

21. Ask questions:

  •  Any time you find yourself worrying about something you haven’t done, or something you think you should have done, ask yourself positive questions.
  • Instead of thinking “I’m terrible for missing my friend’s birthday” think “What can I do to make my friend feel special?”
  • Or, instead of “Why can’t I ever seem to do things on time?” change it to “What can I change to better manage my time” Creating positive questions will release the negative energies which have a tendency to pull down your self confidence.

22. Learn: 

  • Accept that not everything works out the way we plan it.
  • Decide to accept any mistakes and rejections as part of a learning curve that we all need to go through.
  • Without mistakes, you can’t learn from your own experiences.
  • Remember, experience builds confidence, so always learn as much as you can. 

23. List: 

  • Write a list of every single thing you’re good at, anything from clipping the dog’s toenails to putting up a shelf.
  • Take the time to sit and actually think about what you ARE good at and add them all to the list.
  • You’ll be surprised at how many things you end up jotting down, no matter how minor or trivial they may seem at the time.
  • Whenever you have a spare 5 minutes, or if you’re feeling a little low, take the list out of your pocket and read it. This is a great little way to give yourself a nice confidence boost. 

24: Help out: 

  • There are lots of ways to help others, and feeling useful and helpful are great ways of building your confidence.
  • Just make sure you do things because you WANT to do them.
  • You could call a good friend who may be down at the moment-even take them out for coffee, you will brighten both your days, or you could possibly help out at an old folks home or similar.
  • Knowing that people appreciate your help will boost your confidence for sure. 

25: Show the way: 

  • Think of the one thing you do best of all. Think long and hard about this one. Thought of something? 
  • Now, find a discussion group or similar related to that topic and spread your wisdom by answering questions, offering advice or help to anybody needing it.
  • If you can’t find a group, you could even start one yourself.
  • People will look up to you and that will give you all the more reason to feel confident about yourself.


  • To really be able to focus demands a lot of self-discipline. Remember that your outcome depends on YOU, not on the world around you.
  • If you want something badly enough you WILL do everything in your power to get it.
  • Self-discipline in this context is basically only letting yourself do what you WANT to do at that precise moment in time to be able to reach your goals more quickly. 
  • Remember that YOU are the boss of your actions. YOU are the one who is in control. So ultimately YOU decide what and when to do things you need to do to achieve your ultimate success. 
  • Managing your actions is commonly known as exercising self-discipline. It’s not about restricting your lifestyle or punishing yourself. It’s about being able to work with your thoughts, behavior, and actions to reach the goals that you wish to reach. 
  • Not having self-discipline is one of the main reasons why we fail at what we want to do, both professionally and personally. 
  • Excuse-making often creates a lack of self-discipline, so drop all your excuses and start keeping habits that in themselves will create the self-discipline you need. Make routines that you know you are capable of sticking to, and keep them. 

How do you attain self-discipline? 

  • A few options could be regular exercise, better, healthier eating, even learning to spend less money.
  • It could be something like deciding to learn something new every single day or just getting up an hour earlier than you normally would.
  • Having self-discipline will help you to complete the most boring and mundane of the tasks you are focusing on.
  • Should you find yourself sitting and thinking thoughts like “Oh, I’ll just do this instead” or “I can do that some other time” when you are working on your goals then STOP, take a deep breath, and remember your self-discipline.

In Ending The end of the story? 

You can do anything you want to do, be anything you want to be, and go where you want to go. All you need is confidence in yourself and the ability to focus. I’ve now given you ideas on how to do that so go on; Get out there and DO it!

Tips for Staying Focused

सफलता के बारे में महान उद्धरण सफलता | SUCCESS QUOTES

सफलता के बारे में महान उद्धरण सफलता | SUCCESS QUOTES

 सफलता के बारे में महान उद्धरण सफलता | SUCCESS QUOTES

 छोटे-छोटे प्रयास हैं, जिन्हें दिन-ब-दिन दोहराया जाता है। पुरुषों की सबसे अच्छी सफलता उनकी निराशा के बाद आती है। सफलता के साथ-साथ ज्ञान के लिए हमारी प्रतिष्ठा भी आती है।

 अपने सामने इस तथ्य को रखें कि सारी सच्ची सफलता अंत में आप पर ही निर्भर करती है।

  •  अपने जीवन को अपने तरीके से बिताने में सक्षम होने के लिए केवल एक ही सफलता है।
  •  सफल होने के लिए, आपकी सफलता की इच्छा आपके असफलताओं के डर से बड़ी होनी चाहिए।
  •  विचारों को चीजों में बदलने की क्षमता ही बाहरी सफलता का रहस्य है। 
  • हम हमेशा उस व्यक्ति को छुड़ा सकते हैं जो अभीप्सा करता है और प्रयास करता है।
  •  काम हमें तीन बुराइयों से बचाता है; बोरियत, वाइस, और जरूरत।

सबसे बेहतर तरीका हमेशा सीधा होता है।

  •  जब तक आप कोशिश करना नहीं छोड़ देते तब तक आप कभी हारे नहीं होते।
  • यदि आप हार को स्वीकार नहीं कर सकते तो आप जीत नहीं सकते, सफलता के समान कुछ भी सफल नहीं होता। 
  • अपने शब्दों को संख्या से नहीं बल्कि वजन से वितरित करें।
  •  शेरों की एक सेना जो एक हिरण की कमान संभालती है, वह कभी भी शेरों की सेना नहीं होगी।
  •  आत्म-विश्वास सफलता का पहला रहस्य है।
  •  कई बहस कर सकते हैं, कई बातचीत नहीं कर सकते।
  •  बहुत सी चीजें जो नहीं की जा सकती थीं, उन्हें किया जा सकता था।
  • आपको पता होना चाहिए कि आप किस बंदरगाह की ओर जा रहे हैं यदि आपको वहां ले जाने के लिए सही हवा पकड़नी है।
  • हमारे पीछे क्या है और हमारे सामने क्या है, यह हमारे भीतर क्या है, इसकी तुलना में छोटी चीजें हैं। 

 उद्योग सफलता का जनक है।

  •  जो बात करता है वह कुछ नहीं जानता।
  •  जिन लोगों के पास कहने को कुछ नहीं होता उन्हें लेने में कभी कोई नुकसान नहीं होता।
  • जब काफी अंधेरा हो तो आप तारे को देख सकते हैं।
  •  बड़ी बात यह जानना है कि कब बोलना है और कब चुप रहना है। 
  • हमेशा एक अधीनस्थ पर मिस-ट्रस्ट करें जो कभी भी अपने वरिष्ठ के साथ गलती नहीं करता है। 
  •  स्वर्ग उस आदमी की कभी मदद नहीं करता जो खुद की मदद नहीं करेगा।
  •  यदि सत्य स्वयं प्रमाण देता है, तो वाक्पटुता अनावश्यक होगी। 
  •  ज्यादा जुबान और ज्यादा फैसला शायद ही कभी साथ-साथ चले हों।

1000 मील की यात्रा एक कदम से शुरू होती है।

  •  जिसे आप टाल नहीं सकते उसे हटाना आदर्श है।
  •  वे उन पर विजय प्राप्त कर सकते हैं जो विश्वास करते हैं कि वे कर सकते हैं।
  •  जब हम बोलते हैं तो हमें सुनना पड़ता है।
  •  वर्तमान दिन को परेशान करने वाले के रूप में आनंद लें जिसका पालन करना है।
  •  कभी न आने वाली परेशानी ही नींद की कमी का कारण बनती है।
  •  चुप रहो या मौन से बेहतर कुछ कहो।
  •  हाथ से बलपूर्वक पत्थर के सिंहासन को वापस खींचना उतना ही आसान है, जितना कि एक बार बोले गए शब्द को याद करना।
  •  लोहे के गर्म होने पर वार करने की प्रतीक्षा न करें बल्कि प्रहार करके उसे गर्म करें।

जानना पर्याप्त नहीं है हमें लागू करना चाहिए, इच्छा पर्याप्त नहीं है जो हमें करनी चाहिए।

  •  महान आत्माओं को हमेशा औसत दर्जे के लोगों के हिंसक विरोध का सामना करना पड़ा है।
  •   अगर आप कुछ बनाना चाहते हैं तो आपको कुछ होना चाहिए।
  •  हर कलाकार ने पहला और शौकिया काम किया।
  •  कुछ भी प्रयास नहीं किया जाएगा, यदि सभी संभावित आपत्तियों को दूर किया जाना चाहिए।
  •  कोशिश करें कि आप सफल व्यक्ति न बनें बल्कि मूल्यवान व्यक्ति बनें।
  •  संभावनाओं की सीमा को खोजने का एकमात्र तरीका असंभव से परे जाना है।

 पानी का लगातार टपकना पत्थर में छेद कर देता है।

  •  हम अभी भी अपने भाग्य के स्वामी हैं, हम अभी भी अपनी आत्माओं के कप्तान हैं।
  •  खड़ी पहाड़ियों पर चढ़ने में सफलता के लिए पहले चरण में धीमी गति की आवश्यकता होती है।
  •  सफलता का रहस्य कुछ ऐसा जानना है जो कोई और नहीं जानता।
  •  सफलता आमतौर पर उन्हें ही मिलती है जो इसकी तलाश में बहुत व्यस्त होते हैं।
  •  टीमवर्क कन्वर्ट ने कार्य को विभाजित किया और सफलता को दोगुना कर दिया। 
  •  सफलता कभी असफल न होने में नहीं है बल्कि हर बार असफल होने पर उठना है।
  • प्रतिबद्ध व्यक्ति को सफल होने से कोई नहीं रोक सकता।

निरंतर प्रयास कोई ताकत या बुद्धि नहीं है, यह हमारी सफलता की कुंजी है।

  • मैं अपनी सफलता का श्रेय इसी को देता हूं, मैं न कभी देता हूं और न कभी देता हूं और न ही कोई बहाना ढूंढता हूं।
  •  सफल होने के लिए आपको दूसरे लोगों के फायदे के बिना शुरुआत करनी होगी।
  •  सफलता के लिए दृष्टिकोण उतना ही महत्वपूर्ण है जितना कि क्षमता।
  • सफलता का राज, सही नजरिया, सकारात्मक सोच और खुद पर विश्वास।
  •  सफलता दोनों दृष्टि और चुनौतियों को स्वीकार करने का संयोजन है।
  •  यह जानना कि प्रतीक्षा कैसे की जाती है सफलता का महान रहस्य है।
  •  जिस व्यक्ति के पास बहुत जोश और दृढ़ संकल्प होता है वह एक सफल व्यक्ति होता है।
  •  सफल नेताओं में कार्रवाई करने का साहस होता है जहां दूसरे झिझकते हैं।

 सफल टीम कई हाथों का समूह है लेकिन एक दिमाग है।

  •  सफलता के लिए लिफ्ट क्रम से बाहर है; आपको एक बार में एक कदम सीढ़ियां चढ़नी होंगी। 
  •  दृढ़ निश्चय और दृढ़ इच्छा शक्ति से आप सफल हो सकते हैं।
  •  जो व्यक्ति अपने कौशल और रचनात्मक कल्पना का उपयोग करेगा, उसे सफलता अवश्य मिलेगी।
  • एक बुद्धिमान रणनीति बनाने के लिए एक नेता को पर्याप्त समझ की आवश्यकता होती है।
  •  एक अच्छी योजना जिसे अब हिंसक रूप से क्रियान्वित किया गया है, अगले सप्ताह एक उत्तम योजना से बेहतर है।
  •  प्रतिभा खेल जीतती है लेकिन टीम वर्क और इंटेलिजेंस चैंपियनशिप जीतते हैं।

 हमारी अपनी ताकत की जागरूकता हमें विनम्र बनाती है।

  • प्रदर्शन में परम तक पहुंचने के लिए कुल प्रतिबद्धता सर्वोपरि है।
  •  पौधे केवल अच्छे इरादे होते हैं जब तक कि वे तुरंत कड़ी मेहनत में खराब न हो जाएं।
  •  एक नेता वह होता है जो रास्ता जानता है, रास्ता दिखाता है और रास्ता दिखाता है।
  •  आप किसी क्षेत्र को अपने दिमाग में घुमाकर उसे पीड़ित नहीं कर सकते। 
  •  वह जो कई लोगों की मदद नहीं कर सकता।
  • आप किसी ऐसे व्यक्ति की मदद नहीं कर सकते जो खुद की मदद नहीं करना चाहता।
  •  मकड़ी के जाले में एकजुट होकर वे शेर को बांध सकते हैं।

उचित स्थान पर उचित शब्द शैली की सही परिभाषा देते हैं।

  •  असफलता वही करती है जो तनाव मुक्त करती है, जबकि विजेता वही करता है जो लक्ष्य प्राप्त करना है।
  •  वृद्धावस्था के लिए शिक्षा सबसे अच्छा प्रावधान है।
  • व्यापार की एक सही और ईमानदार परिभाषा पारस्परिक सहायता है। 
  •  जो हम खुशी से सीखते हैं उसे हम कभी नहीं भूलते।
  •  पुरुष लाभ की गलतता के प्रति अधिक जागरूक होते हैं।
  • सफलता की राह सबसे आकर्षक पार्किंग स्थलों से युक्त है।

100 Great Quotes About Success | Best Quotes By Robin Sharma


रॉबिन शर्मा द्वारा 40+ सर्वश्रेष्ठ सफलता के उद्धरण | ROBIN SHARMA’S QUOTES

रॉबिन शर्मा द्वारा 40+ सर्वश्रेष्ठ सफलता के उद्धरण | ROBIN SHARMA’S QUOTES

रॉबिन शर्मा द्वारा 40+ सर्वश्रेष्ठ सफलता के उद्धरण | ROBIN SHARMA’S QUOTES. नेतृत्व एक शीर्षक या पदनाम के बारे में नहीं है। यह प्रभाव, और प्रेरणा के बारे में है। प्रभाव में परिणाम प्राप्त करना शामिल है, प्रभाव आपके काम के प्रति जुनून को फैलाने के बारे में है, और आपको टीम के साथियों और ग्राहकों को प्रेरित करना होगा।

सफलता आपके शीर्षक के आकार का कार्य नहीं है  बल्कि आपके योगदान की समृद्धि है। 

  • व्यापार का व्यवसाय संबंध है; जीवन का व्यवसाय मानव संबंध  है। 
  • आपके जीवन की सीमाएं केवल स्वयं की रचना हैं।
  • सेल फोन, मोबाइल ईमेल, और अन्य सभी शांत और चालाक गैजेट हमारे रचनात्मक उत्पादन और समग्र उत्पादकता में भारी नुकसान पहुंचा सकते हैं। 
  • महानता की कीमत आपके प्रत्येक विचार की जिम्मेदारी है। 

जल्दी उठना उन उपहारों में से एक है, जो मैं खुद को देता हूं। 

  • अपनी निवल संपत्ति को दोगुना करने के लिए, अपने आत्म-मूल्य को दोगुना करें। क्योंकि आप कभी भी अपनी आत्म-छवि की ऊंचाई से अधिक नहीं होंगे। 
  • दृढ़ता व्यक्तिगत परिवर्तन की जननी है। 
  • नेतृत्व एक लोकप्रियता प्रतियोगिता नहीं है; यह आपके अहंकार को दरवाजे पर छोड़ने के बारे में है। खेल का नाम शीर्षक के बिना नेतृत्व करना है। 
  • आपका दैनिक व्यवहार आपके गहरे विश्वासों को प्रकट करता है।
  • एकाग्रता मानसिक प्रभुत्व के मूल में है। 
  • जिस परियोजना का आप सबसे अधिक विरोध कर रहे हैं, वह आपकी सबसे बड़ी वृद्धि है। 

सफलता, खुशी की तरह है, जिसका पीछा नहीं किया जा सकता, यह चाहिए ही है।

  • मैं एक साधारण आदमी हूँ। एक छोटे से शहर में पले-बढ़े। विनम्र शुरुआत से आया। चांदी का चम्मच नहीं। 
  • योजना को स्प्रिंगबोर्ड बनने दें ताकि आध्यात्मिकता हमारे आकर्षण का केंद्र बन सके। 
  • आप दूसरों का नेतृत्व तब तक नहीं कर सकते जब तक कि आप पहले खुद का नेतृत्व करना नहीं सीख लेते। 
  • आलोचना महत्वाकांक्षा की कीमत है। 
  • यह कहना कि आपके पास अपने विचारों को सुधारने का समय नहीं है और आपका जीवन यह कहने जैसा है कि आपके पास गैस के लिए रुकने का समय नहीं है क्योंकि, आप ड्राइविंग में बहुत व्यस्त हैं। आखिरकार, यह आपके साथ पकड़ लेगा। 

सर्वश्रेष्ठ उद्धरण 

  • मैं भारत, इसकी संस्कृति और देश की सभी सुंदरता की पूजा करता हूं। मेरे पिता जम्मू से हैं, और मेरी मानसिकता और होने के तरीके पर उनका गहरा प्रभाव पड़ा है। 
  • आत्म-ज्ञान, आत्म-निपुणता की सीढ़ी है।
  • मैं बहुत सी किताबें खरीदता हूं जो मैंने कभी नहीं पढ़ीं। लेकिन यह बेकार नहीं है, क्योंकि किसी व्यक्ति के नेतृत्व, विचार और जीवन के तरीके को मौलिक रूप से नया रूप देने के लिए केवल एक पुस्तक से एक विचार की आवश्यकता होती है। 
  • आम लोगों को मनोरंजन पसंद होता है। असाधारण लोग शिक्षा की पूजा करते हैं। 
  • व्यायाम करने से आप बेहतर दिखेंगे, मजबूत महसूस करेंगे और आपको असीम ऊर्जा से भर देंगे। फिट रहना आपको और भी खुश कर देगा। 

कल्पना, ज्ञान से ज्यादा महत्वपूर्ण है।

  • रचनात्मक कल्पना के अभ्यास में आपको हर दिन समय बिताना चाहिए, भले ही वह कुछ ही मिनटों का हो। 
  • आप जितने अधिक लोगों की मदद करेंगे और आप जितना अधिक मूल्य सृजित करेंगे, आपका व्यवसाय उतना ही अधिक उड़ान भरेगा – और आप जल्दी जीतेंगे। 
  • समय के साथ छोटे दैनिक सुधार आश्चर्यजनक परिणाम देते हैं।
  • प्रतिभा का होना शानदार है, आत्मविश्वास होना और भी जरूरी है। 
  • आपके जीवन के परिणाम आपके द्वारा निर्धारित मानकों को दर्शाते हैं।
  • अपने आप पर भरोसा कर लीजिये, आप उससे खुश ही होंगे। 
  • अपने पूरे जीवन के साथ जीने के उपलब्धि की लपटों में संभावना की छोटी, आंतरिक चिंगारियों को हवा देकर अपना अधिकतम लाभ उठाएं। 

जुनून का रहस्य उद्देश्य है। 

  • जिंदगी छोटी है। इसका उपयोग कीजिये। 
  • यदि आप अच्छा महसूस नहीं करते हैं तो आप महान नहीं हो सकते। असाधारण स्वास्थ्य को अपनी प्रथम प्राथमिकता बनाएं। 
  • आप कभी भी ऐसे लक्ष्य को नहीं पा पाएंगे, जिसे आप देख नहीं सकते।
  • अपनी आय को दोगुना करने के लिए, आत्म-विकास में अपने निवेश को तीन गुना करें। 

जीवन का उद्देश्य, उद्देश्य का जीवन है। 

  •  लक्ष्य प्राप्ति के मामले: उन साहसी कार्यों और साहसिक सपनों को लिखने से जिन्हें आप पूरा करने का इरादा रखते हैं, उन्हें पूरा करने के लिए चिंगारी प्रदान करेंगे। 
  • यदि आप वास्तव में विश्व स्तरीय बनना चाहते हैं – सबसे अच्छा बनने के लिए – यह तैयारी करें और ये अभ्यास से ही होता है। 
  • व्यापार का व्यवसाय संबंध है; जीवन का व्यवसाय मानव संबंध है। 
  • हमारे पास एक सामान्य जीवन है। जैसे ही आप अपने कम्फर्ट जोन से बाहर निकलते हैं, जो कभी अज्ञात और भयावह था वह आपका नया सामान्य हो जाता है। 
  • हम एक ऐसी दुनिया में रहते हैं जहां हममें से कई लोगों के फेसबुक पर बहुत सारे दोस्त हैं लेकिन फिर भी हमने मानवीय संबंध खो दिए हैं। 

वह दें, जो आप सबसे अधिक वापस पाना चाहते हैं। 

  • हम सब यहां किसी खास वजह से हैं। अपने अतीत के कैदी बनना बंद करो। अपने भविष्य के वास्तुकार बनें। 
  • आपका “I CAN” आपके IQ से ज्यादा महत्वपूर्ण है। 
  • छोटे से छोटे कार्य हमेशा नेक इरादों से बेहतर होते हैं। 
  • कभी-कभी सफलता सही निर्णय लेने के बारे में नहीं होती है, बल्कि कुछ निर्णय लेने के बारे में होती है। 
  • अपने आप में निवेश करना आपके लिए अब तक का सबसे अच्छा निवेश है। यह न केवल आपके जीवन को बेहतर बनाएगा, बल्कि यह आपके आसपास के सभी लोगों के जीवन को भी बेहतर बनाएगा। 

सादगी की शक्ति को कभी नज़रअंदाज़ न करें। 

  • “मैंने एक बार पढ़ा था कि जो लोग दूसरों का अध्ययन करते हैं वे बुद्धिमान होते हैं, लेकिन जो स्वयं अध्ययन करते हैं वे प्रबुद्ध होते हैं।” 
  • थोड़ी सी खुशबू हमेशा हाथों से चिपक जाती है जो आपको गुलाब देती है। 
  • बदलाव शुरुआत में सबसे कठिन, बीच में सबसे खराब और अंत में सबसे अच्छा है। 
  • जीवन बड़े सपने देखने वालों, जुनूनी क्रांतिकारियों की परीक्षा लेता है। 
  • अधिक करने के लिए और अधिक अनुभव करने के लिए स्वयं को प्रेरित करें। अपने सपनों का विस्तार शुरू करने के लिए अपनी ऊर्जा का उपयोग करें। हाँ, अपने सपनों का विस्तार करें। जब आप अपने मन के किले के भीतर ऐसी अनंत क्षमता रखते हैं तो सामान्य जीवन को स्वीकार न करें। अपनी महानता में टैप करने का साहस करें।

जो मापा जाता है वह सुधर जाता है। 

  • सभी महान विचारकों का शुरू में उपहास किया जाता है – और अंत में उनका सम्मान किया जाता है। 
  • बड़े लोग, लोगों को छोटा महसूस नहीं कराते। 
  • आप जो कुछ भी करते हैं और आप कौन हैं? जिसके लिए अधिक श्रेय चाहते हैं, दूसरों को श्रेय देने वाले बनो। 
  • जीवन को आपको तोड़ना है ताकि आप फिर से बन सकें।
  • पीड़ित समस्याएं सुनाते हैं, नेता समाधान देते हैं । 

चिंता मन को उसकी शक्ति से दूर कर देती है और देर-सबेर यह आत्मा को चोट पहुँचाती है। 

  • क्योंकि जिस क्षण आप उन चीजों को करना बंद कर देते हैं जो आपको पहाड़ की चोटी पर ले जाती हैं, उसी क्षण आप घाटी में नीचे की ओर खिसकना शुरू कर देते हैं। 
  •  यह कहना कि आपके पास अपने विचारों को सुधारने का समय नहीं है, और आपका जीवन यह कहने जैसा है कि आपके पास गैस के लिए रुकने का समय नहीं है क्योंकि आप ड्राइविंग में बहुत व्यस्त हैं।

गलती एक गलती है अगर आप इसे दो बार करते हैं। 

  • आप अपने जीवन में जो नहीं चाहते हैं, उसके बारे में सोचने में आप हर सेकेंड खर्च करते हैं, दूसरा ध्यान और ऊर्जा को आप जो चाहते हैं उसे प्राप्त करने से इनकार करते हैं। हर मिनट आप इस बात की चिंता करते हैं कि क्या काम नहीं कर रहा है, जो काम करेगा उसे बनाने से एक मिनट दूर है। और अतीत की निराशाओं को प्रतिबिंबित करने में बिताया गया हर घंटा आपके भविष्य की संभावनाओं को देखने से चुराया गया एक घंटा है। 

हंसी आपके दिल को खोलती है और आपकी आत्मा को शांत करती है। किसी को भी जीवन को इतनी गंभीरता से नहीं लेना चाहिए कि वह खुद पर हंसना भूल जाए।

  • बाहर से सफलता का कोई मतलब नहीं है, जब तक कि आपके भीतर भी सफलता न हो। 
  • अपने रास्ते में खो जाना उस रास्ते को खोजने का एक हिस्सा है जिस पर आपको चलना है।
  • आपका जीवन महान होने के लिए, आपका विश्वास आपके डर से बड़ा होना चाहिए। 
  • समय के साथ छोटे दैनिक सुधार आश्चर्यजनक परिणाम देते हैं। 
  • मैंने सुना है कि गरीब लोगों की मदद करने का सबसे अच्छा तरीका यह सुनिश्चित करना है कि आप उनमें से एक न बनें। 
  • जब हम उन चीजों को करते हैं जिनसे हम डरते हैं तो हम निडर हो जाते हैं। 

शिकार को बहाने से प्यार हो जाता है। 

  • उत्कृष्टता के दैनिक तरंग-समय के साथ- सफलता की सुनामी बन जाते हैं। 
  • आप और आपका संगठन जितने अधिक सफल होंगे, आपको अपने ग्राहकों के प्रति उतना ही विनम्र और समर्पित होना होगा। 
  • जीवन के कुछ सर्वोत्तम सुख सरल होते हैं। इनमें से अधिक से अपने जीवन को समृद्ध करें और आपका हृदय प्रसन्न होगा। 
  • ज्ञान केवल संभावित शक्ति है। शक्ति को प्रकट करने के लिए, इसे लागू करना होगा। 
  • हमारी दुनिया में हर कोई जो कर रहा है और जैसा सोच रहा है वैसा सोचने पर हमारी दुनिया में बहुत बड़ा मूल्य रखा गया है। 
  • आप सफलता का पीछा नहीं कर सकते; सफलता मिलती है। यह लोगों की सेवा करने और दुनिया में मूल्य जोड़ने में व्यतीत जीवन के अनपेक्षित लेकिन अपरिहार्य उप-उत्पाद के रूप में बहती है। 
  • याद रखें कि कुछ किताबें चखने के लिए होती हैं, कुछ किताबें चबाने के लिए होती हैं और अंत में, कुछ किताबें पूरी निगलने के लिए होती हैं।

जिम रोहन के उद्धरण | Quotes of Jim Rohn

100 Great Quotes About Success | Best Quotes By Robin Sharma

100 Great Quotes About Success, Best Quotes By Robin Sharma, Top Motivational Quotes For Success

100 Great Quotes About Success, Best Quotes By Robin Sharma, Top Motivational Quotes For Success

100 Great Quotes About Success, Best Quotes By Robin Sharma, Top Motivational Quotes For Success What are 5 positive quotes?

Great Quotes About Success

  •  Success is the small efforts,  repeated day in and day out.
  •   Men’s best success comes after their disappointment.
  •  Along with success comes our reputation for wisdom.
  •  Keep stately before you the fact that all true success depends at last upon yourself.
  •   There is only one success to be able to spend your life in your own way.
  •  In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failures.

Ability Quotes

  •  The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret to outward success. 
  • We can always redeem the man who aspires and strives.
  •  Work spares us from three evils; boredom,  vice, and need.
  • The best way out is always through.
  •  You are never a loser until you quit trying.
  • If you can’t accept losing you can’t win,  Nothing succeeds like success. 

Self-trust Quotes

  • Deliver your words not by number but by weight.
  •  An army of lions commanded by a deer will never be an army of lions.
  •  Self-trust is the 1st secret of success.
  •  Many can argue, not many converses.
  •  Lots of things that could not be done have been done.
  •  You must know for which Harbour you are headed If you are to catch the right wind to take you there.

What is the best quote about success?

  • What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. 
  •  The industry is the parent of success.
  •  He that converses does not know anything.
  •  People who have nothing to say are never at a loss in taking.
  • When it is dark enough you can see the star.
  •  The great thing is to know when to speak and when to keep quiet. 

The truth Quotes

  • Always Miss-trust a  subordinate who never finds fault with his superior. 
  •  Heaven never helps the man who will not help himself.
  •  If the truth rear self evidence, eloquence would be unnecessary. 
  •  Much tongue and much judgement seldom went together.
  • The Journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.
  •  It is ideal to delete what you can not avoid.

Believe Quotes

  •  They can conquer those who believe they can.
  •  We have to listen when we speak.
  •  Enjoy the present day as disturbing that which is to follow.
  •  It is the trouble that never comes that causes the loss of sleep.
  •  Be silent or say something better than silence.
  •  It is as easy to draw back a stone throne with force from the hand, as to recall a word once spoken.

What is the best motivational quote ever?

Great spirits Quotes

  •  Do not wait to strike when the iron is hot but make it hot by striking.
  •  Knowing is not enough we must apply, willingness is not enough we must do.
  •  Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre  minds.
  •   If you would create something you must be something.
  •  Every artist worked 1st and amateur.
  •  Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must 1st be overcome.

A Man of value Quotes

  •  Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.
  •  The only way of finding the limits of the possibilities is by going beyond the impossible.
  •  Constant dripping holes out of stone.
  •  We are still masters of our fates, we are still captains of our souls.
  •  Success to climb the steep hills requires a slow piece at 1st.
  •  The Secret of success is to know something  no one else knows.

Teamwork Quotes

  •  Success usually comes to those who are too busy looking for it.
  •  Teamwork Convert divided the task and doubled the success. 
  •  Success is not in never failing but rising every time you fail.
  • No one can keep a committed person from succeeding.
  •  Continuous effort is not a strength or intelligence, it is the key to our success.
  • I attribute my success to this, I never give or never give or look for any excuse.

Determination Quotes

  •  To be successful you have to start without advantages other people have.
  •  For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.
  • The Secret of success, right attitude, positive thinking and believe in oneself.
  •  Success is the combination of both vision and accepting the challenges.
  •  To know how to wait is the great secret of success.
  •  A person who has a lot of drive and determination is a successful man.

Successful leaders Quotes

  •  Successful leaders have the courage to take action where others  Hesitate.
  •  The successful team is a group of many hands  but one mind.
  •  The elevator to success is out of order; you will have to take the stairs one step at a time. 
  •  You can be successful if you have strong determination and iron will.
  •  The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination is bound to success.
  • A Leader needs enough understanding to fashion an intelligent strategy.

Championships Quotes

  •  A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.
  •  Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence win championships.
  •  The awareness of our own strength makes us modest.
  • A total commitment is Paramount to reaching the ultimate in performance.
  •  Plants are only good intentions unless they immediately degrade into hard work.
  •  A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

Goal achieving Quotes

  •  You cannot plague a field by turning it over in your mind. 
  •  He who Can not help many people.
  • You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves.
  •  In spider webs Unite they can tie up a lion.
  • Proper words in the proper place make the true definition of a style.
  •  Failure does what is tension relieving, while the winner does what is goal achieving.

Education Quotes

  •  Education is the best provision for old age.
  • One right and honest definition of business is mutual helpfulness. 
  •  What we learn with pleasure we never forget.
  •  Men are more mindful of the wrongfulness of benefits.
  • The road to success is dotted  with the most tempting parking places. 
100 Great Quotes About Success | Best Quotes By Robin Sharma

40+ Best Quotes By Robin Sharma

  • Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire teammates and customers.
  • Success is not a function of the size of your title but the richness of your contribution. 
  • The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection. 
  • The boundaries of your life are merely a creation of the self.
  • Cell phones, mobile e-mail, and all the other cool and slick gadgets can cause massive losses in our creative output and overall productivity. 
  • The price of greatness is responsibility over each of your thoughts. 
  • Getting up early is one of the gifts I give myself. 

Best Quotes

  • To double your net worth, double your self-worth. Because you will never exceed the height of your self-image. 
  • Persistence is the mother of personal change. 
  • Leadership is not a popularity contest; it’s about leaving your ego at the door. The name of the game is to lead without a title. 
  • Your daily behaviour reveals your deepest beliefs.
  • Concentration is at the root of mental mastery. 
  • The project you are most resisting carries your greatest growth. 
  • Success, like happiness, cannot be pursued. It must.

Quotes By Robin Sharma

  • I’m a simple man. Grew up in a small town. Came from humble beginnings. No silver spoon. 
  • Let planning be the springboard, so that spirituality can be our splash. 
  • You cannot lead others until you have first learned to lead yourself. 
  • Criticism is the price of ambition. 
  • Saying that you don’t have time to improve your thoughts and your life is like saying you don’t have time to stop for gas because.
  • you are to busy driving. Eventually it will catch up with you. 

By Robin Sharma

  • I adore India, its culture, and all the beauty of the nation. My father is from Jammu, and he’s had a profound influence on my mindset and way of being. 
  • Self knowledge is the stepping stop to self mastery.
  • I buy a lot of books I never read. But that’s not really a waste, since all it takes is one idea from even one book to radically reshape the way a person leads, thinks and lives. 
  • Ordinary people love entertainment. Extraordinary people adore education. 
  • Exercising will make you look better, feel stronger, and fill you with boundless energy. Staying fit will even make you happier. 
  • Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Best Quotes By Robin Sharma

  • You must spend time every day, even if it is just a few minutes, in practice of creative envisioning. 
  • The more people you help and the more value you create, the more your business will fly – and the quicker you’ll win. 
  • Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results.
  • Having talent is fantastic, having confidence is even more important. 
  • The results of your life reflect the standards you’ve set.
  • Trust yourself. Create the kind of life you will be as happy to
  • live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into the flames of achievement. 
  • The secret of passion is purpose. 

Short Success Quotes

  • Life is short. Be of use. 
  • You can’t be great if you don’t feel great. Make exceptional health your #1 priority. 
  • You will never be able to hit a target that you cannot see.
  • To double your income, triple your investment in self-development. 
  • The purpose of life is the life of purpose. 

Goal Quotes By Robin Sharma

  •  Goal-getting matters. And writing down the brave acts and bold dreams you intend to accomplish will provide the spark to get them done. 
  • If you really want to be world class – to be the best you can be – it comes down to preparation and practice. 
  • The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection. 
  • We have a normal. As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal. 
  • We live in a world where many of us have a lot of friends on Facebook but yet we have lost human connection. 
  • Give out what you most want to come back. 


  • We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future. 
  • Your “I CAN” is more important than your IQ. 
  • The smallest of actions is always better than the noblest of intentions. 
  • Sometimes success isn’t about making the right decision, it’s more about making some decision. 
  • Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. it will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you. 
  • Never overlook the power of simplicity. 

Purpose Quotes By Robin Sharma

  • The purpose of life is the life of purpose. 
  • I once read Best Quotes By Robin Sharmathat people who study others are wise but those who study themselves are enlightened”. 
  • A little bit of fragrance always clings to the hands that gives you roses. 
  • Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end. 
  • Life tests the big dreamers the Passionate revolutionaries. 
  • Push yourself to do more and to experience more. Harness your energy to start expanding your dreams. Yes, expand your dreams. Don’t accept a life of mediocrity when you hold such infinite potential within the fortress of your mind. Dare to tap into your greatness.
  • What gets measured gets improved. 

Motivational Quotes for life

  • All great thinkers are initially ridiculed – and eventually revered. 
  • Big people don’t make people feel small. 
  • Want more credit for all you do and who you are? Be the one who gives credit to others. 
  • Life’s had to break you down so you could be rebuilt.
  • Victims recite problems, leaders provide solutions. 
  • Worry drains the mind of its power and, sooner or later, it injures the soul. Because the moment you stop doing the very things that got you to the top of the mountain is the very moment you begin the slid down to the valley. 
  • … saying that you don’t have time to improve your thoughts and your life is like saying you don’t have time to stop for gas because you’re too busy driving.”
  • Mistake is a mistake only if you make it twice…

Focus Quotes

  • Every second you spend thinking about what you don’t want in your life is a second denying focus and energy from getting what you do want. Every minute you worry about what’s not working is a minute drawn away from creating what will work. And every hour spent reflecting on the disappointments of the past is an hour stolen from seeing the possibilities that your future holds. 
  • Laughter opens your heart and soothes your soul. No one should ever take life so seriously that they forget to laugh at themselves.

Success Quotes By Robin Sharma

  • Success on the outside means nothing unless you also have success within. 
  • Getting lost along your path is a part of finding the path you are meant to be on.
  • For your life to be great,your faith must be bigger than your fear. 
  • Small daily improvements over time create stunning results. 
  • I’ve heard that the best way to help poor people is to make sure you don’t become one of them. 
  • We grow fearless when we do the things we fear. 
  • Victim fall in love with excuses. 

Best Quotes By Robin Sharma For Daily Life

  • Daily ripples of excellence -over time- become a tsunami of success. 
  • The more successful you and your organization become, the more humble and devoted to your customers you need to be. 
  • Some of life’s best pleasures are simplest ones. Enrich your life with more of them and your heart will be happy. 
  • Knowledge is only potential power. For the power to be manifested, it must be applied. 
  • There is a huge value placed in our world on doing what everyone else is doing and thinking as everyone else is thinking. 
  • You cannot pursue success; success ensues. It flows as the unintended but inevitable by–product of a life spent serving people and adding value to the world. 
  • Remember some books are meant to be tasted, some books are meant to be chewed and, finally, some books are meant to be swallowed whole.

सफलता के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ प्रेरणादायक उद्धरण | BEST INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES


  • What is the best quote about success?
  • What is the best motivational quote ever?
  • What are some powerful quotes?
  • What is the most inspiring quote ever?
  • What are success quotes?
  • What are some good success quotes for work?

FAQ ABOUT VESTIGE Network Marketing In India 2022: Vestige For Everyone

Network Marketing In India 2022: Vestige For Everyone

Network Marketing In India 2022: Vestige For Everyone

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  • We offer a house fund to Vestige members doing excellent performance.
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  • Those who are selling cars – both new and used can use our Vestige products.
  • Our products are excellent for them as it will give them a car in future without any significant investment.
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  • So Vestige can support their lives wonderfully if they start using products and recommending them to their friends.
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The 25 Best Reasons:

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  • 7. Vestige India’s only Company whose 99% Leaderboard Never Left it.
  • 8. Vestige The only Company in India who has Never Changed the Business Plan in 13 years or so.
  • 9. Vestige The only Company in India where Visually impaired People also Earn up to 2.5 lakh per month.
  • 10. Vestige The only Company in India where Hundreds of People who are unable to Listen and Speak, Earn up to 80,000 per month.


  • 11. Vestige This Company of India, which has a very Beautiful Global HeadQuarters in Delhi, India with 36,000 square feet × 5, which is worth about 100+ Crores Today.
  • 12. Vestige India’s only Company with 65 Branch Offices with more than 4500 Delivery Centres.
  • 13. Vestige This Company of India whose Own Manufacturing Factories are in Millions of square feet.
  • 14. Vestige This Company of India, which is the MEMBER of IDSA / FICCI/ FSSAI.
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Why Vestige? वेस्टीज (VESTIGE) में क्या खास बात है ?

  • 18. Vestige This Company of India whose units are WHO GMP Certified.
  • 19. Vestige is one such company of India whose Products are Certified by USFDA, JHFA, KOSHUR,(HDSA) HEALTH AND DIET SUPPLEMENTS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA.
  • 20. Vestige is the only Company of India with an Office in every State of the Country.
  • 21. Vestige is the only Company in India whose Products are very AFFORDABLE with International QUALITY.
  • 22. Vestige is the only Company of India which did not increase PRICE of its PRODUCTS for Several Years.
  • 23. Vestige is India’s only Company having more than 20,000 Different types of Meetings / Training / Functions every Year all around the Country.
  • 24. Vestige is India’s only Company which is Planning to Expand for us to do Business in 20 Countries..
  • 25. Vestige is India’s only Company which has the most Number of Women Entrepreneurs.

55 मुख्य और ठोस कारण क्यों वेस्टीज को अपनी जीविका बनाएँ? | 55 Main & Solid Reasons Why Vestige?

ज़िन्दगी पर अनमोल विचार

ज़िन्दगी पर अनमोल विचार | Inspirational Life Quotes in Hindi

ज़िन्दगी पर अनमोल विचार | Inspirational Life Quotes in Hindi

ज़िन्दगी पर अनमोल विचार | Inspirational Life Quotes in Hindi

1- ज़िंदगी उन लोगों के लिए आसान नहीं पर दिलचस्प है , जो परिवर्तन का सपना  देखते हैं।

2-ज़िंदगी  में जो तुम दूसरों को देते हो वही तुम्हें लौटकर मिलता है।

3- ज़िंदगी एक कहानी है और अपनी कहानी को सबसे अच्छा बनाओ।

4- ज़िंदगी बहुत छोटी है, हंसों जब तक तुम्हारे दांत हैं।

5- ये मत सोचो की एक महीने में या एक साल में क्या हो सकता है , ये सोचो २४ घंटे में क्या क्या हो सकता है।

6- अगर आप जीत गए तो आप खुश हो जाओगे और हार गए तो समझदार।


7- तुम अपनी ज़िंदगी का अगला पाठ नहीं पढ़ सकते जब तक पिछले पाठ को याद कर रहे हो।

8- मैं एक परफेक्ट ज़िंदगी नहीं चाहता, मैं एक खुशनुमा ज़िंदगी चाहता हूँ।

9- अपने शब्दों का स्वाद ले लो, जो तुम बाहर थूकने वाले हो।

10- दूसरों को देखकर अपने को मत बदलो। सीखते चलो।

अनमोल विचार

11- ज़िंदगी का एक ही नियम है कभी भी हार मत मानो। बढ़ते चलो।

12- ज़िंदगी  में हर चीज़ किसी न किसी वजह से होती है ।

13- एक सिक्का हमेशा आवाज़ करता है। पेपर का नोट नहीं , ऐसे ही जब तुम्हारी कीमत बढे तो शांत रहना सीखो।

14- संसार वो नहीं है जो दिखता है।

15- ज़िंदगी उसके साथ बिताओ जिसके साथ तुम खुश हो।

16- अपनी ज़िदगी को दूसरों से तुलना करने में  मत  बिताओ.|

Inspirational Life Quotes in Hindi

17- तुम्हारे जैसी ज़िंदगी कई लोगों का सपना होती है |

18- लोगों को जज करने में अपना समय ख़राब मत करो |

19- तुम वह हो जो तुम सोचते हो|

20- ज़िंदगी उस पल से ही अच्छी होना शुरू हो जाती है जिस पल से तुम माफ़ करना शुरू कर देते हो |

21- भूत और भविष्य को छोड़कर इस पल का आनंद लो |

22- तुम्हारी सबसे अच्छी टीचर तुम्हारी ही गलतियां है |

Life Quotes in Hindi For Whatsapp

23- ज़िंदगी बहुत आसान है, पर हम उसे मुश्किल बना लेते हैं।

24- कम बोलो , सच बोलो |

25- बुरा मत देखो , बुरा मत सुनो , बुरा मत कहो , बुरा मत सोचो|

26- अगर तुम अपनी ज़िंदगी अपने तरीके से नहीं जिओगे तो लोग अपने तरीके तुम पर लाध देंगे |

27- पैसे कमाने में इतने व्यस्त मत हो जाओ, कि ज़िंदगी जीना ही भूल जाओ |

28- ज़िंदगी कोई समस्या नहीं है जिसे तुम्हें सुलझना है, ज़िंदगी एक एहसास है जिसे तुम्हें महसूस करना है |

29- महान कार्य ताकत से नहीं लगातार लगे रहने से होते है |

One line Thoughts on Life in Hindi

30- तुम अपनी ज़िंदगी के हीरो हो |

31- ज़िंदगी बार बार मौका देती है बस पहचानने की ज़रूरत है |

32- आपकी ज़िंदगी में आज का दिन कभी लौटकर नहीं आएगा, जी लो इसे

33- हमें क्या पसंद है इसे भूलकर कभी ये सोचो की सामने वाले को क्या पसन्द है |

34- ज़िंदगी बहुत सूंदर है उसकी कद्र करो

35- एक नकारात्मक दिमाग तुम्हें सकारात्मक ज़िंदगी नहीं दे सकता |

36- काम में कमी निकालने से ज्यादा ज़रूरी है, उसे कर देना |

ज़िन्दगी पर अनमोल विचार

37- भीड़ से अलग निकलना ही है ज़िंदगी |

38-ज़िंदगी एक मौका है उससे फायदा लेना सीखो

39-ज़िंदगी बहुत ख़ूबसूरत है, उसकी प्रसंशा करना सीखो|

40-ज़िंदगी एक सपना है उसे महसूस करो |

41-ज़िंदगी एक कर्तव्य है उसे पूरा करो |

42-ज़िंदगी एक खेल है उसे खेलना सीखो

43-कई बार गिरो, फिर उठो फिरो चलो फिर जीतो |

44-अभी कितनी भी कठिन दिखने वाली ज़िंदगी एक दिन आसान हो ही जाएगीै

45-कभी भी जो तुम चाहते हो उनके लिए, जो तुम्हारे पास है उसे मत भुलाओ |

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46-ज़िंदगी एक ऐसा खेल है जिसे हर किसी को खेलना पढता है और जीतता वही है जिसे नियम पता हैं

47 – यदि सपने सच न हो तो रस्ते बदलो , मुकाम नही। पेड़ हमेशा पत्तियां बदलते हैं जड़े नहीं

48- खुली आँखों से सपने देखो और उन सपनों के लिए जागते रहो।

49- दुनिया में ऐसा कोई भी काम नहीं जो एक व्यक्ति कर सकता है और दूसरा नहीं।

50- तुम्हारी लिमिटेशन तुम्हारी खुद की बनायीं हुई है , बाहर कोई भी लिमिटेशन नहीं हैं।

51- अपने दोस्तों को समझकर चुनो , तुम वही बन जाओगे जैसे तुम्हारे दोस्त हैं।

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