21 Great Quotes Use It To Motivate Yourself

21 Great Quotes Use It To Motivate Yourself

21 Great Quotes Use It To Motivate Yourself. It is said that it takes 21 days for consistent action to change behavior or create a new habit. Most of the time we want something different but old tapes keep playing in our heads that prevents us from achieving our goals and dreams.

21 Great Quotes Use It To Motivate Yourself
21 Great Quotes Use It To Motivate Yourself

This can range from trying to lose 10 lbs to having the courage to start your own home-based business.

  • The reality from employee to business may be a little daunting. One way to reduce fear and increase success is to rely on the wisdom and understanding of others who have succeeded in life.
  • Some may be famous and some may not. However, wisdom in choosing to listen can help you to create a paradigm shift in thinking that is fundamental to greater success. I have always loved to listen to champions who have passed away.
  • Here are 21 quotes I have thought about many times and I have often encouraged you to reduce my size to my boss and he can do the same for you.
21 Great Quotes Use It To Motivate Yourself
21 Great Quotes Use It To Motivate Yourself

21 Great Quotes

1. Sometimes it really strikes people that they should not face the world the way they have been told. -Alan Keightley

  • Were you told to go to school and get a good job?
  • I was.
  • Although I knew my mother had good intentions and thought she was preparing me to be able to reach the gates of success she would never know how things would change.
  • However, I knew I wanted more?

What about you?

  • Remember, you do not have to spend 60 hours a week working, a 30-minute work trip, your children caring for children or moving to another location because of the promise of career advancement.
  • You don’t have to be part of the digestion the rat race.

2. You will never change your life until you change what you do every day. — Mike Murdock

Are you afraid to get started?

  • It may seem overwhelming, but if you focus on the day-to-day activities, big goals will come to the fore.

3. No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn from the beginning. To be successful, of course, we have to find people who have paid the price to learn the things we need to learn in order to achieve our goals. – Brian Tracy

Get help right there through the gate.

  • Find a mentor, coach, mentor or be part of a community that will help you support your success.
  • He wants to be a long-term student.
  • Attend seminars and training camps with information about your special area.
  • If you learn from successful people and model your work you will get their results.
21 Great Quotes Use It To Motivate Yourself
21 Great Quotes Use It To Motivate Yourself

4. By stretching beyond the level you think self-confidence accelerates your skill development. – Michael J. Gelb

The only way to find self-confidence somewhere is to take action.

  • In practice, you will start to have a small victory that will increase your level of success.

5. If you don’t plan for yourself, life will plan for you! -Les Brown

Don’t let other people make decisions about your life.

  • If you do not have a plan you will build wealth during your working years your employer will build you.
  • Don’t have a retirement plan?
  • You are not the government to be your strategy.
  • Remember, your life and now even if you never.

6. There are two main choices in life: accepting the status quo, or accepting the responsibility to change. -Denis Waitley

Whatever your current situation, you have the opportunity to change it.

  • However, this can only happen if you are fully committed to understanding your health.
  • If you do not like where you are forgive yourself and focus on solutions.
  • Do not dwell on problems or reasons why you think something is impossible.
  • Start asking strong questions and answers will begin to emerge.

7. You already have everything you need. You are perfect right now, you are perfect, you are perfect, you are not a professional traveler on the road to another place. Your perfection should be understood by you and reflected in your thoughts as your own reality. -Dr. Wayne Dyer

8. Our deepest fear is not that we do not have enough. Our greatest fear is that we have unparalleled power. Our light, however, is not our darkest night. WHO CAN TELL US TO BE WISE, GOOD, GOOD, AND GOOD? He is a child of God. Your little play does not help the world. We were born to reflect the glory of God within us. Not just for some of us; for all of us. -Marianne Williamson

When I first heard this quote, tears welled up in my eyes.

  • What gift do you have that you allow fear to take away from you?
  • Doing what you are called to do is greater than you are.
  • You are different and sharing your gift with someone else can make a difference in their lives.
  • Do you play it too small?
  • Are you living in a nonprofit job? What can you do to make a difference?

9. You will see things “you did not know that you did not know.” -Disney’s Pocahontas

The journey and the pursuit of freedom allow you to see the world differently than others.

  • As you grow older you will naturally see opportunities that others do not see.
  • Jason Oman author of Conversation with Millionaires calls it “Money Goggles.”
  • Even if you were in a very dark room you would still have an infrared view of the place to create opportunities to make money.
21 Great Quotes Use It To Motivate Yourself
21 Great Quotes Use It To Motivate Yourself

10. A different world cannot be built by indifferent people. -Peter Marshall

You will not have what you want in life by indifference.

  • Successful people are loving and sometimes powerful in the pursuit of their dreams.
  • Do not allow yourself to be in a place of despair.

11. What do you like to do? If you don’t like it, get out of it, because you’ll be a fool in it. You do not have to work all your life, because if you do not love it, you will never succeed. -Lee Iacocca

Why not spend a lot of time getting up and doing something you don’t like?

  • The key to success is finding the right thing to do and setting a good example.

12. Just making a consistent investment in our education and knowledge banks offers great benefits for the rest of our lives. -Jim Rohn

  • The teaching I followed after college has been my biggest return on investment.
  • There is something to be said when you develop skills that you know will support you in any economy.
  • Special knowledge used with all major outcomes will bring great financial and emotional rewards.
21 Great Quotes Use It To Motivate Yourself
21 Great Quotes Use It To Motivate Yourself

13. Finding your goal can be a lifelong experience or you may have achieved it when you were 5 years old. There is no perfect timeline for everyone. That is a good reason not to give up, to continue getting things done every day. -Donald Trump

If you have not yet found a purpose in life, do not be overwhelmed.

  • Start asking yourself questions and enter the discovery process.
  • Let yourself dream without worrying about how you will do that.
  • Every time you think you have found the answer it deepens with a lot of questions.
  • It is not uncommon for there to be your real intentions, intentions and desires in the face of your soul.
  • Many times they are set aside for safekeeping to protect themselves from embarrassment. Keep discovering new things until your purpose is clear.

14. Material success gives you the ability to focus on other important things. And that is the ability to make a difference, not just in your own life, but in the lives of others. -Oprah Winfrey

When you spend money on the road your world expands greatly.

  • Oprah is an example of this goal. He is now looking for ways to help others in everything he does.
  • Whether it provides extra support for your family or contributes to the right site, having freedom as a career from a local entrepreneur will allow you to make your mark in the world.

15. The world does not care much about what a man or a woman knows; that’s what a man or a woman can do. – Booker T. Washington

So what can you create and add value to the world?

  • I like this quote because it clearly shows that what matters is the results at the end of the day. Don’t get caught up in ideas.
  • Make sure you always take action that leads to a specific goal.

16. There are risks and costs of taking action. But they are much smaller than the long-term risks of malfunction. -John F. Kennedy

21 Great Quotes Use It To Motivate Yourself
21 Great Quotes Use It To Motivate Yourself

Are you afraid of failure so you can’t get out of the box?

  • Don’t be like that. Many people have “failed” their way to the multi-million dollar empire.
  • It is better to do something and be wrong and not do anything at all.
  • When you choose to do nothing the other person usually makes a decision that affects you and ends up doing something you do not want to do.

17. I do not believe in situations. The people who hit the ground are the people who stand up and look at the conditions they want. – George Bernard Shaw

There is no such thing as luck.

  • You create luck by working and preparing for the opportunity.
  • When you start to position yourself when the atmosphere returns.
  • Make sure you are clear about your goals and go for it.

19. It’s not the hours you put in your work that matter, it’s the work you put in your hours. – Sam Ewing

  • She has the same 24 hours a day as Bills Gate and Oprah. Do not destroy yourself by saying, “Well they can do it because they are rich.” Unless you have a lot of money, there is a price to pay for it.
  • You do not need to work all day in your secular job. However, you must always set a time for success.

20. You have to do something you think you can’t do. -Eleanor

One of the greatest gifts you can give is to do what you think you can do.

  • It should not be a big deal. The simple act of courage takes a long time to increase your self-esteem throughout your life.

21. You can never leave where you are until you decide where you would like to be. -Dexter Yager

Until you know your intentions you will be in danger of staying at work eating less and less. Why? You do not have a strong enough goal to quit your current job. Once the goal is strong enough you will search for answers.


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