Achieve True Success

Achieve True Success

Achieve True Success- There is only one way to achieve true success, and that is through the Word of God.

  • The power source of life is the Word of God.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your heart with all diligence for out of it proceed the forces of life.
  • God’s Word is truly life to those that find it.
  • He has shared His wisdom with us and that wisdom is a tree of life to those that lay hold on it. 
  • Many lose their values of life as they climb the ladder of success.

God is always interested in your success in life.

  • But He is not interested in your losing health and family to become rich. 
  • God’s Word will motivate you to a positive and successful life.
  • When you prosper through God’s Word, you are prospering in a way that will work an eternal value in you.

The wisdom of God is the Word of God.

  • The Word of God is that tree of life that produces riches, honor, pleasantness, and peace. 
  • There is only one way to achieve true success, and that is through the Word of God.
  • The image that God’s Word builds inside you can become the most powerful force in your life.
  • That image will cause you to succeed when others fail. 

“There is victory in prayer”

According to the psalm

“The horse is ready on the day of battle, but victory comes only from the Lord”.

  • The best way to conquer According to Paul- “Rejoice in the Lord always, I say again, be rejoicing.
  • May your tenderness be manifest to all men, do not worry about anything, but your requests, prayers and supplications,
  • with thanksgiving, are presented before God.
  • The peace that is beyond comprehension will reside in your heart”. (Philip Pio 4:4- 6)

The subject of joy is in achieving peace and happiness.

  • When do you get pleasure?
  • When we thank the Lord for everything in life.
  • As the Bible says, give thanks in everything because that is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
  • And this is what it really means to live according to the Spirit.
  • Singing songs of praise, praise, praise, praise, glory, chanting bhajans, leads us towards perfection in the soul.

We can’t be happy with less, spiritually

  • Thank you for living life in the soul, when we spend life praising the Lord,
  • the water of life springs out of us, and a river starts flowing which is called the river of bliss.
  • We can give thanks for everything we do in life, even if those experiences are harsh, like:-
  • Thanks for the disappointment of life too.
  • Thanks for the insult and disrespect.
  • And Thank you for the deception you received from your loved ones.
  • Thank you for all the obstacles in your spiritual life.
  • Thank you for the indifference I received from trustworthy people.
  • Thanks for the harsh words of the people.
  • Thank you for the circumstances when no one understood us.
  • The activity in the world that has been against us, and is the cause of our suffering, thank the Lord,
  • Because when we give thanks, we acknowledge that whatever is happening every time is for our own good.

We must believe that the Lord is doing His work

GOD never sleeps even when He does not sleep, He constantly worries about us, and therefore He takes full care that our good is in things!
We just need to keep on thanking God with faith and in prayer.
GOD will surely do wonders when the right time comes. Amen

(1) Ask –

(1) Ask – you will get it.
(2) Find it and you will find it.
(3) Knock – then it will be opened. Matthew 7:7

  • The Bible says “If you ask, you will receive,

  • if you seek, you will find, and if you knock, it will be opened to you.”
  • For he who asks receives, who seeks finds, and he who knocks is opened.
  • Have to ask with full confidence.
  • Have to seek – the way by which it is going to be found.
  • And have to knock on the door of heaven because GOD is the giver of everything. Amen
  • (1)Believe – Have faith that you will get what you are asking for.

    (2) Complete faith – He got what he asked for. It was given to you by God.

    (3) Accepting – What you asked for when you got it, then live in it in real form.

  • Suppose you asked for a red color car, or house or money,
  • then you drive that car with confidence.
  • Decorate that house.
  • and count the money that you Have asked

You get pregnant with what you asked.

  • Being pregnant means that thing is inside or near you,
  • just now wait for the processing period of 9 months (9 days or 9 hours),
  • be patient, do not be impatient,
  • wait for a mother’s patience moment by moment,
  • also, believe As a mother does.

Faith and Asha (Hope)

  • There is no message to the mother that the child is not a ball in the stomach, it is a tumor.
  • She looks at the child, touches it, even laughs at his beautiful antics, even though the child is not yet born.
  • Faith and Asha (Hope) have the amazing power to turn your wish into reality.
  • Therefore, to convert your desires into faith, you just get pregnant with the requested thing.
  • You will also get the delivery of that thing on time. Amen



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