1.  CONSISTENCY OFFER I now give you the goods of  3600 MRP 
  2. You will get  3000  your saving on consumption =  600 will save Rs.
  3.  In this, you will get  10%  of the scheme (products)  for free ie a savings of Rs 300.
  4.  In this, you will get  5%  hair back i.e. Rs 150.
  5.  You have to take the goods from 1st to 12th of the month for 4 months.
  6. Now due to lock-down for coronavirus infection till extended date up-to 20-25 
  7.  After doing 4 months continuously, you will get the goods of 5 months  3000 MRP  as per our wish.
  8.  So total one month’s savings will be 600 + 300 + 150 = 1050 rupees every month.


  •  In 4 months 1050 × 4 = 4200 rupees will be saved.
    3000K Free Products 5th Month
    So total savings = 4200 + 3000 = 7200
  • The total you spent was   3000 × 4 = 12000.
    12000-7200 = 4800
    4800 ÷ 5 months = 960  Rupees i.e. the actual expenditure of each month is only 960 rupees.
    In this way, you will get about 960 rupees per month.
    7200 × 100/12000 = 60%


  • Now if we talk that there is a discount of 60% on each product.
    Like soap comes of 35
    Now 60% of 35 leaves
    35 × 40/100 = 14 rupees got


  • Edible oil comes for Rs. 395
    What will be 60% of 395
    395 × 40/100 = 158 liters of 2 liters i.e. 79 rupees liters
    Earlier we were getting Rs 395, now two liters of 158 will have oil ie Rs 79.


  •  If more than 3000 items are used at your home,
  • In the Vestige, you can have 4 offers on one id at the same time,
  • That is, 12000 purchases every month for 4 months, 5th month 10,000 products free
  • Therefore Vestige is more famous because Vestige understands the needs of their customers.
  •  People who want to sell goods buy 12000 every month,
  • They save 600 × 4 = 2400 every month,
  • Then 300 × 4 = 1200 products are available free every month,
  • Then the label increases, the turnover increases, the money coming into the bank increases,
  • 5 month products of 10,000 are available free.


  1. Flour, Pulses, Rice, Chilli Spices in the Vestige Best Deal –
  2. After purchasing goods worth Rs. 3500 for 6 months continuously,
  3. Free flour, pulses, rice for the 7th month.
  4. After buying 2000 flour, pulse, rice for 3 consecutive months,
  5. Free goods worth Rs 1000 for the 4th month.

What is Vestige? Vestige is a Big brand just like Facebook & LIC

  • Don’t make the Vestige, we are waiting for when people will stop eating flour, lentils, rice,
  • Only then will the Vestige business stop.
  • And yes, Mother Dairy ice cream, samosas, snacks, biscuits are all without In the Vestige.
  • Mobile, clothes, utensils, TV, fridge, Water filter,
  • Air purifier, and mobile oil,  Everything is there except gold, you will remember the day 2020 when all this happens.

Right now only 8 countries, our 20 legs in 20 countries will be doing different work.

  • We must be sleeping and people are taking baths in America, then money will be made.
  • There was 2 lakh PVs in the night, 3 lakhs in the morning, then think brother. Are you dreaming – was the check of 10 lakhs made according to BV at 11 p.m., And in the morning increased by 2 lakhs, yes friends, now this will happen in VESTIGE.

Our Mentor Gautam Bali Sir says – Dare to think, What is your treasure? You do not realize today,

  • 2025 will be the golden time for direct selling, People meet you at your door, Will stand united,
  • There will be a crowd of the young generation at your home and office, Because by then every young man will know that 35 years and 8 hours is better than working diligently, Create a network in 2-5 years part-time and spend the rest of the world for 30 years, Because passive income will continue to work even without working. If you also want to take this opportunity in your life, So it’s just the distance of a phone call, in you and your success 9013245237/9868632577/9582925730

Why is it important to network?

The world network plays the network and you are ashamed to build your network  Feel hesitant.
If you are not sure, then see for yourself which part of whose network you are Milk Network, Watery, electric one, Telephone Person, Mobile’s  Clothes Presser  Hair-cutter, Child’s school, of tuition, Job Boss,  Rough Mall,  Temple priest,  Mall of,  Gym, Sports Club, Political Party, Leader,  of a committee,  Kitty Party,  Caste Organization, Don’t know you and we are part of the Kiss network!

They all have a network of hundreds to crores of people like us.

When they can make us part of their network, So why can’t we make someone a part of our network? Think…. Think… .the world network plays network, And you are scared…! Do not be afraid, victory is over fear. Every man has become rich by making networks!

There is a huge risk in network marketing – know what?

If you want an income of one lakh in just 2-5 years without investment, You can reach an income of 10 lakhs. So take the risk of becoming rich on your own terms, You may have to pay millions of rupees in taxes and donations, You may have to travel abroad, You can retire from work in just 5 years, Join network marketing only if you understand all these risks carefully, Otherwise you watch the video of omniscient Bharil Ji,

“Don’t do network marketing”.

Brother Saab is very risky My life has changed, Sleeping for the first day, no books, no videos, Extinguished little mind, ever since the network has entered my mind, Amazing now,  Positive and passion are going on, 50-60 books were dealt in 2 years, lots of videos, And meetings, completed courses, Even at the age of 55, there is childhood like mind, neither weary of reading, learning or stops, If you too can afford such a drastic change then do network marketing.

Your wish was my job, to give advice, then friend thoughtfully told.

If you did not tell, you would have said, I was stuck, no one told me. Okay sir, now many will tell you the last time. till then Hi Salute,  Good night, Sweet dreams.