Factors Behind Importance of Motivation in Successful Life

Factors Behind Importance of Motivation in Successful Life

Factors Behind Importance of Motivation in Successful Life- We all know what motivation is and how it affects us.

So what is it that causes all the confusion? Why do we fail to totally understand motivation?

Well, the basic function of motivation is quite simple. It is to provide us with happiness and to remove pain from our life. This is the basic fundamental on which all the motivational talks, sessions or books are based.

What varies is the kind of happiness and pain that it tends to provide.

This makes you read books and take sessions in order to realize what techniques you ought to do in order to be motivated.

So why exactly is ‘motivation’ the key factor behind our success?

Why not ‘intelligence’ or ‘hard work’ for instance?

Surely, motivation must have something that it got this status. The real thing is that whenever we want to perform a task, accomplish a goal or simply do some work, we need certain propelling factor that would make us do that work.
This ‘propelling factor’ is motivation. It is this motivation that tends to make us fulfill the accomplishments and perform some work.
Now the question is: how does our mind feel motivated in order to make us perform that task?

Basically, there are three important factors through which our mind functions. These are:

  • 1) Conceptual
  • 2) Perceptual
  • 3) Emotional

These three factors, when functioning together, propel us to do the task.

  • The conceptual factor is responsible to form certain beliefs and reasons.
  • All the motivations we feel arise in this region as once we form a belief about accomplishing something, we feel motivated towards that task.
  • The perceptual region is involved with the collection of sensory data.
  • Once motivated, we use this perceptual sense in order to relate to our motivation and further increase it.
  • The emotional region is involved with our emotions, which may be fear, happiness, excitement, apprehension or anything related to the task at hand.

This cycle of brain functioning tells us how our beliefs and values control our motivation.

  • Once we have set the right approach and geared up with the right beliefs, we would never go astray from our motivated goal.
  • A general rule regarding formation of beliefs is that one should always look for the positive things and find positive beliefs.

Positive is a great supporter of motivation and happiness and it multiplies the effect of motivation.

  • Therefore, if our beliefs are back up by the foundation of positive, then we would be able to firmly uphold our motivation.
    To conclude with, motivation is an asset that is conditioned by our brain.
  • It is in our control about how we condition our mind to be motivated.
  • Therefore, have healthy and positive beliefs which can generate and make you feel motivated.

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