How To Make A Network To Increase Your Marketing Success?

How To Make A Network To Increase Your Marketing Success

How To Make A Network To Increase Your Marketing Success? Many self-employed people and people who aim to earn an additional sales commission think of the network as a test method. They enter the communication mode ready to smile, meet people, and hand out their business cards. They focus on coming out with the right expectations, good transfers, and even new sales. Too many reap the frustrating low results, however, because their common sense works against them.

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Cash talk is important

Especially at events previously known as communication events (e.g. the chamber of commerce mixer), many consider a good cash speech as an important tool to get others interested in what they have to offer. They view their cash register as an important step in making people realize how valuable and valuable their product or service should be. They expect that this will create interest that leads to business opportunities. However, even the most repetitive, progressive cash flow is often misinterpreted as a result of basic misconceptions.

A common mining site

Common sense dictates that a cash talk should last 30 seconds or less. There is nothing wrong with that. However, this leads to the contradictory use of other common assumptions:

• If someone asks you a question, you should answer it satisfactorily.

• When talking about yourself, your products or services, or your company, you should be brief and to the point.

• The straightforward and simple truth about the price you give should attract the people who want that price.

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How the mind is wrong?

Many who heed those ideas as guiding principles of their own speech find that most people, instead of responding with interest, respond silently or change the subject. For a cash interview to lead to business opportunities, it should not end the conversation. Instead, it should compel listeners to share information about themselves. After all, marketing success follows learning about people who freely share information about their interests. Successful marketing does not follow through on a brief conversation with a brief comment about you.

See important time

Yes, the best time to deliver a cash talk comes when someone asks, “What are you doing?” In many cases, the straightforward answer to a specific question is an example of good communication. Indeed, direct attention to the point with a brief response seems to have the greatest respect for both sides. However, in the case of a person-to-person contact, when someone asks you what you are doing, a straight, short answer often suppresses meaningful dialogue.

Winners of the blue ribbon do not lose sales

Consider these conversation creators:

• “I work with people who want to accumulate wealth by investing in non-essential stocks.”

• “I help couples to install and decorate their new homes in a style that is unique to them.”

• “I work with growing companies that need to find talented people to keep growing and more successful.”

Each of these examples is very effective in answering the first question, “What are you doing?” directly and concisely than most. Indeed, calling any of these ‘expressions’ seems to misuse the term. However, these are just an example of what many long-term keynote speakers aim to achieve: the bullseye hit response.

How To Make A Network To Increase Your Marketing Success?

180 degrees pivot

When people ask you what you are doing, do not go straight to the point with a short answer. Instead, aim to put your cash conversation into a conversation that is more important to both of you. Your cash register should make them open to the information they need to access business opportunities.

Cash speeches forcing a conversation

Instead, imagine yourself saying this:

• “You know, a growing number of people are worried that they may live longer than you have saved. They are getting lower interest rates that continue to grow. ? “

• “You know, many couples find themselves unexpectedly confused about how to decorate and decorate their new home. It’s hard to agree that they look the right style for each room and their whole home. They get angry as they think about paint. in so many sources. As a trained interior designer, I can make everything easier, more rewarding, and more economical. You don’t know anyone who can do that, do you? “

• “You know, there are a lot of people who are worried about their work, these days. They work hard to find a good company with a good future that they need. Some feel that they may not get a really satisfying job. What does that mean for you? “

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An attractive cash flow formula

1. Inclusive opening (e.g. “You know …”).

2. The three problems you solve are emotionally defined (e.g. fear, anxiety, frustration, anxiety).

3. that you solve such problems (placing you as a rescuer).

4. retractable chicken question (e.g. “This will not matter to you, will it?”).

How to make it work for you

If you are in a mode of communicating, or going to events aimed at communicating or where communication opportunities arise, think of children on school grounds who playfully ask, “What colour do you like?”

With this memory in mind, ask others, “What are you doing?”

Listen carefully to their answers so that you will know what you are saying as you correct your answer when you are asked the same question over and over again. Then, use the four-part formula above for the cash-for-compulsive expression. Point to create a conversation where you read about each person you have spoken to. See how many others are asking for your business card, and how many are leading the sale.