SPIRITUAL WELLNESS means spiritual health gives us peace of mind and true happiness, spirituality and purity are two very powerful words necessary to guide our life in the right direction. SPIRITUAL WELLNESS,

Meditation, Study of Religious Word, Devotional Music Practice,

Pranayam, get the advancement of spiritual life.


(1) Fear God and walk in the presence of God. May your life be a life of prayer.

Blessed is the man who hath not walked in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stood in the way of sinners, nor sat in the chair of the pestilence. But his will is in the law of the Lord, and on his law, he shall meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree which is planted near the running waters, which shall bring forth its fruit, in due season. And his leaf shall not fall off: and all whosoever he shall do shall prosper. Psalms 1:1-3

(2) Be prepared for the time and untimely, pray to God for strength to deal with every situation.

Let no man despise thy youth: but be thou an example of the faithful in word, in conversation, in charity, in faith, in chastity. Meditate upon these things, be wholly in these things: that thy profiting may be manifest to all.

Take heed to thyself and doctrine: be earnest in them.

For in doing this thou shalt both save thyself and them that hear thee. 1 Timothy 4:12,15,16; Preach the word: be instant in season, out of season: reprove, entreat, rebuke in all patience and doctrine. But be thou vigilant, labor in all things, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill thy ministry. Be sober. 2 Timothy 4:2 & 5

(3) Receive right and good education.

All scripture, inspired of God, is profitable to teach, to reprove, to correct, to instruct in justice, That the man of God may be perfect, furnished to every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16-17

(4) Associate holy people. Remain in fellowship with God’s people.

But thou hast fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering, love, patience, 2 Timothy 3:10

(5) Be sympathetic to the sufferings of others and involve people in their happiness.

In this way, you will find the best happiness inside your life, which is for the progress of your soul. And when you are connected with God, you spend your life in God, then God blesses you, makes you happy.

Your life keeps getting better. You can say that you are spiritually strong in wellness. Thus your spiritual progress keeps on happening and you can make your life enjoyable.

The Spiritual Wellness

The Spiritual Wellness Dimension is a broad concept that represents one’s personal beliefs and values and involves having meaning, purpose, and a sense of balance and peace. It includes:
• Recognizing our search for meaning and purpose in human existence; and
• Developing an appreciation for life and the natural forces that exist in the universe.



  • Are you taking the time to determine what values, principles, and beliefs are important to you?
  • Have did you consider talking about them with others?
  • Have you learned about other religions and beliefs, and are you respectful of them?
  •  Are you using your spirituality to drive your actions and thoughts and give a better meaning to life?


  • Read about other types of beliefs to help you become more understanding, accepting, and open-minded.
  • Keep your beliefs in your thoughts to use them in your everyday life.
  • Share your beliefs, values, and principles with others, as appropriate, as a means of deepening relationships and expanding your worldview.



  • Have you looked for a group in your community that deepens your spiritual practice and helps you connect with others who share your beliefs?
  • Are you being social with the people in your organization?
  • Do you reach out and help others when they are in need?


  •  Learn about different organizations or groups in your community and decide which ones are the best fit for you.
  • Find out about the many groups offered within your organization and get involved.



  • Do you take the time each day to meditate or reflect on your spirituality?
  • Are you open to exploring different belief systems?
  •  Are you receptive to your own spirituality even in times of pain and grief?
  • This is when we find how our spirituality can help us most.
  • Do you take the time to appreciate the beauty of nature when possible?


  • As often as possible, find a peaceful location to reflect and meditate.
  • Learn other religions through books or conversation.


Definition of Spiritual Wellness

  • Maintaining optimal meanings, beliefs, values, attitudes, purposes, and love toward life, world, or divinity.
  • The word “Spiritual” refers to the fundamental dimension of human life – one’s connection with the source of life or divinity and one’s innermost self – that provides you with a profound sense of self-awareness and faith in who you are, where you came from, why you are here in the world, what you need,
    how you live, where you’re going, etc.
  •  Spiritual wellness is an evolutionary process of discovering meaning and purpose of life and includes; seeking truth, thinking of others, healthy eating, loving, playing, serving, working, healthy sleep habits, and living a spiritually driven life.
  • Spiritual wellness corresponds to harmony with oneself and others.
  • Spiritual wellness reflects a positive attitude towards life and faith, which helps to change the impossible things to possibilities in people’s lives despite the normal ups and downs in life.
  • Spiritual wellness means hope, positive outlook, acceptance of death, forgiveness, self-acceptance, commitment, meaning, and purpose. Also includes clear values, a sense of worth, peace, worship, prayer, and meditation.

Benefits of Spiritual Wellness

  • There are various physical, mental benefits of spiritual wellness.
  •  It helps us physiologically by controlling the secretion of hormones, improving blood supply, and other metabolic activities of the body. This helps keep one spiritually healthy with the elated mood of joy, happiness, and wellness.
  • Helps in reducing stress level, depression, which is the main problem faced by people in the world.
  • It slows the process of aging and less likely to get ill. Spiritually healthy people live a longer life than other people.
  • It helps to lower blood pressure and makes it less likely to put people at risk of heart disease.
  • And It reduces blood sugar levels, reduces the chances of diabetes, improves digestion, and the immune system.
  • Helps in sustaining concentration as studies showed that it improves brain wave function and gives the feeling of calmness and relaxation.
  •  Spiritual practices and exercises help to improve memory, cognition, and thickness of the brain.

Spiritual Wellness Lifestyle Guidelines

  • Acquire truth and way of life as seeking the source of Life and the creative world. Develop a truthful and positive relationship between the spirit of the divine and self.
  • Develop love, trust, faith, belief, values, and a positive attitude toward the Universe.
  • Give respect, love, forgiveness, gratitude, thankfulness to other people.
  • Stand for justice, advocate for the rights of others, and always do the right things.
  • Practice prayer and meditation which will increase rational thinking and concentration.
  • Find time to talk to yourself and friends about thoughts and feelings.
  • Find quiet time for you to recharge and get a refresh. Think about the present moment and how you can uplift yourself.
  • Spiritual health activities are not expensive, with no side effects, and have many advantages and concerns about the welfare of whole humanity.
  • Attend and participate in the body of faithful people or faith-based organizations.
  • Help in making strong relationships at the micro-level (within oneself) and at the macro-level (one with others) which promotes healthy and deep relationships.

 Express joy in difficult situations, be calm, and help others to be calm.

  • Connect with others and pray together which increases psychological awareness and deepens spiritual well-being.
  • Volunteer with an organization that provides food, shelter, resources for people in need for the greater satisfaction of self
  •  Meditation is the primary way of improving spiritual health particularly focusing on breathing and avoiding distractions of thoughts
  • Doing these things will enhance your spiritual health and allow you to experience greater balance, peace, and satisfaction in everyday life
  • Read articles, journals, books, and uplifting television and internet programs that help to improve spiritual health.
  • Some possible spiritual activities might be baking, cooking, gardening, running, knitting, playing piano,
  • hiking, meditation, golfing, doing yoga, tai chi, or calligraphy.




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