The 7 Key Elements Every Successful Marketer: Part 1 

The 7 Key Elements Every Successful Marketer: Part 1  

Book Review of The 7 Key Elements Every Successful Marketer: Part 1 . Randy’s Introduction. First I’d like to thank you for investing in The 7 Key Elements Every Successful Marketer Follows. You’ve placed your trust in John and me and we’re both determined to give you the information you need to make a success of your online business. A word of caution if I may though. 

The 7 key elements every successful marketer: part 1 
The 7 Key Elements Every Successful Marketer: Part 1&Nbsp;

There is a saying you may have heard of “Knowledge equals Power”

  • Well, the first thing I want to do is ‘correct’ that saying I know from personal experience that it’s just not true. 
  • What John teaches through my detailed layout of the conversations we’ve had most certainly are the 7 keys that every successful marketer follows BUT Simply knowing them will not do you any good whatsoever.
  • I’ve spent most of my career offline in some sort of sales environment, and one thing I always did when I was selling or managing was to find the best people and learn from them. Others did the same and yet never had the success I had.
  • I did discover why, and I’d like to share that with you now before you even get started reading what John has passed on to me to detail out for you.
  • The difference between myself and others who did not achieve the success I have was the application of the skills and knowledge we all had access to.

So the correct statement should read “The Applied Use of Knowledge equals Power”

  • A great example would be John’s great product Affiliate Promo Formula, reading it and knowing it isn’t going to bring you any success, applying what he teaches will.
  • Only when you apply the 7 keys John highlighted to me, will you benefit from the power they offer.
  • I know this to be true from my personal story, I’ll give you some examples later on after we’ve gone through what John wants me to pass on.
  • I’ll leave John to tell you how I got the info out of him 🙂 So in the meantime, feel free to take notes on a separate piece of paper and think about how you can “Apply” John’s teachings to your business. Only then will they open doors for you.

John’s Introduction

  •  I came to know Randy a few years ago through my forum, he joined through my 90 Day Powerseller Program, two things I noticed straight away was how determined he was, and how he always tried to help others when he could.
  • So when he began applying what he had learned from the forum and was about to launch his first eBook Magic Auction Words, I received a “PM” from him, very polite and yet also professional, asking for my advice.

After making a few suggestions, he took note and acted on the advice, sending me a revised copy of his eBook.

  • That showed me that he was someone who not only had his skills but listened to those with more experience and knowledge of areas he wasn’t an expert in.
  • I admire anyone willing to learn and put into practice what they learn, and if I’ve mentored them I tend to take a personal interest to ensure they attain the success they deserve.
  • One thing that stood out to me immediately, and was the quality of Randy’s writing. His product flowed, and his email copy converted at far above average. (Which naturally piqued my interest) So having promoted his product with much success, I began urging him to get a copywriting product launched, as I could always use someone with such natural skills.
  • I have too many sites now to do everything by myself, so I like to outsource or automate as much as I can. To focus my attention on building relationships rather than the tedious everyday tasks that require doing. 

To cut a long story short, that meant I was in frequent touch with Randy for some projects I needed his skills for.

  • It was then he seemed to answer my emails and questions with questions of his own. The net result being that over time and without me realising he has managed to extract many of the secrets to my success, the key principles that I always follow.
  • It became clear that these keys are the ones that all the successful marketers follow. After many more conversations with Randy we decided to get these keys written down to help more people reach their goals and open the doors to their success, and you are reading the results now in this eBook.

Randy asked if he could write up everything we’ve discussed and send it over for my approval, and I have to say “a very good listener” needs adding to his list of attributes.

  • As he has explained everything in a way to make understanding and following along extremely simple and easy for anyone at any level to understand.
  • I gave him outlines of what I wanted covered, and I believe he has done a fine job of converting them into a language everyone can understand.
  • So I suggest you pay close attention while he details our many correspondences and lays it out simply for you to follow. 

I’d like to finish key 7 with another quotes

  • This time it’s not from a movie or a song, it’s by a guy named Zig Ziglar and many people refer to this quote for 
  • all sorts of reasons. I believe it’s a perfect fit to our efforts to help you.

“You can have anything in the world you want if you’ll Just help enough other people get what they want.”

  • Summing up again- 1. Make a Plan 2. Take Action 3. Staying Focused, stick to your plan 4. Avoid Distractions 5. Keep It Going 6. Outsourcing 7. Networking

Seeking JV partners, getting to know other marketers, to help each other!

  • It is our aim to really help people and develop long term relationships with people like you that will benefit us all. (An ideal networking opportunity) Take note of the quote: “You can have anything in the world you want if you’ll Just help enough other people get what they want.”
  • Example I thought I’d add this because I think it is rather thought provoking.
  • An example of what can be achieved if you follow the ‘7 Keys Every Successful Marketer Follows’ Guess what I’m going to use?
  • This very product  John and I discussed many things in our emails and chats that lead to me learning from him. Which in turn led to him giving me his keys to follow.

It seemed a good idea to share this information, as it would benefit us both and the people we share it with.

  • So we Made a Plan Then we discussed what would need doing and shared the tasks between us, each taking on what we thought we’d be able to manage and do well, and we Took Action What followed were more emails back and forth ensuring that the task was getting done, exchanging thoughts and ideas of the best way to achieve our goal and making sure.
  • We Stayed Focused Now I can’t speak for John, but I can tell you that while I was writing this up I had to consciously NOT log onto Facebook or my favourite forums, as that would have lead to too many distractions, we had deadlines we both agreed to, so it was imperative that I Avoided Distractions.

As for the next key, well I think the fact that you’ve already seen me mention the success I’ve had already that it goes without saying that I’ll be Keeping It Going.

  • Next comes one of the best examples, do you think I had anything to do with the graphics on this site, the book cover, header or any other bits? Not a chance! I can assure you John didn’t do them either!
  • The whole reason I managed to get all this info out of John stemmed from him hiring me to write a few emails for him.
  • So you see we have both left tasks we chose not to do and got them done through Outsourcing.
  • Which brings us to the final key, again I refer to this project as a prime example of people coming together to help each other, had John and I not got to know each other in his forum, grown to trust each other and respect each other, then this product would not be here teaching you the 7 Keys that every successful marketer follows.

It was all a direct result of us Networking.

  • Do remember to give the best you can in all that you do. After all, here you have a prime example.
  • By over delivering on his help and advice to the people on his sites John got my attention. He earned my trust and respect, to the point of me not being reluctant to ask for his advice.
  • As our relationship built I made sure I gave my best to John when he wanted some email copywriting. That earned me John’s respect and trust in return.

Through us both ‘Over Delivering’ we formed a relationship to the point where this collaboration was formed.

  • Again John trusted me enough to put his teachings into my own words, Knowing I would give it my best effort. I’m sure he’ll double check that I covered all his points, but I’m sure you understand the amount of trust it takes to hand over one of your future income streams to someone else.
The 7 key elements every successful marketer: part 1 
The 7 Key Elements Every Successful Marketer: Part 1&Nbsp;

There you have a prime example of the 7 Keys in action.

  • If you’re reading this, what more proof could you want? Final Words So now the ball is in your court, as the saying goes. You have the 7 Keys, the combination that is required for ultimate success.
  • The question is, will you use them? I would strongly suggest that if you’ve read thoroughly that you go over every chapter one at a time and make some notes. I won’t repeat myself again, you know each heading by now.

Write down how you’re going to get to where you want to be, and if you feel there are parts that you may need help on, then feel free to get in touch with us.

  • In addition, it’s a great way to ‘get on our radar’ (as was said at a recent seminar I attended). 
  • These Keys can open the doors to success for you, but they will only work if you use them! 
  • For each section make physical written notes. Seriously, grab some old fashioned paper and a pen and write.

Write down ideas, and then check on their viability, is there a demand? Will it be profitable? What do others think?

  • Find people you trust and bounce your ideas off them, get some opinions.
  • Once you’ve settled on something start at key one, but don’t put your pad away. Write out your plan and follow that through each stage. If you intend writing an eBook, then outline it on paper. Jot down the chapters and basic ideas, do some research to make sure you’ve included everything you can to give value to the reader.

Take action on making it the best you can. Stay focused etc.

  • In other words, follow each key for every part of the process. Are you following this now? Listen, this is important and it took me a while to get this out of John. In some ways I think he forced me to discover it, rather than just telling me. Success is a combination, not a key.
  • Now many will read through this information quite quickly. They will remember the headings and think that they know them, basically they might. Are you beginning to see the combination aspect yet? So you have your eBook written.

Did you follow all 7 keys in writing it? Right through from 1 to 7? So what’s next? Setting up a website?

  • If that’s the case, that is where you start again at key 1 and work through to key 7. I hope by now you’re catching on. Now do you see why I said get a pad and pen?
  • How much easier is it to plan the whole thing out if you have it there on the pages in front of you? Every aspect of what you’re taking on from product creation right through to finding people to promote and getting traffic from other sources needs to start with key 1 Make a plan and end at key 7 networking.
  • If you do that you will no longer stand any chance of failure, you will be using a combination of all the keys in every area of your online marketing.
  • That will lead you to becoming a success. It’s no good you standing outside the door to your success and waiting for it to magically open.
  • As I said right at the start. Having the keys won’t open the door but USING THEM WILL! Applying what has been shared with you, and following through the full combination. John and I wish you every success that we desire for ourselves.
The 7 key elements every successful marketer: part 1 
The 7 Key Elements Every Successful Marketer: Part 1&Nbsp;

To Your Success

  • John Thornhill & Randy Smith. Scroll Down For a Bonus Chapter Bonus Chapter To truly over-deliver, I decided to add a bonus chapter.
  • It’s not mentioned anywhere because that would ruin John’s title.
  • It’s something I feel strongly about, and once you’ve read through this chapter, I’m sure you’ll see why.
  • John hasn’t briefed me or told me to write this and yet, it’s also something I’ve seen in him.
  • It plays a big part in his success (possibly without him realising) and it’s always been a part of mine.

In fact it probably explains in many ways WHY I failed miserably for 5 years online, before I started making any money at all.

  • You see this eBook has been written about what I extracted from John during all our conversations and email exchanges. He gave me the keys and their headings, even the order they are written in.
  • Here’s a strange twist. It’s taken us a while to get this into an eBook due to both of us having projects on the go already.

Do you know why I had projects on the go?

  • Because John forced me to follow the 7 keys, Well, that would seem a sensible idea wouldn’t it? (Laugh) OK – Enough teasing.
  • The thing that John extracted from me and the bonus key that I see in John is PASSION Before you raise your eyebrows, I’m talking about the passion we have for what we do. I was trying to make money from any area I could hey I didn’t care, I just needed the cash! I’m sure you may have felt that way too at times?
  • Now I do know that John also has a keen eye on extra ways to add further streams of income to his bottom line. In fact one of his favourite sayings is “Many Streams Make a River”

Here’s a thing – have you ever noticed that John doesn’t sell any products about ad-words, or web2 and social networking?

  • He doesn’t know or like those types of opportunities … he sticks with what he is passionate about. He is passionate about his family, so he works his business to benefit them.
  • He has more time with them than the average 9 – 5 ‘working man’ and he is passionate about automating as many of the mundane chores of his business.
  • Thereby leaving him more time for family and relationship building.
  • Now I’ll be honest with you here and tell you (in case you didn’t know) I have had times in my life where I’ve been very successful and earned 6 figure UK incomes, and I’ve had times when I’ve been, well to put it mildly, on my backside! It’s only when I look back and think about it seriously, weighing up the times and the lifestyles, that I realise the times I’ve been most successful is when I was passionate about what I was doing.

Here’s what John unknowingly did for me.

  • He forced me to think about what I was doing and made me realise that many of the things I just wasn’t passionate about. He dragged out of me what it was I loved to do.
  • Things like selling, writing and rambling on for hours (yeah sorry about that) 🙂 The more he got me focused on those things, and took my attention away from the boring stuff I struggle with, the more I enjoyed being here and helping others. (Hey don’t get me wrong, if graphics is your passion, I’m all in favour, we all need graphics and script developers, and software producers etc) I’m just saying that John dragged MY old passions to the surface once more.

As a result my passions were rekindled and I started to enjoy what I did, instead of worrying where the cash was going to come from.

  • Would you believe it, the more passionately I focused on using the 7 keys but in areas I was passionate about.
  • The more success seems to have come my way! When you think about, and I mean really STOP and THINK about it properly, It’s hard to find anyone who is passionate about what they do not being good at it, and hence becoming successful in that field.

Things that might bore the pants off you or I are suddenly an income stream for someone, and we sit and wonder what there is to get excited about?

  • But hey, ours is not to judge others, whatever makes them happy is up to them. Our task is purely to find our own passion, to find something we can’t wait to jump out of bed for in the morning. 
  • To look forward to getting stuck in. If you can do that, then I guarantee you that life will be a great adventure. So as you start to make your plans and follow the 7 Keys that every successful marketer follows, be sure to give some thought to how passionately you enjoy What you are planning to do?
  • Think about some of your ‘heroes’ both online and off. Can you imagine them having the success or achieving the feats they have accomplished without being passionate about what it is they do?

Your passion will get you through the harder times and continue to give you the motivation you need to follow all the keys to fruition. So there you have it, my bonus key – Find Your Passion and let it find you your success.

  • I have a motto that I try to pass on to my own subscribers, and I’d like to share it with you as a close to this chapter…. Live it, Love it, Pass it on. It may seem a strange line to some, but once you understand that I’m talking about having a passionate life, hopefully it becomes clearer. Life is for living, if we live it to the best of our abilities, then we’ll be able to Love the experience and feel the passion, and there is no greater satisfaction than to be able to pass it onto others and see them do the same. So here’s hoping you’re…

 Loving Life, Living it with Passion, and Passing it on!  Randy 

  • Resources You may have noticed that we haven’t stuffed this eBook with links to our products and recommended services.
  • This is because we want you to stay focused on what you need to do. Hence we are only going to mention our blogs.
  • So if you want to find out more about us and how we can help grow your business, or simply get in touch with us then simply visit our blogs.
  • John’s Blog Randy’s Blog
  • Here’s to your success.
  • John Thornhill & Randy Smith.

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