52 Positive and Healthy Habits For an Amazing Life

52. Positive and Healthy Habits For an Amazing Life

52 Positive and Healthy Habits For an Amazing Life. If you want to improve your life and make it an amazing one, start by implementing one or perhaps even all of the habits listed below. 52 Positive and Healthy Habits For an Amazing Life.

Start by getting your mindset right and implement as you go.

  • It’s the little things you do every day that counts and builds up in the end.
  • But make sure you stick with them to make them your habits.
  • Because we are, indeed, as quoted above, the things we do repeatedly.


  • 1. Practice gratitude (I use the Five Minute Journal and I love it!)
  • 2. Master your mindset in all areas of your life
  • 3. Get up early
  • 4. Daily meditation
  • 5. Read a chapter of a good book every day (I am currently loving Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert)
  • 6. Make time for self-care
  • 7. Value your alone time
  • 8. Prioritize your to-do list and go after the most difficult task first (hello, Productivity Planner – my go-to planner)
  • 9. Set goals and make sure you are moving forward
  • 10. Don’t be afraid of failing

Go to bed before 10 pm

  • 12. Prioritize your health by eating healthy and clean food
  • 13. Try and stay away from flour and sugar
  • 14. Be proactive
  • 15. Take initiative
  • 16. Think quality: over quantity when it comes to people in your life
  • 17. Be disciplined and honor your commitments
  • 18. Stretch it out daily
  • 19. Practice the art of Pomo-door
  • 20. Get in 30 minutes of exercise every day (walking will do)

Learn something new every day

  • 21. Plan your day ahead
  • (I use the Productivity Planner or good old g Cal for this)
  • 22. Eat dinner at the kitchen table and not in front of the TV
  • 23. Have a good skincare routine in place
  • 24. Eat your greens
  • 25. Do a daily thought-dump
  • (preferably in the morning)
  • 26. Drink more water and fewer fizzy drinks
  • 27. Wear sunscreen every day of the year
  • 28. Manage your emotions
  • 29. Always do what you feel (never fear )
  • 30. Learn something new every day

Don’t worry

  • 31. Pick up the phone and call an old friend
  • 32. Always be a good listener
  • 33. Take advice from people that already have the result you want in your life
  • 34. Journal
  • 35. Make time for your loved ones
  • 36. Be consistent
  • 37. Challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone at least 3 times a week
  • 38. Do something you’ve never done before
  • 39. Learn from your failures and don’t make them mean anything to you
  • 40. Don’t worry

Don’t Make Excuses

41. De-clutter your home and closet regularly
42. Plan for an adventure
43. Be confident
44. Be in control of your finances
45. Learn to do your taxes properly
46. Say no to things you don’t really want to do
47. Say yes to things you do want to do
48. Cook at home (and save money)
49. Take responsibility for your actions
50. Don’t make excuses
51. Just start, because tomorrow is not a day of the week Before You Go
I hope you’ve enjoyed this list.

52. BE POSITIVE -Everything is not locked down


  • Locked down is an opportunity to come closer and nearer to ALMIGHTY GOD OUR FATHER JESUS CHRIST.
  • This is what HE always wanted the US to do.
  • Spend more of your time reading Scripture, listening to the Message of The Hour,
  • Praising GOD
  • God Bless You All !!