Top 15 Powerful Steps to Achieve Your Success Faster and Easy 

Top 15 Powerful Steps to Achieve Your Success Faster and Easy 

Top 15 Powerful Steps to Achieve Your Success Faster and Easy  There are many different approaches to achieving success, but here are some general steps that can help individuals to reach their goals: By following these steps, individuals can increase their chances of achieving success in their personal and professional lives. Of course, success is … Read more

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सफलता का रहस्य-भाग 6 (Secrets Of Success)

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सफलता का रहस्य-भाग 3

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5 Reasons Why Self-Awareness is Important

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13 समृद्ध मानसिक आदतें (Enriched Mental Habits)

13 समृद्ध मानसिक आदतें (Enriched Mental Habits)

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Factors Behind Importance of Motivation in Successful Life

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Discover the 21 greatest laws of success in life, inspired by Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Learn how faith, focus, and perseverance can propel you towards success. These principles are not just for personal life, but can be applied to business activities as well. Are you ready to start knowing what it takes to achieve your goals? THE 21 GREATEST LAWS OF SUCCESS IN LIFE can change your life!







Straight As

In school, straight As were always indicative of a great year.

  • In business, the same rule applies: Straight As will give you what you want every time.
  • With Awareness, Acceptance, and Alteration comes Achievement.

First, you must become aware of the primary cause of the results you are getting.

  • The truth is not always in the appearance of things.
  • Your results are never caused by something outside of yourself; results are always an inside job.
  • Your results are a physical or outward expression of the inner conditioning in your subconscious mind.
  • Or, Your behavior is causing your results . . . and your conditioning is causing your behavior.

The second A is Acceptance.

  • You must accept responsibility for your results.
  • When you accept full responsibility for your results, you will make the necessary decisions to alter them.
  • Acceptance of this truth is always the preamble to a magnificent future.
  • When you accept your subconscious conditioning as the cause of your results,

you will be ready for the third A—Alteration.

  • You will decide to alter the conditioning in your subconscious mind, conditioning that is both genetic and environmental.
  • And You and your results are the product of someone else’s habitual way of thinking.
  • Making the necessary alterations in this area not only takes time, it takes a respectable amount of study and discipline, but it’s worth it.
  • It is well worth every penny and every speck of energy you invest in learning how to alter your old conditioning.

This simple process will permit you to ACHIEVE whatever goal you set.

  • Let’s review it.
  • Become Aware of the cause of your results.
  • Accept responsibility for your results.
  • Alter your conditioned subconscious mind.
  • Achieve any goal you set.


Straight As—aim for them!

  • Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve.
  • Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscle.
  • It’s a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment.
  • I attempt an arduous task, but there is no worth in that which is not a difficult achievement.



The Devil’s Most Prizes Possession

  • The personal association I had with Earl Nightingale was a great education, but I could never estimate the effect his recorded messages have had on my life.
  • One of those messages was titled “That’s Good.” I listened to it so often, I could almost repeat it verbatim.
  • On that record, he shared a fable about the devil having a most interesting sale.
  • Like most old fables, it has a moral well worth thinking about.

The story goes that Satan was having a sale of his wares.

  • There on display, and offered for sale, was the rapier of jealousy, the dagger of fear, and the strangling noose of hatred, each with its high price.
  • But standing alone on a purple pedestal was a worn and battered wedge.
  • This was the devil’s most prized possession, for with it alone he could stay in business.
  • It was not for sale.
  • It was the wedge of discouragement.
  • Why do you suppose the devil valued so highly, and actually would not sell, the worn and battered wedge of discouragement?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

  • He prizes discouragement because of its enfeebling, demoralizing effect.
  • Hatred, fear, or jealousy may lead immature people to act unwisely, fight, or run.
  • But at least they act.
  • Discouragement, on the other hand, hurts people more than any of these.
  • It causes them to sit down, pity themselves, and do nothing.
  • Now, this doesn’t have to happen.
  • Unfortunately, it all too frequently does.
  • Not until we realize that discouragement is often a form of self-pity do we begin to take stock of ourselves and our predicament and decide to act to do something that will take us out of the unpleasant situation.
  • The answer to discouragement, then, is intelligent action.
  • Get rid of discouragement before it gets rid of you.
  • The devil might not survive without this priceless wedge, but you can.

There are risks and costs to action.

  • But they are far less than the long-range risks of comfortable inaction.
  • Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence.
  • Inaction is not only the result but the cause, of fear.
  • Perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different actions or adjustments will have to follow.
  • But any action is better than no action at all.
  • Doubt, of whatever kind, can be ended by action alone.


Thought Plus Action

  • Successful living consists of knowing and being.
  • When the two are separated, there is nothing but frustration and failure.
  • To know all about love without love can be disastrous.
  • In the same way, knowing all about the right way to live and not acting on what you know, daily, can prove to be very destructive for anyone.
  • Unfortunately, most of the self-help books on our bestseller lists deal with positive thinking, without much concern for translating it consciously into the experience.
  • We are supplied with maps to Nirvana but cannot locate the vehicle to get us there.
  • If positive thinking alone resulted in successful living, 95 percent of our population would reside on Easy Street.
  • All of our preachers and teachers would be physical examples of health, wealth, and well-being.
  • Unfortunately, many are physical contradictions to what they tell us.

Half-truths are more exclusive than lies.

  • Positive thinking as a medium to the good life is just that: a half-truth.
  • Positive thinking alone does not deliver, it does not fulfill.
  • It frustrates us because it is not in harmony with what we do.
  • Thinking positively about music will not make you a musician.
  • Only singing and playing a musical instrument will bring you fulfillment.
  • The power of positive thought lies in its being expressed in a positive act.
  • The thought of love finds its fulfillment in love.
  • Thoughts of joy find their power in laughter.

Faith without action is dead.

  • Nothing can result so negatively as thinking positively without the action that fulfills that thinking.
  • Schools should award diplomas for what we do rather than what we know.
  • Nothing is more powerful than a positive thought joined with positive action.
  • The ancestor of every action is a thought.

Follow effective action with quiet reflection.

  • From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.
  • Action is the real measure of intelligence.

Wake Up

  • Winners are wide awake; they are alive.
  • Every day you will find them in the marketplace making things happen.
  • The real winners are not just dreamers.
  • Although they have dreams, they are doers: They realize their dreams.
  • They are the bell ringers, always attempting to wake others up to the numerous opportunities life offers.
  • If you want to cash in on the rewards life has to offer, follow the winners.
  • Do as they do, and ultimately you will become the winner you are capable of being.
  • If you are not presently living the way you want to live, don’t feel bad about it or have any regrets about the past.
  • Today can be the beginning of a new life.
  • Just as you turn the page on the calendar to reveal a new day or month, mentally you can do that with your life.

Listen to the winners.

  • They want to help you.
  • Every day they are offering you membership in their club.
  • The greatest reward a winner can receive is to see someone who has been in a deep psychological sleep wake up and grab that brass ring.
  • The winners are openly rewarded for the help they provide.
  • They are easy to spot; they very rarely hide.
  • Or, They drive nice vehicles, wear good clothes, live in beautiful homes, take interesting vacations, have happy families, and live in healthy bodies.
  • And They have dynamic, creative personalities and are almost always involved in executing a big idea.
  • Winners do not permit the criticism of the losers to distract or slow them down.
  • They are too busy turning their dreams into reality and helping others do the same thing.

Winning is not a sometimes thing; it’s an all-the-time thing.

  • You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time.
  • Winning is a habit.
  • Unfortunately, so is losing.
  • When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.
  • Do you want to know who you are?
  • Don’t ask.
  • Act!
  • Action will delineate and define you.



You’re a Natural

  • Do you ever think of yourself as a natural goal achiever?
  • If you don’t, you should, because you are a natural goal achiever.
  • The moment the first breath of life filled your lungs you set out pursuing goals.
  • You are innately programmed to improve the quality of your life.
  • Each of your first early achievements brought with them tremendous satisfaction, along with great pride and joy.
  • Your first goal was to get something to eat, and when have you ever seen anyone more satisfied than a baby who has just been fed?
  • Or where have you seen greater pride and joy than on the face of a new mother nursing her baby?

How about those other first early goals—to crawl, to talk, or to walk?

  • Think of the satisfaction, pride, and joy that came with that first word or the first step.
  • The satisfaction with the first word or step soon wears off and dissatisfaction sets in.
  • You want to put words together, steps together.
  • They became goals and as you accomplished them, more satisfaction, pride, and joy followed, but so did the feeling of dissatisfaction.
  • You wanted to accomplish more, do greater things.
  • You naturally want to experience life and experience it in abundance.
  • And You not only should, but you can also have the things you want—all of them—and you will have them if you rekindle that early spirit that caused you to pursue and achieve those first goals.
  • Unfortunately, too many of us were told at an early stage that we should be satisfied with what we had.

Goals and their importance were lost.

  • You should never be satisfied. Happy, but not satisfied. Dissatisfaction is a creative state.
  • It took you out of the cave and put you into the condominium.
  • It gave you the wheel, the fax, and the furnace.
  • Dissatisfaction gave you and me a lifestyle that is the envy of the world.
  • Develop a healthy dissatisfaction with your life.

Set new goals—big, exciting goals.

  • Then, set out to achieve them with the same enthusiasm you knew and used as a baby.
  • That is called living.
  • Everything else is dying.
  • Big results require big ambitions.

Aim high. Behave honorably.

  • Prepare to be alone at times, and to endure failure.
  • Persist!
  • The world needs all you can give.
  • To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. —ALFRED LORD TENNYSON



  • Our Gift

  • Nature gave a wonderful gift to most of her little creatures—a gift we call “protective coloring”—so that the deer blends into the forest, the fish into the stream, and the bird into the tree.
  • But from one notable creature was this gift withheld.
  • The human creature stands out like a sore thumb on any sort of terrain.
  • I believe this is because the human was given a much greater gift: You and I have the godlike power to make our surroundings change to fit us.
  • When you change or improve as a person, your environment and surroundings change to reflect this improvement.
  • Just as you can tell what a business is doing for a community by observing what the community is doing for the business, so can you, with a few notable exceptions, tell what a person is doing for the community by assessing what the community has done for the person.
  • You can tell a lot about a person by carefully examining his or her environment.
  • Contrary to popular belief, people are not the reflection of their environment nearly as much as we might think.

The environment is a reflection of the people.

  • Change the people for the better, and the environment will change for the better as well.
  • Watch one person change, and that person will leave his or her old environment and seek out a new one—one that more closely reflects their emerging being.

Our attitude is the environment we carry with us during the day.

  • It proclaims to the world what we think of ourselves and indicates the sort of person we have made up our minds to be.
  • It is the person we will become.
  • Yes, as we look at the fish, the bird, or the animals in the wild, we do marvel at how well nature has camouflaged them.
  • But don’t you think we should spend a little time being overwhelmed by our great gift of creative ability then do all we can to develop and utilize this ability?
  • Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.
  • Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as, by the way, your mind looks at what happens.


  • “That’s right.” “It’s right.” “He’s right.” “She’s right.”
  • Those words are echoed every day by millions of people.
  • Once we decide we are right, an abundance of energy goes into defending our rightness.
  • However, if we look at the situation objectively, we will quickly become aware that we are never right.

Our way may be a good way.

  • It can be a valid way.
  • It might even be a better way.
  • But it will never be the “right” way.
  • The minute you believe your way is the right way, all other ways will be wrong.
  • That attitude will quickly paralyze progress and shut down the creative juices.

Permit me to make a suggestion.

  • The next time you hear yourself saying, “That’s right,” or, “I’m right,” correct yourself immediately by repeating, “That is a good way, and I might act on it.
  • However, there is a better way, and I will look for it.”
  • The first telephones were a good way, a better way, even a great way to communicate. However, history has proven that the first telephones were certainly not the best way to communicate.
  • By comparison with today’s telephone systems, they were terrible.
  • This basic concept holds with everything we do, from health care to air travel.
  • Think of your own business or industry and the role you play in it.
  • You could very easily be caught in the trap of doing your job the same way because you believe it is the right way.
  • It may be effective . . . but there is always a better way.
  • One small adjustment could improve your productivity 100 percent.

Your way may be effective, it may be valid, but it’s never right.

  • There is a better way.
  • Find it!
  • Our attitude toward others determines their attitude toward us.
  • No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.
  • Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.

Rise Above It

  • One of the most common reactions to frustration is aggression.
  • Let someone drive in front of us and block our progress while we are rushing to an appointment, and our thin veneer of civilized behavior peels off with a blast on the horn or an angry shout.
  • While aggression may be a direct and common reaction to frustration, the reaction itself often leads to additional sources of frustration, especially if it is another person who is the target of the aggression.
  • The other person may hit back.
  • Showing our anger at a police officer who pulls us over for not coming to a full stop may change the officer’s decision from giving us a warning to giving us a ticket with a fine.
  • Psychologists used to think that frustration automatically leads to aggression.
  • Further research suggested that that was not true in all people or all cultures.
  • If aggression is a learned response, it can be unlearned and other more adaptive responses substituted.
  • Sir Alec Guinness, the great actor on stage and screen, suggested an excellent substitute.
  • Guinness told a story of how his friend and fellow actor Sir Tyrone Guthrie had a phrase for everything that went wrong.
  • Guinness said Guthrie used this phrase for everything from a toothache to a catastrophe, such as the loss of the company’s costumes when they were on the road.

It was just three simple words: “Rise above it.”

  • I’m sure you will agree, if we all faced our troubles in that frame of mind, many of those troubles would vanish, and the frustration that often accompanies our problems would disappear.
  • Put it to the test today with the first problem you are faced with.
  • Just say, “Rise above it.” Repeat it aloud: “Rise above it.”
  • Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
  • Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s way.—VIKTOR FRANKL



Room of Mirrors

  • The other day I was speaking with a dear friend who was sharing her situation with me.
  • It wasn’t exactly pleasant.
  • Her husband was very unhappy, critical of everyone and most everything.
  • He didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything.
  • She explained, “He acts as if everyone and everything is against him.”
  • The lady’s description of her husband reminds me of something that I read years ago about the person whose mind was like a room with mirrored walls.
  • It wouldn’t matter which way he looked, all he was ever able to see was himself and his situation.
  • He would not be able to invoke the law of relativity.
  • Not being able to compare his life with most of the world’s population, he would never know, by comparison, that he was living much like Solomon in all his splendor and glory.
  • This man’s down-and-out attitude was caused by thinking only of himself.

Most, if not all, of his problems, would be solved if he replaced the mirrored walls of his mind with windows.

  • Then he would see what a fascinating world we live in—full of color, interesting people, and opportunity.
  • There would be so many challenging things to do and places to go that he would forever be scrambling for time.
  • When an individual is super sensitive, jumps at conclusions, and allows themselves to be negative, they are showing their immaturity.
  • By replacing the mirrors with windows, this high level of sensitivity can be converted into awareness, and negative impressions are made to serve as a stimulus for creative thought.

This, in turn, will lead to happiness, peace of mind, and a fulfilled life.

  • The greatest discovery of my generation is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.
  • To carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision.
  • To be conscious means not simply to be, but to be reported, known, to have awareness of one’s being added to that being.


सफलता का रहस्य-भाग 9