Book Summary of “Be a Network Marketing SUPERSTAR”

Book Summary of “Be a Network Marketing SUPERSTAR”

6) I LOVE DIRECT SELLING! I guess you could say it’s in my blood.

Book Summary of “Be a Network Marketing SUPERSTAR“. More Advance Praise for Be a Network Marketing Superstar: ‘Book Summary of “Be a Network Marketing SUPERSTAR” is an absolute must for every direct seller’s learning library. It’s rich with time-tested strategies that will build a strong foundation for success and sprinkled with fresh ideas to give you that edge you need to move to the top of your payment plan.

Book Summary of "Be a Network Marketing SUPERSTAR"
Book Summary of “Be a Network Marketing SUPERSTAR”

‘‘Be a Network Marketing Superstar provides an excellent introduction to and overview of the direct selling industry as well as a clear method for succeeding in direct sales.

‘‘Be a Network Marketing Superstar gives a step-by-step approach providing simple concepts that will guide a new or seasoned individual toward superstardom. The worksheets that follow each step are thought-provoking and excellent action steps.’’ —Dyan Lucero, President, Jafra Cosmetics

Book Summary of “Be a Network Marketing SUPERSTAR”

Steps to be follow

  1. Dare to Dream
  2. Set Your Sights
  3. Believe You Can
  4. Work the Plan
  5. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel
  6. Take Charge
  7. Work the Hours
  8. Master Six Core Skills
  9. Honor Your Planner
  10. Sell, Don’t Tell
  11. Radiate Positive Energy
  12. Focus on Relationships
  13. Keep It Simple
  14. Become an Effective Communicator
  15. Keep Finding New People
  16. Become a Mentor
  17. Embrace the Tools
  18. Keep Moving, Whatever Happens
  19. Bend, Don’t Break
  20. Manage Your Priorities
  21. Don’t Let Fear Trample Your Dreams
  22. Fix What’s Faulty
  23. Lead by Example
    24.  Keep Your Eye on the Ball
    25.  Never Stop Learning

Book Summary of “Be a Network Marketing SUPERSTAR”

I LOVE DIRECT SELLING! I guess you could say it’s in my blood.

I’ve been involved in one aspect of it or another for more than 30 years.

And I’ve enjoyed every minute! It’s not how I started or how I envisioned my life. I was a school librarian. When I attended my first direct selling ‘‘party,’’ the consultant asked me if I wanted to be a consultant too. I told her no. I told her no several times. But one holiday season I decided to earn a little extra money, and the rest, as they say, is history I was the top seller in the nation two years after I started; I set the all-time organizational development record for the nation; I was the administrator of a large direct selling company, and this year I founded my own direct selling company (Butterfly Worldwide).

I’m so proud to have had a career in this amazing industry.

I was successful, yes, but wow do I wish I had had a book like Be a Network Marketing Superstar when I first started in this business! If you are considering a career in direct selling, or if you are a direct seller already, this book can do wonders for you.

I know thousands of people who are super successful in direct selling. They all started where you are right now: dreaming of making it big. Mary made it, and you can, too.

She tells you where to concentrate your time and effort, how to build a team, how to be a great leader.

There’s really nothing you need to be a successful direct selling entrepreneur that you won’t find in the pages of Be a Network Marketing Superstar. But this marvelous book is more than just a self-help handbook. It’s also a workbook that will prepare you for the journey that lies ahead.

At the end of each chapter,

you’ll find questions that take what you just learned and help you apply it to the real world, your real world. They take all the great information from each chapter and help you apply it to, as Mary calls it, your own ‘‘Planet Reality.’’ They’re a wonderful first step to helping you build in the accountability you need to have—for yourself and to yourself—to be successful in this business.

I first met Mary Christensen when she was speaking at a Direct Selling Association Annual Meeting.

Her talk was dynamic and inspiring and filled with great insights and training. She grabbed my attention from the moment she began talking and held my interest until she left the stage to the kind of animated applause you don’t often hear at meetings like that. I hope you enjoy learning from Mary Christensen as she shares with you how to become a network marketing superstar.

And I trust that armed with the information you’ll garner from this book, your direct selling career will be a huge success.

Dianne Baldridge Founder and President, Butterfly Worldwide


Anyone who wants it and is prepared to work for it can have it. Nor is there any rule that demands you choose between financial freedom and family life.
When I first stumbled onto network marketing (also known as direct selling, multi-level marketing, and MLM), I was looking for a way to support my two young children and a mortgage. I had no notion that it would change my life. But it did.

I found a way to become financially independent.

But that’s not all. I discovered that I could have it both ways—the money and my life. Wealth is measured not only in dollar terms but also in the quality of life. Dreams truly can come true. Anyone can dream. And anyone can realize those dreams, whatever his or her current skills, experiences, and circumstances. Be a Network Marketing Superstar will show you how, even on Planet Reality, where life doesn’t always go the way we expect it to.

There are countless reasons why every week more than 175,000 people start a network marketing business in America, and 475,000 sign on worldwide.

(The Direct Selling Association reports that there are over 14 million people involved in network marketing in America and more than 54 million worldwide.)
In an increasingly uncertain world, more of us are seeking an alternative to the traditional pattern of study, work, and retirement. Those willing to sacrifice family, friends, and leisure pursuits to the demands of a corporate employer are decreasing in number. Men and women alike are realizing that the best security in life is self-reliance. This shift in attitudes is having a profound effect, with a staggering increase in the number of people in the United States working from home compared to just five years ago.

Book Summary of “Be a Network Marketing SUPERSTAR”

Women’s attitudes are changing just as fast.

Although being a loving, involved parent is still the top priority for many women, fewer are prepared to gamble with their future and are making financial independence sit high on their list of priorities. The dream of owning your own business is appealing, statistics paint a more realistic picture of long hours, high stress, and low returns for small- to medium-size business owners, who struggle to make a profit after deducting costs for leasing, inventory, staff, and operations. The answer is network marketing, an opportunity to own your own business without taking on the burden of going it alone. It’s an entrepreneur’s dream.

Book Summary of “Be a Network Marketing SUPERSTAR”

Here’s how network marketing works:

As an independent representative (also known as a distributor, associate, consultant, member, or business owner) you form a partnership with a corporation that provides a product or service along with administrative and marketing support. With the corporation taking care of the back end of the business, you are free to focus on the frontline actions that produce income. Your income comes from selling products or services, and from recruiting others to sell products or services.

Book Summary of “Be a Network Marketing SUPERSTAR”

The higher your total sales, the higher your income.

What makes network marketing so attractive is that it costs almost nothing to start and very little to run. There is no up-front capital investment required, apart from a small outlay for a starter kit, so you can own your own business without using your own funds or having to borrow capital. There is no ceiling on what you can earn, and you don’t have to sacrifice family and friends to join the highest echelon of achievers.

Most network marketers run their business from home, and they work it around their everyday life.

Some opt to supplement the household income by working their business part-time while they, their spouse, or both of them continue in traditional employment. For others, their network marketing business is the sole source of household income. Couples pooling their skills and resources to build a network marketing business together are becoming more common, allowing the family to take center stage in their lives.

No one way works better than others.

The point of network marketing is to provide freedom and flexibility to fit your personal ambitions and circumstances. What counts is that you get to decide what’s best for your life.

Network marketing is one of the few businesses where you can earn as you learn, right from the start.

If you find yourself faltering: Think of the millions who labor through years of university or college for a chance to join the ranks of the higher-income earners. And Think of the millions who invest their own capital in a business only to end up working horrendous hours trying to make it pay against all odds.
Think of those who waste their life stuck in traffic, as they commute to the office and back.

Be a Network Marketing Superstar

Think of those who miss pivotal events in their children’s lives, due to work commitments;  who dread going to work each day to boring, repetitive jobs, not to mention having to work with and for people they wouldn’t spend time with under any other circumstances.

Think how lucky you are that you are at the helm of your own low-risk,

high-reward business—a business where you get to decide how your time will be spent and with whom you will spend it. I have written Be a Network Marketing Superstar for everyone serious about making his or her dream for a network marketing business a financial and lifestyle reality.

If you are prepared to move out of your comfort zone and commit to making it work,

whatever your current situation, I will show you how to join the hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy a fabulous income and a dream lifestyle from their network marketing business: Wealth in the true spirit of the word.

Book Summary of “Be a Network Marketing SUPERSTAR”

Here are the three basic principles of network marketing:

1. There are no shortcuts.

As with any endeavor, if you want to succeed you must be prepared to work hard and work smart. And that starts with mastering the skills that have been proven to work by the millions who have already built successful businesses.

2. There are no excuses.

If something isn’t working for you, you have to be prepared to change. That doesn’t mean looking around for a better company, a better system, or a new idea. It means changing you. Perhaps your attitude, the way you present yourself, the way you communicate, or your understanding of how the business works. This book will help you determine where to focus your time, energy, and resources to enhance your chance of success.

3. There are no trophies for trying.

Network marketing rewards results. Not everyone will make it because not everyone is prepared to do what it takes. If you are prepared, the rewards you receive will make it all worthwhile. If you decide network marketing is not for you, you will have risked nothing and lost nothing. One of the strengths of the industry is that you can even keep your regular job while you are building your business.

Book Summary of “Be a Network Marketing SUPERSTAR”

This book will complement your corporate partner’s training program,

which will give you specific information and guidance related to your products and your business opportunity. Rather than replicate information you will find in company manuals and learn at company-run seminars, I will focus on how to apply what you read in your manuals and hear at training programs. Believe me, there is a wide gap between the theory of network marketing and what you will discover when you get out into the real world, or Planet Reality.

Follow it as a handbook and it will guide you step by step toward your most ambitious goals.

A worksheet follows each chapter to help you apply what you read. Although knowledge is a powerful asset, knowledge translated into action is the winning formula. Above all, believe you can do it, you can because, how few skills and what little confidence I had when I started. Every step you are about to take, I have taken, as have the millions who are now enjoying the rewards they worked hard for.

Rewards that are waiting for you. Welcome to a dynamic industry.

If you are willing to learn and willing to work, you will create the life you and your family deserve and become a role model for others who dare to dream big dreams.

Dare to Dream


What will you wish for? More excitement? adventure? freedom? money? time? fun?
The only limit to what we can achieve in life is the limit to our imagination. Every achiever—from the scientist who achieves a medical breakthrough that saves millions of lives, to the sportsman who overcomes all odds to break a world record—started with a dream. Imagine the first settlers to land on American soil knowing next to nothing about what they would find here, but with hearts bursting with dreams for a better future.

Imagine the first person to gaze up into the night sky and dream of landing on the moon.

At the time, it must Dare to Dream have seemed beyond impossible. But it happened because someone dared to dream. Life is not about following a path that others set for us. It’s about blazing new trails to create the life we choose. Dreaming frees us from our doubts, our skepticism, our prejudices, our past experiences, and the expectations of others, to reveal the truth of what we want in life. Our capacity to achieve has no limit if we dare to dream big dreams.

Take time to consider what will make you, and those you love, truly happy. Ask six simple questions:

  1. What do I want to be?
  2. And also what do I want to do?
  3. What do I want to give?
  4. Think about, What do I want to have?
  5. How do I want to spend my time?
  6. To whom do I want to spend my time?

When you know the answer to these questions, you gain awesome power over your future.

However long it takes for you to decide how you want to live your life, it will be time well spent, because when you know what matters most to you, you will move mountains to make it happen.

Lackluster dreams never inspired great deeds or amazing feats.

Think about how we respond to events that touch our hearts, about how we rally behind our favorite causes; of the lengths, you would go to protect your family and the people you love.

The more passion you have, the more energy you will generate to make your dreams come true.

Too many people live in a drab world of black and white. many allow self-doubt and uncertainty to quash their dreams. Not you. Think vivid, vibrant color. If you dream of sending your kids to the best schools, imagine them walking through the gates and attending classes graduate among their peers;  you dream about a new car, imagine the color of the paint, the sound of the engine, the smell of new leather seats.

Visualize the trips you will take and the adventures you will enjoy;

You dream of helping others, picture the difference you will make in their lives; your dream is a new home, walk your imagination through every room. Let your bare feet glide on the wooden floors and sink into the soft carpet. Picture the shade of the walls. Feel the texture of the furnishings. Gaze at the view from the windows. If you dream of traveling the world, think of the sights, sounds, and tastes that you will savor along the way.

This is not the time to hold back. Set your imagination free and let it soar.

If you have chosen network marketing as your vehicle for realizing your dreams, you have chosen well. You will have an incredible journey as you navigate toward the future you dream of. You will almost certainly encounter roadblocks as you progress toward where you want, and deserve, to be.

This, after all, is Planet Reality.

Knowing why you are doing what you are doing is more important than knowing how when you are tested. When you know what you are working for, whatever happens along the way, your passion will propel you forward.

Some people see things as they are and say, ‘‘Why?’’ I dream things that never were and say, ‘‘Why not?’’ —GEORGE BERNARD SHAW


Conjure up your personal genie and grant yourself three wishes. Bring them alive with as much detail as you can imagine.
My first dream is / the second dream is / the third dream is

Set Your Sights


Dreaming kindles our imagination and ignites our passion, but goals are tangible destinations that we set before we set out on our journey. Knowing what you are working toward will focus your energies in the right direction and keep you on the right track. The purpose of a goal is to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Therefore goals have to be realistic.

That doesn’t mean forgetting your dreams, but rather setting progressive goals, or mileposts, that will take you toward them, one step at a time. I recommend that you set your first goals no more than one year ahead. There will be time to focus on new goals once you achieve these first ones. No matter how impatient you are to start work, know that one of the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs and corporate business people alike is being impatient.

Set Your Sights: The time you spend identifying your priorities is never wasted.

Having the discipline to clarify your goals is one of the keys to success. Take these seven actions to set your goals for the next twelve months:

1. Define each goal as a measurable destination, with a specific deadline.

For example: ‘‘By June 30 next year I will be earning $5,000 per month,’’ or ‘‘By June 30 next year I will have $20,000 saved toward my first investment property.’’

2. Rate each goal on a priority scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high) by asking yourself,

‘‘How important is this goal to my ultimate dream?’’ Make sure these are your goals, not goals set to please or impress someone else. This is your life, and you won’t be happy living someone else’s dream.

3. Choose only the goals that you rated the highest.

Reconsider any goal that you have rated below 3, asking, ‘‘Is this what I truly want?’’

4. Make sure you have not included an escape route

(‘‘I’ll give it my best for six months ’’), you have not involved others who do not share your passion (‘‘If my partner will agree to babysit more, I will . . .’’), and you can achieve each a goal without conditions (‘‘If my boss will agree to cut back my hours ’’).

5. A goal is a commitment.

It only has value if you promise that within the time frame you have set you will have achieved it. Be specific. The less ambiguous, confusing, or open-ended your goal is, the better. Make sure you can answer two key questions about each goal:
a. ‘‘What is going to change?’’
b. ‘‘When will the change be complete?’’

6. Check that your goals are compatible.

Ask yourself, ‘‘Can I achieve every one of my goals in the time I have?’’ If not, make a choice right now about what matters most. The more goals you set, the less likely you are to achieve any of them. For example, if you are a bit of a couch potato, and one of your goals is to run a marathon while the other is to double your income in a year, you should be seeing a red flag, not a checkered one. Both goals will take single-minded dedication. It is better to choose one and soften the other. For example, make the business goal your top priority, and postpone the marathon, amending that goal of building your fitness until you can run five miles three times a week.

7. Consider your goals against your current circumstances.

Check that you have not set yourself up to fail with overly ambitious goals if you are already highly committed.
For instance, if you are busy raising a young family, you could start working toward your dream of a mortgage-free home by reducing your mortgage by 20 percent or paying off your credit cards.

Ask yourself, ‘‘Are my goals realistic in my current situation?’’

If you set your sights too high, you will quickly become disillusioned. Success is a great motivator. It’s better to set modest goals and achieve them than to overextend yourself and fail.
As your circumstances change, so can your goals. As you achieve each goal, set your next one until, step by step, you find yourself stepping into your dream.


1. Write out your goals,

giving each goal completion date. List as many as you like. When you have finished, review each goal and rate it according to how important it is to you (1 highest priority; 5 lowest priority).
I will:
By: Rating:

Set Your Sights

  1. Rearrange your goals in order of priority:
    1:/ 2:/ 3:/ 4:/ 5:/ 6:

3. Put your goals through the reality

4. Rewrite your two top goals:

My most important goal is:/  deadline to complete this goal is:/ second most important goal is:/ deadline to complete this goal is:

5. Bring your goals to life with pictures,

such as a photo of the school, your children will attend, the dream home you will build, the car you will buy, your ultimate vacation destination, or the child you will sponsor.

6. Print five copies of your top goals.

Spread them around you—on your bathroom mirror, on the dashboard of your car, on the inside front cover of your planner, next to your computer, near the phone, or on the door of your refrigerator; in other words, any place where you tend to spend much of your time.

7. Look at your goals every day, as many times as you can,

always putting yourself in the picture. See yourself traveling to meet your child, sitting in the driver’s seat of the car with your hands on the steering wheel; lying back on a recliner at a beach resort as you watch your children frolic in the pool, or feeling the pride well up as you watch your child graduate.