Forteo Osteoporosis Treatment:  The Pros And Cons, 2 main objections to Forteo’s osteoporosis medication

Forteo Osteoporosis Treatment:  The Pros And Cons, 2 main objections to Forteo’s osteoporosis medication

Forteo Osteoporosis Treatment:  The Pros And Cons. There are benefits and risks of Forteo.  Osteoporosis patients should weigh the pros and cons before deciding to take the medication.  It is one of the newest cures for the disease, and it has its backers and detractors.  Forteo Osteoporosis cures can be appropriate for some people under some circumstances.

There are two main objections to Forteo’s osteoporosis medication.

 The first is that it might cause a rare form of cancer known as osteosarcoma.  The other is that it is quite expensive.  

Forteo Osteoporosis medicine has been on the market for four years.  It stimulates the cells that build bone to make bones larger and harder.  Older medicines like bisphosphonates, or medications like Boniva, Actonel, or Fosamax, kill the cells that degrade bone to slow bone loss. 

Forteo increases bone mineral density in the spine to a much greater degree in a shorter period of time than bisphosphonates, while reducing the risk of fracture comparably.

If you only suffer from mild or moderate osteoporosis, then bisphosphonates may do the trick for you.  However, once you experience an osteoporotic fracture, cannot tolerate bisphosphonate therapy, or are found to have a very low T-score, Forteo becomes the drug of choice for you.  

Patients who have been on bisphosphonates before will see some benefits from Forteo, but the effects may not occur as quickly as in patients that have never taken medication for osteoporosis.

Fotero osteoporosis medication was introduced in November 2002. 

At that time, the FDA mandated that the drug carry a black box warning because it was associated with an increased risk of osteosarcoma, or bone cancer, in rats. 

It must be said, though, that that strain of rats is highly sensitive to developing various cancers.  It is generally thought that if you take the Fotero osteoporosis medication for the maximum recommended time of two years or less, you greatly minimize your chances of developing cancer as a result of taking the drug.

Forteo osteoporosis medication replicates a portion of parathyroid hormone. 

It can only be administered by injection. It comes in a pre-filled pen device that requires two steps to deliver the correct dose. 

The drug is very expensive for patients. 

Its retail price is $700 for a 28-day supply.  Depending on your insurance policy, you may be able to get that at a discount.  Still, the price may leave some people to decide that traditional medications like bisphosphonates are their only option. 

In addition to your prescription drug program, you may also want to check into state programs to help underwrite your Forteo osteoporosis medication.

The drug regimen has been successful for many people and the risks associated with it have turned out to be less severe than initially imagined.  Still, it is an expensive drug and may not be necessary for patients with mild or moderate forms of the disease.

Only you can decide whether Forteo osteoporosis medication is right for you.