GROWING YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE-PART-2. What To Do When You Need to Boost Your Self Confidence? Small differences make great changes. It all boils down to a single idea that would recreate your self-image.


  • Remember when you were so confident of having done something then someone commented on how bad things went?
  • Remember when you were struggling to finish your work satisfactorily when someone said you would never make it to promotion?
  • Remember when you set out to run a mile and people scrutinized you for having such a goal?
  • Remember all those times.
  • They are all rooted in pessimistic commentaries that were of no use but to destroy the positive spirit in you that says ” you can”.

Self-confidence lies near to positive thinking.

  • If you think positively of yourself and take stock of all positive attributes you have while considering the worth of those you lack then you can at least make yourself believe that you can do and can make things happen.
  • Positive thinking is not being overly hopeful of something unachievable.
  • Central to boosting self-confidence and positive thinking is the setting of realistic goals that you can reach while not delimiting your capacities.
  • Normally when we set out to do something we tend to over calculate things and plan to achieve things beyond our present reach.

This, we say, would encourage us to work double time.

  • But the point we are missing is that once we fail our expectations and the expectations of the crowd that is watching us, we will be discouraged to try things again.
  • You see, on our initial tries, it is not bad if we would set achievable goals rather than confidence boosting-unrealistic goals that would leave us dismayed.
  • When you need to feel good about yourself, remember that self-confidence is largely controlled by the hormonal balance in your body.

Thus, you can alter your mood by stimulating yourself to do so.

  • Say, if you have this vivid memory of having been able to achieve something or you once had “cheerleaders” who pushed you to achieve greater things, you can surely use them to manipulate your emotions.
  • If not, then remember the moments when you felt happy about yourself.
  • Controlling the reins of your moods and emotions can contribute to your overall confidence.
  • At one point in our lives, we all have been our critics.

Undue criticisms don’t only make us vulnerable to negative thoughts, they also affect our overall personal perspectives.

  • Have you noticed how we criticize ourselves without even realizing that we can’t utter those very things to other people?
  • We are harsher to ourselves than we can imagine.
  • Thus, with every negative input we receive from this critic, we are left upset and unconfident.
  • It is like tearing the walls that we have built for a long in exchange for a few unjust remarks that we rarely need.
  • Avoid using sweeping statements about yourself because these are the very things that would eventually strip you of your good self-image.
  • Recreating the comments, you give to yourself will have a huge impact on your self-confidence.

In the end, destruction comes from within us.

  • Other people may argue that we are affected by external pessimism.
  • True, yet this would only affect us once we allow entry towards ourselves.
  • Thus, you only have to create barriers from negative inputs while strengthening your underlying foundations.

Advises to Help You in Increasing Self Confidence

  • Confidence is the stuff of life that we are all made from.
  • The difference just comes with our understanding and acceptance of things.
  • Some people are just keener at recognizing themselves and their capacities than others.
  • It all lies in our perception of ourselves, our understanding of possibilities, and our capability to put our understanding and perception to good use.
  • Like being rich, we think that self-confidence is something that all others have except us.

You see, life was created equal and it is meant to be equal.

  • Inequality just comes with our notions of what we already have yet fail to recognize and what others have that we crave.
  • Don’t be harsh with yourself.
  • Don’t deprive yourself of the enjoyment of life.
  • Take stock of yourself and refrain from making excuses such as looking at your neighbor’s fences while blinding your eyes from the gold mine that is
    present in your grounds.

All have a beauty that no one can take away save ourselves.

  • We were all gifted with talents and skills and beauty and wonder along with the gift to use or disregard them.
  • But once we recognize our potentials, we will find that life has more to offer than mediocrity.
  • We have to understand though that there are a couple of things that we are limited from.
  • But these are compensated by the fact that we carry the potential of excelling on other things.
  • Only we have to find our veins and fortes.
  • Our understanding might be limited by our past experiences.
  • Yet this does not negate the fact that we can widen our perception towards ourselves if we just push one step higher towards creating positive images of who we truly are.

Remember that our improvement and our downfall are dependent on how we choose to carry things.

  • It doesn’t mean that when your fellow achieves far better things, he takes these achievements from your vaults of potentials.
  • It just means that he was able to recognize his capabilities and put this discovery to his advantage.
  • Generally, self-confidence and how we increase them are achieved only when we dare to do things that we first thought are way out
    of our capacities.
  • We sometimes fail to recognize that simple things can help in delivering to us the glories of confidence.

We can achieve the development of our confidence in a multitude of ways.

  • Activities like developing your verbal skills through writing and public relations will help largely in increasing your sense of self.
  • Most of us have the fear of facing the public.
  • Yet once we get over this fear, we are likely to discover more of our capabilities later own.

You may also find reinforcement of self-confidence from cultivating your innate talents.

  • Say you are fond of combining notes and poetry, or you have the natural tendency to get involved with music, you can help save yourself from low
    confidence by redirecting this interest to more useful activities.

You can perhaps write music and allow others to appreciate your compositions or get involved with poetry and develop the genius in you.

  • There are endless possibilities, you just have to be open to them.
  • Remember that the only being that would stop you from developing is yourself and the only being that would spar you towards your happiness is also yourself.
  • Decide- will you be your greatest enemy or your greatest help?

Get Self Confidence From Within

  • How to get self-confidence is the central issue when tackling the development of self-confidence in an individual who, for long, has believed that his self-worth is deficient.
  • Those confident individuals can bear themselves better than those who have a lower sense of the “self”.
  • They are the achievers, the people of the limelight, the center of society.
  • They walk straight, speak their meanings very well and influence people, both subtly and obviously.
  • In short, they are those who care recognizable even from afar.

Sometimes, self-confident people are very much loved by society.

  • It is maybe due to their charisma or they are, by nature very amiable.
  • However, there are those self-confident individuals who, just by leaving make the room lighter.
  • These are two very dissimilar displays of self-confidence.
  • One destroys a person’s credibility and the other intensifies his personality.
  • And obviously, you would not want the consequences of being too confident of yourself that the people no longer view you as effective, instead, they see you as an annoyance to their daily affairs.

Self-confidence comes from within.

  • Outside stimulation may help but it would all still boil down to knowing yourself and using that knowledge to gain confidence.
  • To get self-confidence, you must realize that your limitations must not limit you and your attributes must not destroy you.
  • Instead, use all these factors to develop a personality that would be productive for you and all those that surround you.
  • “Know thyself!”, says the Oracle at Delphi.
  • Though this might have been said thousands of years ago, it is undeniably true that we still can use the wisdom it says.

Know yourself and get confidence.

  • Recognize though that knowledge comes nowhere but inside you.
  • Thus, you have to accept the reality that unless you embrace your flaws and perfection, the demons of low self-confidence would stay forever lingering in your being.

There is a great risk in knowing too much of yourself though if your foundations of self-control are not much too developed.

  • You would be exposed to your imperfections and since control is not yet yours, you may be eaten by your flows.
  • This condition is closely intertwined with thought rumination wherein you seem to go around in your circle of thoughts about your losses and failures regardless of your achievements.
  • Another danger of having no control of yourself while trying to get self-confidence is that you might get too confident that you would forget the real value of having the sense of self.

As we have mentioned earlier, overconfidence is just as dangerous as having no confidence at all.

  • This would send you back to failures or worse to an eventual downfall.
  • Knowing yourself is one factor that may either be dangerous or productive.

Self-awareness often helps people realize how wonderful their creation was.

  • They learn to give worth to their capacities and attributes that are as special as those that may be found with other people.
  • We are all unique and that is a fact.
  • Our marks of uniqueness can be seen through closely looking at our capabilities and our incapacities.

Our uniqueness is manifested in the natural gifts that add to our greater self-value.

  • Our uniqueness can be seen through our potentials that we may either ignore or maximize at will.
  • All these are truths that would stay hidden to you unless you have learned to contemplate your being and be aware of who you truly are.