How to Become a Network Master? 3 R’s for Networking | 10 Important Network Tips

How to Become a Network Master? 3 R’s for Networking | 10 Important Network Tips

How to Become a Network Master? 3 R’s for Networking | 10 Important Network Tips. 4 Ways to Better Connection. Use These 4 Steps And You Will Be Linking Like A Rockstar. Did you know that being a network champion is an art anyone can become an expert? All right! Anyone can master the art of Networking. Armed with a few simple tools you can become the talk of the town.

One of the first mistakes most people make is to talk too much about them.

Your main focus should be on the people you are corresponding with. The trick is not to appear self-centered and/or arrogant, but to show interest in the other person. You may want to focus your attention on how you make the other person feel. If you can make someone feel happy about who you are you may have made the first impression that can last a long time.

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How to Become a Network Master? 3 R’s for Networking | 10 Important Network Tips

Never lose sight of the fact that you do not get a second chance to appear for the first time.

If you want to explode your network audience, you will want to expand your connections with people outside of your current circle. Most network employees make the mistake of communicating only with people they know and who are willing to expand their horizons and get out of their current influence. If you want to grow your network you have to grow. This is the golden rule of communication. Exposure! Exposure! Exposure!

You will want to stop using a friend as a way to help when attending Social Media events.

I get it! Sometimes it takes a while for a friend to go with you when you go to a Network event, but you will want to avoid joining that person’s waist every time you go to a Network event. It is good to get out of your comfort zone and meet new and exciting people. For most of my life, I was told that “a stranger is a great friend whom you have never met.” I have found that saying true. Never forget, Communication is never a waste of time if you do not waste the opportunities that arise.

Being a Network champion always takes a positive attitude.

I repeat, all the time. You should never be caught saying bad things about someone. This does not show who you are. It is almost impossible to recover from this type of separation and/or behavior. The last thing you want to do is make a fool of yourself in front of a wealthy influential man. You never know, you may need people to help you along the way, so you must treat everyone you meet with respect and admiration.

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How to Become a Network Master? 3 R’s for Networking | 10 Important Network Tips

3 R’s for Networking

To be successful in connection, you need to get value from it. Making the network a priority and spending time improving your networks are the keys to creating great benefits. What is your purpose in building networks and relationships? Why invest your time, money, and energy? How will it improve your academics, career, or business?

Below are a few ways in which you can make a profit out of your business and social endeavors.


Take the time to prepare yourself and have a plan or strategy to build your networks. Create a list of goals or goals and edit your calendar. Join professional groups and organizations to gain insight into your industry or field. Sharpen your social skills and technology as a way to improve. Also, improve your communication skills through conversations and discussions.


Relationships are very important as you grow your networks. It is important to strengthen these relationships to create opportunities for doing business. Building trust and loyalty with others truly ensure a quality and profitable exchange. Find ways to stay connected and support each other. Each person is responsible for the growth of the relationship.


Let your colleague know and show gratitude whenever possible. Respect their efforts and time as a professional approach and appropriate business protocol. While it is a form of morality, respect also expresses a sense of commitment. Respect can also enhance your product, image, and reputation.

Use these helpful tips to strengthen your communication reasons and improve quality relationships. Adding value and purpose is one of the best ways to grow a productive network.

3 R's for Networking
How to Become a Network Master? 3 R’s for Networking | 10 Important Network Tips

10 Important Network Tips 

Well, here come the holidays, and in full. I don’t know about you, but my program is BUSINESS full, full. There are social events, organization and group meetings, family gatherings, friends parties, Meetups, Facebook events, Evites.

This can be a very exciting time of the year for many businesses (and difficult for some).

There is so much to do and so little time, so much running from this meeting to that event, back to work, to the city to run, to the mall to get presents, back to that event I almost forgot about.

And if you are a business leader, your production or sales may go down as people prepare for the holidays, unless you are selling deer, like my uncle in Alaska.

All of this can drain your energy, cause stress and send some of us straight to “Bah, Humbug!” the earth. (I didn’t know that was the real place, did I? “

But, is that the kind of presence you want to have when you meet a new person at one of these many parties, social events, and meetings? Will you let out a cry of kindness as a new person approaches you in an eggnog bowl and tries to “throw” his services while grabbing a small pizza roll?

I know the feeling.

I woke up very late at night and cried for help and a break from all the busy holidays. But then I found a way to better, more important, and easier communication, well, it makes everything so much fun and relevant.

Here are “10 Important Network Tips.”

They are especially useful during the holidays to make important connections and will help you to keep your energy, mind clear, and happy for the holidays.

1.) Make a good first impression,


2.) Be modest, dignified, and honest,

This is how you want to be treated, right?

3.) Keep the concept of “giving”.

Like the holidays, effective communication is about giving. It should be easy to remember this time of year, but it is an important idea to have it all year round.

4.) Ask for their contact details.

So you will be able to contact them if you would like to talk further.

5.) Do not sell without permission

If you miss someone’s 5-minute presentation about their amazing underwater pens, in the dark and without gravity, do not think that others are dying to hear about your slippery bearings, or KNOWLEDGE is exactly what they need. This is the most important step – perhaps the most important. You want to tell people what you do, but in a high-quality, stylish way that gets the attention … (See below for more on this)

6.) Avoid opening with “So, what are you doing?”

It can kill relationships before it starts and it can criticize interaction for something more than boring, robot-minded conversation without exchanging truly valuable information. When you open up your conversations in this way, do not miss the important opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

7.) FOLLOW – aka Do not rely on them to contact you

The fact that they are very happy to meet you and learn about the bearings on your wheels does not mean that they will call you. They may have intended at the time, but life is possible and no one is perfect. So get their information to confirm tracking.

8.) Always carry a pen, paper, and business cards

You never know when the perfect opportunity may come. Yes, even if you are fighting for that final act of “Cosmic Raymond”.

9.) Do not leave the conversation by throwing it away

Making someone else suffer is not the way to get a good reputation during the holidays. Please excuse yourself, tell them you need another drink, see who you need to talk to, or if you should “go” too bad! And don’t get caught lying as that will kill all your loyalty very quickly.

10.) Have fun!

Relax and have fun! If you smile and have fun, you are very popular with others, and this can lead to big business. Be kind, considerate, and magnetic!

I hope these tips will help you as you cover your way to all the teams this season. All the best.

4 Ways to Better Connection

Suppose you join a legitimate network group or you decide to network in your company and meet new people. What are the next steps? How can you build effective networks and grow professionally and socially? How can you cultivate a good relationship? How can you stay consistent in your network efforts?

Listed below are a few ways to gain momentum and long-term stability in your network efforts.

See Final Goal

Many times we create goals but we do not consider the time, resources, and energy needed to achieve these goals. Focusing, having a plan, and staying focused on tasks are essential to building networks. What do you want your network to look like in 6 months? 1 year? or 2yrs? Who are you determined to reach out to and build on a good relationship? What obstacles might hinder you? Take the time to predict and think in advance about how you plan to succeed.

Look for Opportunities

If you have met someone at a meeting, event or introduction, follow up immediately. Show sincerity in seeking to connect and build relationships. Agree to follow and keep the momentum going. Take time to discuss ways to work together, build networks for each other and provide support. Do not drop the ball. Create calendar reminders to log in and reconnect.

See Obstacles

As mentioned in the article, describe some obstacles that can hinder your progress. Barriers include but are not limited to job requirements, changes in job or career goals, inability to attend network events regularly, limited work with an internet connection, obligations to school, family, etc. Create ways to overcome these obstacles and reach out to your friends and colleagues for support, advice, and guidance.

See Benefits

As with any opportunity, you should list the benefits of having a good network. The benefits include but are not limited to better communication skills, access to additional opportunities, professional or business development, leadership success, increased community involvement, etc. Explaining these benefits can inspire you to stay on track in your efforts.

Use these practical and helpful tips to improve and hone your network skills and approach. Remember to value relationships and keep the momentum going in your efforts.

Use These 4 Steps And You Will Be Linking Like A Rockstar

You understand that communication is important to your success, but do you connect with foresight and the best strategy available, or are you “the wing?”

Almost all of us are in the process of ignoring it but there are some simple and quick changes you can make that will put even your most important network tasks in automatic driving.

Release research:

This is the first step, hiring a Visual Assistant with network skills that you can find and connect with potential JV partners, affiliates, guest interviews, guest blogs, podcasts, and any or all other marketing options you have.

With a list of requirements nearby, your VA can spend an hour or two on Google and return a list of hundreds of people you can reach. What could a list of 100- or 10-year-old JV partners do for the growth of your business and communications goals? And just think how much longer your VA will save you with your network activities.

Automatically create the first connection:

Create an email script or template to use when you first connect with potential partners. Your VA can email this or call you, but having a script in place will achieve two benefits:

1. The process will be much faster if you have to think about what to say.

2. You can adjust the text as you go for better results. Just as you break down checking your emails, you can check your accessibility process as well.

Auto Tracking:

For the risk of sounding like a broken record, create an email or text message to help speed up the process. You or your VA (or the email series that responds automatically) can send a few emails to follow that initial communication.

Automatically edit your settings:

Using a service like Acuity Scheduling or Calendar, you can certainly set up your calendar for your chosen chat sessions, training calls, web conferences, webinars, and more. Give the JV partners a link to schedule time with you, and meetings will appear automatically on your calendar. No longer counting back and forth to potential meeting times, just one click, and your partner can choose a time that works for both of you.

Here’s a tip:

Make sure you use your calendar times diligently because if you don’t, you run the risk of having someone else schedule a time with you when you have other responsibilities.

Will it take a little work to make these programs work?

Certainly. But once you have done that, you will find that attracting and collaborating with JV partners, travelers and others is much easier and more convenient. Not only that, the time you save on your communication skills and communication opportunities, you will be able to focus on creating new programs and services. Or maybe you just spent a lot of time with the little kids. Don’t you think you deserve a break?

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