How To Do More With Less Time?

How To Do More With Less Time?

How To Do More With Less Time? Work Less Accomplish More. If you are feeling overworked, overwhelmed, or just plain over it, the following time-management tips can help you maximize your productivity so you can accomplish more.          

How To Do More With Less Time?
How To Do More With Less Time?

 Work Less Accomplish More   

  • If you are feeling overworked, overwhelmed, or just plain over it, the following time-management tips can help you maximize your productivity so you can accomplish more.  

Separate Work from Home  

  • Between responding to personal emails, instant messaging, and fielding cell phone calls from your kids, it can get very hard to stay focused on the tasks.
  • Therefore, when you’re in the office try to concentrate on your work as much as possible.
  • Then when you’re at home, you can really deal with your issues there without distraction.
  • You’ll wind up having better quality time in both places.
  • Separating your work duties from home-related ones will allow you to keep your mind on work when you’re there and, in turn, procrastinate less, feel less overwhelmed, and accomplish more.  

Establish boundaries and stick with them  

  • While it is always great to try to make everybody happy all the time, it is just not possible in a workplace ruled by the irrefutable laws of time and space.
  • Learn when to say no.
  • There are times when it’s right to go beyond the call of duty on the job.
  • For Instance, when it is a real emergency, then I do not mind staying late or going out on a limb.
  • However, that’s different from just letting people dump their last-minute work on your desk so they can make it home early.
  • While you need to do your work, you also need to take care of yourself and know your job’s boundaries.  

 Get Organized  

  • Time spent hunting for files or lost phone numbers could be used for making progress on your to-do list.
  • Good organizational structures are essential in any time-management plan.
  • Spend a few moments at the end of every day answering voicemails, and emails.
  • It always helps to be organized and not let messages pile up.
  • It will always save you time. Sticky notes posted on your keyboard can help you remember the most important task that needs to be done throughout the day.
  • Everyone has their own system for being organized.
  • Try these tips.
  • They may just add a couple of minutes to your day along with you routine you already practice.  

How To Do More With Less Time?

Make Time for Yourself  

  • Any well-constructed to-do list has to include some time for relaxing and centering yourself, or you might wind up too stressed out to do anybody any good.  

Hard work = Resistance and is the opposite of flow.  

  • First off, no one likes to “have to” do anything.
  • When you say I “have to” pay my bills, so I “have to” work hard to get the money.
  • Already you can sense the despair and powerlessness in the very idea of “having to” do something you naturally resist.
  • When you “have to” do anything, you’re in a state of resistance.
  • You are fighting the natural flow by pointing yourself upstream, resisting. 
  • After a few decades of this resistance, you can see how some individuals eventually burn out, lose their perspective, lose joy, create sickness, and ultimately lose life itself.
  • No, having to work hard to get what we want isn’t the answer.
  • Grinding away at something is the root cause of all disappointments in life.
  • Turn this idea around.

Discover and pursue your path of least resistance.  

  • What do you love? I mean really love it!
  • What do you like to “play at”?
  • What are you effortlessly good at?
  • What activity excites you to an extent that when you’re engaged in it, you actually lose your awareness of time?
  • Think about these questions deeply.

Within this idea of “play” is the seed of joyous, easy, relaxed, natural, lazy creation.

  • There’s no working when you’re engaged in an activity you feel you were born to do.
  • If you have an idea that you love to play with, do you force yourself to play with it?
  • Of course not.
  • You are naturally drawn to it.
  • You’re lovingly engaged in it.
  • Things are easy.
  • There’s no work involved and the results of your creation seem almost heaven-sent.  

Your whole life must reflect what you’re naturally drawn to do.

  • It is essential to accomplishing your heart’s desire.
  • Do not trade one more second of your precious life energy working hard at achieving your goals.
  • Discover your greatest gifts that have been with you since the day you were born and use them to create value in a simple and relaxed way!

Everything you need to create your success is already within you.  

  • Any useful idea that has elevated the life experience of individuals has come about because people would like to avoid having to do hard work.
  • All our innovations throughout history have been created to make life easier and better.
  • Hard work is counter-productive to the direction of growth and life expansion.
  • Hard work shuts off the flow of creative, inspired energy.
  • Hard work isn’t in alignment with the laws of creation.
  • You’re made of the same stuff and this natural law applies to you wittingly or unwittingly.

You’ll never become healthy, wealthy, and wise:  

  1. Keeping your nose to the grindstone  
  2. Pushing the ball uphill  
  3. Working your fingers to the bone  
  4. Going to a salt mine  
  5. Spending the day with a slave driver  

There’s an easier, lazy, do-nothing way to create the life you have always desired.

  • You must engage yourself in what you love, play, and have fun with.
  • Play with everything.
  • If it is not fun and feels like hard work, you’re decreasing your potential for creating massive success in your life.
  • Align your focus and attention to only that which you love.
  • Then find partners who love doing the activities you resist doing.
  • When you put it all together, you will take a quantum leap in your power to create what you desire.

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