Maintaining Work Life Balance 

Maintaining Work Life Balance

Maintaining Work Life Balance- The world is changing so rapidly that every other person now has to work in order to live a better life. In this race, one often tends to mix up their personal and professional life. This results in a jumbled up life, messed up priorities, lack of time and overall dissatisfaction. This also gives a feeling to the person that despite all the hard work, one has still something missing in life.

This missing element is the mental peace and tranquility that one needs to concentrate in life.

It is therefore advisable that one follows certain rules in order to keep their lives simple, and lives a healthier life with a balance between the personal and professional life. Some of these factors are in your control where as some may be out of the domains of your control. For convenience,

We’ll look at some tips which are divided under three Aspects below: At work:

  • 1) Take small breaks during the day. A ten minute break can be taken every two hours so that your effectiveness and work productivity can enhance.
  • 2) Prioritize your day and divide your time realistically.
  • 3) Limit all the email correspondence to office only. Don’t take your pending work home.
  • 4) Distinction between the work and personal life should be kept separate. Don’t work or think about work 24/7.
  • 5) Deal with unrealistic deadlines before it is too late. Communicate the problems to your boss so as to avoid issues at last moment.
  • 6) Consume your earn leaves/ vacations so that you can return fresh at work again.

We’ll look at some tips which are divided under three aspects below: At home:

  • 1) Relax and spend time with family after returning from work.
  • 2) Divide household chores among-st family members so that after all the work is completed, the family can sit together and share some quality time.
  • 3) Exercise even for at least 10 minutes a day. It would refresh you and you’ll feel more energized.
  • 4) Eat healthy food so that you have the energy to spend time with your family and also to work productively.
  • 5) Adopt a hobby that you can pursue with your family or friends.

This would keep your mind off work and also make you much more energized.

Maintaining Work Life Balance 

Hobbies are also quite effective

To alleviate stress so you can use a good hobby and make use of it. In community:

1) Spend some quality time in your community.

Devote some voluntary time in community work so that you can devote your money, education and time to social work. This would enhance your satisfaction level and also bring you a sense of social responsibility. You can also generate funds, help in arranging corporate social responsibilities and use your maximum capacity to serve for your community.

2) You can also participate in your children’s school

Events and parental societies in order to know what your child is learning at school. Parental groups are also involved at organizing functions and social tasks for the school kids. This would not only help you manage your time, but also inculcate such social and extracurricular habits in your children.