Spiritual Emotional Freedom

Spiritual Emotional Freedom

Spiritual Emotional Freedom. Whatever you are today is the outcome of your problems, strengths, habits, and level of self-esteem. At every age, from birth to infant and child to adolescent, you have met distinct challenges. If the people around you raised you naturally and healthily, you will turn out into a well-balanced and strong individual. However, if your youthful experiences are filled with traumas and problems, these past incidents will extremely affect the way you are today. To understand this topic, you have to understand the concept of an inner child. Get all the info you need here.

Do you know what inner child is?

If not, then, you are on the right path. Understanding what inner child is not a complicated task. With this guide, you will know everything about this topic. So, start exploring your ideas by understanding the following guide.

The Basics-Inner Child Defined

  • The inner child is your friendly, joyful, emotional, feeling, playful, excitable, and feeling side.
  • This condition varies depending on your mood and energy level.
  • Sometimes, you will feel indifferent depending on the current situations of your outer life.
  • Similar to the outer child, your inner child is normally happy, blissful, and adventurous.
  • The inner child is also known as the lower third of an extensive model of the human psyche called “Three Selves”.
  • Psychology experts claimed that the inner child is the human’s childlike aspect.
  • It includes everything that you have learned and experienced as a kid before puberty.
  • This inner child signifies a semi-independent unit that subordinates to your conscious mind.

Tips on How to Discover Your Inner Child

  • Learning how to discover your inner child allows you to experience a happy and balanced life. For your guide on how to find out your inner child, simply take the following as your guide:

Stop Restricting Your Actions

  • Always consider how impulsive you are now compared to your childhood.
  • Instead of ignoring, try to listen to the voice that tells you to try something new. It is also best to change your current schedule for one week.

Use Your Imagination

  • Always allow yourself to be imaginative, both in your actions and thinking.
  • You also need to find creative activities that can kindle your imaginations.

Take Time to Laugh and Smile

  • Everyone has a problem in life.
  • But, it doesn’t mean that you have a reason to smile.
  • Find some activities to make your life more interesting and exciting.
  • Depending on your choice, you can play with children, listen to your favorite music or watch hilarious movies.

Engage your World Using Your Senses

  • Simply recall how the world seemed brighter.
  • It means that you should take time to appreciate the smell and colors of the things around you.
  • You also need to enjoy the foods, fabrics and a lot more.
  • With these simple steps, you can start discovering your inner child.
  • If you have noticed that your inner child is damaged because of your past experiences, take time to heal it.

Exploring How to Heal Your Inner Child

  • The emotional wounds you have suffered in your childhood may develop with time.
  • As time passes by, you will become emotionally susceptible and dysfunctional adults.
  • This is the reason why you have to live the past.
  • If not, you will never find real happiness and contentment in your lives.
  • However, treating the inner child is not too fast and easy.

For your guide, here are the different steps you may follow to heal your shattered inner child:

Step 1: Earn the Trust of Your Inner Child

  • To heal your wounded inner child, you have to develop trust.
  • It means that your inner child needs to trust you. Your inner child should understand that you are there to protect and nurture it.

Step 2: Hold His Extreme Pains

  • Like a frightened child, you have to help your inner child to fight and move on.
  • Try to understand the grief of your inner child and learn to embrace it.
  • After embracing the pains of your inner child, you are one step ahead for great healing.

Step 3: Take Away Your Anger

  • Though it is natural to be angry, it doesn’t mean that you have to be mad at all times.
  • Through forgiving, you have a chance to heal your inner child.
  • Forgiveness takes a huge deal of love and cares for others.

Step 4: Fight the Loneliness

  • This is also one way of treating your wrecked inner child.
  • Make sure that your inner child feels accepted and recognizes his true self.
  • You have to help him to drive away from the guilt and dishonor out of him.
  • With these simple tips on how to heal your inner child, you have a chance to embrace a new and exciting life.
  • So, don’t underestimate the power of your inner child.
  • Are you ready to heal your inner child?
  • Then, start treating it and you will experience its positive effects in your life.

The History of the Healing The Inner Child Movement

  • Regardless of your age, you have experienced several problems and heartaches in the past.
  • Whether it is bullying, loneliness, insecurity, or even lack of attention and affection from your family, all of these affect your current situation.
  • These sufferings and heartaches are not easily healed.
  • Like others, you will carry these feelings even in the present day.

The History

  • To take away bad memories and pains in the past, you need to understand the healing of your inner child.
  • Through this inner child medication, you can heal your mind and soul.
  • You also have a chance to recover the self-confidence to forgive and forget the pain.
  • As a result, you will live a better and happy life.

To heal the inner child movement, most experts advise expressive therapy.

  • This includes the use of play, writing, music, and non-judgmental mediums.
  • With this process, you can easily release negative thoughts, sabotage actions, and deplete emotions.
  • You can also express your desires and permit the demonstration of real abundance in your life.
  • In addition, through the use of positive affirmations and mediums of inner child therapy, you can block out and alter the integrated beliefs of your outer parenting.
  • It is also easy for you to release all outside judgment and formation through the use of inner child therapy.
  • As time passes by, there are various procedures on how to heal your inner child.

Apart from mediums and expressive methods, some experts offer a perfect guide like eBooks and programs.

  • With these guides, they understand everything about the inner child.
  • In addition, asking for help from experts is also observed by various people.
  • Whatever type of healing process you desire, it doesn’t matter at all.
  • Just make sure that you follow its steps and your condition becomes even better and effective.

Carl Jung’s Contribution

  • Professional psychologists have always had a complete understanding of the human mind.
  • These thinkers have revolutionized and given various contributions.
  • One of the best psychologists in the world is Carl Jung.
  • To know him and his great contributions, simply read the succeeding paragraphs as your reference.

Who is Carl Jung?

  • Carl Gustav Jung, also known as C.G. Jung, was a Swiss psychotherapist and psychiatrist.
  • He was born on July 26, 1875, in Kesswi.
  • On June 6, 1961, he died after having a short illness.
  • With his experiences and wide studies, he proposed and improved the concepts of introversion and extroversion.
  • He also gave wide ideas about the collective unconscious and archetypes.
  • His work plays a huge role in psychiatry and the study of philosophy, religion, archeology, literature, and other related fields.
  • Compared to other psychiatrists, he is known for his work with the development of the psyche and personality types.

What are the Contributions of Carl Jung?

Carl Jung discovered the following:

  • He believes that the human psyche was divided into two distinct parts – the conscious and unconscious mind.
  • Human dreams are produced by the unconscious mind.
  • The unconscious mind possesses undoubted works and wisdom.
  • He firmly believes that the meaning of symbolic dream language can be easily understood and specific.
  • Humans have four psychological functions – thoughts, intuition, feelings, and sensations.
  • Humans have both introverted and extroverted attitudes in life
  • Above all, Carl Jung is the originator of the idea in his Divine Child archetype.
  • Emmet Fox called it the “Wonder Child”. He also founded a school of psychotherapy called Jungian psychology and analytical psychology.

His theories include the following:

  • The concept of extraversion and introversion
  • The ideas of the complex
  • The concept of the collective unconscious with archetypes
  • Synchronicity as the scheme of relationship that is not fundamental
  • According to Carl Jung, the core of the human psyche should not be measured by the individual’s ego.
  • He claims that the center is the SELF.
  • It means that it contains more than the conscious content.
  • The SELF is the conclusion of the human psyche after developing its psychological functions.
  • Based on his studies and knowledge, the main dream symbols that appear in human’s dreams are:
  • 1. The Persona – This is the character that the person presents to the world.

  • The person would reflect their social position, profession, and standing.
  • 2. The Anima – This is the representation of a perfect type of man for a woman.

  • It is an idol but can represent a true person of the human environment.
  • 3. The Shadow – This is the human psyche part that is undeveloped.

  • The shadow contains both negative and positive characteristics, depending on someone’s personal development.
  • Carl Jung claimed that every dreamer who prefers to explore the content existent in their psyche can make a trip to the SELF.
  • He also proves to the world that human dreams follow a sequence.
  • With his great contributions, most people admired him.

Understanding the Spiritual Connection

  • Maybe you will be asked, why the inner child is essential to be conscious of its presence.
  • The answer is very simple.
  • Your inner child is the aspect of your awareness and it is naturally innocent, uncomplicated, and playful.
  • It is also the best part that has a simple sense of bonding to the spirit.
  • If you have experienced dysfunctional behavior in your childhood, you need to be connected with your inner child.
  • This can help in healing and restoring its consciousness to its natural state.
  • To do this, you need to search for your physical needs.
  • The typical examples of these are feeding yourself, learning how to care for siblings, developing positive emotions, and a lot more.


  • As you heal your inner child, you have a chance to improve your spiritual emotional freedom.
  • Your deep spiritual connection affects all other areas of your life.
  • Compared before, you will become more at peace with yourself.
  • You will also feel more joy and become more energized.
  • In addition, you will begin to alter your ideas on some undoubted things.
  • It says that everything comes from a single source and that is the Great Universal Spirit.
  • It means that everything is unified to work in the harmony.
  • This can manifest the Divine Plan.
  • Therefore, developing your spirituality causes you to become more aware of all your connections.

How can you deepen your spiritual connection?

To do this, you have to follow the succeeding tips and procedures:

Plan a Routine – To deepen your spiritual connection, you need to create a plan.

  • You also need to quiet your mind by releasing your ideas.
  • You also need to listen for the inspiration of the Spirit.

Enhance Your Listening Skills –

  • To improve your listening skills, don’t forget to listen to the sound of your heartbeat.
  • Just pay attention to the sounds around you.
  • Then, follow what your heart and mind say.

Embrace the Spirit Energy –

  • While doing this, you are opening the flow and developing the skills of awareness to the inner voice.
  • This can help in making decisions at the right place and at the right time.
  • It can also help on attracting the people you need and make synchronicity in your life.
  • To develop your spiritual emotional freedom, you need to follow the different exercises for your inner child work.
  • The first exercise is the play.
  • To this through finding an activity that you really enjoy.
  • Say for instance, if you love hiking or other activities, you can start doing it.
  • Then, focus on your senses and feel the joy of your preferred activity.
  • Second, you have to take tome to nurture and love your inner child.
  • When your inner child feels fear or sad, you have to find ways to help him.
  • Third is to pray.
  • Through trust in God, you can let go of fears, loneliness and other unwanted feelings.

Understanding Why We Are Here

  • Why people are here?
  • Why do humans need to live?
  • Most people keep on asking these questions.
  • But, most of them don’t know their exact answers.
  • Some experts claimed that life in this earth is just like a training ground.


  • Everything in human life is a reflection of real spiritual life.
  • Most things exist in this world to help people understanding the spiritual reality.
  • Say,, for instance, the sun shines its light on to give humans warmth and makes things grow.
  • Without sun, there will be no life at all.
  • That’s the reason why the sun symbolizes God.
  • It means that God’s love is spread to all with no exception.
  • But, it’s the choice of every individual if they want to shut themselves in the spiritual darkness.
    Humans are here because of various reasons.
  • God created humans to show what life really means.

In this world, humans have a chance to learn various things. Some of the reasons why humans are here are the following:

  • To know the essence of life
  • To realize your potential and ideals
  • To seek knowledge and wisdom
  • To do good things and be better
  • To achieve biological perfection
  • To know how to be happy and a lot more
  • With various reasons why humans are here in this world, you can easily understand why you are here.
  • To enjoy living on earth, it is best to do the right thing.
  • You have to do everything you want.
  • You should also take away the negative feelings you feel.

Learning To Trust

  • Trust means that you place confidence in someone to be faithful and honest with you.
  • To trust another person, it requires a genuine perspective about him and an expectation of failure.
  • Trusts should also be combined of willingness to forgive and develops best in an environment of love and acceptance.
  • Do you know why not all people don’t trust anyone?

According to some experts, trust needs to be earned.

  • Once it is broken, it is hard for you to trust the person again.
  • Sometimes, people don’t trust others to secure themselves.
  • They don’t want to be hurt and don’t expect too much from other people.
  • In some cases, though you want to trust someone, there is something that stops you.
  • You just feel like you don’t have to give your full trust to that person.
  • Depending on your situations, some people failed to move on from their past broken heart.
  • Believe it or not, you can still trust again.

How can you do this? For are some tips you need to follow:

  • Learn This

Know the Need to Trust Again –

  • Most people fool themselves into believing that they don’t need to trust someone.
  • But, humans are social creatures.
  • Therefore, you can never live alone.
  • Without trust, it is hard for you to have a close relationship.
  • This is the reason why some people have an empty and boring life.

Concede Areas Where You Exhibit the Trust –

  • Say, for instance, if you have worst experiences during your childhood, you may think that most people are the same.
  • You prefer not to trust anyone to avoid the same situation.
  • This perception is extremely erroneous.
  • Not all people are the same.
  • You just need to give them a second chance to know who they really are.

Nobody is Perfect –

  • You have to know that no person meets all your needs.
  • Some people keep on finding an ideal or perfect guy.
  • This should not be your perception.
  • Whether you trust your friends or relatives, you have to accept the fact that they are not perfect.
  • They may sometimes fail your expectations.

Look for Truthful People –

  • The best indicator of how she might treat you depends on how she treats other people.
  • If she tells you the personal life of other people, it means that she is not reliable.

Don’t Give Your Trust Instantly –

  • Before trusting anyone, you have to know who they are.
  • You need to understand their attitude and activities.
  • If you give your trust without knowing the person, you might be disappointed.

Trust First Yourself –

  • Before trusting anyone, always begin it with yourself.
  • The fear of trusting another person is more about your fear of not being able to manage a betrayal or other related situations.
  • Since trusting yourself is very essential, you have to take action on how to develop it.
  • According to experts, following through with decisions, being honest, keeping commitments and keeping boundaries can help in improving self-trust.
  • Meditation and Success