THE 9 STEPS OF SUCCESS; The success or failure of any of your tasks starts with your decision, if you choose the right option, decisively test their end, and start, then you think that you are half done. People think a lot about making decisions to do any work, and with this thought, good opportunities get out of their hands.

9 Steps Formulas Of Success

  • Start from One thing

You just have to make a decision, whether the opportunity is in your interest or not, and then start to complete that one task. Start with a decision, the idea of ​​many writers was that to achieve success, the first decision was to Take and start because you will not climb the ladder of success until you start.


  • Next step; FIRE

How does this work in practice? Suppose you have started a small business and you are short of money, but you have some inventory. How do you sell your products? A creative mind will focus on the ability to advertise at practically no cost. You will develop a strategy through a little “money-saving” weekend and free hands-on marketing. You can fill in grocery store selling prices.
Start exercising creative talent within yourself. Perhaps your biggest idea is under the surface of your mind. If you say the word, “I can’t,” it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. The poor cannot “die” in the house. “Can’t” didn’t accomplish anything worthwhile.

Big decision – it is time for you to make important decisions.

Do you remember the story of the stray son? He lived in Gullak all his life, he had not decided, “I am going back to my father’s house.” Do not allow the events of your past to control your future. I have made enough mistakes for both of them — jointly they are not failures, just learning experiences. The apostle Paul wrote, “Forgetting the things that are behind, and reaching the things that are before, I press on to the mark for the award of the high call of God in Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 3:13,14)


Faith in God and efforts in the right direction always give miraculous results, you just keep moving on your path, the destination will be found automatically.



Please understand, I never thought that I should be a millionaire. When I started my business, I had not even imagined the personal wealth that would come my way. What was my purpose? I had a burning desire to help people so that someday I could support God’s work. Looking back, I fully believe that Lord opened up the financial flood because he knew that I wanted to give, not receive. When you start using God’s formula for abundance, you will be absolutely amazed.

The methods he inspires you to use may be completely different from the ones I have implemented.

But the principles are the same. “No good. I will retreat from those who walk straight.” (Psalm 84:11) As my business grew, I implemented what I found in the world. I paid my bills on time. But I always took the seeds “from above” – ​​doing two important things:
1. I did not give less than ten percent to Jehovah.
2. I invested in the future of my business.
Without a repository of both heavenly and earthly goods, you will go bankrupt before you realize what you know. It is the only bank I know of that guarantees eternal dividends.

What do you have? What do you have to do?

Do not assume that it is always money. What about your time – or your energy – or your knowledge – or your talent?
The crop you take is a direct reflection of your need. Do you need health and strength? What about friendship and love? If you do not like your crop then you have to change your seeds.

Why? Because planting garlic will not produce geranium, similarly hatred will not produce love.

If you want friends for a lifetime, then you’ve got to spend a lifetime with farming friends. Only God can be counted in the seed. “That’s why you can’t fathom what is in store for you. In many ways, operating a big business is like the days I spent cultivating soybeans and corn. Spent. If you are not careful, weeds can suddenly uproot seeds and you are in big trouble. On the farm, in life itself, good crops are constantly competing with the bad.

What are the weeds that can destroy you?

Fear, jealousy, self-doubt, and perhaps the greatest crop destroyer of all time – a negative attitude.
“Well, I haven’t sold anything for a week. Why did I get into this business?” Have you ever had such an idea? I certainly did it for myself during some of the first volatile days of being in business. But such a negative thought crossed my mind, I started doing something aggressive to eliminate it. You should understand that God responds to your faith, not your needs.


  • Height of your Goal

Learning to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts is conscious decision-making on your part. It is to learn to tie your shoes or brush your teeth. You do it again and again until it becomes so automatic that you never have to remember how it has been done.
You need to establish a consistent view of a winner. It will protect you from what lies ahead. When you are ready to start a new venture, be prepared to let your friends know why it won’t work. If your friends will not put you down, your relatives certainly will. I know this from experience.

What is my height you guessed it?

My nature! Tell me clearly: Nothing will destroy you sooner than a negative soul. You have to be uprooted before you can truly start growing. I guarantee you that an attitude of positive faith will allow you to stand tall wherever you want to be a champion athlete, a community leader, or under a palm tree in the Caribbean. In real estate, it is a “place”. In business, it’s “attitude is attitude!”

The people I particularly like in our organization are those who “have a vision of gratitude.”

One of my most touching moments was when I opened a note from an employee that said, “Mr. Swad, I am writing to say thanks for all the work you are doing here. You never know.” Will go through what it means for me and my family. ”
Characters of that type make life meaningful. Perhaps one does not understand what a person has to do to create 150 jobs for the people.
Controls your life – your circumstances or your outlook?

Examine your situation very carefully and make sure that your attitude is in charge.

The suspicion of the moment begins to rear his ugly face: “I can rotate it!” “I’m going to make it.” “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me!” You can take the deepest position and let the sun instantly brighten your day – and for those around you.

Make sure your attitude controls your circumstances.

If not, your circumstances will destroy your attitude.
“One is over-optimistic, and the other is a serious pessimist,” the analyst said. “Actually, I would like to set up a little experiment in behavior modification. We need to bring down the optimist a bit, and elevate the pessimist.” The psychiatrist said, “With all this goodness, he must begin to see that life is indeed better than he thinks.” With a full run and win.

You may ask, “What do you have to do to make it in life? How can I be a winner?”

Great coach Vince Lombardi said, “Winning is not everything, but the desire to win is everything.” God made you be a champion. He has grown something deep within himself, he expects you to help him to nurture and grow. And something else — God has hoped that the seed will be multiplied so that untold life becomes blessed. If you have an old hoax that is missing the fender, don’t worry. With the attitude of a winner, the coal you are carrying will turn into those sparkling diamonds.


  • Go out and achieve your Goal

Need goal to go-ahead
“I want to buy a ticket,” said the passenger at the airline counter in Chicago.

“Where would you like to go?”

Asked the clerk.
“Oh, I don’t care,” the passenger replied.
Can you imagine buying a ticket from anywhere?
It happens every day.
No, not at airports
Millions of people are traveling to live like a feather in the air.

They have no idea where they are. As a friend once said to me, “Bill, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never recognize your destination.

Have you ever noticed that people rarely ask you where you are?

Do they really want to know – injustice like airline clerks – “where are you?”
Do you have an answer? Is your destination clearly focused and specific?
Perhaps your life has become like a bird with a broken wing.
Your dreams have gone awry and you feel that you will never be able to fly.

Let me tell you that it is never too late to start it again.

Your wings can be fixed and your eyesight can be restored.
If you want to fly high with the eagle, you have to elevate your sights.
And to do this you must develop a strategy to choose your goals carefully.

Ten important questions: – Where should you start?

Let me ask you some questions. You may want to write the answer as a self-check.
1. What do you plan to do ten years from today?
2. If you suddenly inherited $ 1 million, what would you do with the rest of your life?
3. What would you try to do if you knew you could not fail?
4. What is the number one goal for your business and professional life?

5. What is the number one personal goal for your future?

  1. If you can create a new positive habit, what will it be?
  2. What are the three most important goals you have for your family?
  3. If you had to list two of your most important self-improvement goals, what would they be?
  4. How would you spend the next six months if the doctor told you that you just had to live?
  5. What do you consider to be the most important spiritual purpose of your life?

Goal-setting is so much more than a vague dream of success.

This includes not only your work but also your family, your values, your behavior, and your relationship with God. In my experience of “growing” a business, I have set more goals than I can count on. why so many? Because I learned very quickly, reaching the big goal is nothing more than achieving a series of small ones.
So I set annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals — and I write them down.
Going for the goal is an exercise in futility until you reduce writing a specific plan by which it will be reached.

Get out of your pen

What was on my “TO DO” ​​list? Initially, I wrote, “I’m going to sell two cars today.” Then, “I’m going to sell three cars by 4:00 pm today.” Later it became, “We are going to sell 1,000 cars this month.” Then it became, “Our sales for this year will be $ 400 million.”
Start today to choose targets that you believe are worth killing. Stretch yourself – even if they exceed your objective.
Will it take a strong determination? it takes a lot of extra effort? and it is worth it?

The answer to every question is, “Yes!”

An Olympic weightlifter will tell you from experience, “no pain — no gain.” While it is easy to talk about the triumph of building a big business, I can tell you that I have my share of aches and pains. There were times when it was more difficult than I wanted to think. But this was not unexpected. James’s words are true: “Faith without work is dead.” (James 2:20)
So often, when we are in a situation of pressure, we do not look beyond the problems we face.

Our troubles seem very good and our blessings seem so small.

When this happens, it’s time to return some paces to see the “big picture”. Refresh your goals and take things into perspective. The motivation and renewed energy you receive cannot be measured.
You say, “Bill, I’ve set big goals all my life. But I’ve never reached one of them. What should I do?” Here is my recommendation: Set small goals and meet those goals.

Mount Everest is never conquered in a day.

The summit is reached in stages – a victory all its own with every new height. Your goals can range from saving enough money for a vacation in Hawaii to losing 10 pounds over the next 30 days.
you are you are!

Don’t try to choose someone else’s dream and make it your own.

As a child, your parents’ expectations for you can shape the direction of your future – but in the final analysis, the choice is up to you. God does not force you to fulfill the vision you have for your life. He leaves it up to you how to make his decision to reach his goal, which he has placed in your heart. tomorrow!

One of the biggest stumbles on the path to reach your goal is found in one word – sag.

As someone told me, “One thing you can be sure of – always more people will go on a diet tomorrow than people going on a diet.” do it now.
Do not sag!


  • Do not lazy

“A goal is not a real goal until you set a time for your achievement.

If you set a goal and don’t achieve it, reset it. But if you find yourself in your day every day If you find yourself writing the same project on the list, something is wrong. Try placing that frequently delayed item at the top of your daily goal list and deal with it first — before you close yourself down again.

Give permission.

Maybe it’s something small – like balancing a checkbook – but you’ve delayed it for three weeks.

Before it burns your mental energy too much,

it says, “Tomorrow I am leaving till 10:00 am, have you done it.” If my goal is to sell 1,000 cars, that’s great. But till when? Will a goal of selling them in ten years leave me? process. I always write the exact date by which the number of “X” cars must be sold. That fixed date becomes a powerful magnet that draws my creativity and energy towards me. It is like raising money for a worthy cause.

You set a goal and you announce the last hour of the telethon.

When the first pledge starts coming in you, “How in the world will we make it?” But as the clock ticks, there is a sense of urgency and excitement in the audience. I have seen more money raised in the “countdown” of the three last hours than in the previous three days. When will you do it?

It is important that you set an action date to reach your goal.

But millions fail to follow that advice. An executive was so tired of hearing people say, “I’ll do it when I’m around it.” He had a quantity of small wooden circles inscribed with the words, “This is a base.” He turned to some of his managers and said, “You only do things when you’re around it, so here’s around.” He understood the point.

  • Fix a Great Values

A higher price to pay- You can enjoy the time when you put a higher price to pay things, but you will pay the price later. And the longer you wait, the higher will be the tab for your tardiness. Think of it this way: The more you borrow money, the more interest you will pay. When you delay an important task, it happens at the same time.

In short: Do not lock things.

Be on top of all your projects at all times. In business, this is called “multi-tracking”. Make it a habit to move around a pad (or 3 “x 5” card) and you can make a pen to chart your progress that day to reach your many goals. You say, “It seems hard.” Not at all. The hardest part is starting the process and making it a daily habit. Once it becomes a part of your routine you will wonder how you survived without it. Every high achievement I have achieved was a master in the efficient use of time. It starts with specific and measurable goals – and a game-plan to reach each objective.

A waste of time has no meaning in what we want to achieve or follow a road map.

The best way I have found to organize my time is by late evening — writing down the major things I want to accomplish the next day. But be realistic. Keep your list for six or seven important tasks and “prioritize” them from top (most important) to bottom. Do them – one at a time, with total concentration on each object – in the same order.

What if you only complete three or four tasks?

Don’t fret – you did something right. But make sure that night — when you make your new list — you start it with unfinished tasks. Sometimes not, something must remain. Your list for more than three days. The secret of success at every step 9 Steps to Success (9 Steps Formulas of Success or Secrets of Success in Step-by-Step)


Your Greatest Goal = Your Most Important Goal

May I share a little secret? Time organization was more important when I started because I was the only one. I had to buy cars, wash and clean them, sell them, run in the courtyard to record titles, and dozens of other details.

Control of my time was important.

People used to say, “Come on, you will get a cup of coffee.” Before I knew it, an hour and a half were wasted. This is the habit I was forced to end. My philosophy has been to “work hard and work smart”. And it starts with time management. This is the only way that you will be able to live a balanced life, which includes your business, your family, and your life in the church. When you finally become completely in control of the precious minutes you have given, you will find that you can complete five times in half the time.

You will not be spinning your wheels on common sense.

Make sure your goals and priorities are in lock-step which is the will of the Lord for your life. What did Christ say? “First seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33)
I often wondered: “What is the kingdom of God?” The scriptures answer. “The kingdom of God is not meat or drink, but in the Holy Spirit it is righteousness, peace, and joy.” (Romans 14: 1)) It is worth asking for something.

No matter how many goals you have in life,

there is only one, which really matters – to spend eternity in the kingdom of God. A long time ago I realized that people would never see the goal I am aiming for – just the target I hit. It is thrilling to know that my biggest goal will one day be achieved.

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