The Excellence Story of Vestige  

The Excellence Story of Vestige

1) The Excellence Story of Vestige

The Excellence Story of  Vestige Yes, we are united, that’s ranking in number 36 of top 100 companies in all over the world, according to by Direct selling news, The Excellence Story of  Vestige -Becomes Excellence in Vestige for us. Excellence in thought and inaction is what Vestige thrives for. 1. Excellence in People, 2. Best Business Plan, 3. Quality Products, 4. Prosperity, 5. Performance,6. Progressiveness, 7. Principles, 8. Processes, 9. Policies, 10. Purity, 11. Perseverance, 12. Purpose, 13. Promotion, 14. Passion, 15. We are a Digital, E-learning training program. 16. Social Media presence, like Youtube, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Congratulations on 17th Happy Anniversary to all Vestigien

I am proud that I am attached to an Indian company, whose growth is increasing year by year, continuing in 100 best companies for 5 years, we have established a mission, and realized the world of their dreams is. We have a lot of confidence in our unity and integrity. We are self-dependent, we have huge capabilities, and we also hope in this difficult situation on the strength of our same unity and integrity, that we will soon return to the new zeal, passion.

The Pursuit of Excellence

  • Since its inception, Vestige has strived to achieve excellence in everything it does Vestige and its 17 elements of Excellence
  • Vestige has carved a niche for itself among its competitors by excelling in its core values and elements.
  • We present to you our 17 elements of Excellence, those which drive us in our journey towards spreading the Wealth revolution everywhere on earth!


Believing in yourself is the first secret to SUCCESS.

We have come a long way in the last 16 years. Our growth has been an outcome of a forward-looking approach, and with our dedicated team and commitment to quality, we are indeed geared up for the future. Vestige has set ambitious goals for itself and is striving hard towards its accomplishment.

Gautam Bali- Managing Director

Transforming Dreams Into Reality.

Vestige is piloted by the most admired pioneers of the direct selling revolution in India; the visionary management of the company has strongly led Vestige from one peak of success to another and by developing a unique business plan they have helped people to transform their lives using the mantra of success through Wellth.

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.


To help people live a life of economic independence on their terms.


To grow to a global scale and become the benchmark in direct selling.


  • Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., which started its operation in the year 2004, is a leading direct selling company dealing in world-class wellness products
  • Vestige is constantly growing at a phenomenal rate every year.
  • The growth rate in itself speaks about the quality of the products, the marketing plan, and the management that has been able to deliver such a rewarding and sustainable system to the distributors
  • Vestige believes in empowering its members with the opportunity to lead their lives on their terms.
  • More than 2 crore distributors in India
  • 3000 online + offline centers all over India
  • 300+ products in our portfolio

India’s No.1 Company-Established on 2 June 2004 (17years) 1850 Cr Yearly Estimated Turn Over and in the period of Covid-Pendamic, our turn over around  2700+ Crore Rupees,

  • 300+ Collection of Quality Products
  • 1000+ Collection of other Branded Products
  • 100% by back guarantee on Economic Products
  • 4800+ DCC/DLCP (Online & Home Delivery)
  • International presence in Bahrain, Bangladesh, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Nepal, Ghana, and the UAE.


  • Low Financial Risk
  • A Well Crafted Marketing Plan
  • World Class Products
  • Income Stability
  • High Returns
  • Reliable & Profitable
  • Great Incentives
  • Extensive Training

The Excellence Story of  Vestige: 1. Excellence in People

  • People are our foremost asset in Vestige. Without the support and contribution of the 90 lakh + distributors, we could not have achieved our success today, Excellence in People We keep our people motivated and energized even in the most challenging situation through, More than 25,000 training programs and Leadership and Healthcare Coaching

The Excellence Story of  Vestige: 2. Excellence in Plan

Our plan is the best in the industry, a best cumulative plan that never lets anyone fail if they follow it diligently and duplicates the system.
Excellence in Plan Vestige’s Success Plan is the most pro-distributor plan in the industry as it helps everyone to achieve success.
The success of our plan can be ascertained from the growing number of success stories of our people.

  1. Double Universal Crown Directors
  2. And Double Crown Directors
  3. Universal Crown Directors
  4. Crown Directors
  5. Diamond Directors
  6. Star Directors
  7. Gold Directors
  8. Silver Directors
  9. Bronze Directors

The Story of Excellence As Vestige Completed 17 Years

The Excellence Story of  Vestige: 3. Excellence in Products

  • Vestige is known for its world-class products, developed to provide 360° wellness to everyone.
  • Excellence in Products; Our wide product range help people live a qualitatively better life Excellence in Products.
  • Vestige is incessantly developing new products and adding them to its ever-growing product portfolio.

The Excellence Story of  Vestige: 4. Excellence in Prosperity

  • Vestige strives to spread prosperity throughout the world using the Wellth revolution, i.e. spreading wealth through wellness.
  • Excellence in Prosperity: Through its unique education system, Vestige is creating such leaders who are establishing new benchmarks of success.
  • Prosperity: Two foreign trips each year,
  • 728 Home winners,
  • With more than 300 luxury car owners, 4207+ car owners. They speak volumes about prosperity in Vestige

The Excellence Story of  Vestige: 5. Excellence in Performance

The Excellence Story of  Vestige: 6. Excellence in Progressiveness

  • Performance is an inalienable feature of Vestige in which it has continuously excelled.
  • Excellence in Performance-From Rs 5 crore turnover in 2004-05 to over Rs 1000 crore turnover in 2017-18,
  • Vestige has created a history by becoming the first Indian direct selling company to cross Rs 3000 crore turnover.
  • In the Covid-Pandemic last year turn over 2700+

Vestige is a progressive organization that provides equal opportunity for growth to everyone in society.

  • Excellence in Progressiveness: Vestige empowers women to come out of their traditional closet and become successful entrepreneurs Leading Ladies narrates the success story of some of our most women leaders.
  • Progressiveness: By providing a career opportunity to people with special needs, Vestige has become a pioneer of social transformation.
    We are not in the revolution of money, we are involved in the revolution of transforming people.

The Excellence Story of  Vestige: 7. Excellence in Principles

  • Vestige is driven by some non-negotiable principles, which help it to achieve its goal without compromising on its integrity.
    Excellence in Principles-Honesty: Driven by honesty Vestige believes in being fair, just, truthful, sincere, candid, and morally upright.
    Transparency: We are transparent with our people and we always remain transparent in dealing with them.
  • Principles-Customer Centrality: Our core focus is to ensure that the customer’s interests are always placed ahead of our own.

The Excellence Story of  Vestige: 8. Excellence in Processes

  • We develop our processes to serve our customers in the best possible way.
  • IVR-supported helpline Robust customer service Strong IT support
  • Excellence in Processes: Our processes streamline product delivery to customers and ensure optimum customer satisfaction through our services Streamlined Logistics.
  • Digital Empowerment of Distributors

The Excellence Story of  Vestige 

The Excellence Story of  Vestige: 9. Excellence in Policies

  • By following every guideline issued by the Government of India, Vestige has developed the best Distributor-friendly policies to safeguard their interests.
  • 1 KYC Validation
  • 2 Identity Cards
  • 3 E-Commerce Policy
  • 4 Buyback policy
  • 5 Product return policy
  • Policies- Our policies are easy to understand and help our Distributors to do business in a fair and very healthy atmosphere.

The Excellence Story of  Vestige: 10. Excellence in Purity


Vestige has been bestowed with many prestigious awards & certificates:


Vestige Head Office has received the following prestigious ISO certifications which affirm that the respective systems of this location uphold the high international standards established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

  • ISO 14001:2015 certification for Environmental Management System
  • And ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • ISO 50001:2018 for Energy Management System
  • with ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security Management System
  • Vestige Sonipat Warehouse has also received the ISO 22000:2018 certification for its Food Safety Management System.

Vestige is a member of “Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association

  • Manufacturing facility received the “Good Manufacturing Practices” Certification- GMP certificate renewed annually
  • Vestige was awarded “Certificate of Excellence in Productivity, Quality, Innovation, and Management” by the Institute of Economic Studies (IES)
  • Gautam Bali was honored with the prestigious Best CEO Award – 2012 at Obtainer Direct Selling Forum

Vestige was awarded as “Most Admired Brands & Leaders – Asia”

  • Vestige upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2017
  • Manufacturing Facility ‘GMP’ & ISO 9001-2008 certified ‘Halal’ certified products, The world-class quality of its products is a hallmark of Vestige: As an ISO: 9001-2015 organization Vestige ensures that the quality of its products is pure and effective. 
  • Excellence in Purity: Our manufacturing partner is a GMP certified and Halal certified organization.
  • We have an in-house R&D team that innovates revolutionary products that help people live a better quality of life.


  • Vestige won the Best Nutraceutical Company of the Year 2017 & 2018 Award at ABP News Healthcare Leadership Awards By Hon’ble Education Minister of Bangladesh, Nurul Islam Nahid presented the 2017 award to Vestige.
  • IBC CORPORATES AWARDS We never stop and we never will! Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd is now awarded as India’s Best Company Of The Year 2017

NORTH INDIA BEST EMPLOYER BRAND AWARD 2018- Vestige was bestowed with the North India Best Employer Brand Award 2018

  • NATIONAL BEST EMPLOYER BRAND 2018 & 2019- Vestige won the National Best Employer Brand 2018 & 2019 by World  HRD Congress becoming one of the chosen few companies that have excelled in providing an equal, fair, and transparent work culture and growth platform to its employees.
  • GLOBAL HR EXCELLENCE AWARDS- Vestige won the Global HR Excellence Awards 2019 for Best Workplace Practices. It is a testimony of our commitment to improving our workplace and enrich the lives of our employees.
  • CERTIFIED AS A ‘GREAT PLACE TO WORK’- Vestige has been certified as a “Great Place to Work” for the year 2020-21. We have been recognized as one of the few high-performance, high trust organizations in a constantly changing Indian workplace landscape for two consecutive years now.


Getting Recognition Globally-Vestige Marketing is now listed 36th in the TOP 100 direct selling companies in the world Looking forward to becoming the no. 1 direct selling company!

The Excellence Story of  Vestige: 11. Excellence in Perseverance

Assure hand cleansing gel
  • We are perseverance in helping people live a healthy and better quality of life and thus we come up with a host of new products every year.
  • Perseverance- Each year Vestige has increased its product portfolio and added new innovative products
  • New packaging – Zeta Immunity Tea Range
  • Creamy Cleansing Bar (June)

Veslim Range, Veslim Capsules (July), Vestige Veslim Tea (August), Veslim Shake (July)

  • Vestige Cranberry
  • Megamind
  • Vestige Shatavari Max (August)
  •  Curcumin Plus (August)

The Excellence Story of  Vestige: 12. Excellence in Purpose

  • Purpose in life is very important to drive one towards their goal Vestige has the purpose of transforming lives and therefore it creates new leaders every day.
  • Excellence in Purpose- Through our 25,000+ training / E-TRAINING/ E-LEARNING PROGRAMME and events every year, we create numerous champions of the direct selling industry. CNT/ VFA/ VLC/ MTM/ VIP/ VWS
  • Purpose-Vestige Leadership Series is a motivational video series where our 16 inspiring Ambassadors talk about the challenges that lie on the path of an entrepreneur and how they can overcome them Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch these incredible videos

The Excellence Story of  Vestige: 13. Excellence in Promotion

  • Vestige believes that promoting its business is helping to promote the business of its distributors Our specially crafted business tools help our people to promote their business and showcase the incredible world of Vestige to others.
  • Excellence in Promotion- Our website, social media, and mobile apps help us to promote our business model and products and also they help our distributors to build their business
  • Don’t forget to follow us on: vestigeMKT/ official / vestige media

Essentials for Home & Personal use

With a promise of wellness to distributors, Vestige has a bucket of 1, 000+ products with every product dedicated towards the betterment of life. With an idea to provide essentials for home and personal use Vestige launched Vestige Best Deals.

Full Fledge mobile App for 24*7 use

For the convenience of shopping from home.
Excellence in Promotion: We are passionate about what we do and we are passionate about
giving back to society.

The Excellence Story of  Vestige: 14. Excellence in Passion

Our CSR endeavor Vestige Heart-to-Heart is serving society through a host of measures.
Reducing company’s green footprint
We are working towards building a better, healthier, and greener future for our coming generations and we believe that for the holistic development of the environment it is necessary to take precautions. We are working on reducing and reusing our byproducts and decrease our carbon footprint on the earth.

Excellence in Passion- Healthcare

VHHF’s make sure to provide healthcare facilities to as many children as possible.

Excellence in Passion-Education

We want to help deserving students do well in life and for that, We provide scholarships for higher education. The annual “Late Shri. S.D. Singh Bali and Smt. Adesh Bali memorial scholarship” program will commence from 15th June 2018.


  • Cellular Nourishment Therapy- An intensive training of the Vestige product range and marketing plan
  • Be Gorgeous Day-A training session to train distributors on key grooming skills to develop their overall personality.
  • Vestige Health Care Training-Training workshop conducted by a professional dietician and nutritionist to train about the best practices for acquiring a healthy lifestyle
  • Vestige Initiation Programme-To guide the new distributors on building their business
  • Meet the Millionaire –A special seminar where the top leaders share their success story
  • Vestige Leadership Conclave –To transform the Bronze  Directors and above into effective leaders
  • Dale Carnegie Training-A training program by the world-famous institute to give a fillip to the sales career of Star Directors and above
  • Vestige Wellness Symposium-Vestige brings Wellness Symposium in order to educate distributors about Wellness and to ensure that they achieve perfect health

Excellence in Passion-Changing Lives

It is overwhelming to see how children’s lives have changed and how they have progressed through the years.

The Excellence Story of  Vestige 15. We are Digital: At the time of Covid-19 Pandemic

  • 3500+ Online/ offline outlets, 6000+ New  Joining everyday
  • 120+ E-learning meetings, training conducted by webinar and zoom meetings.
  • 90 Lakh distributors attended the meetings. 9 lakh views on youtube. We are a Digitally ready, E-learning training program.

The Excellence Story of  Vestige  16. 18th Ranking in Direct selling news for Social Media presence

Digitally prepare for Pandemic ana lockdown,  active in social media for branding, and training, meeting, Education, support,  like Youtube, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Excellence in Passion-We share with you Arockia’s story

Arockia came from a very poor family and was only 13 years old. Left under his ailing grandmother, she decided to get him admitted to one of our supported children’s homes. Within months of coming to the children’s home, Arockia’s health improved drastically. He settled down with the other children well and his housemother nurtured him with care and protection.

Today, Arockia has completed a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Arockia is backed with the values of hard work, merit, and conviction. He has set himself as an example for the other kids and is proving that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE

The Continuous Journey To Excellence
All That Matters is You!

The Excellence Story of  Vestige 

Vestige is your business, your dream, your platform of success.

All that matters is you!