To Drink Mangosteen Juice

To Drink Mangosteen Juice

This is the information of Mangosteen Juice, with 22 reasons why everyone should be drinking mangosteen juice.


22 Reasons To Drink Mangosteen Juice:-

  1. Prevents hardening of the arteries
  2. Protects the heart muscle
  3. Anti-Parkinson, Anti-Alzheimer, and other forms of Dementia
  4. Anti-depressant
  5. Prevents and arrest fungus
  6. Prevents bacterial infections
  7. Viral fighters and prevention of infections
  8. Prevents gum disease
  9. Anti-diarrheal
  10. Lowers fevers
  11. Eye care prevents glaucoma and cataracts
  12. Pansystemic a synergistic effect on the whole body
  13. Energy boosters Anti-fatigue
  14. Anti-aging
  15. Weight Loss (wooo, I’ll drink to this!)
  16. Lowers blood fat (what the heck, I didn’t know there is fat in our blood!)
  17. Anti-tumor benefits
  18. Cancer: Mangosteen helps in the prevention of cancer with its powerful anti-oxidants.
  19. Lowers blood pressure
  20. Numerous references to “Immunostimulants”
  21. Blood sugar lowering
  22. It tastes good

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RS Nature Agro Mangosteen Juice| Slows Down Ageing And Supports Healthy Skin | Antioxidant | Supports Weight Loss | Provide Menstrual Health | No Added Preservatives; Pack Of 1-500 Ml

  • Product:- Organic Natural Mangosteen Juice; 500 Ml;
  • 10-20 ml of Ginger juice taken two times a day can be a source of good health for you and your family.
  • Anti –Bacterial:- Helps as Anti-Bacterial
  • Reduce Weight:- Supports Weight Loss; Promotes Good Health
  • Good For Skin:- Regular consumption of Mangosteen juice keeps your skin healthy.
  • Benefits:- Slow down ageing and support healthy skin, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial,
  • anti-allergic, antioxidant, support weight loss, provide menstrual health in women.

What is Mangosteen?

  • I thought to myself, holy smokes!
  • Who in the world would buy that?
  • I have never heard of it or have the slightest idea what it looks like.
  • Upon further research, the mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is a tropical evergreen tree,
  • Believed to have originated in the Sunda Islands and the Moluccas.
  • The tree grows from 7 to 25 meters tall. The edible fruit is deep reddish-purple when ripe.
  • In Asia, the mangosteen fruit is known as the “Queen of Fruits,” while the durian (Durio spp.) is known as the “King of Fruits.”
  • It is closely related to other edible tropical fruits such as button mangosteen and lemon drop mangosteen.

The outer shell of the fruit is rather hard, typically 4-6 cm in diameter.

  • Cutting through the shell, one finds a white, fleshy fruit 3-5 cm in diameter.
  • Depending on the size and ripeness, there may or may not be pitted in the segments of the fruit.
  • The number of fruit pods is directly related to the number of petals on the bottom of the shell.
  • I bought the $30 bottle from my coworker and chucked down the mangosteen juice.
  • On average mangosteen has 5 fruits (round up figure).
  • I have eaten a lot of exotic fruits in my life, including the King Of Fruits durian, but I have never seen or tasted this Queen of Fruits.
  • I do feel more energetic for the rest of day, and I will have to let you know in the near future if it will help me lose some weight!

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ELCON Mangosteen Juice (1000 ml)

About this item

  • Supports Healthy Skin
  • Helps as Anti-Bacterial
  • Helps as Anti-Allergic
  • Supports Weight Loss
  • Provides Menstrual Health in Women



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