Hello, this is the list of favorite “150+ BEST MOBILE APPS FOR ONLINE EARNING-PART-2/10” for you.

1. Cash Money App- Earn Money & Gift Cards: Legit money making apps

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  • Play games, earn money, rewards, and gift cards for free
  • Have you ever dreamt of earning money,
  • and getting cash rewards just by staying home, playing games, or liking FB pages?
  • To make your dreams come true,
  • Cash Money App- Earn Money & Gift Cards is here.
  • Install the earn money app from the google play store,
  • create your account, see the offers,
  • play games or take part in paid surveys,
  • like social media pages like FB or Twitter and earn vouchers,
  • gift cards, rewards, and real cash!
  • We have brought you a money tree that will allow you to have a stable online earning source for your financial freedom.
  • If you like to earn by staying home and dancing through the web,
  • this rewarded play-earn money app is the right platform for you.

The key features of Cash Money App- Earn Money & Gift Cards:

  • The easy and user-friendly interface of this tree of money-
  • earn online app will allow you to work for hours without any stress.
  •  Open an account in this money rewards app for free and start earning instantly.
  • Check out various offers in the fetch rewards app,
  • such as earn money by playing games,
  • make money 2021 online, paid surveys, and more.
  • Earn instant cash and gift cards just by liking FB pages, following Insta accounts, and Twitter accounts.
  • The reward section in this make money-cash rewards app allows you to choose your gift cards.
  • There are several cards such as PUBGcard, free fire, Xbox play, and more.
  • Check your payment history and referral list anytime from the account in the earn rewards app.
  • Install this cash reward for free and make money instantly and earn gift cards for free.

If you love playing games, then this money-making online app brings you good news.

  • Ever thought you could get paid to play games?
  • Now, you can.
  • Cash Money App- Earn Money & Gift Cards app offers you money for playing games,
  • taking paid surveys, and even like social media pages.
  • A money tree will grow in your home with our gift rewards-earn money app!
  • We have brought you one of the awesome legit money-making apps where you don’t have to wait for your rewards for days.
  • You play your part; this earn online reward app transfers your earnings instantly.
  • Earn gift card app’s mission is to give everyone a free chance to have lucky days.
  • You don’t have to spend a single penny to install and use this app.
  • Instead, you make money and earn gift -cards through the app anytime, anywhere.
  • Our gift-earn app works faster and better.
  • You don’t have to go through any complicated settings to use this app.
  • We offer you one of the best rewards apps that will help you earn real cash in no time,
  • along with gift vouchers, cards, and unlimited rewards.
  • This cash reward is a global app, and you can earn prizes from anywhere in the world.
  • So what are you waiting for?
  • Install Cash Money App- Earn Money & Gift Cards app on your android device,
  • play games, take surveys, and earn instant money and gift cards.
  • With Cash Money App for free money,
  • you can save a lot of time and waste browsing on countless online worklists and internet ads,
  • which has never helped you get any results.
  • We’re ready to assist you, Boss! Talk to us via contact@cashapprewards.xyz.


2. Daily Status:

  • Best daily status app for your social media accounts with earning money.
  • Best collection of Videos, Images, GIFs, and Quotes to share on social media platforms.
  • The Daily Status app has multiple collections and categories that are easy to identify and search.
  • To simplify things, the app has the Latest,
  • Popular, Follow, Categories, Favorites, and Downloads sections to separate all the statuses.
  • Every status has its own categories as well like Love, Funny, Sad, Happy, Dance, etc. to easily access the content.
  • The best part of this app is earning which is very easy by just watching or sharing content.

You will get money when:-

  1. You watch/see videos, images, GIFs, or quotes.
  2. And You share content.
  3. You upload content.
  4. You register and share your Referral code.
  • Note:- Please don’t upload an image/video which contains other apps’ logo/download option/promo video/copyrighted content.
  • These will not be accepted and will be removed immediately.
  • We also don’t accept duplicate entries or any entries which are not suitable for your daily statuses.
  • And We have introduced more earning ways in the app so that users can get money easily.
  • We always do contests, so that everyone can enjoy and earn.
  • This is going to double your benefits as in you will get content for sharing on your statuses and money as well.
  • You will enjoy watching videos, sharing images, seeing funny GIFs, and writing your own quotes.
  • The app has many features that you can enjoy in your spare time
  • and is easy to use and can be used to access all kinds of content.
  • You can create your own profile and share it.
  • Upload any content and build connections with other users as well.
  • Making a new connection is always fun by following or getting followers.

How does the app work?

  • Please check FAQ/Tutorials in the app.
  • Download and share this app with your friends too.
  • If you face any issue, you can contact us via mail at info@ds-em.com

3. Watch Video and Earn money

  • Daily Cash is the Best Money Earning App in India 2021.
  • You can play anytime anywhere and get a reward offered by this application.
  • You can earn money by watching short videos and playing wonderful games.
  • We have large video categories and videos.
  • And We provide the world’s best short video and amazing game tasks.
  • We share 50% profit of user.
  • Lots of game tasks like Lucky Spin Wheel, slot machine and sharing video task, invite friends.

If You Have Money Problem Then Don’t Worry,

  • In Watch Video and Earn Money:
  • Daily Cash Offer You Can Earn Cash By Playing Games
  • And Watching Videos Because Money Is Everything.

Daily Bonus

  • Check-In Daily For Win More Points.
  • We Provide Daily Task For You That Means
  • You Can Earn More points For Win Cash Reward By Complete This Daily Bonus Task.
  • Collect Daily Bonus For Win Cash.

Install and Earn

  • Complete Install and Earn and get a random free case reward point by your luck Install and Earn.
  • Flip and Win
  • Flip The Card And Get a Lucky Number As Points.
  • And Flip the card & get a random free case reward point by your luck.
  • You can use 18 flips every 1 hour.

Watch Video

  • You can Watch video end time show & Adding Points In Your Wallet.
  • Watch Videos In All Languages And Get Free Points,
  • Case Reward, Gifts Wall and Gift Wallet.

Profile Task

  • Sign Up Using A Valid E-Mail Address.
  • Complete profile and Win 1000 points,
  • Case Reward,
  • Live Gold Membership For Watch Video to Unlimited Earn:
  • Daily Cash Reward.
  • Referral Code
  • Using Referral Code For Inviting Friends & Get Extra points.
  • Every New User Win Gift & All Referral User Also Win Free Gift.
  • Refer your family & friends Watch Video and Earn Money 
  • Win Daily Cash Reward and get 1500 points, gift card, and free cash reward point instantly.

Invite Friends and Earn

  • Share your invite code with your friends and both will get 1500 points.
  • Play Lucky Spin
  • Try your luck and win bonus points,
  • you get a daily 20 spins and get reward lucky points with then win cash by your stored points and lucky spin to the big winner.
  • Get bonus points to use play lucky wheel every 1 hour 20 times.
  • Just wheel the wheel taping the middle point of the wheel and earn points.

Lucky Number Spin

  • Try your luck and win bonus points.
  • You get daily 15 spins and get reward lucky points.
  • Try Your Luck & Win Points. You Get 15 Spin In Every One Hour.
  • Play Games And Win More Points & Etc.
  • Scratch Card
  • Play games and win more points, gift cards, cash rewards,s, and case money.
  • Scratch the card and get a lucky number as points.
  • convert the points you earned into a gift card.
  • Scratch the card & free win bonus point by scratch.
  • you can use at a time 20 scratch & get 20 scratches every 1 hour.

Features of Watch Video and Earn Money – Win Daily Cash Reward

  • Easy To Use.
  • Easy And Quick Cash Out Using Paytm Wallet.
  • Image And Earn Free Paytm Paypal Cash.
  • Refer Friends And Earn 1500 Points.
  • People can withdraw earnings via Paytm at any time anywhere.
  • Happy Earning Thanks & Enjoy…!!
  • Daily Watch the latest new video and invite friends using promo code.


4. Watch Video and Earn Money – Daily Real Cash App

  • “Watch Video and Earn Money – Daily Real Cash App” is the best application in the play store to earn free earn money at home and anywhere.
  • In “Watch Video and Earn Money – Daily Real Cash App”
  • multiple categories of videos in each category you watch 500+ videos.
  • In this app, we update daily new videos of what you want to likes. 

Features of “Watch Video and Earn Money – Daily Real Cash App”:-

  1. User Attractive Design.
  2. Refer Friends and get coins.
  3. Share your refer code and earn more coins.
  4. 50+ Video categories.
  5. 500+ Videos in each category.

How to earn money in “Watch Video and Earn Money – Daily Real Cash App”:-

  • User Attractive Design
  • Using promo code and refer friends
  • Complete daily bonus
  •  Recommend friends to receive a reward
  • New members are given free register bonuses.

In the “Watch Video and Earn Money – Daily Real Cash App ”

  • app given short videos of all categories watch daily videos and earn money daily at any place,
  • anytime, and anywhere it’s a free app for making money real cash.
  • Also, share your favorite video with your friends and family members
  • and share your favorite video on social media. 
  •  Enjoy with “Watch Video and Earn Money – Daily Real Cash App”.



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  • The only app where you can MAKE MONEY BY PLAYING VIDEO GAMES no in-app purchases
  • Big Time Cash: is the only app where you can MAKE MONEY BY PLAYING FREE VIDEO GAMES!
  •  We have already given away TENS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS to lucky players just like you!   
  •  All you need to do is play any of our games and collect at least one ticket to be entered into the frequent cash prize draws. 
  • The more tickets you collect the higher your chance of winning the cash prize! 
  • Check back at draw time to see if your name is on the winning ticket!
  • The winning prize is paid out through a Paypal money transfer.
  •  It’s very simple,
  • every draw we are sharing back a portion of our advertising revenue with one lucky winner. 
  • The larger our user base grows the more dollars we will give back.
  • There are no in-app purchases and no paying to win. 
  • We are calling our model Free-2-Win and we are very proud of it,
  • so download Big Time and check it out for your chance to win free cash! 

Why would you play anything else?

  •  So what are you waiting for?
  • Download Big Time today to unlock more awesome games,
  • and get greater cash rewards for FREE! 
  • Using Big Time, anyone can make money simply by playing free games at home,
  • in the bus station, on the metro, or in the subway, etc.
  • Ever wondered how to make money playing video games?
  • Well, this is it, your way to earn money by playing games.
  • Have questions, problems, or feedback?
  • Reach out to us at support@winrgames.com

6. Moneyshot: Earn Money (PayPal Cashout),

Optimal Health - Screenshot 20210616 133755 Google Play Store - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.
  • Gift Cards, and other Rewards by completing Offers.
  • Moneyshot is a simple app that allows you to complete basic offers and earn coins in exchange.
  • The coins can then be used to purchase gift cards and games or can be withdrawn using PayPal.
  • All the purchased items will be delivered to you via email defined when creating the user account in a period of 24-48 hours.
  • It’s as simple as that!
  • Choose your reward!
  • We have a long list of items you can earn in exchange for coins.
  • Choose between withdrawing coins via PayPal,
  • buying various gift cards, or get yourself your favorite video game.
  • Simple and effortless offers.
  • You can filter all offers by their difficulty and avoid hard tasks that take forever to complete.
  • Play simple games, complete basic surveys, and earn loads of coins.
  • Easily track your progress.
  • Each task you start can easily be tracked or revoked if you decide it’s too boring or hard.
  • Once the offer has been completed, you are instantly rewarded and can start spending your coins!
  • Have any more questions?
  • For additional inquiries or issue reporting, contact us: support@moneyshot-app.com
  • For Youtube partnership please fill out this form,
  • we will reply in under 24 hours: https://forms.gle/vihJAbfomMRxQhim8


7. Earn Money Fast- Free Cash App is the Best App. 

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  • You are Enjoying This App.
  • Get paid for getting rewards through OfferWall watching video ads and earning credits.
  • The earned money will be credited to your PayPal account within 2 days!!

8. Stato: Earn money easily now! Form WhatsApp status

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  • you can upload and download : status – videos – images – quotes – gifs  (offline – online )
  • create your original content upload it and earn money from views 
  • upload creative contents and get a lot of followers
  • Our application has great and completely new features :

You Can earn a lot of money from your activity in Stato

  • Multi Dynamic Languages
  • Search by using categories, title, keywords about status and users
  • Long Press to view Status 
  • Status Reactions (Like, Love, Angry, Haha, WooW, Sad)

Status Comments

  • Share Status (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram…)
  • Trusted badge to upload status without review
  • Following system
  • User Can Post Own Status : Video / Gif / Image / Quote
  • Invite users and earn money by using reference code
  • Earning system: by creating content withdrawals system
  • Subscription to delete Ads
  • Whatsapp Status Saved App integrated
  • And Many other features discover them now!

You can share your content via

  • Facebook,
  • Snapchat,
  • Twitter,
  • WhatsApp,
  • Messenger,
  • Instagram and download them offline


9. Bounty

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  • Would you like to earn rewards by answering surveys?
  • Using Bounty, you can!
  • Until now we’ve all been the ones having to spend on apps;
  • How about changing the game and getting paid to use your phone instead?!
  • Download Bounty and have fun while earning easy money! 
  • Bounty is a mobile application that enables you to answer simple surveys and get paid in return.
  • Surveys are easy and don’t take much time at all.
  • Bounty turns surveys into fun activities!
  • Mystery shopping,
  • taking photos, and testing new products and apps are some examples.
  • After completing surveys your account is credited with real money,
  • which you can withdraw at any time via your Paypal account.

So where are the surveys?

  • They could be anywhere.
  • A café that you like, a park that you visit,
  • a shopping mall that you always shop at,
  • or even on your couch at home!
  • The only thing you need to do is open the Bounty app and complete the task as required in the detailed description.
  • The best part of the application is that you can go around with your friends and earn money at the same time!
  • For more information,
  • you can visit the page http://www.getbounty.co/en#



Optimal Health - Screenshot 20210616 134637 Google Play Store - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.
  • So, you are looking for the answer to the question;
  • how to make real money on your phone?

Rewardy is the best app for you!

  • You can earn money for completing surveys,
  • and easily improve your PayPal balance.

Nowadays many people want to make money working from home.

  • You found the perfect side job here on Rewardy.

This is the new way to make side cash:

  • Rewardy has you covered to earn extra cash rewards to your PayPal account.
  • With Rewardy you can earn cash playing free video games or filling in paid surveys.
  • Further tasks can be found for more money rewards.
  • Let’s start your work-from-home life with this real cash app.

So what are the features?

Games: Make Money Playing Games
Survey: Make Cash with Paid Surveys
App: Earn Money with your Phone
How to earn free cash rewards?
  1. Download Rewardy: Real Cash App + Rewards + Paid Surveys
  2. Scroll through the offer list on the app.
  3.  Read the offer description carefully.
  4. Pick your favorite offer accordingly
  1. Get to work and make money.
  2. Receive the money and earn more cash

Looking for the highest-paying cash app?

  •  Rewardy is a survey app that works like a side job for you to earn an extra salary.
  • Free apps, free games, and completing surveys let you earn easy and fast money.
  • It all changed!
  • All working happens on your phone, meaning you decide where to work and when to work.
  • You can earn real money by completing simple tasks on this best of all rewards apps.
  • Just perform your tasks and request a payout to your PayPal account.
  • Invite your friends to Rewardy and earn extra free cash for each invite.
  • Just share your referral or invite code and start earning credits.
  • Rewardy is one of the highest-paying cash apps to earn real money rewards from home!

  • Yes, it is time to make cash rewards on Rewardy.
  • Anyone can make money online.
  • Just go ahead and grab your free cash rewards and PayPal credit.
  • It is truly easy money.
  • All rewards are granted by Rewardy,
  • which is in no way affiliated with Google and PayPal.


11. CashNgifts

Optimal Health - Screenshot 20210616 134908 Google Play Store - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.
  • Mobile Recharge, Cashback, Free Games, Socialize, Gift Voucher, Earn Money, Pay Bills
  • Cashngifts is an earning app where you can make money online working from home.
  • You can now get free money on mobile via CashNGifts.
  • We are India’s fastest-growing loyalty and social commerce platform,
  • where you can earn money and also shop for free.
  • Now enjoy the new and improved CashNGifts where you can earn money,
  • buy and sell gift cards, pay your daily Bills,
  • Online recharge your mobile,
  • Shop and earn cashback,
  • socialize and meet new friends,
  • Get free mobile recharge,
  • Gift vouchers, shopping vouchers,
  • and Free Gift Cards.
  • You can participate in shopping,
  • Games, and offers to earn money and get free mobile recharges.

With CashNGifts you can –

  • Use CashNGifts Wallet –
  • Redeem your points into your CashNGifts wallet to recharge your mobile or pay your bills for free.
  • Also, buy digital deals like gift cards using our wallet balance for free.
  • If you are short of points pay the rest amount using your CashNGifts wallet.
  • Buy Gift Cards at huge discounts –
  • Buy Gift Cards with huge discounts and great offers.
  • Send a digital gift card instantly from your mobile to recipients.
  • You can even redeem these gift cards for free using CashNGifts points!
  • Share and sell Gift Cards to earn money –
  • Share our digital gift cards with your friends,
  • on every purchase your friends make, you earn money.
  • Simply share these awesome deals and earn up to 30,000 every month!

Pay Bills and Recharge –

  • You can pay your electricity, water, gas, telephone, DTH, postpaid, prepaid, landline bills for free.
  • In fact by paying bills earn “points back” every single time,
  • which can be used to redeem fun rewards and pay other bills too!
  • Isn’t it amazing?

Shop and Earn Money –

  • Shop from your favorite stores and get cash back every single time you shop or purchase from your favorite store.
  • You will also get exclusive discount coupons from your favorite shopping platforms.
  • CashNGifts Socializers –
  • Post fun images, share trending images,
  • meet new people and socialize on CashNGifts Socializers.

Refer your friends to earn bonus –

  • Get paid to refer your friends to use CashNGifts.
  • Get paid for your referrals along with a 15% commission for a lifetime.
  • Earn from simple offers and activities –
  • You can also reward yourselves for free by doing simple activities like completing new offers,
  • sharing opinions, shopping, inviting friends,
  • solving captchas, contests,
  • watching videos, playing free games,
  • and much more only on CashNGifts.
  • Play free HTML games and collect points –
  • We have also India’s best
  • “Gaming Arena” by CashNGifts where you can collect lots of points by playing 100’s of free games.
  • We support all leading Mobile Recharge Providers –
  • Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, Reliance JIO, Tata Docomo, Tata Indicom, T24 & MTNL

Redeem options – 

  1. Cool Gadgets
  2. Free Paytm Cash
  3. Free Mobile Recharge
  4. Gift Vouchers from leading brands.
  5. Gift Vouchers from offline stores.
  6. Gaming Gift Cards


12. Roz App 

Optimal Health - Screenshot 20210616 135147 Google Play Store - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.
  • Earn Money by doing Tasks.
  • Save Money by Posting any task at your own price
  • Roz. app is India’s 1st digital platform which enables you to earn money
  • by doing a simple task or get someone to do any of your tasks.
  • You can earn money by completing any posted task.
  • Whether you are a professional, Student, or Unemployed,
  • we have a task for you, and anyone can complete a task and earn money.
  • You can post any type of task related to your home services
  • or Online Projects and helps to hire professional freelancers to quickly get it done. 

Roz.app is Free, Secured, and trusted fulfilling the vision of eradicating poverty by creating part-time jobs in India.

  • Are you a student and want to earn money online?
  • We have an answer to your question: How to Earn Money Online for Students?
  • You can earn money by completing simple tasks online or Nearby.
  • For example,
  • Graphic Designing,
  • App Developing,
  • Data Entry Jobs Online,
  • SEO,
  • Web Designing
  • and many more Freelancing Jobs especially posted for students. 

Are you an Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, or Painter?

  • We have hundreds of posted tasks like Electrical Repair Service at Home,
  • Plumbing Service,
  • AC Repair Service at Home, Carpentry work at Home.
  • Do join us and earn money using your skill daily.
  • Are you looking for House & Home Services like Home Delivery Services,
  • Grocery Delivery Services, Home Cleaning Services?
  • Are you looking for someone for House Shifting Services,
  • Housemaid services, Pest Control Services, or any other services?
  • If yes, Roz.app has a Freelancing service solution for you.
  • Post a task and get it done or hire a freelancer at your own price.
  • Some popular Tasks are Buy Grocery from a nearby store and deliver at home,
  • Pick food from a nearby restaurant and deliver it at home.
  • Grocery services are popular in all Metro Cities.
  • Do you want to earn extra income near your location?
  • We can help you to earn a casual income by doing simple tasks like Installation & Repair Services,
  • Maid Services, Grocery Services, Pick & Drop, Buy anything from a nearby store and deliver at home.
  • Roz.app is a platform for skilled freelancers to cater to house and home services like Home Cleaning,
  • Appliance Repairing, Pest Control, Home Delivery services, and many more.
  • You can easily earn Rs 1000 Cash daily by doing any simple tasks nearby you.

Are you looking for Work Home Jobs?

  • Roz.app helps you to earn money by doing part-time jobs.
  • We have dedicated online Freelancing tasks for Graphic Designer,
  • Web Developer, Video Marketing.
  • We have simple posted tasks for Freelancers like Email Marketing,
  • Video Editing, Data Entry Jobs, Resume Building, and many more.
  • You can earn online by completing an Online Job that best suits your skill. 

Do you have trust issues while freelancing online or hiring Freelancers Online?

  • We are very serious about the authenticity of all the information posted on the App.
  • Hence, we verify each task before publishing them to you.
  • Similarly, we also examine the Skills of each Freelancer you hire catering outstanding services to you.

Do you have many social friends?

  • You can earn cash by referring your friends.
  • And also You earn real money every time your friends complete a task on the App.
  • You can earn unlimited money by inviting your friends to Roz.app.

Are you looking forward to an extraordinary journey with us? 

Download Roz.app Now!


13. LuckyCash – Win real money quickly!

Optimal Health - Screenshot 20210616 135353 Google Play Store - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.
  • With LuckyCash, Earn credits with simple and fast actions.
  • Turn your credits into real money!
  • Easy, free and fast to make money.
  • PayPal or gift cards.
  • LuckyCash is a free application and very easy to use allowing anyone,
  • very quickly, to perform actions to earn credits.

Actions include completing surveys, testing apps, playing mini-games, or watching videos.

  • It is also possible to play DOUBLE WIN, they are contests to win prizes.
  • Registration earns credits and the user has a chance to win the jackpot!
  • Once credits are earned, you can easily exchange your prize pool for real money!
  • Gift cards or PayPal transfer is your choice!
  • Making real money by trading your credits is as easy as that!

To increase your income, you can invite and sponsor new players.

This is the moment to round off your end of the month thanks to LuckyCash!


google play store
  • Play games and easily earn a few dollars per day
  • $ Discover the best games and MAKE MONEY for playing!
  • FUNTAP allows you to earn cash for playing games
  • Do what you do anyway, but make money at the same time!

You‘ll make money and can say I won real cash money today!

  • Work from home with FUNTAP & make money and earn cash
  • Earn quick dollars
  •  It’s super easy:

FUNTAP recommends games to you, that you haven’t seen anywhere else.

  • You download them and the more you play the more you earn!
  • You can cash out via PayPal or Amazon gift voucher!
  • The best part about it is that you make money for playing them.
  • This is a unique opportunity to discover the best mobile games AND earn cash.
  • We also offer amazing deals as well as letting you watch videos, complete surveys, and check out new apps.

Make Money

  1. Simply download a game you like in the app FUNTAP.
  2. Play and Make Money!
  3. You can get either an Amazon voucher or we pay you directly on Paypal!
  5. Watch videos and fill out surveys to earn more cash with FUNTAP
  6. Also loads of other easy ways to make money on your phone.
  • For any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at: talkwithus@funtap.io
  • By downloading this app you are agreeing to our terms of service.
  • These can be found here:https://www.funtap.io/terms-of-use

This game does not cost any real money.

Google Inc. does not sponsor, nor in any way affiliated with FunTap and/or the sweepstakes and prizes.


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