Hello friends, I found the BEST EARNING FREE MOBILE  APPS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE IN 2021. This is the list of the best 150+ BEST MOBILE  APPS FOR ONLINE EARNING-Part-1.

1. Watch and Earn money: Real money

Optimal Health - 20210616 120000 - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.

  • Make real money by doing simple tasks in the app.
  • Easily make money for free by watching videos.
  • We offer PayPal payouts that are fast!
  • You can make money anytime, anywhere,
  • there are no complicated missions to visit or wander places and it is also an easy,
  • a fast and fun way to make money easily!
  • Watch and make money is the best rewards app!

  • Watch & earn real money app for free pay better and faster than other reward apps!
  • No gift certificates or discounts, you will be paid cash on your PayPal account!
  • Superfast payouts and free guaranteed!


  1. Complete tasks to collect credit rewards. Watch videos to earn credit.
  2. Exchange your credit rewards for cash via PayPal.
  3. Make money by watching videos


2. Free Cash App

  • Retrieve nectar and make money
  • Looking for the best of all cash apps to make money?  
  • Free Cash App: Make Money Now lets you answer surveys,

  • and rewards you with real money transferred via PayPal!
  • Looking for the best of all rewards apps 2020 and the best of all cash apps 2020?
  • Are you constantly checking your phone for new rewards apps?
  • Make Money helps you earn real cash.

Free Cash App: Make Money Now is the perfect app to take surveys and get rewards for giving your opinion.

  • Let us know how you feel about important topics of our time and we reward you with cash transferred via PayPal.
  • No more gift cards that you are not able to use.
  • We reward you with money in your PayPal account.
  • Yummy like some fresh nectar.
  •  First, collect credits by filling out surveys.
  • Make Money gives you thousands of credits,
  • where other cash apps just give you one hundred.
  • The difference in credits is incredible.
  • We have the best high-paying survey offers.
  • Next, withdraw the credits as free money to your PayPal account.
  • Every credit is worth real money with fast payment through PayPal.

Welcome to the reward zone.

  • Say hello to your big rewards.
  • No flimsy gift cards. Real cash money transfer with PayPal.
  • It is that easy!

  • Let’s fetch rewards and earn money with the best of all real money games.
  • Get that fresh nectar, honey.
  • Look forward to big rewards and get yourself into the reward zone to earn real money with Free Cash App:

3. Make Money Now 2020.

Optimal Health - Screenshot 20210616 122743 Google Play Store - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.

  • Compare Free Cash App:
  • Make Money Now to other cash apps and see for yourself what fast rewards and real cash payments mean!
  • Eager to fetch rewards?
  • Here is how it works:

  1. Complete surveys and get free money every day.
  2. Request a payout of your earnings to your PayPal account.
  3. Receive real money through PayPal and enjoy your free cash.
  • In a nutshell: Get money for answering surveys.

  • Get paid cash with Free Cash App:
  • Make Money Now. Start earning easy cash today!
  • What a cool real money game to retrieve some nectar.

4. Watch and Earn


Watch and Earn – Free Redeem Code, Free PayPal Money 

  • And Watch and Earn App Simple and Easy to use App
  • There are two types of feature that you can use to earn coin very easily
  • Daily Login
  • Every Day You Login For the first time in-app You will be a reward.
  • Watch Video
  • One of the most main features in the app where you can get unlimited reward
  • by watching video


  • You can easily redeem coins by click redeem card.
  • Very easy to use
  • No personal information need to use this app.
  • safe and secure no data need no special permission need
  • Does it give your reward?
  • Yes,100% Reward Redeem within 1 – 7 working days.

5. Folyo: Earn Money Daily with drywall & Easy withdrawal

  • Help KOLs increase influence, anywhere, anytime, easily earn money and withdraw
  • Were you searching for:
  • How to make easy money?
  • How to make fast money?
  • And How to work from home?
  • How to make money easily withdraw?

Folyo app is earning money in the new app 2021.

  • Folyo app is earning which is very easy by just watching or sharing content.

How Do I Make Money Online?

  • Register with Folyo app
  • Receive tasks, complete tasks as required, and get bonuses.
  • Withdraw the balance to your bank card.

It’s that easy!

  • As a new media social marketing platform leading influencers,
  • Folyo is helping thousands of business partners from Facebook,
  • YouTube and Instagram to establish an efficient and accurate new marketing ecosystem to help the company achieve brand value enhancement.
  • At present, more than 5 million users have received commissions through the folyo app,
  • and can easily withdraw cash, and have helped more than 500,000 KOLs achieve their influence.


  • Please do not upload images/videos that contain other application logos/download options/promotional videos/copyrighted content.
  • These will not be accepted and can be deleted immediately.
  • We also do not accept duplicate entries or any entries that are not suitable for your daily video.
  • And We have introduced more ways to make money in the app so that users can make money easily.
  • We always hold competitions so that everyone can enjoy and make money.

This will double your benefits because you will also get content for sharing your identity and money.

  • You can enjoy it by watching the video and writing your own quote.
  • The Folyo app has many features that you can easily enjoy in your spare time,
  • and it is easy to use, and you may not be able to access all types of content.
  • You will create your own profile and share it.
  • Upload any content and establish references to other users.
  • By following or gaining attention, it is often fun to establish a new connection.

6. Frizza Earning App: Daily Rewards, New Offers & Games

  • Discover & Redeem New Offers
  • Frizza is a leading free money app that allows users to earn cash and Paytm wallet money effortlessly.
  • Simply install Frizza on your device and start completing easy tasks to earn Free Cash and transfer that to Paytm money seamlessly.
  • Earning money through this money-making app is guaranteed.
  • Numerous users have already earned money from Frizza… Want to know how?

With this reward app, you can get instant cash rewards while playing games,

  • watching exciting videos, installing other apps, and much more.
  • So don’t wait any longer, install Frizza and get going to earn money.
  • Refer it to your friends to earn more cash.

Transfer earned money to your Paytm wallet using the money-making app.

  • Feeling bored?
  • Play Games, Watch Videos, and Install Apps through the application while earning free cash.

Turn your Frizza wallet money into Paytm cash with ease.

  • Earn Paytm cash for free recharge and bill payments.
  • Win money anytime, anywhere, simply by installing Frizza for free.
  • We have the most reliable rewards app with features that allow users to earn cash on the go.
  • Earn up to rupees 500  with referrals.

Frizza is the best money app for earning money online!!

  • Key features of this most reliable money making app:
  • Watch videos and earn money:
  • Watch short videos online and earn free money on the move.
  • Discover new apps to install and earn money:
  • Frizza pays you online free money to download applications.
  • Refer & Earn: Build your clan.

  • Share Frizza with friends to get amazing free money rewards together.
  • Share and earn free money with every new installation made via your referral code.

Play exciting games on the app and earn.

  • Earn Paytm cash: Transfer earned money directly to your Paytm wallet.
  • You can use the amount in your Paytm wallet to pay bills, recharge your phone, shop items, etc.  
  • Earn money just by logging into Frizza on a daily basis.
  • Extra cash is never a bad idea.
  • Install to start making free money.

  • Start earning free cash with every activity finished on the application.
  • The option of frequent and easy transfer of Frizza balance to Paytm wallet has made Frizza an assured and sure-shot application for earning cash with ease.

Start your money journey with Frizza.

  • With guaranteed cash rewards and attractive referral schemes,
  • Frizza allows all users to earn free cash by sharing their referral code with friends,
  • and earn free money every time someone installs the Frizza free money app with your referral code. 

Once the installation is complete and you have registered as a user,

  • plenty of options to win money will appear on the screen.
  • The free cash app allows users to earn cash in multiple ways.
  • Our money-making tool has top-notch refer and earn policies with attractive cash rewards.
  • So spread the word and earn free Paytm money now.
  • You can share the app using Facebook, WhatsApp, text message, and other platforms. 
  • Download now and start making cash online.

Frizza gives you a chance to earn cash daily.

  • Earn cash just by logging into the application on a daily basis.
  • This free money app gives you multiple opportunities to earn cash online on a regular basis.
  • Making quick money online has never been easier.
  • You can earn money and Paytm wallet cash with simple clicks.
  • Install the app now to make cash with minimal efforts 


7. TV-TWO: Watch & Earn Rewards-Get BTC & Get ETH

  • Rewardable TV Video App to Watch Videos & Earn Rewards: Get BTC & Get ETH now!
  • TV-TWO is the best of all rewards apps.
  • You simply watch the videos you love and earn crypto while doing so.
  • What are you waiting for?

  • Start TV-TWO, enter the reward zone, and earn crypto.
TV-TWO introduces the future of rewards apps:

You simply select your favorite creators, lean back, relax and enjoy the entertainment.

  • We offer content from over 2,000,000 creators on our platform.
  • Literally, the video app has content for every mood and situation.
  • On top of that, the service is not just for free,
  • as a matter of fact, you earn big rewards while watching videos.

We know that it sounds too good to be true, but TV-TWO is real.

  • You simply watch videos and earn crypto.
  • The video app is the rewardable TV for BTC and ETH fans.

Why is TV-TWO the best of all rewards apps?

  • Are you constantly looking for new rewards apps?
  • Be sure to try out TV-TWO.
  • To earn crypto, there is no need to do anything you don’t already do.
  • Type your favorite creator in the search bar and start watching videos.

Welcome to the reward zone.

  • Say hello to your big rewards.
  • Given its crypto-first approach, TV-TWO builds on blockchain transparency for all participants of the ecosystem.
  • Thanks to blockchain,
  • you as a user can always make sure that TV-TWO is paying out big rewards by looking at the TTV token transactions on the ETH blockchain.

There are no other rewards apps offering the same perks.

  • If you want more big rewards,
  • check out the Boost button and referral program.
  • The Boost button opens a new world of mini-tasks to earn even more crypto.
  • With the TV-TWO referral program,
  • users can actively profit from the growth of the TV-TWO user base.
  • Send your referral link to friends and family,
  • post it on the web or share it on social media for more big rewards! 
  • Look forward to big rewards and get yourself into the reward zone to earn crypto!
  • TV-TWO is the rewardable TV for crypto.

Why is TV-TWO the perfect video app to watch videos and enjoy entertainment?

  • If you are looking for a smooth and modern video app with original content, you are at your destination.
  • A great variety of genres are represented on the video app.
  • TV-TWO persuades with a fresh design and lets you easily search for your favorite creators.
  • Machine learning enables TV-TWO to tailor the content to your interests and behavior for the best possible entertainment.
  • TV-TWO is for free and will always stay for free.
  • On top of that, we let you earn big rewards like rewardable TV!

Why is TV-TWO the ideal video app for ETH and BTC fans?

  • Are you interested in crypto but do not know how to start?
  • Are you holding ETH and BTC and don’t want to invest more?
  • What could be simpler than earning crypto with no additional effort,
  • no investment, no transfer fees, no additional tasks?
  • Just watch the videos you consume anyways.
  • TV-TWO is the crypto answer to all rewards apps!

  • It is like rewardable TV for crypto.
  • With every video you watch, your crypto earnings grow.
  • The payout is done via TV-TWO’s Ethereum token,
  • called TTV, which may be traded for ETH or BTC.
  • What are you waiting for?
  • Enter the reward zone and earn crypto.

  • It is the best of all rewards apps:

  • Watch videos and get into the reward zone for big rewards, like on rewardable TV! 
  • It’s time for a change, let’s watch videos on TV-TWO!

How it works:

  1. Watch videos and receive big rewards

  2. Click on the bottom-right corner to see your balance

  3. Request payout and withdraw your TTVs

8. Easy Rewards

  • Earn Rewards and Gift Cards by completing surveys and playing new games.
  • “Easy Rewards” makes earning rewards simple, easy, and fun.
  • All within the palm of your hands.

How it Works

  • Got spare time?
  • Easy Rewards allows you to earn rewards,
  • and gift cards by completing offers with only a few taps.
  • Offers consist of simple tasks such as completing tasks in free apps,
  • playing games,
  • completing surveys,
  • and watching videos.

For every offer you complete,  you will be awarded a certain amount of in-app Coins.

  • These Coins can be redeemed for PayPal Cash and other real-life Gift Cards.
  •  Rewards
  • We offer more than 160 reward options to over 50 countries from the world’s leading brands, including:
  • PayPal Cash
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Apple/iTunes Gift Cards
  • Walmart Gift Cards

9. Earn Cash Rewards: Make Money & Earn Cash.

  • Get Paid To Play Free Music, Lockscreen Player Rewards
  • EARN CASH for playing games & GET PAID to play music.
  • CURRENT REWARDS allows you to earn real cash rewards for your everyday habits.
  • EARN MONEY & free gift cards in minutes.
  • MAKE MONEY playing games, music, & with other apps.

  • Make everyday payday on the CURRENT REWARDS app!
  • The only cash app that pays you REAL MONEY after downloading! 
  • Current Rewards free music app,
  • Earn money listening to music & playing games!
  • Everyone can earn cash money rewards!

Looking for a perfect side cash money app?

  • Earn extra money rewards?

  • A new way to make money & side cash on your phone?
  • The Current Rewards app is the top cash rewards app to earn money with!
  • Real Cash!
  • Get paid to listen to free music from a selection of 100,000+ radio stations with the world’s top Current songs,
  • & get paid to play games from the top game studios!
  • Make money on your phone daily with the free Current Rewards games & free music player app!
  •  Make money by listening to free music on Current!

  • Get paid cash to give us your opinions through surveys on Current!
  • Earn cash money rewards by trying free games, apps, & watching short videos!
  • Earn gift cards, money aka cash by inviting friends to make money!
  • Make money for having the Current free music player on your lock screen!

  • Get paid cash instantly for shopping & saving money with Current!
  • Get paid to play games from the best game studios in the world on Current!

  •  Earn cash when you travel to department stores, convenience stores and restaurants!
  •  Make Money by charging your phone,

  • yes, we make earning cash money that simple!
  •  + make money bonuses on Current!
  • Current Music & Game Rewards are here!

  • The first music platform that rewards you cash!
  • Current Cash Rewards is a subscription-free,
  • free music lock screen that provides users with a free music streaming experience
  • with built-in money-making reward opportunities to cash in on their daily habits.
  • Make money!
  • Earn cash rewards by listening to free music while working out,

  • while at work, or just charge your phone.
  • Earn cash rewards by listening to our offline free music player & free radio while driving.
  • Make money by listening to a free music player while playing games.
  • Earn cash money rewards 24/7! 
  • Earn Cash Money By Streaming Music For Free!

  • And also Earn cash by playing favorite music! Earn rewards by completing surveys,
  • sharing opinions, inviting friends, & shopping!
  • Get paid to play games & download the best apps!
  • Who doesn’t want to make cash money from a free music player?
  •  Get rewards! Earn up to $600 per year or more!

  • Don’t Pay Money, Get Paid money from a trending free music player!
  • Cash in on Free Music!
  • Free rewards! Streaming unlimited music stations worldwide & Earn!
  • Make money from all music genres!
  • Cash for free Music player Listening!
  • Unlimited cash rewards from the only free lock screen music player!
  • Earn money for offline music player streaming recorded from Radio! We Cash you out!
  •  Real money & rewards! FREE to use! No fees. Just Earning!

  • Make money from games! Cash in on time playing games!
  • Load up on rewards! & Free OFFLINE listening! Just Record! ~WiFI required to Earn~
  •  Make more money for inviting friends!
  • Fast Cash for Top Radio Music player Mixes!
  •  Download top games & make money!

  •  Once you earn enough money to cash in on Current,
  • select money rewards, cash out, & we’ll send an email! 
  • Get Paid Rewards For Listening to free Music.
  • Cash & Money Rewards Paid In Gift Cards For Listening To Free Music & Radio!
  • Make Money Walking,

  • Get Paid Real Cash for listening to music on the lock screen!
  • Get Paid Real Cash Money for surveys, offers, & playing games!
  • Current is the only place for Free Music, Free Games, Free Money, Saving, & Gift Cards!
  • Stack rewards by listening to our free music player while you get paid to play games!

10. Poll Pay: Make money with paid surveys.

  • Get PayPal rewards and gift cards via our cash app
  • Join the millions of survey-takers in their quest to make easy money on their phones!
  • Poll Pay is leading the way as the best cash app 2021 to earn real money rewards on your smartphone.
  • With millions of users, you become part of an active,
  • wealth-building community.

Don’t get left behind when your rewards are just a few clicks away!

  • Are you ready to make easy money from the comfort of your home?
  • Complete simple polls and surveys to help you earn your second salary.
  • Receive your rewards as either free PayPal Cash, gift cards, or coupons.
  • Your opinion is valuable!

 How does it work? 

  1. Register with Poll Pay
  2. Participate in surveys to increase your balance.
  3. Exchange your balance for PayPal credits, Amazon vouchers, and many other gift cards.

It’s that easy!

  • Poll Pay can be a small side-gig or your proper mobile mini-job!
  • We pay you in PayPal cash or vouchers.
  • Your opinion, your reward, your choice!
  • Be smart and earn money with a survey!

  • Poll Pay is leading the way for survey apps that pay cash.
  • Earn money from home while you search for an alternative job.
  • Increase your PayPal balance with PayPal credit.

 What are my rewards?

  • Amazon gift card
  • Xbox gift card
  • Netflix gift card
  • Google Play gift card
  • PayPal credit
  • iTunes gift card
  • Other cash apps take ages to transfer your money?

  • Poll Pay has fast and secure payouts in real-time!
  • The perfect side job these days is on your cell phone!
  • Ingenious vouchers and free gift cards don’t earn themselves, but with Poll Pay, it’s easy.
  • Easy tasks to earn real money rewards with your opinion are waiting for you!

How to redeem rewards!

  • Free PayPal Cash – earn PayPal credit via your PayPal account
  • Free Xbox gift card – Xbox live Voucher via email
  • And also Free Google Play gift card – Google Play voucher via email
  • Free Amazon gift cards – Amazon voucher via email 

Your Poll Pay team pays a lot of attention to data security at all times.

  •  Is no survey available?
  • No problem!
  • There are new surveys to earn money daily, that’s right, every day.
  • These can be short opinion polls or longer market research.
  • We select the very best ones for you so that you can make money comfortably and easily from home.
  • This survey app replaces a part-time job!
  • Use your time from anywhere and enjoy working from your smartphone.

Surveys for cash: The dream job for everyone!

  • But there are not many survey apps that pay cash.
  • Poll Pay is among the only well-working survey apps that can pay cash in the form of PayPal credit!
  • Do you want something more specific?
  • No problem, exchange your free cash for a voucher, such as an iTunes gift card. 
  • You always wanted to improve your pocket money, or you just wanted to earn something with your mobile phone?
  • Complete the surveys like a quiz and earn $-points that you can redeem for your desired reward.
  • It works like a cashback system that is unique in the Google Play Store.
  • Also ideal for players who want to earn extra gems, gold, or bucks.
  • Invite your friends to Poll Pay and earn extra free cash for each invite.

  • Just share your referral or invite code and start earning credits.
  • Your friends get a start bonus too!
  • Poll Pay is one of the highest-paying cash apps to earn real money rewards from home!
  • Your opinion is important to us!

Use simple surveys to earn fast money.

  • Earn credit with Poll Pay while you enjoy a coffee.
  • Earn vouchers, Google Play coupons, and rewards during your break at work with just a few clicks.
  • You still lack a little money on PayPal to fill your next wish?
  • Earn PayPal credit easily by answering some opinion polls.
  • With Poll Pay, absolutely anyone can earn an extra salary.
  • Experiences and ratings show that Poll Pay is the perfect app for paid surveys.
  • Join us and start a survey now!