GRATITUDE: 30 POWERFUL GRATITUDE AFFIRMATIONS. Practicing daily gratitude affirmations is one of the most powerful personal development exercises you can do. Gratitude brings joy, satisfaction, and peace into your life. It also helps you to realize your goals and dreams. Positive affirmations reprogram your mind for success. When you combine positive affirmations with gratitude, you get dream life manifestation superpowers.



 Gratitude is the most powerful human emotion and can transform your mood, health, and life.

  • A daily gratitude affirmations practice can revolutionize your wellbeing on so many levels physical, mental/emotional, and energetic.
  • It does this by affecting your energetic vibration, your mood, hormone levels, and health.


Gratitude Journaling 

  • Creating a gratitude practice can be as simple or elaborate as you like.
  • You may be short on time and choose to express your gratitude by writing down three new things in your journal each day that you are grateful for and saying three affirmations for gratitude.
  • If you have more time, you can write down ten or more things, and you can say a variety of daily gratitude affirmations.
  • You can even create a visual representation of gratitude by starting a gratitude scrapbook or making a gratitude vision board.
  • It’s a good idea to get yourself a fresh notebook for your gratitude practice.


  • Choose one that is beautiful and feels exciting to use.
  • You can even buy journals that have been designed especially for recording your gratitude practice.
  • Each day writes down at least three things you are grateful for
  • Ensure that you choose different things every day, it isn’t as powerful if you choose the same things all the time.
  • They can be big things, like your home, child, job, car, or partner, or small things, like a kind word from a stranger or your morning cup of coffee.
  • It doesn’t matter what they are; the important thing is the feeling of gratitude you feel for each one.
  • Some days, especially if you’ve been feeling down for any reason, it might feel challenging to find even three new things to feel grateful for.

When you have a day like this, and you need some prompts or ideas to help you, refer to this list for inspiration.

  1.   Who are your favorite people in your life right now?
  2.   Who was your biggest idol growing up?
  3.   What was the name of your favorite teacher?
  4.   What pets have you had?
  5.   What is your favorite food?
  6.   What was your best ever vacation?
  7.   What is your fondest childhood memory?
  8.   What is your go-to relaxation tool?
  9.   What is your most influential life experience?
  10.   What is one talent you have that others appreciate?
  11.   What is your favorite part of your body, and why?


  1.   Who is your favorite author?
  2.   What book has had the most significant impact on your life?
  3.   Have you ever received a random act of kindness?
  4.   What are some of your proudest achievements?
  5.   What characteristics do you like most about yourself?
  6.   How would your friends describe you?

Hopefully, these questions will get you thinking about other things in your life, past and present, for which you can express gratitude. Your life is amazing, you are magnificent, and you have so much to appreciate.

 30 Powerful Gratitude Affirmations 

  • 1: I am thankful for my safe and secure home.
  • 2: I gratefully receive the lessons that each experience brings.
  • 3: I am grateful for the constant flow of money throughout my life.
  • 4: I realize how fortunate I am that so many people love me.
  • 5: I have access to nourishing food and clean water, and I am so thankful.
  • 6: I appreciate all of the people involved in bringing food to my table.
  • 7: Every person I meet can teach me something.

I am grateful for their wisdom.

  • 8: I realize the gift of this precious human life.
  • 9: I love and appreciate my beautiful family.
  • 10: My friends enrich my life beyond measure; I am so thankful for each and every one.
  • 11: My pets are a source of comfort and unconditional love. I am so lucky to have them.
  • 12: I revere nature in all her glory, and I love connecting with her every day.
  • 13: I appreciate all the things my wonderful body allows me to do.

I’m so grateful

  • 14: My kids help me develop patience, kindness, and playfulness. I’m so grateful for them.
  • 15: I am thankful for my mistakes because they have made me stronger.
  • 16: I give thanks for each exquisite moment.
  • 17: I see and appreciate the light in everyone, including myself.
  • 18: I am grateful to the universe for manifesting all the wonderful things in my life so far.
  • 19: I recognize every blessing, no matter how small.
  • 20: I am thankful for the ability to learn, develop, and grow.

I feel so blessed.

  • 21: I see abundance all around me, and I feel so blessed.
  • 22: Thankfully, I have the power to make my dreams come true.
  • 23: I am so grateful for all the love in my life given and received.
  • 24: I recognize the opportunities the universe presents, and I give thanks for each one.
  • 25: With a sense of gratitude, I see the world in a new light. Each day is an opportunity and a gift.
  • 26: I am thankful to my parents for loving me and teaching me.

I know they did their very best.

  • 27: I appreciate my strength and resilience. I know I can survive and thrive.
  • 28: To every teacher who has helped my learning and shaped me into the person I am today, I will be eternally grateful.
  • 29: I am thankful for my unique creativity and my capacity to enrich other people’s lives.
  • 30: I am grateful for my sense of gratitude I know it is the way to joy, peace, and the life of my dreams.

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