How Dwayne Johnson’s Passion Makes Him Unstoppable?

How Dwayne Johnson’s Passion Makes Him Unstoppable?

How Dwayne Johnson’s Passion Makes Him Unstoppable? There are many people who you might think of when you hear the word ‘success’. One who springs to my mind though is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. He is a celebrity who started y conquering the world of sport as a wrestler and who then went on to become one of the best-paid actors in Hollywood. 

Meanwhile, he has also started a successful business, become a highly influential social media presence, and maintained an incredible physique all the while. Meanwhile, some people are now saying he may one day run for president!

How has one man achieved so much from humble beginnings? What is the secret to his success? And is it something that we can learn to emulate?

The Answer

There’s one very simple answer to what makes The Rock so unstoppable and that’s his passion. Johnson’s passion is so overwhelmingly strong, that he has no problem doing whatever it takes to make his way to the top.

When someone is that busy and has that many plates in the air, how can they possibly attain the kind of physique that he has? One of the answers is to get up earlier and to train before the rest of the world even wakes up. And that’s exactly what The Rock does. If you follow him on Instagram, then you’ll quickly find that a lot of his pictures pertain to his early morning training. These are images of his phone alarm going off at 4 am, or of him in the gym alone before any other patrons have arrived.

 Simply put, he is in that incredible shape because he has the will to train when most people wouldn’t even consider having the energy to do so.

And he puts that same passion into everything. This is how he finds time to be in so many movies each year, how he finds time to promote himself so actively on Facebook: it is all driven by his passion. 

Yes, the Rock has unstoppable determination and motivation. But that comes from his passion. You can see it in the way he talks; he is thrilled to be doing what he is doing and that is what makes him jump out of bed in the morning. Have you ever seen him look sullen and disinterested? Can you imagine him coming home, getting into pajamas, and watching rubbish TV while eating a pot of ice cream? 

How Passion Makes You Magnetic?

It’s also the same passion that makes The Rock so exciting to watch. The Rock talks and smiles and gesticulates in a way that is genuine and larger-than-life and that makes him incredibly persuasive andlikableMoste. Once again though, this comes from the fact that he loves what he does.

Studies show us that we rate people as more charismatic when they gesticulate more. When do people gesticulate more? When they are passionate about what they’re talking about. People who love their subject speak with their whole body and that makes them highly magnetic.

So what is the secret to Johnson’s success and how can you tap into it? Simple: find your passion!

How Do People End Up With Boring Jobs?

Sad though it surely is, most of us do not end up in the jobs that we dreamed of when we were younger. Most of us won’t end up with jobs that are even close to being as exciting or as inspiring as the ones we used to tell people we wanted when we were five or six.

When we were young and we believed anything could happen, we wanted to be astronauts, rock stars, the owners of huge international businesses, action heroes, superheroes…

So the question then becomes: why are so many of us stuck working in offices? Why are so many of us entering data into spreadsheets? 

Why is it so common for us to work late hours in jobs we hate? Why does ‘success’ mean more responsibility but no more job satisfaction?

How did this happen?

The Unfortunate Story

The answer varies from person to person but unfortunately, there are a few consistent elements that seem to hold across the board. Many of us will go through essentially the same story that will lead us to the same end destination. 

It starts early when we’re at school and we’re forced to start specializing and choosing. Which course at school is most likely to help you to become a bestselling author? Or a pop star? Hmm. We end up biding our time by doing something that we enjoyed at school – history or geography maybe.

Then we go to college and we study that course for a year or three, only to find ourselves back at home living with our parents and without a job when we leave. If we want to get back our independence, then we’re going to need to take on a job just to pay the bills. 

So we start working for our friend’s Dad’s company. Or we work in a supermarket. Or maybe an estate agent.

Then we get a few promotions and we find ourselves climbing the ranks – actually, we’re on an okay salary.

And it’s just as well too – because our responsibilities are beginning to increase as we find ourselves with partners, maybe wanting to buy a house, maybe with children.

And before you know it, you’re ‘area manager’, or you’re ‘director of logistics’, or you’re an estate agent.

They’re not bad jobs but they sure aren’t exciting and they sure don’t fill you with impassioned excitement. But you have kids on the way and you need the money: now is not the time to do something foolish like starting your own business, or changing jobs, or taking out a loan. And nor do you have the time in the evening to do the things you want to do…

It Doesn’t Have to End This Way

But here’s the good news: the story isn’t over yet. You can still be the things you’ve always dreamed of being. In fact, with more money behind, more experienced, and more contacts, it’s more likely than ever. All it is going to take is for you to acknowledge just how important it is to you and to decide that you’re not going to settle for the way things turned out.

There’s still time

How to Make Your Fitness Goals a Reality?

Many of us would like to be thinner, more toned, or more physically fit. Almost all of us feel that we could look better if we fitted into our clothes a little better and many feel that this would also give them a boost in confidence and general self-esteem.

The problem is making that happen. Because if you’re like the vast majority of people, then you’ve probably tried different diet programs and training regimes in the past without much success. What can you do to ensure that this is a different story? That this time things go to plan? Here are some pointers that can help you craft the body you’re looking for.

Slow and Steady

The longest journey starts with a single step and the biggest biceps start with a single curl. The big issue that a lot of people have when it comes to setting their fitness goals, is that they make them far too ambitious. If you’re starting a diet that involves eating absolutely no carbs, or if you’re starting a training regime that involves working out for an hour and a half 5 times per week, then you’re going to struggle to adapt your lifestyle. Instead, use the ‘MED’ or ‘Minimum Effective Dose’ and then make sure that you don’t work harder than necessary in the gym.

Set Yourself Up for Success

So that means taking up one of those easier workouts right? The ones that cram a short HIIT workout in after your work hours for example?

Maybe you’re tempted by the various diet programs that claim they include meals that only take 10 minutes to prepare.

Be wary! While many of these programs sound quick, what they fail to mention is:

  • The time it takes to get to the gym
  • The extra washing that you have to do after training at home
  • The time it takes to shower after the workout
  • The time it takes to get back home
  • How tired you’ll be following your workouts and how this is going to impact your subsequent productivity

Likewise, those diet plans forget:

  • The time/money involves in acquiring all those exotic ingredients
  • The prep time: chopping those onions, pre-heating the oven, etc.
  • The time it takes to wash up afterward
  • The fact that sometimes ingredients won’t be available, or you’ll have guests round

The point is: even the easiest routine is going to include hidden elements that end up taking up more time and stress.

So your job is to try and edit the guidelines to fit your lifestyle and your routine specifically.

That might mean, for example, that you’re going to work out from home instead of at the gym. That way you can train in your underwear, meaning no more washing and meaning you’ll get less sweaty. It means you don’t have to travel too.

Likewise, think about recipes that will be genuinely easy to make and the tools and appliances that can help make them even easier still. Smoothies are more work than they sound because of the washing up – so try a NutriBullet!

How to Use Fear Setting to Overcome Anything Holding You Back?

Most of us have plans and goals that far exceed our realities and it can be a painful feeling to know that you’re selling yourself short. Despite this though, many of us are too afraid or too unsure to take the necessary next steps. It never feels like the ‘right time’ (newsflash: it is never the right time), it never seems like the ‘responsible thing to do and we always feel like we’re inviting failure.

In short, we are held back by fear. So the question is: how can you overcome those fears?

The answer might just be something called ‘fear setting’. Read on and we’ll look at what this means and how it could help you.

The Concept

The general idea behind fear setting is that you’re going to more clearly define what your fears are and thus start coming up with more effective ways to overcome them.

For many of us, our fears are very much abstract and general, rather than being concrete and specific. But when you take the time to identify the true nature of those fears, they can often end up losing their power over you.

For example, let’s say that you want to start your own business. You might have the vague but undefined fears that:

  • Your business will fail and people will think less of you
  • Your partner will think what you’re doing is foolish and judge you
  • You’d have to leave your job and you might not be able to get a job back if things don’t work out
  • You’d make yourself unemployable by creating a gap on your CV
  • You’d have to take out a big loan, which would result in unending crippling debt

These all seem like legitimate fears. But now you’re going to actually write those fears down and thereby make yourself fully aware of what they are. Once you’ve done this, you can then start to go through them one by one and address how realistic each fear is, what you would do if it came true and how you could prevent it from happening.

For example:

  • Your business will fail and people will think less of you
  • Most people would be much more likely to think more of you for having tried something exciting
  • You don’t have to tell anyone
  • Who cares?
  • Your partner will think what you’re doing is foolish and judge you
  • Ask them
  • They will probably think what you’re doing is inspiring and they should support you

Especially if you can show them how you’re going to make it work

  • You’d have to leave your job and you might not be able to get a job back if things don’t work out
  • You could run your business in the evenings or weekends and thus keep your job
  • You could go part-time and run your business at the same time
  • You could take a sabbatical to try launching your business
  • You’d make yourself unemployable by creating a gap on your CV

Most companies will overlook that it will likely show gumption and savvy

  • Your old job will likely take you back
  • Worst case scenario, you take a lower-paid job
  • You’d have to take out a big loan, which would result in unending crippling debt
  • Or you could get a PayPal loan
  • Or a loan from the bank of Muma and Dad
  • Or help from a business partner
  • Or funding through Kickstarter

The fear set shows us that the only thing to fear is fear itself!

Sick of Being Single? Make Your Relationship Goals Happen?

Setting goals does not just apply to your career, your finances, or your fitness. Goals apply to every aspect of your life and that includes your relationship. If you are single and you’re sick of being that way, then you need to come up with a plan to change that and you need to approach it with the very same determination as you would any other type of goal.

What’s Holding You Back?

The first thing to do when trying to change the way you’re approaching your love life is to look at what is holding you back.

For many people, it’s a lack of trying. Either they’ve been hurt before, they’ve lost confidence, or they just don’t realize they have to. But at the end of the day, if you’re tired of being single, then you need to work at this just as you would anything else. That might mean trying online dating, it might mean going to bars more, or it might mean just asking people out in the street.

While some people aren’t trying at all though, many other people are simply trying the wrong strategy or focus on the wrong thing.

These are the people who know they don’t want to be single anymore but who aren’t quite sure how to change that. 

For example, if you want to have a more active sex life then you shouldn’t be dating your friends as that is more likely to lead to a long-term relationship. If you want a long-term relationship, then looking at bars or on Tinder is likewise misguided.

Pining after friends is generally a bad idea and it’s something that can waste your time unless you have a drastic plan to change the way they see you. And then some people simply fail to correctly assess their desirability to certain groups.

Then there’s the chance that you’re doing everything right but just not getting results, in which case you need to focus on your approach.

That might mean the way you present yourself, or the way you come across in conversation. Many of us will unintentionally come across as sleazy, as needy, as clingy, or as desperate – none of these things are going to help our chances!

How to Make the Change

Once you’ve identified the problem, it’s time to start making the change. The first thing to do is to commit to being proactive. That means regularly approaching people, or signing up to online Watford and putting in effort (just creating a profile is not enough), or improving your approach and your swagger.

Then you need to come up with a plan and think about how to make the best use of your resources.

For instance, Facebook can be a surprisingly effective way to meet people and also to reconnect with old people. Perhaps there is an old flame you could start messaging? Or maybe you could add someone that you met at a party?

If you’re shy of approaching the opposite sex, then maybe you should think of a way to work up to it and to build your confidence.

Sometimes it means not taking the most obvious route but the most important thing is that you identify the weak points in your game and your strategy and then work to fix those.

Make it Happen