The 4 Steps to Building a Passionate Performance-Based Culture

The 4 Steps to Building a Passionate Performance-Based Culture

The 4 Steps to Building a Passionate Performance-Based Culture-Firstly what does a passion-based culture look like? It is where the majority of the people in your business are engaged, enthused, and energized. They believe in the purpose of your business and prepared to add value beyond their pay packet to achieve the goals and objectives of the business?

What we have discovered is that most businesses fall into three categories.

They are either in survival mode, in other words not getting ahead or going backward. The second type of business is successful at what they do; they are good at what they do and are making money. The final group is great at what they do, in other words, they have become significant in their marketplace. They are recognized by their clients, community, and companies they work with and their colleagues at being great at what they do in their fields. To be significant in what you do you need to create a team of loyal, passionate people.

Here are the 4 Steps

Have a Big Reason:

Your people want to work with and for someone who has a bigger reason than just profits. They need a bigger reason and why? They need to do work that is meaningful, matters, and makes a difference. You have to sell the story and purpose of your business. The majority of people want to belong to a company that has a purpose, a plan, and is passionate about achieving it. So you too need to have a clear direction, write out a manifesto of what you want to be famous for and what you stand for.

Define Your DNA:

Every business has a culture, sometimes created by choice however most of the time created by chance. You want to create a culture that brings the best out of your people. So it is critical to identify your DNA, in other words, what you stand for, what is acceptable, what is not acceptable, and what is not negotiable. If you could have the perfect team culture that would naturally create passionate, proactive, and productive people, what would you have to do?

Create Progress:

All too often an environment is created where people are too focused on creating perfection, rather than making progress. Too many people within businesses are avoiding deciding for the fear of being wrong. So what do they do? They defer, avoid, procrastinate and attend another meeting. Get your people focused on measuring progress, not perfection. Have them implement 1% improvements to everything they do and your business will evolve and grow and your people will become excited about moving forward.

Assist Your People to Define Their Dreams:

Most people spend most of their life earning a living; very few people desire a life. For most people days blend into weeks, weeks merge into months and months collide to create years. Rarely do people stop and think about what is important, what matters, and what is most important to them and for
the people who mean the world to them.
The greatest gift you can give them is the opportunity to clarify their goals and then the permission to pursue their passion.