Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

Tips For Building  Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

Success Guaranteed

  • 1. Never stop learning
  • 2. Be a person of your word
  • 3.  Opinions versus facts
  • 4.  Don’t become a networking fanatic
  • 5.  Criticism means you’re on track
  • 6.  What other people think about you is none of your business
  • 7.  Status will keep you broke 

  Be organized 

  • 10.  Don’t let your past hold you back 
  • 11.   Never, ever, pass negativity on to your team 
  • 12.  Become a good student so you can become a great teacher
  • 13. Don’t become one of those ‘in everything but not committed to anything’ people
  • 14.  Practice delayed gratification
  • 15.  Make money, make a friend and make a difference
  • 16. Be loyal to your organization
  • 17 . Stay up to date on who’s who in your business
  • 18.  Structure your business to be profitable
  • 19. Give and you will receive
  • 20. Quitters never win and winners never quit


  • It is important to remember that you are going into business first and foremost;
  • in this instance, the type of business you are considering is a network marketing business.
  • Network marketing businesses each have their own idiosyncrasies and opportunities.
  • They can be incredibly rewarding on many levels and as challenging as any mainstream business.
  • Working smarter, not harder There was a time when simply working hard meant that you had the opportunity to get ahead of the average person who perhaps had a more relaxed approach to work.

Today that is simply not the case.

  • Although a strong work ethic will always be important, it is no longer the only ingredient.
  • Success is about being smarter and often doing things differently to the way we would have done them in the past.
  • Network marketing allows you to do just that,
  • while at the same time allowing you to associate with very successful people who understand this principle and who have made it work for them.

Leverage and duplication Leverage and duplication are simply the ability to leverage your time,

and to duplicate your efforts.

  • If you are working in a traditional business, your income is largely governed by the number of hours you can physically work in a week.
  • In network marketing, as your network grows, the time collectively invested within the network is dramatically  increased,
  • and your efforts are greatly duplicated and multiplied.
  • Simply put, you yourself, one person, can continue to work 40 or 60 hours per week, or you can build a network where collectively,
  • for example, 1000 people are working only 10 hours each per week, meaning your earning hours now total 10 000.
  • You need to understand that this concept is not unique to network marketing,
  • but is a key ingredient in most successful entrepreneurial enterprises.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

Most successful entrepreneurs use it to build their wealth.

  • For example, those who have established large franchising businesses base their success on duplication and leverage of one successful store,
  • repeating it nationally and, ideally, globally.

Passive income versus active income

  • Active income is best described as having to continually work, trading hours for dollars, to maintain that income.
  • Passive income means that, in time, you don’t have to physically do the work but you can still maintain the income.
  • Given the choice, most people would prefer passive income over active income.
  • The majority of people think of passive income in terms of the royalties paid to record artists and authors,
  • or the returns on investment of property owners and shareholders.
  • Further to these are the entrepreneurial business owners who derive large passive incomes from their businesses.
  • In some cases passive income can be established without much effort; in other cases,
  • a certain amount of work may be required to maintain the flow of passive income.
  • There are different models, but the concept is the same do the work now to build a long-term income stream.
  • Passive income gives the recipients choice;
  • they are not tied down to working hours for dollars but are in the unique position of having control over what it is they want to do with their time.

Passive income provides the opportunity to have greater control of what you want to do in your day,

  • if you want to play golf, you can play golf; if you want to do some work, do some work; or if you want to go off on a holiday on a whim, then go.
  • Passive income represents control, freedom and lifestyle.
  • Network marketing is a great opportunity to establish a passive income.
  • Many people who built successful network marketing businesses now enjoy the passive income they bring.
  • To get to that point required effort and commitment, but the result is worth it.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

Low capital investment

  • For many of those who dream of owning their own business,
  • a major hurdle to be overcome is the costs and risks associated with buying an existing business or setting one up in the first place,
  • often representing hundreds of thousands of dollars and a lot of risks.
  • One of the attractive features of building a network marketing business is the low capital, or low entry cost, required to get started.
  • The majority of network marketing companies
  • require very little upfront money to join; what moneys are required to cover start-up costs and some initial product purchase.
  • If a person goes on to successfully develop their network marketing business, the return on such a low initial capital investment can be significant.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

Low operating cost

  • The ongoing operating costs required in the majority of network marketing businesses are generally very low when compared with a traditional business producing similar turnover.
  • Costs often revolve around accessing educational and motivational material,
  • acquiring business-building tools and attending seminars provided and organized as part of the support system.
  • Further to this are incidental costs such as phone, fuel and other small home office operating costs.
  • As the volume produced throughout the network is built on the principle of leverage and duplication of several independent business owners collectively establishing their own businesses and subsequent volume,
  • the costs in achieving that volume are greatly reduced by spreading them across each independent business owner.
  • Therefore each business has low operating costs, minimizing the need for staff, infrastructure and other normally high overheads.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

Part-time commitment still works

  • One of the major advantages of being involved in network marketing is the opportunity to establish it part-time alongside your current occupation or business.
  • For those whose dream has been to own a business but who have feared taking the plunge due to the risk involved in giving up a secure job,
  • and income to delve into the unknown, this part-time aspect reduces that risk.
  • For those already running a traditional business who feel trapped and can’t risk simply walking away from it,
  • the opportunity to develop something on the side with a view that someday it will replace their current income stream is also very attractive.
  • After building the network marketing business part-time to a point that the income derived from it can safely replace that from the job or traditional business, one can then comfortably move into working the network marketing business full-time.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

Support systems

  • One of the reasons franchising has become so popular today is that person buying into a franchise do so with a sense of confidence from knowing there is a system in place and that they are not on their own.
  • Network marketing also provides this sense of confidence although you are in business for yourself, you’re not in business by yourself.
  • Many network marketing companies, particularly the larger ones, have a substantial support system in place to assist the business owners.
  • In some cases, these support systems are run by some of the more successful business owners and leaders from within the network,
  • people who understand the value of sharing their experience and knowledge to assist their own organization to grow quicker.
  • Another major benefit of having a support system in place is the opportunity it gives you to again further leverage your time by directing people within your organization to the support system and letting it do most of the work for you,
  • rather than you being solely responsible for the training and support of those in your team.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

Creating positive Cash flow

  • In their internationally bestselling book Cash flow Quadrant,
  • Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter, strong advocates of network marketing (Kiyosaki is the author of several books on the subject),
  • highlight the importance of creating positive cash flow if you want to achieve wealth.
  • Most people operate in a negative Cash flow just look at the accumulated credit card debt.
  • The majority of people run out of money before the end of each month, and ‘when it’s drastic, put it on plastic’.
  • Most of them will spend their entire lives living from month to month,
  • heavily in debt, and as a result, will never go on to achieve their goals or dreams.
  • For the average person, once they find themselves in this position it is very difficult to turn it around,
  • because the negative cash position makes it almost impossible to get ahead unless,
  • of course, they win the lottery that they are all waiting to win.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

Positive income is basically the reverse, where your income exceeds living expenses.

  • Network marketing allows a person to establish a positive income by offering them a business that requires very little in the way of start-up and ongoing costs, something they can develop part-time with no threat to their current income and,
  • in the big scheme of things, allows for very little or no risk.
  • More importantly, a network marketing business offers the potential of providing a passive and exponentially growing income,
  • that in time becomes a positive cash flow because the income outweighs the expenditure.
  • Once you have a positive cash flow, that cash can be used to invest in other positive cash flow opportunities, and so on and so on.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

Creating wealth

  • Many people who have built a successful network marketing business have done,
  • so by recognizing the possibilities in using it as a vehicle to create a large passive income and positive cash flow,
  • and in using that cash flow to build their wealth.
  • For many, not only is it an opportunity to create a positive cash flow but it also gives them,
  • the ability to associate with people who themselves have created wealth and therefore to learn from their experience.
  • Most successful network marketing business owners have found financial independence through their network marketing business,
  • and many have used the positive cash flow to further build wealth through investments,
  • property or the purchase of other business ventures.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

Reality versus fiction

  • Network marketing has become the victim of many misconceptions and some ill repute in years past.
  • Sadly, in some cases, a bad reputation was well deserved.
  • Today, however, most network marketing organizations have to adhere to strict codes of conduct,
  • their products have to be of the highest standards, and the high-pressure sales techniques employed in the past no longer work.
  • Some of the misconceptions still commonly heard are covered in the following pages.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

‘It’s a pyramid’

  • This is one of the most common misconceptions.
  • Often when reference is made to network marketing the response will be:
  • ‘Oh, that’s one of those pyramid things, isn’t it?’
  • Interestingly, when they are challenged, most people commenting have no understanding of what constitutes a pyramid scheme,
  • or even of how one works, and certainly have no understanding of network marketing.
  • Putting aside structural differences,
  • the most important point of difference is that pyramid schemes are illegal and reputable network marketing companies are not.
  • Many network marketing companies are now established in countries around the world where they have had to undergo strictly government regulatory scrutiny before being allowed to open.
  • Further to this, many network marketing businesses now deal with Fortune 500 companies,
  • distributing these products or services through their networks,
  • something the solicitors of those Fortune 500 companies would not allow if they were dealing with an illegal pyramid.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

‘You make money out of other people’

  • People often remark that being in a network marketing business is just making money out of friends or other people.
  • But that’s just what any business does it makes money from providing a product or service to other people.
  • If you were a trades person, for example, and your friends wanted to engage your services to have renovations done to their home,
  • would you decline the offer because you didn’t want to make money from them?
  • Network marketing is no different from traditional business in that it has a particular product or service available for purchase by those who choose it.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

‘You will lose all your friends’

  • People involved in network marketing will often make many more friends as a result of their involvement.
  • Because you meet so many new people while developing your network, and then work with many more as business associates over the life of your business, your circle of friends grows considerably, many of their remaining lifelong friends.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

This is not to say that there are not people who have lost friends.

  • There have been, and probably always will be, a minority involved in network marketing whose nature it is to be pushy,  to not take no for an answer, to be very demanding, sometimes downright rude, even obnoxious.
  • Usually, these people are the ones that wanted to do it their way, and wouldn’t listen to advise or plug into the training and support system.
  • Needless to say, their involvement in network marketing is often short.
  • If you were running a traditional business and were constantly pressuring your friends to buy from you, it wouldn’t take long to lose them but as we know, most people owning a traditional business have many friends.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

Why? Because they professionally go about their business.

  • Your network marketing business is just that, a business.
  • Professionally go about your business and you will not lose friends, you will go on to make many more than you would have otherwise.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

‘It’s a cult’

  • Quite often a lot of excitement, enthusiasm, motivation and
  • commitment is displayed by those involved in network marketing.
  • For people outside the industry, this can be a little difficult to understand, and some of them can see the degree of enthusiasm as akin to a cult following only because they don’t relate to this level of motivation, and commitment when compared to their own situation.
  • It is very common for people to slip into the drudgery of living a day-to-day existence, like being on a treadmill, experiencing very little excitement, enthusiasm, motivation or commitment.
  • It is easy to understand why seeing people in network marketing displaying the opposite, being so passionate and committed, can be difficult to accept.
  • More people are driven by an external influence, like satisfying their boss, paying off a bank overdraft or having a mortgage hanging over their head,
  • than are driven by a personal dream or goal.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

People who are attracted to network marketing see the business as an opportunity to get off the treadmill.

  • As they begin to see results their attitude becomes even more positive,
  • their excitement and commitment towards the business grows, and they are driven internally.
  • People who can’t grasp the concept of someone doing something without being forced to do so by an outside influence often conclude that someone must be convincing them to do it.
  • The whole environment of excitement, enthusiasm, motivation and commitment that surrounds the network marketing industry is often misunderstood. Probably the key here is perspective.
  • When sports fans go to a stadium with their hair dyed and faces painted in their favorite team’s colors, wave flags,
  • yell and scream alongside thousands of other people showing the same excitement,
  • enthusiasm, motivation and commitment, we think that’s normal.
  • Yet when those in network marketing show enthusiasm,
  • and motivation towards their own business opportunity and their business team, for some reason it is seen as strange.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

‘Nobody ever makes money’

  • This is quite a common remark and is usually the result of having come across people who’ve been involved in network marketing and,
  • indeed, haven’t made any money.
  • If you haven’t come across one of them yet, you will.
  • There are, it is true, a large number of people who have not made any money from their network marketing business,
  • and usually, the first thing they blame is the business, not themselves.
  • Most of them did not plug into the support system, were not teachable, did not listen,
  • we’re not active enough in their business, did not give it long enough to work and, most importantly, did not treat it as a real business.
  • If they had started a traditional business with the same lack of focus and respect, they would have failed there also.
  • Because in most cases the start-up costs of a network marketing business are very low,
  • this can be reflected in the commitment given to the business.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

The important thing you need to know is that many thousands of people have made money from network marketing,

  • much of it significant, and so can you if you decide to work at it.
  • Being in network marketing is no different to being in traditional business if you don’t work the business, the business won’t work for you.
  • The other thing that is important here is, once again, perspective.
  • For example, how many people start a university degree and don’t graduate?
  • Good thing universities don’t have a failure ceremony at the end of the year if they did, no one would think that university works.
  • How many people do you know who’ve started on a fitness program, or joined a gym, and simply quit?

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

What failed here: the fitness program, the gym or the individual?

  • In business, more importantly, consider how many people start a traditional business and fail.
  • The figures are truly alarming (in some areas, nine out of ten businesses fail within the first two years),
  • and in most cases, people lose everything as a result.
  • If we focused on this fact, no one would want to start a business and the economy would probably collapse.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

The most important message

  • Being successful in any business is more about attitude than anything else.
  • Sure, if your business concept is to sell ice to Eskimos, the best attitude in the world will probably not help you a great deal and in all likelihood, the business will bomb.
  • But the wonderful thing about most network marketing models, and companies is that they have been proven to work in the past which means, at least theoretically, that you can make it work as well.
  • In other words, they are based on a tried, tested and proven model,  not some pie-in-the-sky concept that could prove to be fundamentally flawed.
  • Throughout this book there is a lot of discussion about setting goals, having dreams, keeping motivated and having a positive attitude.
  • We know that some people tend to close off a little when topics like this are raised, but we believe, absolutely and totally,
  • that if you take the right mental approach to run any business your chances of success will be dramatically increased.
  • So if you take only one key message from this book it is:  approach your network marketing business with the right attitude, stay positive,
  • have goals and dreams and you will make it work for you.
  • We suggest that you mark this page and read it whenever you have those moments of doubt or uncertainty (which you most certainly will have).

101 Ways to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business (101 Ways Series)

How to get the most out of this book

  • It has been written to be as broad as possible and is not so much about techniques as about principles.
  • Anyone looking to start a business in network marketing will find it a valuable resource for years to come.
  • Our main purpose is to remind you that you are in a business and that many of the principles,
  • and universal laws of building a successful traditional business also apply in network marketing.
  • Keep this book handy and use it as a constant source of reference and inspiration.

As you build your business, revise any sections that may be challenging you at the time.

  • Use and review the ‘Thirty ongoing checks and balances’ section provided as a mechanism to confirm you are on track.
  • The other books in the 101 Ways series will also help with running your business.

Tips For Building Network Marketing Success Guaranteed

Choosing your network marketing business

  • When contemplating entering any business it is important to do your homework,
  • to determine the viability of that business and whether it is the right one for you.
  • This first section covers some topics that you should consider as part of your decision-making process,
  • before becoming involved in network marketing.
  • The message that shines through is that you can never do too much homework on any company that you are looking to work with.
  • The more comfortable you feel with the company,
  • the more commitment you will have and the more successful your business will be.
  • If you are already involved, this section will also be valuable in reaffirming your decision,
  • or highlighting something that you had not taken into consideration previously.

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