What Is Your Secret Of Success?

What Is Your Secret Of Success? | 9 SECRET STEPS TO SUCCESS

What Is Your Secret Of Success? Hello friends, this is the article about the secrets of success, so ask yourself What Is Your Secret Of Success? | 9 Steps for Win-Win ATTITUDE “I’m GOING TO DO IT! ” If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT, TOO!  9 SECRET STEPS TO SUCCESS, Follow the steps, and you will be next achiever, What is your secret of success?| 9 Steps for win-win attitude; Can you give me any advice?” “What really made it happen for you?”

What Is Your Secret Of Success?

What Is Your Secret Of Success? | 9 Steps for Win-Win ATTITUDE

(1) It started with a decision.

HOW I GOT MILLIONAIRE MENTALITY, I shared the story of how I tried to better my lot in life by taking a job selling cars at a Ford dealership near Columbus, Ohio. But something happened on that showroom floor in 1957 that transformed my life forever. “Someday? ” It was a dreary day and the saleroom was empty when I began talking with Tom Arthur.

He was an older man who had a lifetime of experience.

I shared with Tom the fact that deep inside I had the desire to start my own business—and that I’d really like to own a used car lot someday. “Someday?” he asked. “You ought to start a used car business right now. Because if you don’t you’re liable to be right here selling these Fords for the next 20 years. You’ll always wonder why you didn’t become your own boss.”

His words were like a matchstick that ignited a fire deep within me.

What he said wouldn’t leave my mind.  Even in the middle of the night, I’d toss and turn and hear him say, “You’ll always wonder why!” Finally, I walked into the dealership and said, “Tom, I’m going to do it!” “Do what?” he asked with a knowing look. “I’m going to start my own used car business.” He gave me a great big smile and said, “Bill, that’s the best decision you ever made.” Actually, it was the “second best” decision of my life.

The first and best was when I accepted Christ into my life as my personal Savior.

But now I had made a total decision regarding my economic future, and what I was going to “become” for the Lord.  The dream God has placed inside you may be light-years away from the automobile business. You may be pulled toward opening a doughnut shop, an advertising agency, a landscape service, a computer software company, an office cleaning business, or whatever. Your choices and opportunities have never been as varied or as plentiful as they are today.

For my life, it was starting a used car business. And that became more than a fantasy it became an obsession.

The turning point, however, was when from my heart I said those life-altering words, “I’m going to do it! ”
No matter what field of endeavor you choose, nothing really will begin to happen until you put your plan in motion. It’s like trying to ride a bicycle, you can’t balance it while you’re standing still. You’ve got to decide to move forward.

What Is Your Secret Of Success?

Is Money the Answer?

Does it take a fortune to get started? Absolutely not! There is nothing but disaster ahead for a person with great financial resources but no personal commitment. That’s a sure road to the bankruptcy court. Show me a person of limited resources with a decent concept and a dedicated commitment, and I’ll show you a future millionaire.

What Is Your Secret Of Success?

Did I look successful? No way.

But I felt ten feet tall on the inside because I had made a total decision regarding my future. That’s why even the postman that stopped by with some junk mail that first morning could not discourage me.

“Well, mister, this business is going to succeed.

” I wasn’t about to let “stinkin’ thinking” ruin the opening day of my venture, and I had spent the previous hour in fervent prayer—committing “Bill Swad Motor Sales” to the Lord.
Within one hour I had my first customer. I sold a 1951 Ford Victoria and took a 1952 Plymouth in on trade and I was off and running.
Something else happened to me.

Evangelist Oral Roberts brought his tent crusade to Columbus.

At the meetings, I heard messages and saw miracles as I had never heard or seen before. Just the sight of the huge crowds night after night was motivational. I learned that God truly wanted me to be a winner. And it inspired me to do something big—not for me but for God. It’s impossible to put into words how “turned on” I was to see my little-used car business prosper.

Where did it all begin? With a decision.

Yes, I was raised with a poverty mentality, but even as a small boy, I refused to allow adverse circumstances to become gigantic problems to me. Whatever I faced, I viewed it as an opportunity to excel. When I was hoeing corn for a dollar a day, I wanted to hoe more corn than anyone else. When I was setting up pins in a bowling alley for a few cents a line, I wanted to set up more pins than anybody. Instead of working just one alley, I would take three or four.

What Is Your Secret Of Success? | 9 Steps for Win-Win ATTITUDE

(2) What happened later only added fuel to the fire.

What about you? Your background no matter how many negatives it contains can be overcome by a personal decision to succeed.

Three Kinds of Minds

If you’ll observe human behavior you’ll find that there are three kinds of minds: the small mind, the average mind, and the great mind. Let’s look for a moment at each of them.

1. Small minds discuss people.

The next time you have lunch with friends, listen to the conversation. “You should see the girl Bob was dating last night.” Or, “Did you hear what happened to Mary?” Their chit-chat is simply gossip that contributes nothing of substance.

2. Average minds discuss events.

“Did you see last year’s Rose Bowl game?” Or, “Let me tell you what happened on our trip to Jamaica.” We may learn a few facts, but that’s about all.

3. Great minds, however, discuss ideas.

Their conversation will be filled with powerful thoughts and creative innovations. What a refreshing experience to be in the company of people who share concepts you’ve never heard before.

How can you transform where you are to where you should be? Can your life improve?

How can you grow? It comes from stimulating your mind with exciting ideas from saturating your thought-life with everything from God’s Word to books and motivational tapes filled with great concepts and principles.

Ask yourself, “What kind of mind do I have?”

” What does my conversation say about me?” Pay close attention to your words and decide to “shift gears” and begin to discuss great ideas. My church laughs when I remind them, “We have an absolute rule around here. We don’t repeat gossip  so you’d better listen carefully the first time.”

If you want to lift the level of your life, start by elevating your thoughts.

Remember, great minds discuss great ideas. How does it work in practice?  Let’s say you’ve started a small business and you’re out of cash, but you do have some inventory. How do you sell your products? A creative mind will focus on something like the potential to advertise at practically no cost. You’ll develop a strategy of marketing through little “Pennysaver” weeklies and free hand-outs. You might even flood local bulletin boards in grocery stores and laundromats with the sale prices of your inventory.

Begin to exercise the creative genius within you.

Perhaps your greatest idea lies just beneath the surface of your mind. It’s like drilling for oil in Texas. Every once in a while you hit a “gusher.”

My Great Crisis Just because I built an expansive business doesn’t mean that I’ve never experienced a cash-flow problem.

Far from it. I’ve been faced with financial dilemmas that required all my creative energies—and the Lord’s help—to solve.
Do you remember when the oil crunch came in the early Seventies? I certainly do. Not only was the country running short of petroleum and gas, but interest rates went through the roof. It was during the Jimmy Carter presidency.

How did I survive? I prayed and asked God to help me. “Lord, I need a new revelation of how to solve this problem.

Plant an idea within me!”
The answer I had been searching for finally came. The idea was for me to make up for the losses by getting more for the vehicles when they came back from the lease.

The used car market was skyrocketing, especially since new car sales had taken a nosedive because of the oil scare.

For example, the Chevrolet Camaros that came back after three years were actually worth more than what I had originally paid—plus I had collected lease payments for three years. What was the result? I more than made up for any loss I suffered by the exorbitant interest rates. “A Brand New Way”
The situation you face will be entirely different, but I believe that you have the creativity it takes to succeed. Begin to look at an old problem in a brand new way.

Two ladies impressed me when I saw how they opened a new babysitting service.

It wasn’t at their home in some out-of-the-way neighborhood. It was in a vacant storefront at a large shopping center—with plenty of parking and easy access. The location and visibility advertised itself and they quickly expanded to 2,000 square feet with a staff that takes care of children from 6:00 a.m. until midnight every day.

It’s a beehive of activity with cribs, toys, and wall-to-wall children.

Even parents going out for a quiet dinner to use their service instead of hiring a babysitter.
When I saw what they had accomplished, I thought, “Now that’s being creative.” What would happen if you presented such a proposal to the average person? “Well, the rent’s probably too high.” Or, “That sounds like too much work.” Such negative people will never, never experience the joy of success.

What it took for me, many years ago, it will take for you.

You’ve got to decide—absolutely, positively —that you are going to succeed in life. If you believe that you can move mountains, they’ll move. But if you say the words, “I can’t,” it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
“Can’t” died in a poor house. “Can’t” never accomplished anything worthwhile.

What Is Your Secret Of Success?

The Big Decision It is time for you to make that all-important decision.

Do you remember the story of the Prodigal Son? He would have remained in the pigpen of life had he not decided, “I’m going back to my father’s house.” Don’t allow the events of your past to govern your future. I’ve made enough mistakes for both of us combined —but they’re not setbacks, just learning experiences.
The Apostle Paul wrote, “Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 3:13,14)

How does the journey of a million miles begin? With that first step.

It starts by deciding to begin. You can make a monumental decision right now that will affect the rest of your life. Take the idea that God has entrusted to you and make a total commitment to seeing it happen. Right now, speak these five words out loud: “I’m going to do it!”
Repeat those words again and again. “I’m going to do it! I’m going to do it!” You’ve already taken the first giant step on your pathway to success.

What Is Your Secret Of Success? 


“There goes Bill,” my friends would say. They laughed as they saw me driving the streets of Columbus in a $35 Dodge pickup truck with a missing fender. It became my trademark. That old rattle-trap I think it was held together by the paint job was like a friend to me while I was milking cows, working at the aircraft plant, and selling Fords. It’s a wonder I didn’t get stopped by the police for being a public nuisance.

The old Dodge pickup finally died and was buried.

But what happened to the three used cars? Like a miracle, they began to multiply. The three became ten—then 100— then 1,000—then 10,000. And finally, so many I couldn’t count them. Is that the kind of harvest you’d like? Then you’ve got to comprehend what every successful farmer knows: Seed is not for eating—it’s for planting.

What Is Your Secret Of Success? | 9 Steps for Win-Win ATTITUDE

(4) “A Burning Desire”

Please understand, I never craved or dreamed that I would become a multi-millionaire. Even when I started my business, I did not visualize the personal wealth that would come my way. What was my purpose? I had a burning desire to help people so that someday I could support God’s work. Looking back, I fully believe that the Lord opened the financial floodgates because He knew I wanted to give, not to get.

You’ll be absolutely amazed at what will happen when you begin to use God’s formula for abundance.

The methods He inspires you to use may be totally different from those I applied. But the principles are the same. “No good thing will I withhold from them that walk uprightly.” (Psalm 84:11)
As my business began to grow, I put into practice what I found in the Word. I paid my bills on time.

But I always took the seed “from the top”—to do two important things:

  1. I gave the Lord no less than ten percent.
  2. I invested in the future of my business.
    Without a storehouse of both heavenly and earthly inventory, you’ll be insolvent before you know what hit you. The only F.D.I.C. insurance you can really count on is to Fully Dwell In Christ. It’s the only bank I know that guarantees eternal dividends.

It Was Mind-Boggling The consequence of planting just one tiny seed is almost beyond comprehension.

You may say, “I can’t be a success because my father was an alcoholic.” Or, “I can’t because my mother didn’t love me!” Forget the excuses. My father was a penniless immigrant from Syria, but is it really that important? No. It matters not where you came from because you’ve been adopted into a new family—you’ve got a new Father.

What Do You Have?

The next time you’re in the garden center at KMart, pick up any packet of seeds and you’ll read the same words: “Plant and water.” If you follow that simple advice, one little packet of seeds can produce a bounty by the bushel.

What do you have to plant?

Don’t presume that it’s always money. What about your time or your energy or your knowledge or your talent? The harvest you’ll reap is a direct reflection of your need. Do you need health and strength? What about friendship and love?

Those assets are far more important than the portfolio of your CDs and mutual funds.

If you don’t like your harvest you’ve got to change your seeds.  Why? Because planting garlic won’t produce geraniums, just as planting hate won’t produce love. If you want friends for a lifetime, you’ve got to spend a lifetime cultivating friends.

Story: Years ago someone told me,

“Bill, any fool can count the seeds in an apple. But only God can count the apples in a seed.” That’s why it’s impossible to fathom what He has in store for you. In many ways, operating a big business is much like the days I spent farming soybeans and corn. If you’re not careful, the weeds can suddenly outgrow the seeds and you are in acres of big trouble. On the farm, as in life itself, good crops are constantly in competition with the bad.
What are the weeds that can destroy you?

Fear, jealousy, self-doubt, and perhaps the all-time greatest crop destroyer a negative attitude.

“Well, I haven’t sold anything for a week. Why did I get into this business?” Have you ever had thoughts like that? I certainly did during some of the first shaky days of being in business for myself. But the moment such a negative idea crossed my mind I began to do something aggressive to eliminate it. You must understand that God responds to your faith, not your needs.

When I would feel great fear, I would ask God to replace it with the Word which always brings great faith.

Then, I would act upon it.
I’d take one of my used cars home and spend the entire evening scrubbing the white walls, cleaning off the motor, polishing, and praying. The next day I’d get excited when I drove it on the gravel lot. I’d write on the windshield, and park the jewel right out front on the lot.
Did it sell? You’d better believe it! And it wasn’t just because the car had a shine believe it was because the customer could also see me shinning. Then, with a heart full of faith and positive belief, I’d run out and buy another car or two.

What Is Your Secret Of Success? | 9 Steps for Win-Win ATTITUDE

(5) What Determines Your Attitude?

Learning to replace negative thoughts with a positive attitude takes a conscious decision on your part. It’s like learning to tie your shoes or brush your teeth—you do it repeatedly until it becomes so automatic that you never have to remember how it’s done.

What Is Your Secret Of Success?

You need that to establish a constant attitude of a winner.

It will protect you from what lies ahead. When you get ready to launch a new venture, get ready for your friends to tell you all the reasons why it won’t work. If your friends won’t put you down, your relatives certainly will. I know it from experience.
When I said, “I’m going to become a pilot—a multi-engine instrument-rated pilot,” some shook their heads.
“Bill,” a friend told me, “It’s just too complicated. You don’t know what you’re getting into. You’ll never get your license.” But his unbelief just made me work harder, and I’ve been flying my own planes for years.

What Is Your Secret Of Success?

What determined my altitude? You guessed it. My attitude!

Let me tell you bluntly: nothing will destroy you quicker than a negative spirit. You’ve got to root out that ungodly weed before you can truly begin to grow. I give you my guarantee that an attitude of positive belief will allow you to stand tall wherever you want to be—as a champion athlete, a community leader, or under a palm tree in the Caribbean.

In real estate, it is “Location. Location. Location.” In business, it is “Attitude. Attitude. Attitude!”

The people I am especially fond of in our organization are those who have “an attitude of gratitude.” One of my most touching moments was when I opened a note from an employee who said, “Mr. Swad, I am writing to say thank you for the job I have here. You’ll never know what it means to me and my family.”
Those kinds of letters make life worthwhile. Perhaps someone does understand what a person has to go through to create 150 jobs for people.

What controls your life your circumstances or your attitude?

Examine your situation very carefully and make sure that your attitude is in charge. The moment doubt begins to rear its ugly face start saying: “I can turn it around!” “I’m going to make it.” “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” You can take the darkest situation and cause the sun to immediately brighten your day and for those around you.

Make sure that your attitude controls your circumstances.

If not, your circumstances will destroy your attitude.
Ice Cream and Manure
In our Chevrolet dealership, I have a major sales meeting once a month. It’s amazing, but you can just listen to the conversation of the sales managers and know what kind of results they are going to have for the next 30 days.

Their attitude determines their productivity.

I always tell our new salesmen about the car dealer that had two sons. One was an overachiever, and the other just couldn’t seem to get anything done. The father asked a psychiatrist to evaluate his sons. He did, and the conclusion was quite simple.

“One’s an extreme optimist, and the other’s a serious pessimist,” said the analyst.

“In fact, I’d like to set up a little experiment in behavior modification. We need to bring the optimist down a little, and raise the pessimist.” They placed the negative son in a room with everything a little boy should like ice cream, candy, and cake. “With all these goodies, he should start seeing that life is really better than he thinks,” said the psychiatrist.

They went back an hour later and the boy hadn’t touched a thing.

He was sitting in the corner crying, “I’m not going to eat it. It’s probably all poison.” “It looks as though we have failed to help him,” he told the father. “Let’s see what we can do with the optimist.”
They put the other son in the same room, but this time they had it piled high with horse manure. “That ought to bring him down to earth,” said the analyst.
An hour later they decided to see how he was feeling about his new environment. At first, they couldn’t find him. But there he was, digging near the bottom of the pile. Horse manure was flying everywhere.

“What in the world are you doing?” the man asked. “Mister, with all this manure in here, there has got to be a pony somewhere!”

The boys were as opposite as night and day, but there was no need to worry about the optimist. For the rest of his life, he’s going to be running with the thoroughbreds and winning. You may ask, “What does it take to make it in life?

How can I be a winner?” The great coach Vince Lombardi said, ” Winning isn’t everything, but the will to win is everything.”

God created you to be a champion. He has planted something deep within that He expects you to nurture and help to grow. And something more God expects the seed to multiply so that untold lives will be blessed. If all you have is an old Dodge pickup with a fender missing, don’t worry. With the attitude of a winner, those chunks of coal you’ve been carrying will turn into sparkling diamonds.

What Is Your Secret Of Success? | 9 Steps for Win-Win ATTITUDE


“I want to buy a ticket,” said the traveler at the airline counter in Chicago.
“Where would you like to go?” asked the clerk.
“Oh, I don’t care,” the passenger replied.
Can you imagine buying a ticket to nowhere? It happens every day. No, not at airports millions of people are traveling through life like a feather in a breeze. They don’t have the slightest idea of where they’re headed.

As a friend once told me, “Bill, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never recognize your destination when you arrive.”
Have you ever noticed that people seldom ask you where you’ve been?

What they really want to know just like the airline clerk is, “Where are you headed?”

Do you have an answer? Is your destination clearly in focus and specific?
Perhaps your life has become like a bird with a broken wing. Your dreams have been dashed and you feel you’ll never be able to fly. Let me tell you that it’s never too late to begin again. Your wings can be healed and your vision can be restored.
If you plan to soar with the eagles, you’ll have to set your sights high.

And to make it happen you’ve got to develop a strategy of carefully selecting your targets.

Ten Vital Questions Where should you begin? Let’s start by allowing me to ask you a few questions. You might want to write down the answers as a self-check.

  • 1. What do you plan to be doing ten years from today?
  • 2. You do with the rest of your life if you suddenly inherited $1 million?
  • 3. What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
  • 4.  Is the number one goal for your business and professional life?
  • 5. What is the number one personal goal for your future?

  • 6. If you could add one new positive habit, what would it be?
  • 7. What are the three most important goals you have for your family?
  • 8. If you had to list your two most important self-improvement goals, what would they be?
  • 9. How would you spend the next six months if the doctor told you that’s all you have to live?
  • 10. What do you consider the most important spiritual objective of your life?

Goal-setting is much more than simply pondering a vague dream of success.

It involves not just your work but your family, your values, your behavior, and your relationship with God. In my experience of “growing” a business, I have set more goals than I can count on. Why so many? Because I learned very early that reaching a big goal is nothing more than achieving a series of smaller ones.
That’s why I set yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals—and I write them down. Going for a goal is an exercise in futility unless you reduce to writing a specific plan by which it will be reached.

What Is Your Secret Of Success?

Get Out Your Pen

What was on my “TO DO” list? In the beginning, I wrote, “I’m going to sell two cars today.” Then, “I’m going to sell three cars by 4:00 p.m. today.” Later it became, “We are going to sell 1,000 cars this month.” Then it became, “Our sales for this year will be $400 million.”
Begin today to choose the targets you believe are worth hitting.

Stretch yourself even if they are higher than you’ve ever aimed.

Will it take a strong determination? Or Will it take a lot of extra effort? Will it be worth it? The answer to every question is, “YES!”
An Olympic weightlifter will tell you from experience, “no pain—no gain.” While it’s easy to talk about the victories of building a large business, I can tell you that I’ve had my share of pain and agony. There were times when it was tougher than I want to think about. But it was not unexpected.

The words of James are true: “Faith without works is dead.” (James 2:20)

So often, when we are in a pressure-packed situation, we can’t see beyond the problems we face.  Our troubles seem so great and our blessings seem so small. When that happens, it’s time to step back a few paces to see the “big picture.” Get things in perspective by taking a fresh new look at your goals. The inspiration and renewed energy you’ll receive can’t be measured.

You say, “Bill, I’ve set big goals all my life. But I’ve never reached one of them. What should I do?”‘

Here’s my recommendation: Set smaller goals and hit those targets. Mt. Everest is never conquered in a day. The summit is reached in stages—with every new elevation a victory all its own.

Your goals may range from saving enough money for a vacation in Hawaii to losing 10 pounds in the next 30 days.

Divide the goal into chewable bites. How much will you need to put into your vacation account each month? Can you lose one pound in the next three days? As someone joked, “How do you eat an elephant? Cut it into small pieces!”

Whether you’re dealing with a goal as large as a giant or as tiny as a gnat, the rules are the same.

Large corporations fail for the same reason that “mom and pop” operations go broke they fail to reach the number of small objectives it takes for a huge success.
How is it that one manager can be fired because the firm is failing, and someone else can come in and make it a big winner? Recently, a brand new president of a foreign automobile manufacturer eliminated 900 white-collar jobs. He said, “They’re unnecessary and wasteful.” His new corporate objectives—combined with tight fiscal management turned the situation around almost instantly.

What Is Your Secret Of Success?

You’ve got to be you

Don’t fall into the trap of choosing someone else’s dream and trying to make it yours. The expectations your parents had for you as a child may shape the direction of your future—but in the final analysis, the choice is up to you.
God does not force you to fulfill the vision He sees for your life. He leaves it up to you to make your own decision of how to reach the goal He has placed in your heart.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow! One of the greatest stumbling blocks on the path to reaching your goal is found in one-word procrastination.

As someone told me, “One thing you can be sure of—there will always be more people going on a diet tomorrow than those on a diet today.” Do it now.

What Is Your Secret Of Success? | 9 Steps for Win-Win ATTITUDE

(7) Don’t procrastinate!

If you set a goal and don’t obtain it, reset it. But if you find yourself writing the same project on your list every day, something is wrong. Try placing that oft-delayed item at the top of your daily goal list and tackle it first—before you allow yourself to put it off again.
Perhaps it is something small—like balancing the checkbook—but you’ve delayed it for three weeks. Before it burns too much of your mental energy say, “By tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. I’m going to have it done.”

A goal is not a real goal until you set the time for its accomplishment.

If I aim to sell 1,000 cars, that is great. But by when? A goal to sell them in ten years would leave me broke in the process. I always write down the exact date by which the “X” number of cars must be sold. That fixed date becomes like a powerful magnet that pulls my creativity and energy toward it. It’s like raising funds for a worthy cause on a telethon.

You set a goal and you announce the final hour of the telethon.

When the first pledges begin to come in you wonder, “How in the world will we ever make it?” But as the clock continues to tick, the urgency and excitement are somehow communicated to the viewers. I’ve seen more funds raised in the “countdown” of three final hours than in the previous three days.

You’ll Do it When?

It’s vital that you set an action date to reach your goal. But millions fail to follow that advice. One executive got so tired of hearing people say, “I’ll do that when I get around to it,” that he did something unusual. He had a quantity of little wooden circles imprinted with the words, “THIS IS A ROUND TUIT.”
He walked up to some of his managers and said, “You only seem to do things when you get around to it, so here’s a round TUIT.” They got the point.

What Is Your Secret Of Success? | 9 Steps for Win-Win ATTITUDE

(8) A High Price to Pay

You might enjoy the time you spend putting things off, but you’ll pay the price later. And the longer you wait, the higher will be the tab for your tardiness. Think of it this way: the longer you borrow money, the more interest you will pay. It’s the same with the time you spend delaying an important action.

In a nutshell: Don’t put things off. Stay on top of all your projects all the time.

In business, it’s called “multitracking.” Make it a habit to carry around a pad (or 3″ x 5″ cards) and a pen to chart your progress on what you will do that day to reach your many goals. You say, “That sounds difficult.” Not at all. The hardest part is starting the process and making it a daily habit. Once it becomes a part of your routine you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

Every high achiever I’ve met was a master at the efficient use of time.

It begins with having specific and measurable goals and a game plan to reach each objective.

What a waste of time to have no idea what we want to achieve or no road map to follow.
The best method I’ve found to organize my time is too late in the evening write down the major things I want to accomplish the next day.

What Is Your Secret Of Success?

But be realistic.

Keep your list to six or seven significant tasks and “prioritize” them from top (most important) to bottom. Do them one at a time, with total concentration on each item in that same order. What happens if you only finish three or four of the tasks? Don’t fret you did something right. But make sure that night—when you make your new list you start it with the unfinished tasks. Never, never, should something stay on your list for more than three days.

What Is Your Secret Of Success? | 9 Steps for Win-Win ATTITUDE

(9) Your Greatest Goal

May I share a little secret?—it gets easier as you go along. When I began, time organization was far more critical because there was only me. I had to buy the cars, wash and clean them, make the sales, run to the courthouse to file the titles, and dozens of other details.
Control of my time was critical. People would drop by and say, “Let’s have a cup of coffee.” Before I knew it, an hour-and-a-half had been wasted. That’s one habit I was forced to eliminate.

My philosophy has been to “work hard and work smart.”

And it begins with time management. That’s the only way you’ll be able to have a balanced life that includes your business, your family, and your church.
When you finally become totally in control of the precious minutes you have been granted, you’ll find you can accomplish five times as much in half as long. You won’t be spinning your wheels on trivia.

Make sure your goals and priorities are in lock-step with what the Lord desires for your life.

What did Christ say? “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all of these things will be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33)
I often wondered: “What is the Kingdom of God?” Scripture answers. “The Kingdom of God is not meat or drink, but it is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.” (Romans 14:17)

What Is Your Secret Of Success?

That’s something worth seeking.

It makes no difference how many goals you have in life, there is only one that really counts to spend eternity in God’s Kingdom. A long time ago I realized that people will never see the target I’m aiming at only the target I hit. It’s thrilling to know that my greatest goal will one day be achieved. So; now “What Is Your Secret Of Success”?


If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It Inspiration Quote Journal, Mix 90p Dotted Grid 20p, Lined, Ruled: Quote Journal to Write in Your Wisdom Thoughts, New Ideas, Special Moments, or Daily Notes