1. What is Vestige? 2. What kind of products does vestige offer? 3. How are Vestige products different from the competition? 4. How to make money through Vestige? 

1. What is Vestige

Faq about vestige network marketing in india 2022: vestige for everyone

Vestige is an Indian Pioneer direct selling company giving International business opportunities to millions of people who are looking for a better lifestyle with financial freedom.

2. What kind of products does vestige offer? 

वेस्टीज के सर्वोत्तम स्वास्थ्य उत्पाद | best health products by vestige

1. Health care 
2. Beauty care. 
3. Skincare 
4. Personal care 
5. Haircare 
6. Consumable 
7. Ayurvedic 
8. Agri care. & Many more. 

3. How are Vestige products different from the competition? 

Best business plan of vestige- part 2

1. Natural,
2. Ayurvedic 
3. Chemical Free and products with satisfaction or 100% money-back guarantee. – Use product within 30days If not satisfied – Return used product & take 90% product cost back. 

4. How to make money through Vestige? 

Know some real facts about vestige | vestige की कुछ खाशियत

1. Self-use 
2. Retailing 
3. Sponsoring 
4. Servicing 
5. Learning 
6. Duplicating 

5. What does it take to start a Vestige business? 

101 कारण "क्यों" vestige सबसे अच्छा व्यवसाय है? (हिन्दी) 101 reasons, why vestige? The foundation of success in life is good health and wealth- part-1

Our dream & desire is to start our own business to have a better life. Helping others also to succeed through this business.

6. What does a Vestige business owner do? 

101 reasons "why" vestige is the best business opportunity for youth in 2021[english]

Use the products to feel the quality. Recommending others to use the products which they like. Giving this wonderful opportunity to all. Duplicating it through a systematic approach. 

7. What are the RISKS in Vestige? 

 10 facts about vestige business 

No risk at all as there is no investment. 

8. Benefits of joining Vestige business.

Network marketing means vestige

1. Starting own business 
2. By using health care products health is taken care of. 
3. Opportunity to use quality & economical products. 
4. Through the multiplication & duplication concept, one can earn a lot of money 
5. Recognition 
6. Tension-free life 
7. Big Car & House. 
8. Free Family World Tour 

9. Why should a prospect consider joining Vestige? 

Faq about vestige

-Am interested to start my own business. 
-Ready to have Cumulative BV.
-Ready to serve people. 
-To generate good health & wealth. 
-Ready to get Director Bonus & LOB. 

10. What facts do you know about Vestige? 

1. Indian company doing more than Rs 600crores turnover 
2. More than 150 Quality Products. 
3. Presence in more than 6 countries. 
4. 5 Own R&D labs 
5. Products price at market rates. 
6. Legal & Ethical business with many awards. 
7. Provide free training & Meeting of more than 1500 per month.

11. How can one get success? 

Be a part of the Leadership System:- 
1. Read books – 30min daily 
2. See Products VCD – 15 min 
3. Attend meetings – 2 hrs. once a week. 
4. Change market brand to Vestige. 
5. Make a list of Dreamers & Invite for the meeting. 
6. Do CNT & Joining. 

12. People say Education System is strong & Free.

This makes a person humble. It teaches – makes downline success. Great !!! Be proud to join Vestige.

13. What is the disadvantage of Vestige?


14. Can I get rich with Vestige?

Of course,

15. What is the main reason for Vestige?

To help people for a healthy and wealthy life.

16. Can I leave Vestige?

Any time, but terms and conditions apply by vestige company.

17. Official website of Vestige!

18. Are you interested?

Whatsapp No. 9013245237

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