150+ FREE ONLINE EARNING MOBILE APPS -PART-7/10, This is the list of 150+ ONLINE EARNING MOBILE APPS -PART-7/10. Top 10 money-earning apps without investment. Free money apps.

1. Earn Money – Free Cash Rewards

  • Earn Money: Free Cash Rewards just by completing & easy simple task in minutes.
  • Simple App to earn credits and then cash them in to rewards, we support Paypal Payouts.
  • Are you constantly looking for new rewards apps?
  • Make Money helps you earn real cash.
  • First, collect credits by trying free apps, testing services, completing surveys, and giving your opinion.
  • Make Money gives you hundreds of thousands of credits, where other cash apps just give you one thousand.

The difference in credits is incredible.

  • We have the best high-paying offers and high-paying surveys.
  • Next, withdraw the credits as free money to your PayPal account.
  • Every credit is worth real money with fast payment through PayPal.
  • Welcome to the reward zone. Say hello to your big rewards. No flimsy gift cards.
  • Real cash transfer with PayPal.
  • It is that easy to work from home.

What else can I do to earn real money with Make Money Free Cash APP?

  • Are you loving our high-paying offers and high-paying surveys?
  • If you want more big rewards, check out the offers and referral program.
  • The offers open a new world of mini-tasks to earn even more money.
  • With the Make Money referral program, users can actively profit from the growth of the Make Money user base.
  • Send your referral link to your friends, post it on the web or share it on social media for more big rewards!
  • Look forward to big rewards and get yourself into the reward zone to earn real money with the Make Money cash app 2020.
  • Compare Make Money to other cash apps and see for yourself what fast rewards and real cash payments mean!

How Earn Money Free Cash Rewards?

  1. Try free apps and complete tasks to get credit rewards.
  2. With the daily check-in rewards, you get free money every day.
  3. Invite friends to Make Money with our easy referral program.
  4. Cash-out your earnings also real money through PayPal and enjoy your free cash.

How to Earn Rewards?

  • Try out Make Money and see how you can get cash rewards by using free apps and answering short surveys.
  • In a nutshell: Test apps and earn free cash.
  • Get money by answering surveys.
  • Test services and get paid cash with Make Money!
  • Start earning easy cash now with Make Money!
  • All rewards are granted by Make Money, which is in no way affiliated with Google and PayPal.
  • We are updating our application as soon as we counter some bugs,
  • if a user will identify an error or bug, we will improve the in-app user experience.


Best apps to make money fast

2. Watch Video & Earn Money: Daily Real Cash Offer 2021

  • Watch the videos and earn coins, which you can convert into your real money
  • Are you looking for real earning apps to earn money for extra income?
  • Well, you have come to the right free earn app!
  • Watch Video & Earn Money, which you can convert into your real money
  • Welcome Daily Watch Video & Earn Money Real Gift Generator App,

  • Where You Can Find All Kind Of Gift Cards and real money coupons And Rewards Everything Free!
  • This Daily Watch Video & Earn Money, Real Prizes Offer application to use for watch videos and earn points which you can convert to a real money app!
  • Skrill watches the video & earn cash real money with earn money fast and smooth with an easy guide user will watch the video and earn money free,
  • see earning can get real cash app, free recharger, play4fun free discount coupons, and many more.

Watch Video Status: If You Have Money Problem Then Don’t Worry,

  • In Watch Video and Earn Money, Daily New Cash Offer You Can Earn Money By Playing Games And Watching Videos Because Money Is Everything for People.
  • If you are looking for an easy and modern video app with original content then you are at your destination.
  • A great variety of genres are represented on the cash video app.
  • Video earn app with a fresh design and lets you easily search for your favorite creators earn free talk time.
  • Machine learning enables video to tailor the content to your interests and behavior for the best possible entertainment.
  • The video tv app is for free and will always stay for free to earn money by viewing ads.
  • On top of that, we let you earn big rewards like cash.

Daily Money Bonus:

  • When you download the Watch Video Earning app money Daily Real Cash app, you could be earning money in few minutes.
  • With an amazing app, it is super quick and easy free register in application 2021 and there are always plenty of money-making offers to work through.


  1. Watch videos and receive coins.
  2. Click on the right corner to see your balance.
  3. Request payout and withdraw your money.
  4. Make money on your smartphone daily with the free Current Rewards Gameplay and free music player app!

Make money by watching free video music!

  • Get paid coin to give us your opinions through surveys on Current!
  • Earn cash rewards video by trying free games, free apps, and watching short videos!
  • Earn gift cards free, money aka cash by inviting friends to make money free!
  • Make money for having the Current free music player on your lock screen app!
  • Get paid cash instantly for shopping & saving money with Current!
  • Get money to play games from the best game 2021 in the world!
  • Make coin by charging your phone, yes, we make real earning cash that simple!
  • Make money bonuses, coin-free!


3. Cash Rewards

Optimal Health - Screenshot 20210616 174536 Google Play Store 1 - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.
  • Make Money by Watching Videos, Playing games, taking surveys
  • Easy Cash Rewards – Make Money Easily Every Day

    Earn by completing simple tasks inside the app.

  • Easily earn money by watching videos, playing games, trying free apps, giving opinions, testing services, endorsements, free trials.
  • You can earn cash anytime and from anywhere,
  • there are no complicated missions to visit places or wander around,
  • and best of all it’s an easy, quick, and fun way to make easy money!

    Make money is the best rewards app!

  • Make Money app free pays better and faster than other reward apps!
  • No gift cards or discounts, you are paid CASH in your PayPal account!
  • Guaranteed super fast payouts.

How does it work?

  • 1) Complete tasks to accumulate credit rewards.
  • The tasks vary and can be watching videos, playing games, downloading free apps, completing surveys, and many more.
  • 2) Redeem your credit rewards for cash via PayPal.
  • 3) Ooops… no point 3. Just enjoy your money!

Make money by watching videos

  • Earn free cash when testing fun new apps
  • Play games and earn money
  • Test services and get paid


  • All tasks, offers, prizes, and rewards given by Make Money are not affiliated with Google Inc.
  • The offers are solely sponsored by Cash Rewards.
  • All Prizes and or rewards are NOT Google products; and or do they have any association with Google.
  • Any unusual activity or attempt to increase points without completing offers may lead to an account suspension.
  • Contact us for any queries you have regarding our service. We love to get feedback from our users.
  • support@cashrewards.fun/


Top 10 money earning apps without investment

4. Earn Money Online

Optimal Health - Screenshot 20210616 221422 Google Play Store - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.
  • contains 50 legitimate, sustainable ways to earn & make money online
  • 50 ways to Earn Money Online – Work from home, Jobs, passive income ideas & more
  • If you want to learn how to make money online at home, become an entrepreneur, or generate passive income at home,
  • you will find a great variety of ideas and home-based businesses to achieve financial success!

    You will learn the tricks and in-depth instructions for each monetization strategy,the benefits, and shortcomings, requirements,

  • and steps to succeed in your new home business to earn extra income and make money online.
  • Invest in one of the most popular ways to earn money online to work from home as an entrepreneur or translator,
  • such as unique marketing, blogging, self-publishing eBooks, drop-shipping, and more!
  • Regardless of your abilities or limitations, we are obliged to find something related to you in Earn Money Online App!


  • Search for more than 50 methods and jobs based on your skills, passions, and your current time
  • Detailed information and instructions for making money online from home
  • Discover the most tested, proven methods
  • Turn your passion and skills into a successful career in this guide
  • Learn how to become a successful entrepreneur

    Create secondary income flow and get financial freedom from home!

  • Explore the most popular ways to earn money online like affiliate marketing, blogging, drop-shipping & self-publishing

    The guidelines found in this application do not have rich speed schemes;

  • they are legitimate, sustainable, and proven ways to earn money online.
  • Some people do their job full-time; some of them spend time outside the working day.
  • Using these strategies, there are already thousands of people earning real money online –
  • Are you ready to join them?

  • Making money from home is possible with one of our proven methods –
  • but you need to spend some time and effort. It’s always easy to earn money online at home!
  • You do not have to worry about what to do, because we’ll give you all the information you’ll need to start your new career as a free or entrepreneur.

So what are you waiting for?

  • It’s time to get inspiration and find your potential!


5. Safe & Secure Privacy Browser.

Optimal Health - Screenshot 20210616 221656 Google Play Store - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.
  • Fast Download. Free Cash Rewards. Top News App.
  • With Fulldive Browser, you can earn money, cash rewards & gift cards just by browsing.
  • It is a safe & private browser with an adblocker & a fast video downloader.

    With a top news feed, you’ll get easy access to your local breaking news.

  • Fulldive web browser is a cash rewards browser that earns you money & rewards in gift cards by doing what you love
  • listening to music, chatting, browsing, watching videos, video download, etc. Make money, passive income, and get cash rewards!
  • Fulldive web browser rewards you Fulldive Coins,
  • which you can redeem for money, cash rewards & gift cards.

    Earn more by using the Fulldive web browser more often!

  • Fulldive is a social web browser that lets you chat and comment on any web page.
  • Chat, tag, and get notified on trending top news amongst friends and everyone, right on the web page.
  • Fulldive is a personal all-in-one web browser.
  • Add your social, video download, and breaking news feeds like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and top news & breaking news feed like CNN, FOX, & CNBC.

    Enhanced with adblocker, Fulldive Adblock, and popup blocker blocks unwanted ads and trackers.

  • Adblocker blocks annoying pop-ups, banner ads, video ads and gives you fast browsing.
  • Fulldive is a fast, safe, and secure privacy browser with incognito private browser mode.
  • Fulldive is truly a privacy browser for your private browsing.


  • Earn money, cash rewards, and gift cards
  • Fulldive web browser allows you to get money & cash rewards while doing what you love:
  • listening to music, chatting, browsing the web, watch videos, video download.
  • It is a great way to make money and passive income on your phone!
  • Passive income for your time spent on the web browser
  • Free money, cash rewards & gift cards & support charities you love

Social browser

  • Fulldive is a social browser that lets you chat and comment directly on any website.
  • Earn coins and make money & cash rewards when you spent more time on the browser.
  • Chat and comment with friends and strangers right on the web page
  • Tag friends and share your social feed and breaking news

    Personal all in one browser

  • Fulldive brings all your favorite social feeds: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and your favorite breaking news feeds in one place.
  • You are always up to date on the latest news.
  •  Add your news feeds such as CNN, CNBC, WSJ, NYT

    Add your social feeds: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube

  • Easy way to access your all in one, right on your Lockscreen
  • With Fulldive lock screen, you can access trending news and your social feeds right on your lock screen.
  • You will also have access to your favorite apps and notifications.
  • Swipe right on your lock screen to see trending news feeds
  • And Swipe up on your lock screen to get access to recently opened apps and app shortcuts
  • Swipe down on your lock screen to access notifications

Fast, Safe & Secure Browser with Adblock

  • Fulldive is a private browser, a safe browser & a secure browser.
  • With our ad blocker and popup blocker, your privacy browser is optimized.
  • Websites load much faster and Fulldive is a fast private browser.
  • You’ll still earn money if you turn off this feature.

Blazing fast browser

  • Adblocker & popup blocker.
  • Our Adblock will block unwanted ads and trackers
  • Privacy browser with incognito mode.
  • Secure & private browser which lets you browse without your browsing history recorded.

VR ready with Fulldive VR

Fulldive Browser is connected to Fulldive VR, a social all-in-one VR platform,

where you can browse millions of virtual reality videos, games & apps.

  • It is also a social platform where you can follow what your friends watch, react, and comment, and share your favorite reacted VR videos.


6. Math Cash-Solve and Earn Rewards

Optimal Health - Screenshot 20210616 222154 Google Play Store - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.
  • Enhance Math skills and earn money with this Free, Fun, and Exciting Quiz Game
  • Do you find difficulties in solving Math expressions?
  • Do you want to improve your Math skills and aim to become the fastest Math solver?
  • Or Do you want to earn money while solving Math?

We’ve made Math Cash for you!

  • Find your passion in solving different arithmetic expressions:
  • addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Challenge different players all around the world and see who are the best.
  • Beat the clock and become the highest and the fastest solver.

Here are the main features you can enjoy with Math Cash:

  •  Math Cash Duel. Solve 20 sets of arithmetic expressions in a minute.
  • Beat your opponent by solving as many expressions and as fast as you can.
  • No need to perfect all the items.
  • As long as you are the highest and the fastest solver, you are the winner.

    Surveys and Tasks.

  • Extra features where you can earn by doing sponsors’ tasks.
  • Invite friends.
  • When your friend earns points by solving Math and completing tasks, you can also earn commissions.
  • Once you reach the minimum required points, you can convert them to Paypal cash.
  • Always 100% free to play! No need to purchase gems, tokens, diamonds, etc. Fast payout on all rewards.
  • We discourage you to do the following as these may lead to account termination:

     Use of VPNs or proxies

  •  And Using emulators, bots, or any kind of fake devices
  •  Using multiple devices in one account
  • Any activity that can harm users, or any of the partners connected via PhilTechie apps.


  • We are not affiliated in any way with the original application owner.
  • This application complies with US Copyright law guidelines of “fair use”.
  • If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that does not follow “fair use” guidelines, please contact us directly.


7. Task Mate: Earn money doing simple tasks on your smartphone

Optimal Health - Screenshot 20210616 222541 Google Play Store - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.
  • Task Mate (beta) is limited to selected testers at the moment.
  •  Find tasks nearby
  • Complete a task to begin earning
  • Cash out your earnings in your local currency
  • Task Mate is a beta app made by Google that provides access to a variety of simple tasks, posted by businesses around the world.
  • For example, take a photo of a nearby restaurant, answer survey questions about your preferences, or help translate sentences from English to your local language.

You can participate in tasks that you are interested in, or choose to skip tasks.

  • Tasks can be completed any time, from anywhere.
  • You will be paid in local currency for the tasks that you complete accurately and you will need an account with a third-party payments processor.
  • When you’re ready to cash out, simply register your e-wallet or account with our payment partner in our app,
  • then visit your profile page and hit the “cash-out” button. You can then withdraw your earnings in your local currency.
  • Please note – this app is in beta, as we continue to learn more about how to provide additional earning opportunities through crowdsourcing.


8. GAMEE: Win REAL MONEY prizes & CASH rewards

Optimal Health - Screenshot 20210616 222753 Google Play Store - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.
  • with GAMEE games! It can be your lucky day!

    WIN hundreds of DOLLARS in CASH every week playing 100% FREE MONEY GAMES on GAMEE.

  • GAME is a free mobile gaming app allowing users to make money by playing free video games, no in-app purchases necessary, no paying to win!
  • Play +70 different games in one app, spin the Wheel of Fortune, compete in the daily ticket leaderboard to win direct cash every day, or take part in the Lucky Games to win $100 every 4 hours, FOR FREE!
  • How is this possible? GAMEE just shares back the money earned from advertising and turns it into free real cash prizes and rewards for the players. The more we earn money, the bigger the rewards and the more cash winners we can have every day!

    Enjoy top arcade games, puzzles, quick and fun.

  • With 70+ different games, we bring new ones every month with more ways to win prizes!
  • How do I win real money every week?
  •  Collect free tickets and you will automatically participate in the contests to make money with +$5.000 given away every month in the Sunday draws!
  •  Win BIG cash prizes + hundreds of other winners every week!
  • Compete on the daily ticket leaderboard to win money every 24h.
  •  Join the Lucky Games to win instant cash prizes every 4h.

How do I get tickets?

  • Play our free games and complete game missions
  • Spin the Wheel of Fortune and win tons of tickets and free cash
  •  Invite friends to get lots of tickets and free real cash as a reward
  •  Level up and earn a ticket multiplier and win up to 4x more tickets every gameplay!
  • More tickets = a higher chance of winning free real cash prizes.

    Play our free games and win real money in lucky draws without spending a single dollar.

  • There are no in-app purchases and no paying to win.
  • Expect rewards, prizes, and opportunities to earn cash while having fun with the best money-making games!
  • Come to GAMEE every day, bring your friends into your money-making team and win free real money together with every invite!
  • There’s no better way to play free games to win real money!


  • every day there are opportunities to win big cash! Especially, Sundays!
  • COLLECT TICKETS: just by playing free games and completing missions,
  • you get rewards in tickets to win cash prizes! Invite friends to earn a lot more tickets every day for free.
  •  FREE MONEY GAMES: all our games are free, and we bring new real money games every month.
  •  DAILY REWARDS: new missions and big rewards are available daily to give you more chances to win lots of tickets.
  • GAMEE does not endorse or promote gambling. No purchase or payment is required to participate in the sweepstakes or contests.
  • Google Inc. does not sponsor, nor in any way affiliated with Game and/or the sweepstakes prizes.


9. Galo: 2020 Best Paytm Cash Earning App in India!

Optimal Health - Screenshot 20210616 223050 Google Play Store - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.
  • Play online games, Free Games.
  • Play, Earn money & Make Friends.
  • 1)Get Rs.50  the first time you log in to the app without any other extra condition!
  • 2)Download & Earn Money Online during Lockdown!
  • 3)Complete Easy Tasks and Earn Paytm Cash!
  • 4)Gain More Paytm cash by completing easy tasks!

    Spend Less than 10 mins a day and easily earn Paytm cash online from GALO.

  • There are a lot of easy installation and questionnaire tasks.
  • Each task has a large amount of Paytm cash rewards.
  • As long as you meet the task completion criteria, you can earn hundreds of Rupees in Paytm Cash every day.
  • Galo is the Best Money Earning App in India. You will get Rs. 50 for free the first time after you log in to the app. You can get unlimited cash rewards by inviting friends.
  • There are a lot of money-earning tasks in Galo. You can earn huge rewards by spending less than 10 minutes per day on the app

Play Free Online Games to Kill time on Lockdown!

  • Through Galo, you can not only Win but also access popular sites related to games.
  • With Galo, you can find everything you want in life.
  • While the other game apps charge you to play games, Galo allows you to play games for free,
  • while being entertained and earning money.

    Contact Us:

  • If you want to convey any suggestions or concerns regarding the improvement of the Galo app,
  • please contact us via bonegamerteam@gmail.com.
  • Google Inc. does not sponsor, nor in any way affiliated with Galo and/or the sweepstakes prizes.


10. mGamer: Best Paytm Cash Earning app of 2021

  • Get free UC, Diamonds, earn money, redeem code, credits, and gift cards.
  • Best Google Play Gift Card App 2021
  • Are you looking for an app that lets you win rewards and redeem money to get game credits for your favorite games?
  • If that is the case, this simple and easy-to-use app asks you to complete simple tasks like watch videos,
  • watch ads, fill online surveys, and more to earn and redeem points for getting game credits.
  • Whether you are a die-hard action games player or a rough-n-tough shooting games expert,
  • our app lets you earn money from games so you can utilize it to get more credits for games.

    Each task has a large amount of Paytm cash reward.

  • You can earn daily Paytm cash.
  • Do a simple survey and get free google play credits, google play redeem code which can use to purchase any game currency like diamonds,

    Official and Legal App To Earn Game Credits

  • No Need to worry about getting banned from your favorite gaming platform!
  • We make money online app is completely free and safe to use for all gamers and almost anyone with some spare time to utilize.

    If you want to earn money from games or for games,this app will help you achieve your dream ranks and goodies from your favorite platforms.

  • All you need to do is complete small tasks like watch ads, watch videos and fill online surveys to earn and redeem points.
  • We simply purchase and transfer the currency from the official website of the game provider.
  • Don’t worry at all, none of your game account/id will ban.
  • It’s a legal and official currency transfer.

Free Google Play Redeem Code and In-Game Free Currency

  • Experience the best of unlimited online gaming by getting access to free Google Play Redeem code.
  • Use the code to get in-game free currency and get anything that you like to double the fun of online games!
  • Free Diamonds for FreeFire Player
  • You can redeem Free Fire Diamonds and transfer them to your FreeFire PlayerId.

    Free UC for PUBG Player

  • You can redeem PUBG UC and transfer it to your PUBG PlayerId.
  • Earn Paytm Cash
  • You can get free Paytm Cash withdrawal from the app.
  • Paytm cash will be transfer to your wallet which can use for Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, and many more.
  • Are you looking for a Free Google Play Redeem code or Play Balance to purchase paid games and apps for free then you are in right place.

    You will get Google Play Voucher which you can add to your wallet and get your balance.

  • Simple and Easy to Use – With International Currency Support
  • No matter where you are and what type of games you like to play, this platform lets you earn money from games and utilize the currency internationally.
  • On top of that, it is very easy to win rewards and redeem money from this app.
  • Complete different types of simple activities or earn money from games.
  • Collect coins by playing game tournaments, watching videos, filling the survey, and completing tasks
  • Redeem points and redeem money by spending coins.

    Features of MGamer – Earn Game Money, Game Currency Reward Apps

  • Simple and easy to use earn money from games UI/UX
  • Complete simple tasks like watch videos, watch ads, fill online surveys or win tournaments to win rewards
  • Redeem points or redeem currency and use it to buy game credits
  • Internationally supported currency and rewards for all types of games
  • Legal, safe, and reliable app to make money online and use it for getting credits for games
  • Are you ready to earn money online and use it to get credits for your games?

    Download and use mGamer – Earn Game Money, Game Currency Reward Apps today!

  • NOTE:
  • This app does not provide any cheating method to hack game tricks.
  • We simply transfer the game currency from the official website for purchasing that product.
  • By using our app your gamer account with any of the games will not ban/suspend


Which is the best app for earning online?

11. Growfy – Earn money 2021

Optimal Health - Screenshot 20210616 223615 Google Play Store - Optimal Health - Health Is True Wealth.
  • Play Games Daily, Earning Apps Free Unlimited Cash
  • Growfy – Earn money 2021 – Play Games Earning Apps –
  • Do you want to earn money 1000/- online every day?
  • So, download this free unlimited cash earning app now.
  • Where you can earn unlimited free pocket cash by playing games and quiz.
  • Best earning app to online earns money.
  • You can earn free cash easily anytime from anywhere.

    Why is Growfy earning app is the best earning cash app of all rewards app in 2021?

  • Growfy: 2021 Best Paytm Cash Earning App in India.
  • Are you looking for a 100% Real authentic and genuine earn money app here is the app for you Daily work on 1hour to collect the coins and earn money more than 1000 daily cash with daily withdrawal on Paytm and PayPal instant.
  • Growfy is the Best Money Earning App in India 2021.
  • Invite Friends & Earn money unlimited for lifetime
  • Earn 10% commission for lifetime
  • You will get Rs.500 for free the first time after you Sign up for the Growfy app.

    Earn money online using Growfy earn money app.

  • In this app, you can earn unlimited cash
  •  scratch card to earn money online
  • Play quiz to earn money online
  • Play games to earn money online

    Watch the video to earn money fill surveys to earn money

  • earn money games: play earn money games and earn money quiz like spin, scratch
  • Spend Less than 15 mins a day and earn Paytm cash online from the Earn Money app.
  • You can easily EARN 720rs to 1500rs or $10 to $20 per day from this app.
  • Play Games & Earn Money, Watch Videos, Earn Money from home daily.
  • So you can get free income in your free time.

(Growfy -Earn money unlimited – Free cash 2021)- Key features

  • 100% safe and secure
  • No registration required
  • Simple & easy to use
  •  Better User Interface.
  • Play games & earn money.
  • Play quiz & earn money.

    Money Earning app.

  • Earn for free cash app:-
  • Everyday 8 gifts.
  • Watch the video & earn money.
  • Earn free cash in every 15 minutes.
  • Withdraw real cash in your Paytm wallet.

    Download now and start making free cash online.

  • Growfy gives you a chance to earn cash daily.
  • We hope that you like this application and if you have any complain/problems regarding this app,
  • Please feel free to ask us, we will give you a reply.

    You can do this by giving us feedback,

  • Which is provide inside the app(just shake your phone), which helps us to interact with you people.
  • And last, Please share this App if you like it.
  • Enjoy??

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Which app gives real money without?