FOCUS: KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE GOAL. If you want success in any work, then two major things are very important, goals and punctuality are important, today both talk on the subject, FOCUS: KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE GOAL. You must have a list of first Goals/dreams / AIM / Objectives / CAUSE / Reason / WHY / Reason / These goals serve as the necessary fuel (FUEL) for your vehicle of life, just like without fuel. The car does not move, just as a person who does not have a clear goal set cannot go far.

Some people have Very Big Goals,

but unless they are present in front of the screen with paper and pen, success becomes very difficult. So one thing has been decided that there should be a goal. To be rich and successful is not the goal, the goal is the purpose, because of which success and richness will automatically be found. How children go to school, the goal of the children is (Goal), to pass the tests that are held every week, then the sixth Months examination and then the annual examination. If these small goals are not set, then no one will be able to move forward, or then you can say that success and failure will not be understood.

Story:- One day a father, walking through freshly fallen snow,

wanted to teach his son a key life lesson. He said, “Son, I’m going to walk to that tree fifty feet ahead in a perfectly straight line. Then I want you to do the same”. The father walked to the tree. He turned to look at his Son as they both observed the perfectly straight tracks in the snow. Then the son, looking at his father and not wanting to fail the test, began to walk. He looked down at his steps and veered to the left; looked up and corrected his course. looked down again; veered to the right and had to correct his course once more. Arriving at the tree, his tracks told the story of his failure.

His father explained, “Son, as long as you focused on me, your tracks were straight.

The moment you took your eyes off me, you got off track. The key is keeping your eyes on the goal.”  So it is in life. There is one primary goal, and if it becomes the heart and focus of our lives, it will be the key to eternal success.


and He will keep you right on track to where you need to go.


First short-term, Goal 

per hour, daily, per week for small short-term goals (Goal), then mid-term i.e. from 6 months to one year to reach, then long-term goals (Goal).

Start opening your prospect:

Imagine you have an innate ability to achieve something you can set for goals (GOAL).  What do you really want to do, and do?

Meaning and purpose in life,

identify activities that give you your greatest understanding,

how can you do? more of them?

Look at your personal and working life today, and recognize how your own thinking has made your world.

Should you or should you change?

Take the pledge today to just think and talk about the things you want in life and refuse to talk about the things you want
To set the price you have to pay, the goals that are most important to you, and then solve, to pay that price, starting today.
Imagine that you were responsible for guaranteeing success, in achieving your goals and that you had no fear.

What goal (Goal) will you set for yourself?

What action should you take, the result of your answer to the above questions?

We become cautious with setting the time because we are focused on responsibility as soon as the burden of achieving the goal in a certain time frame is reached. Why people don’t set goals, here’s a good question: If goal achievement is automatic,

why do so few people have clear, written, measurable, time-bound goals;

that they work toward each day?

This is the key to the great mysteries of life.

I believe there are four reasons for this: – Why not set Goals.

They feel that Goals are not important, first of all,

most people do not realize the importance of Goals. If you have grown up in a household where no one has a Goal or you socialize with a group where goals are neither discussed nor valued, you can very easily reach adulthood without knowing. Your ability to set and achieve goals will be high. Look around you more than any other skill that has an impact on your life. How many of your friends or family members are clear and committed to their goals.

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Don’t know how:

Another reason is that people don’t have Goals because they don’t know how to set them up in the first place. Till here Worse, many people think they already have Goals. Alas!  They actually have a series of desires or dreams such as “be happy” or “earn a lot of money” or “lead a good family life. But these are not Goals at all.

They are just fantasies, which are all Are common to a Goal.

However, a Goal is somewhat different from a Will. The other person is clear, written, and specific. It can be described quickly and easily, by setting the Goal you can measure it. Are, and you know when, whether, or not you have achieved it. It is possible to earn an advanced degree at a leading university without ever receiving an hour of instruction. It is almost the same as those who determine, Goals are important to you for everything.

They fear failure:

The third reason is that people do not set goals (Goal) because they fear failure.

Failure hurts It happens emotionally, financially painful, and disturbing. We all have experienced failure from time to time. Each time, we vow to be more careful and avoid failure in the future. Many people then make the mistake of unintentionally sabotaging themselves by not setting any goals, on which they may fail.

They are afraid of rejections:

it is actually possible for them to go through life’s work on a far lower level than they are. A fourth reason is that people do not set goals (Goal) because they fear rejection, that if they set a goal and are not successful, others will criticize or ridicule them. When you start setting goals (Goal), you should keep your goals confidential. But don’t tell them in advance. What they don’t know can’t hurt you.

Join the Top 3 Percent:

Mark McCormick, in his book What We Don’t Teach You, tells the Harvard Business School, a Harvard study, between 1979 and 1989. In 1979, an MBA graduate at Harvard, the program was asked, “Have you written clear, written goals for your future (Goal) and plans to meet them?” It was found out that only 3 percent of the graduates had written goals and Goals. Thirteen percent had been targeted, but they were not in writing.

Totally 84 percent had no specific goal (Goal) to drop out of school and enjoy.

Ten years later, in 1989, researchers interviewed members of that class again. They found that 13 percent of those who had goals were not earning in writing, but currently, 4 percent of students had twice as many goals.

But most surprisingly,

they found that 3% of undergraduates who have clear, written goals (Goal) when they were earning ten times as much on average as the remaining Harvard, another 97 percent of graduates altogether. The only difference between the groups was the clarity of goals for themselves (Goal) when they graduated.

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Happiness requires Goal: Earl Nightingale once wrote, “Happiness is progressive the attainment of a worthy ideal or goal (Goal). “When you are progressing you feel really happy, step by step, towards something important to you.


The founder of logo-therapist, Victor Frankl, wrote that man’s greatest need is for a sense of meaning and to work towards a goal, a goal (Goal) in life. Goals give you a sense of meaning and purpose, a sense of direction. As you move towards your goals, you feel happier and stronger. You feel more energetic and effective. You feel more capable and confident in yourself and your abilities. Every step you take towards your goals

Increases your belief that you can set even bigger goals (Goal) in the future.

Today, more people fear change and worry about the future than at any time in our history. One of the great benefits of goal setting is that goals enable you to control the direction of change in your life. Goals enable you to ensure that the changes in your life are largely self-sufficient and self-directed.


Goals enable you to establish meaning and purpose in everything you do.

One of the most important teachings of the Greek philosopher Aristotle was that man is a teleological organism. The Greek word tells means “goal” or “purpose.” Aristotle concludes that all human action is in some way objective. You are happy only when you are doing something like this, you have to move towards what you want.

Great questions are formed: what are your goals?

What are you aiming for? How long do you want to end the day? You hold down the key, set goals, work towards them day by day, and finally achieve them is the key to happiness in life.


Goal setting is so powerful that the very task of thinking about you is difficult,

goals make you happy, steps towards achieving them before you have found them first. To develop your full potential, you need to make a habit of daily goal setting and achieve the rest of your life.

You must develop a laser-like focus (FOCUS) so that you can act what you want,

rather than always thinking and talking, what you don’t want. You should, from this moment, resolve, further, to become a goal-directed organism. For, like a guided, missile or homemade pigeon, moving non-stop, targets (Goal) that are important to you. There is no guarantee of more, but you should have a prosperous life, longer, happier, healthier than continuous work. you really want. Clear goals (Goal) enable you to carry out full release, giving you the potential for personal and business success.


Goal enables you to achieve unlimited achievement to overcome any obstacle and create your future.