The Fourth Key to the Kingdom of Network Marketing is Establishing Within yourself, The Attitude of Success

The Fourth Key to the Kingdom of Network Marketing is Establishing Within yourself, The Attitude of Success

The Fourth Key to the Kingdom of Network Marketing is Establishing Within yourself, The Attitude of Success. There is a lot of talks nowadays about the importance of believing. This is all fine and good except for one key factor. You have to have the attitude to go along with the belief or otherwise, you are just daydreaming.

  1. The 7 Keys to the Kingdom of Network Marketing-1. The Right Mindset
  2. The Second Key to the Kingdom of Network Marketing is the Willingness to Work the Business
  3. The Third Key to the Kingdom of Network Marketing is to Establish your vision of what your Hard Work can Accomplish for you

People say to me all the time, positive thoughts will bring positive outcomes and I believe that this is true when positive thoughts accompany a positive attitude.

  • You cannot accomplish anything by simply imagining it as a possibility, but when you have an attitude that you can accomplish whatever it is that you have defined as a possibility, the possibility suddenly becomes inevitable.
  • Success in network marketing must come with the belief that you can achieve your goals, but you must also have the attitude that you are going to achieve them. Without the right attitude, all of the belief in the world will do you absolutely no good.

Attitude spurs action because it is tied to emotion.

  • This allows us to experience our beliefs on a more personal level which in turn enables us to start making the decisions that will allow those beliefs to come to pass.
  • I am sure you know people who are always talking the talk.
  • They have all of these huge dreams and aspirations and say that they are going to accomplish greatness, but when it comes down to it, they are unwilling to take the action that is necessary to make those dreams a reality.
  • This is because there was no attitude of success to go along with the belief.
  • This is all too common of an occurrence in network marketing.
  • People will get into the business with all of these great ideas.
  • They will brainstorm constantly about how they are going to build the business.
  • They may even talk to a couple of people about the products or opportunities, but when it comes down to it, there are no results.
  • They may hit a wall of negativity with someone and decide that maybe the person who has the negative view of their opportunity is right.
  • They may get rejected a couple of times and instead of pushing forward with the attitude of success, they go home, sit on the couch and start the dreaming process all over again.

A person with the attitude of success on the other hand will not bow down to rejection or negativity because they know that they are right.

  • They know that they have the right idea and it does not matter what the first couple of people say, they are determined that they are going to find people who see things the way that they do.
  • This is an important point that I bring up here.
  • There are only so many different kinds of personalities out there on the planet and you can guarantee that if you see the benefit in something that there are going to be millions of people who disagree and there are also going to be MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO AGREE.
  • You have to sort through the people and find the ones who capture your vision.
  • This becomes much easier when you have a great product to offer.
  • If you have a great product, you get people to see the value of the product rather than the vision of the business opportunity first. 

Why do you think there are so many network marketing companies out there selling supplements?

  • The vast majority of these opportunities are charging an arm and a leg for the product and getting away with it because people care about their health.
  • They can see the value of a product that could help them live longer so they are willing to pay a higher price.
  • This means that you can develop within your business opportunity prospect the mindset that they need the product and if you believe it, then it becomes all the more convincing.

Let’s face it.

  • We all need to be taking care of ourselves.
  • Every single one of us needs to be taking the steps necessary to be sure that we are allowing ourselves the advantage to experience the gift of life for as long as possible.
  • This means that the majority of supplements have actual value.
  • When people see the value in the product, they are going to keep purchasing it until they find something better, more cost-effective, or they find other people who are interested in the product because they see its value and they start making money.
  • A person who has the attitude of success will work through this equation in his or her head and come up with the same conclusion.
  • It can almost be considered as a conceitedness or a belief that you know better.
  • This is not always a negative thing.
  • As a matter of fact, in network marketing, this sort of belief is an absolute necessity.

How then can one develop the attitude of success?

  • Easy, the previous three keys when they are inserted into the door of the Kingdom of Network Marketing will spit out the key that is representative of the attitude of success.
  • When you turn the key of the right mindset you start to develop a willingness to work the business.
  • When you begin working the business, you start to realize what is possible and you start to develop a work ethic that will enable you to start seeing success.
  • As this success sets in, you start thinking about success on a grand scale, and what is possible for your life becomes a vision that you begin to believe you can achieve.
  • This then turns into an attitude that you are going to accept no less than the outcome of the vision and you are well on your way to making your financial dreams your life.

Attitude is EVERYTHING when it comes to success in Network Marketing.

  • ” Individuals who succeed have a belief in the power of commitment. If there’s a single belief that seems almost inseparable from success, it’s that there’s no great success without commitment. If you look at successful people in any field, you’ll find they’re not necessarily the best and the brightest, the fastest and the strongest. You’ll find they’re the ones with the most commitment.”-Anthony Robbins